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    Walkthrough by gogo7188

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    Shiin Story Walkthrough

    version 1.0 by gogo7188



    Two high school girls walking home from school discuss the recent disappearance of a teacher, Yamaguchi, from the school library. According to a friend who was working there that day, she suddenly vanished without saying goodbye. Then her friend saw, at the desk where she was sitting, a severed arm with a strange mark like a dog's bite. A similar mark was seen on the leg of a classmate, Miki, before she also disappeared. It sounds like the rumoured "Cursed Mark" story is true.
    You are listening to them while they are talking, but you dismiss the tale as a foolish ghost story. You notice that it has become late, so decide to hurry.
    Suddenly you see a large Western-style house in front of you. At the same time you get a strange buzzing sensation in your ears and your vision flickers, with a feeling like being intoxicated. You go to check your watch for the time but it is missing. Searching in your coat pocket, all you find is a name card. On the card is written, in elegant chinese characters, "Kyujou Mansion Spirit Care Home Kyujou Saya". On the back is printed a photograph of the mansion in front of you, and you decide to investigate. As you go to knock on the door, you noticed a strange-shaped mark on your left wrist.
    You strike the door with force but there is no answer. However, a light comes on in a room on the second floor left wing. Turning the doorknob you find that it's not locked, and you go inside.

    Entrance Hall

    Inside the entrance hall is dimly illuminated by a little light shining through a window. It is silent apart from the ticking of the second hand of a clock. A stairway goes up to the second floor. You call out "Is anyone there?" but there is no answer. As you start to cross the hall towards the stairs, you hear a strange sound. Turning to look, you can see the shape of a person in the gloom. Then you get your first choice:

    Option 1: Ignore it and head to the 2nd floor
    Option 2: Call out to the figure
    Option 3: Approach the figure

    You can call out but there's no response. If you choose to approach the figure you see it is a small girl that looks like a doll. You can see that she isn't breathing and you wonder if it's a corpse. You then have two more choices:

    Option 1: Leave the girl
    Option 2: Touch the girl

    If you touch the girl something feels strange. It's hard and cold and finally you realise that the figure is just a doll, and the sound you heard was the creaking of her joints.

    Whether you choose to ignore the figure or not, eventually you start climbing the stairs. As you arrive at the landing, the clamoring sound of a bell shatters the silence. The noise seems to be coming from above your head. Looking up, you can just see a clock in the gloom.

    Option 1: Approach the clock
    Option 2: Ignore it and head to the room
    Option 3: Wait for the noise to stop

    The bell will continue ringing no matter how long you wait. If you approach it, the noise abruptly ceases as you reach out to touch the glass door.

    Despite a strange feeling from this incident, you head towards the room with the light.

    2nd Floor Room

    You finally arrive at the room and knock on the door, but there is no answer, even when you call out. You enter the room. Inside the room it is dark, and there is also an unusual sweet scent like ripe fruit filling the whole room. Lured by the scent, you proceed to the centre of the room. As you walk, the floor feels damp and you can detect another, unpleasant smell in addition to the sweet scent. Just then a flash of lightning illuminates the room for a spilt second, just enough time to catch a glimpse of something strange and grotesque.

    Option 1: Examine it closely
    Option 2: Look away

    It doesn't matter which you choose as either way you see the disfigured body of a woman with a strange plant-like growth growing on her. Suddenly the lights turn on and the room becomes bright. Somehow the body has gone, and all that is remaining is a bloodstain and the sweet smell. Everything seems like a bad dream. You flee the room and head back to the entrance hall.

    The doll

    Back in the entrance hall, sitting on a sofa is a large doll, which must also belong to the mansion's owner. As you are considering whether to call the police, a voice suddenly speaks. "Welcome to Kyujou Mansion." It's the doll! She apologises for scaring you and introduces herself as Merry. She tells you that the bizarre phenomenon you have seen happened long ago. The corpse was the doll's owner, Kyujou Saya, who couldn't escape from the Sign. This is the same Sign as you have on your arm. The doll asks you for your name, but somehow you can't answer. After you have chosen a new name and appearance, the doll explains about the Sign.
    It is the sign of death. When you receive this mark, your death is close. Until the day of their death the victim loses their memory little by little. You have until dawn to live. After thinking about her words in the bedroom you return to the doll, where she asks you how you are feeling.

