Ps Vita error C1-2741-4?

  1. Hi ...

    I bought a vita this week ... with a card of 16GB and 2 physical games .... however ... the physical games worked but the games I downloaded from PSN none works .... all give the same error C1-2741-4 ... already formatted all ... memory card, system , etc ...

    what can i do?

    User Info: jonatas994

    jonatas994 - 6 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. the memory card may be defective
    take the memory card out, and get a can of compressed air and make sure the slot for the memory card is clean.
    if you still have the 4GB card that came with the VITA try that instead.

    do not just restore the settings on your vita you must do a full reformat by selecting "restore the system" after being sure to download the newest firmware and log in with your PSN account. and do a full reformat of the memory card.
    if that does not work your memory card most likely is defective or at worst case, the PS Vita.

    User Info: potatochobit

    potatochobit - 6 years ago 18   30

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