How do I beat Chapter 3 boss?

  1. He has 3 heat sinks on his back. I can take out two without too much problem with the Carbine, but seem to run into trouble getting the third. Any suggestions on weapons to use or places to get a good shot from that the boss can't get to? I mostly run around and try to shoot from a distance -- grenades don't seem to have any effect. 8-(


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    User Info: Piesia

    Piesia - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. OK, it really wasn't so bad


    first I hatcheted all the pods I can reach -- while they seemed empty, this might have reduced the number of grims I had to face during the Boss fight

    second, on the back of the area where E. goes, you can hide for a bit to take out one heat sink -- while the Boss's in front of you, you're ok. Once the creature moves to the side, it can get you.

    The trick is to use mines and grenades (one at a time) to stun the creature. This will give you enough time to shoot at a heat sink while it's bent over without it coming after you.


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    User Info: Piesia

    Piesia - 7 years ago 0   0

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