    Option 1: Good
    Option 2: Ok
    Option 3: Terrible

    Answer how you like. The doll then asks what you plan to do, and you get your first Live or Die choice. If you make the wrong choice, or your soul power reaches zero, it's Game Over.

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Deadly Choice 1: Wait for death (Bad)
    Deadly Choice 2: Fight the Sign (Good)

    If for some reason you choose option 1, Merry asks if you are sure:

    Deadly Choice 1: I'll fight the Sign after all (Good)
    Deadly Choice 2: Accept death (Bad) Game Over


    After you decide to fight there is a knock at the door. Merry tells you that other marked people have arrived. Opening the front door you meet a female high school student and a young boy. The girl explains that she came here to see Kyujou Saya-sensei and asks who you are.

    Option 1: Kyujou Saya's student
    Option 2: Kyujou Saya's relative
    Option 3: Kyujou Saya's boyfriend

    It doesn't matter which you choose. The girl introduces herself as Watanbe Moe. After reading an article about Kyujou Saya in Monthly OOPArt magazine she came to consult her. She shows you the Sign on her right thigh, and tells you that she has started to forget her friend's names, just as described in the article. Moe says she met the boy, who she calls Tsukasa, hanging around outside the mansion. He also has a mark on his left hand.
    The two are shocked at first to meet a talking doll, but after they have calmed down Merry explains the situation. Moe guesses her sign came from the curse of Hanahiko-kun. Merry says she has heard of this ghost story and Kyujou Saya was also interested in it. She then proceeds to tell the story.

    Chapter 1: Hanahiko-kun

    In some school in the town of H there is a boy ghost called Hanahiko-kun. In that school is a mirror which asks you a question at night - "Am I beautiful?" If you answer no you're fine. If you answer yes Hanhiko-kun disappears, but it's not over. Hanahiko-kun hates adults. If the person answering is an adult, they will die in a bizarre way-all of the blood will be removed from their body.
    Moe says her mark appeared while searching for Hanahiko-kun in H Elementary school. You can then question her about it:

    Option 1: Why did you go to H Elementary School?
    Moe wants to be a reporter for an occult magazine so wanted to see a ghost and submit an article.
    Option 2: Was Hanahiko-kun there?
    Moe found the mirror but felt scared and left. She didn't see the ghost.
    Option 3: When did you become aware of the Sign?
    When she got home and had a bath she was surprised to see the strange mark on her thigh.

    Tsukasa says his mark is maybe also the fault of Hanahiko-kun. He noticed it after he returned from T Elementary School, another school in the town of H.

    Option 1: T Elementary School?
    A school well-known as getting the highest scores in the town.
    Option 2: About what time?
    The sun had already set. He was on his way home when he realized he had forgotten something so returned to the school.
    Option 3: Did you see Hanahiko-kun?
    He didn't see or feel anything strange, but he might have passed the mirror on his way to the toilet.

    The doll says you need to decide where to search for Hanahiko-kun, and who will go with you.

    Option 1: Watanabe's H Elementary School
    Option 2: Tsukasa's T Elementary School.

    It doesn't matter which you choose as you will end up going to H Elementary school either way. You will then get your first chance to save the game and choose which partner will accompany you. Memos 1, 2 and 3 are already unlocked. Choose the option "Exit" when you are ready to proceed.

    As Merry says, you find a car in the garage with the keys on the table. You can then choose to stay at Kyujou Mansion or drive to H Elementary School.

    When you finally arrive at the school a security guard stops you. He tells you that this is private city property and there is no entry. Recently many people have come here as a ghost spot and asks if that is why you have come.

    Option 1: No, you're wrong
    Option 2: That's right
    Option 3: This is a ghost spot?

    Choose whichever you like. The guard tells you to leave and goes back inside the school. After a short talk you follow him into the entrance hall.

    H Elementary School 1st Floor

    E. Entrance
    1. Entrance Hall - Old Talisman
    2. East Corridor
    3. East Corridor
    4. Stairs to East landing
    5. West Corridor - School Key Ring
    6. West Corridor
    7. West Corridor
    8. Stairs to West landing - Old Talisman
    9. Year 2 Classroom - Perforated disaster prevention hood
    10. Multipurpose Classroom B - OL Observation, Weed Annihilation Plan
    11. Multipurpose Classroom A - Umbrella Frame, Old Talisman, Weed Strengthening Plan, Typhoon Safety
    12. Year 1 Classroom - Pet Bottle, Old Talisman
    13. Staff Room - Old Talisman
    14. Storeroom - Red Ballpen, Lipstick, Girl's Hall Slippers, Warning Flare

    From the entrance head towards the East landing stairs, room 4. On the way, in room 2, you will encounter a mysterious Black Rabbit (Memo 4). You can also drop into room 9 to get the Perforated disaster prevention hood from the desk on the left. Up the stairs you will come to the 1st floor landing, and see a large mirror in front of you. Examine or search the mirror and a figure of a young boy appears and asks you, "Am I beautiful?"

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Deadly Choice 1:
    Yes (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2: No (Good)
    Deadly Choice 3: I can't see well (Bad) lose 500 soul points.

    The boy then says he can't see clearly, and asks you if you are an adult.

    Deadly Choice 1: I'm still in my 20's (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2: I'm the tallest in my class (Good)
    Deadly Choice 3: Maybe I'm that age (Bad) Game Over


    The mirror smashes and the figure disappears, saying that no more big ones will come here. At the same time you hear a scream coming from the opposite side of the school. Your partner suggests it might have come from the security guard you met outside. So you decide to check it out. (Memos 5 and 6)

    Go back down to the 1st floor and head towards room 7. A door suddenly bursts open and the security guard dashes out, screaming. Half of his face is covered with plant growth and thorns. You pull you partner away. When they have calmed down you return to the room but there is no sign of the guard. (Memo 7). Before you enter the now unlocked room 13 go ahead to room 8 and search the fire door on the right to get an Old Talisman, which restores Soul power. There's nothing up the stairs so don't bother with it.

    Go back to room 13. It's empty but there is a second door, as well as another Old Talisman on the left. Enter the storeroom in room 14.

    In the box on top of the cupboard is a Red Ballpen, a Lipstick and Girl's Hall Slippers.
    If you try to open the trapdoor in the floor with your Paperknife your mark bites into your arm, as if it doesn't want you to go down there.
    Examine the keyhole in the bottom left cupboard to find something is stuffed inside, blocking it. Then use the Red Ballpen to clear the blockage and open the cupboard. Inside is a Warning Flare.
    After you get the Flare, your torch suddenly goes out and you hear a banging noise. When the torch comes back on, there is a loud bang from the door behind you. Your sign burns with pain and there is no time to escape. If you exit the room through the door it's Game Over.

    Instead use the Paperknife on the trapdoor to get through.
    Hiding under the floor your mark hurts even more as you continue to hear banging from upstairs. Gradually the pain subsides and it becomes quiet. You turn on your torch and see you are surrounded by corpses overgrown with ivy and roses. You have a sudden vision of a girl wrapped up in rose plants.

    First search the right-most skeleton to find the Round Hand Mirror, then search the mattress to get a blood-stained Vinyl Sheet. Hearing more noise from beneath the bed you shine the torch there and hear a human voice. He apologises and claims to be a human. From under the bed comes a man in a long coat, saying he fled there to escape a monster. When asked why he is at the school he says he doesn't want to talk at the crime scene. He introduces himself as Mashita Satoru, then you leave the cellar. As you return to your car you see the corridors are now covered in rose creepers, and Mashita pricks his finger on a razor-sharp thorn (Memos 8,9,10,11)

    On the drive back, Mashita tells you that he is an ex-police detective doing his own private investigation at the school. Apparently there have been a number of missing person cases, all of whom were parents or teachers connected to H Elementary School. You also see that Mashita has the mark of the SIgn on his wrist.

    Kyujou Mansion

    Back at the mansion, you decide to fight against Hanahiko-kun, although with no idea how to go about it. Mashita gives you a diary that he found at the school. It belonged to the school Principal, and the first entry is about 5 years ago. It tells of the Principal's adopted son, a small boy who liked to wear skirts and make-up. To get him out of this habit, the Principal used to beat him and other abuses in the cellar at the school. The boy got weaker and weaker, but the diary doesn't say what ultimately happened to either of them. You then see Merry, who tells you that ghosts live in the world of the dead and so can't be killed in the world of the living. However, if you can find the key that connects them to this world, you should be able to remove their grudge and, therefore, the curse of the Sign. You decide to return to the school with Mashita and keep looking for a clue to defeating Hanajiko-kun.
    As you are about to get in the car, Tsukasa tells you that Moe has disappeared. You speculate that she has run away or will attempt suicide to escape the curse. Anyway, you have no choice but to go back to the school.

    Return to H Elementary School

    Go to room 5 and search the roses on the right side to get the School Key Ring (Memo 12). You can now enter the locked rooms 10 and 11, although you need to examine the doors to unlock them.

    First go to room 12 and get the Pet Bottle from the desk on the right. If you use the Red Ballpen on the crack under the blackboard you can get another Old Talisman.

    In room 11 you can get the Umbrella Frame from the desk on the right, an Old Talisman from the chalk box under the blackboard and a couple of important notes from the noticeboard (choose the top option when searching to take them). One is about a Weed Strengthening Plan. It reads: "If too much light hits the plant the leaves become white. Too much light has a bad effect on the plants." The other one is about Typhoon Safety and reads: "If there is hole in the umbrella cloth, the umbrella won't be destroyed by a typhoon. Cover the umbrella in a vinyl sheet to make the umbrella even stronger..." (Memo 13)

    Before you leave, use the Pet Bottle on the water tank to get the Bottle of water

    On the way to room 10 make sure you check the right side fire alarm in the Entrance Hall to get an Old Talisman. As soon as you enter the unlocked room 10 you feel a cold presence and a hand grips your shoulder. Mashita is nowhere to be seen. You have to make a Life or Death decision:

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Deadly Choice 1: Turn head to make sure (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2:
    Strongly shake free (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 3: Call out to partner (Good)

    You then have to make a second choice:

    Deadly Choice 1: Threaten in a loud voice (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2:
    Shut eyes and pray (Good)
    Deadly Choice 3: Run away (Bad) Game Over


    When you open your eyes the ghost is gone, and you and Mashita are standing in front of the door to room 10. Search the noticeboard to get two more important notes. On the OL Observation is written, "The fashion is for brown hair and pink lips...". The other note is the Weed Annihilation Plan and reads: Gather together several liquid solutions for the weeds to get the result. "Miso soup. Salt water is effective. Put salt dissolved in water on the grass to get a fast result."

    Before you leave, use the Bottle of Water on the pile of table salt to get Salt Water. As you do so, a mysterious voice whispers to you, "First, purify with salt water." After you pick it up, you hear a noise and the faint voice of someone calling for help. (Memos 14,15)

    As you go back through room 7, the Black Rabbit appears once more before running off down the corridor. You follow it to the landing with the mirror, where you will find Moe's Bag. Then some rose petals float down from the ceiling. You look up and see...Moe suspended from the ceiling by vines, surrounded by other corpses. As you cut her down you notice the Sign on her thigh pulsing red. It seems much more advanced than the Sign on your arm. Moe takes the tracksuit from her bag and gets dressed. Just then you hear a noise and realise that Hanahiko-kun is coming for the final showdown. You need to choose a partner to take with you.

    Option 1: Watanabe Moe
    Option 2: Mashita Satoru / Yoshida Tsukasa

    Do not choose Mashita, or you will be killed by Hanahiko-kun. You can chose Tsukasa if you return to the mansion to select him before getting the Salt Water. Back in the corridor you see the creepy form of Hanahiko-kun in front of you.

    Confrontation with Hanahiko-kun

    Round 1: Item 1: Umbrella Frame Item 2: Vinyl Sheet
    Round 2: Item 1: Umbrella Frame Item 2: Vinyl Sheet
    Round 3: Item 1: Umbrella Frame Item 2: Vinyl Sheet

    Round 4: (Normal Ending) Item 1: Salt Water Item 2: Warning Flare
    Round 4: (Good Ending) Item 1: Salt Water Item 2: Lipstick
    Round 5: Item 1: Round Hand Mirror Item 2: Any

    After the battle your partner's Sign has disappeared, but yours is still on your arm. Whoever you didn't choose appears and says their sign has also gone.You decide to return to Kyujou Mansion and see what Merry says.

    What happens next depends on who you chose before the confrontation and how you defeated Hanahiko-kun.

    If you used the Warning Flare and chose Moe, as you leave the school Moe notices that her purse is missing from her bag and asks for 5 minutes to go back and look for it. When she hasn't returned after 5 minutes you enter the school to search for her and find the broken mirror drenched in blood, and Moe gone, presumably dead.

    If you used the Warning Flare and chose Tsukasa, as you leave the school Tsukasa notices that he has lost his house key and asks for 5 minutes to go back and look for it. When he hasn't returned after 5 minutes you enter the school to search for him and find the broken mirror drenched in blood, and the only sign of Tsukasa being his red tie.

    If you used the Lipstick and Hand Mirror to defeat Hanahiko-kun, whoever you chose to fight with you returns to the school as before, but this time you find them still inside and return to Kyujou Mansion together.

    Kyujou Mansion

    When you return to the mansion, whoever you left there meets you and tells you that their Sign has also gone, and congratulates you on a successful job. However, your mark is still there, so you go to consult with Merry. Merry tells you that your Sign must not have come from Hanahiko-kun. Merry examines your Sign and tells you that it's strength has been strained by your defeat of Hanahiko-kun. This has bought you a little extra time in which to find another ghost which must exist in H City. Moe and Tsukasa thank you for saving them, and Mashita hands you some paper from inside his coat. Merry says you can stay the night in the mansion, and asks you if you feel unsafe here alone.

    Option 1: I'm certainly uneasy
    Option 2: That's not so
    Option 3: You're here

    Exhausted by the night's events, you prepare for bed (Memos 16,17,18,19,20). When finsihed, choose Talk. Merry asks if you are ready for bed.

    Option 1:Today is over
    Option 2: I still have things to do.

    Choose the first option to end Chapter 1.

    Chapter 2: The Spotted Man of the Woods

    3 days have passed since your defeat of Hanahiko-kun. Every day your death gets closer but you still don't know the location of the second ghost. There's a knock on the door and Mashita enters. Seeing your face, he asks if you object to him staying.

    Option 1: I'm thankful
    Option 2: Moe is better
    Option 3: Tsukasa is better

    Choose whichever you like, every choice gets a sarcastic response from Mashita. He has some news from an ex-colleague of his. The police haven't started investigating H Elementary school yet, but he's worried about the security guard, whose name was Yamashita. Apparently, the security company he worked for had connections to the Yakuza, who have started to show an interest in his disappearance. It will also not be long before his family also make a request to the police. Mashita asks if you have found anything else in the mansion, but there are many locked doors so you haven't been able search everywhere.

    While you are talking with Merry, you hear a loud knock on the door. You open it to see a young man who tells you he has business with Kyujou Saya, and asks where she is.

    Option 1: Kyujou Saya is away
    Option 2: I'm Kyujou Saya
    Option 3: Leave it to Mashita

    It doesn't matter how you answer, the youth will tell you his name is Nakashima Shou. He rolls up his right sleeve and you see the red Sign. He says he heard from a friend who like ghost stories that it's because of this he is losing his memory. At first he thinks it's a lie, but after Merry explains everything he goes pale. Like Moe, he came to the mansion to consult with Kyujou Saya. He got the Sign from the dense woodland outside of H City.

    Option 1: H Woodlands?
    It's a forest to the west of H City. It's a dump for the city, and illegal dumping of industrial waste goes on there. It's not common knowledge, but the kids know about a rock with some rumours. Mashita has heard stories of a black car where a young mother strangled her troublesome baby, and Shou says how one kid saw a dog eating a human arm around there.
    Option 2: You were cursed in the woodlands?
    Mashita says that the woods are well-known as a suicide spot. Over the years, around 50 people have died there. There was also a mass suicide of ten people there once before.
    Option 3: Why were you in the woods at night?
    It's a good place for riding a bike, being quiet and deserted of people. I can also do some illegal remodelling there. On the day my motorbike wasn't running well, and it sounded like it would breakdown. Before I knew it, I had this mark.

    Shou remembers that he did see something strange that night. From the highway he saw in the middle of the woods a giant man standing there. Merry says that there is a rumour of a ghost in that woods - the Spotted Man of the Woods. She tells the story.

    There's a rumour of a strange giant in the forest. He has black spots over his body, and for that reason he is called the Spotted Man of the Woods. He asks a question to everyone he meets: "Do you like bees?" One university student who heard this rumour was curious and entered the forest. He laughed at such a trivial question and answered yes. And then..."If so keep them...inside your body!" After he asks this question, he kills them with a drill. Maybe Shou saw this ghost.

    Mashita proposes going to the forest to check it out. Shou seems reluctant to go at the middle of the night.

    Option 1: You will also prepare
    Option 2: I'll leave the house-sitting to you
    Option 3: Are you feeling nervous?

    However you answer, Shou gets pissed off and says he will come. (Memos 1,2). You have a chance to check your equipment and save the game, then you can head to the H Woodlands.

    H Woodlandswoodlands map

    E. Entrance - Old Talisman, Jar of Honey, Empty Bottle, Bee Family Rough Copy
    1. Customary footpath
    2. Animal track
    3. South Mountain Hut Entrance
    4. South Mountain Hut - Goodbye Family, Bee Family Note 1, Bee Family Note 2, Sprayer
    5. Footpath South - Old Talisman
    6. Footpath Central
    7. Footpath North
    8. Footpath End - Crowbar
    9. Animal Track North
    10. Mountain Path Crossroads
    11. Central Mountain Hut Entrance - Old Talisman
    12. Central Mountain Hut - Bee Family Note 3, Goodnight Family x3
    13. Mountain Path Crossroads North
    14. Mountain Path Central
    15. Northern Bee Yard - Mountain Hut Key, Dream of Family Large Bottle
    16. Mountain Path East Passage
    17. East Mountain Hut Entrance
    18. East Mountain Hut - Tennis Ball, Goodnight Family Large Bottle, Goodnight Family x3, Dried Root
    19. Mountain Path West Passage
    20. Mountain Passage Heart
    21. Western Bee Yard - Smelly Fluid x2, Goodmorning Family x2
    22. Eastern Bee Yard - Handheld Mosquito Repellant Incense Sticks, Will, Grass Root
    23. Torii Gate

    When you arrive at the woods, you see that the letters in the sign over the entrance arch have faded away, leaving only the characters ko.ro.su. ...which means "kill"...

    Search the table on the right to get an Old Talisman. Then enter the woods to room 1.

    Here, search the grave marker on the left to find a strange message, "Say the opposite of truth", and an animal trail into room 2. As you follow the trail you hear the sound of footsteps and a middle-aged man appears. As you talk to him, you realise that he has come to the forest to commit suicide. You hear the same strange voice as in the school, saying, "Stop...Death...Death beckons...". The man starts to get agitated and shouts at you.

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Deadly Choice 1: Calm him down (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 2:
    Quietly listen to his talking (Good)
    Deadly Choice 3:
    Show sympathy (Bad) Lose 500 Soul

    The man says he works so hard, but he doesn't know who for. Last year he bought his wife a bag, but she got a boyfriend. He asks you where he went wrong.

    Deadly Choice 1: You've done nothing (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 2:
    Don't care about it (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 3:
    It looks like someone's coming (Good)

    He says even if she hears about his death, she would laugh. He asks if he should start over again.

    Deadly Choice 1: You can definitely make it (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2: It depends on a great effort (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 3: It's impossible (Good)


    The man agrees with you, and says that even if he doesn't day tonight he will die soon, and until then he will endure. Before he leaves he warns you about a strange spotted man he saw in the forest. He also tells you his name is Kimura Masao, and suggests going for a drink together if you meet again. (Memo 3)

    Continue forward to room 3 then examine the hut to enter room 4. There's a bad atmosphere inside, and as you look at a large sack in the corner it topples forward . Inside is the body of a woman, with numerous small holes drilled in her. In addition, the whole body is wet and there is a strong, sweet smell around her...like honey. You decide to make a quick search of the cabin and then get out as soon as you can. (Memo 4)

    Search the bottles on the shelf for one labelled Goodnight Family. Search the two notebooks on the table for Bee Family Note 1 and Bee Family Note 2. Note 1 reads:" A new body...I made a nest...smeared in honey. The honey matures...and...inside smelly liquid... Attracted by the scent...soon...honeybees will enter the nest.." Note 2 reads: "Honeybees are my friends. With sprayer and liquid medicine we become on good terms. If they get angry, direct them to the hive box. Move the awoken honeybees away from the nest facing the sun." There is also a locked red toolbox on the right shelves, but you can't open that yet.

    Return to room 1 and then take the Northern path to room 5. Search the tree on the right to find an Old Talisman and a ghostly arm. Keep going all the way to room 8 and search the box to get the Crowbar. Return to room 7.

    There's another grave marker here, which opens up another animal trail when you search it. However, as you start to follow the trail a horrific face looks up at you from out ofthe earth. It cries out in anguish as it grabs your ankle. You remember the words from the first grave marker, "Say the opposite of truth", but what do they mean? Say a lie?

    The apparition's words are all missing a letter, which changes after each choice. The first missing letter is "ku", as the ghost says everything is dark and asks if you are dead. Remember to answer the opposite of truth!

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Deadly Choice 1: That's wrong! (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 2: Extend a hand (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 3: That's right! (Good)

    The second missing letter is "shi". The ghost then asks if he is also dead.

    Deadly Choice 1: Ponder deeply (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 2: Answer yes (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 3: Wave your hand "no" (Good)

    The third missing letter is "i". The ghost happily proclaims that he is alive.

    Deadly Choice 1: Shake your head (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2: Give a big nod (Good)l
    Deadly Choice 3: Ignore the ghost (Bad) Game Over


    With your final answer it sinks back into the earth and disappears. You can now take the path to room 9, but a swarm of bees blocks your way and you have to turn back. Return to the cabin in room 4 and use the Crowbar on the red toolbox to get the Sprayer. As you get it, you hear the mysterious voice again: "The operator...is himself being operated..." (Memo 5)

    Back to room 9 and use the Goodnight Family liquid on the beehive. You can now proceed to the next room, where you once again encounter the black rabbit. It runs off and, remembering how it seemed to help you before, you chase it to an old Shinto shrine Torii gate. As Shou catches up with you, a swarm of giant bees appear from the gloom forcing you to retreat to room 10. (Memo 6)

    Go South and examine the statue to get an Old Talisman. The door to the hut won't open, so you need to use the Crowbar to force it. The Crowbar become the Bent Crowbar. Enter the hut by going South once more.

    The room is dark, but when you get a light on you see a scared woman telling you to keep back. After she has calmed down she apologises for being rude and says it was a misunderstanding. She introduces herself as Arimura Christie. Shou recognises her as a popular TV news reporter. When asked why she is here, she goes quiet but her face reminds you of Kimura Masao's. Then she answers that she wanted to die, so she came to the forest because it was out of the way. However, she got scared when she saw a giant man and fled to this mountain hut. You guess the reason she wanted to die was because of the Sign. She's surprised, but shows you the mark on the palm of her hand. She says that she doesn't want to kill herself anymore, she's just scared and wants help.

    Just then the lights go out and there's a noise. Someone is coming and you have no choice but to flee the cabin. (Memos 7, 8) You have to head straight back to room 1 with no wrong turns otherwise it's Game Over. In room 1 you suddenly run into Mashita, who leads you back to the entrance. As you catch your breath, Christie is staring at the entrance. You follow her gaze and see, slumped on a bench, the dead body of Kimura Masao. You hear the voice in your head again: "A different thing...control by purifying." As you are about to leave, Mashta notices that the dead body has vanished. Just then, you hear the sound of a drill from the trees and briefly see a large, menacing figure. Mashita shoots at it and you all flee to the car. At first the car won't start, and something heavy flies out and hits the bonnet. Finally Mashita gets the car running and you drive away.

    On the drive back to the mansion Mashita mentions a scandal associated with Christie. You explain about the Sign and the memory loss to her. Mashita also reveals that his Sign has reappeared on his wrist. Although he had been free from the curse, somehow he came back to the forest to help you.

    Kyujou Mansion

    You ask why Mashita didn't tell you he had a gun. He laughs and gives you his revolver with 5 bullets. You then go to see Merry, who tells you that Mashita's mark returned when he saw the ghost in the woodlands. As you argue about what to do next, you need to make a decision.

    Option 1: Take charge yourself
    Option 2: Entrust in to Merry
    Option 3: Keep quiet

    Anyway it's decided to return to the forest to keep searching for clues to the Spotted Man. Christie then tells the story of the Bee Family. About 5 years ago an isolated cult who lived in the woodlands committed mass suicide, apparently at the urging of their leader who promised a better future. Whilst working in TV news at that time, Christie was able to see a photograph of this leader - a large, fat man. (Memos 9,10,11,12,13) This Bee Family seems to be related to what's haunting the forest now.

    Before you leave, make sure you choose Christie as your partner as you will need her later.

    Return to H Woodlands

    Search the left-hand bench where Kimura's corpse was to find a Jar of Honey. You also notice a soft drink cap but no sign of the bottle. Search the bin on the right to get the Empty Bottle. Inside is a scrap of paper reading: "...Family are...fun...catchball...The juice is...now...sticky...The bees...gather...many times...interrupt the game..." This is the Bee Family Rough Copy.

    Go back to the hut where you met Christie (room 12). Search the wooden box on the shelves on the right to get Bee Family Note 3. It reads: "...It's the start of a holy journey. Going to a quiet place...Before we proceed we take an acceptable number of hands to the herb garden. In the East thicket...often..." Then search the bottles on the left shelf to get the Goodnight Family liquid x3.

    Go to room 13 and use one Goodnight Family on the beehive to tranquilize them. Keep going North to room 15. Hanging from the trees are 3 dead bodies full of holes. As you examine them bees start crawling out of the eyes and nose. You have to choose which boxes to open. You have 2 chances, the first wrong choice you lose 500 Soul, the second one is Game Over. Open the boxes in the following order:

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    First Deadly Choice: East box (Option 2)
    Second Deadly Choice: South box (Option1)
    Third Deadly Choice: West box (Option 3)


    Eventually you have sealed all the bees into their boxes and survived. Search the bodies again to get the Mountain Hut Key (Memo 14). Then search the left box to get Dream of Family Large Bottle. On the label is written:"Danger of mixing. Combining Dreaming and Sleeping is extremely dangerous for the family. Do not use with sprayer."

    Go to room 16 and search the thicket to find a small space behind it. Before you can follow the path a ghostly face appears in front of you.

    Option 1: Push through
    Option 2: Rely on your partner
    Option 3: Retreat

    You can't use force to get past so choose option 2. Only Christie has the necessary Spirit power to clear the path, so make sure you chose her as your partner earlier. A new path opens up to room 17. The door to the hut is locked but you'll automatically use the Mountain Hut Key you collected from room 15.

    Inside you notice the sickly sweet smell of honey coming from another jute sack. First search the wooden box on the right shelves to get Dried Root and a small note: "Everyone came. I'm not alone anymore. I want to meet everyone. But my head is fuzzy. I've already forgotten how to do it. Finally I have to join two things and something good will take place..."

    Search the notebook on the crate to get Bee Family Note 4. It reads: "As long as I dream my family is indestructible. If the traitor comes out...To wake up, strike until becomes obedient. Everyone, take care. When awake...the family is just human."

    As you start to search the sack you see movement. You open it and a sweet smell assaults your nose. Inside is a corpse that has been changed into a bees nest. It's the suicidal Kimura Masao. You also find a Tennis Ball, Goodnight Family Large Bottle and Goodnight Family x 3. As you pick them up, you hear the same voice in your head, "Together, temptation...Safe" (Memo 15)

    Leave the hut and go West to room 19. There are 3 beehives here so use 3 Goodnight Familys to placate them. Continue to room 21 where you find more corpses/beehives. Use another Goodnight Family on them then search to find sticky liquid dripping from the holes. Use the Empty Bottle to collect the liquid and get Smelly Fluid x2.

    Use your final Goodnight Family on the box. If you want to get the good ending, do not open the box yet. Instead, go with Christie to room 8 and search the thicket on the right. As before, a ghostly face appears to block you and, as before you need to choose the second option.

    Option 1: Push through
    Option 2: Rely on your partner
    Option 3: Retreat

    You'll find yourself in room 22, the East Bee Yard. Search the box to get Handheld Mosquito Repellant Incense Stick and the Will. The will reads: The instructed...created honey and something else are gulped down...Everyone wait...Soon I too...will come there." Use the Bent Crowbar on the plant on the right to get the Grass Root.

    You can now return to room 21 and open the box. Inside is Goodmorning Family x2. After you open it, your mark starts to burn and you realise the final confrontation is about to start. You must have either Shou or Mashita as your partner to defeat the Spotted Man.

    Confrontation with the Spotted Man of the Woods

    Round 1: Item 1: Smelly Fluid Item 2: Tennis Ball
    Round 2: Item 1: Smelly Fluid Item 2: Hard Ball
    Round 3: Item 1: Goodmorning Family Item 2: Metal Bat (If with Shou), Revolver (If with Mashita)
    Round 4: Item 1: Goodmorning Family Item 2: Metal Bat (If with Shou), Revolver (If with Mashita)

    Round 5: (Normal Ending) Item 1: Dream of Family Large Bottle Item 2: Goodnight Family Large Bottle
    Round 5: (Good Ending) Item 1: Jar of Honey Item 2: Grass Root

    As the Spotted Man disappears, your partner's SIgn also vanishes. However, once again your Sign remains. On the path where the ghost was standing you find a small notebook, covered in honey. You decide to read it back at the mansion. You are heading back to the forest entrance when suddenly your torch light goes out. If you choose the Good ending, your partner is standing there and together you go back to the car and the mansion.

    However, If you chose the normal ending, your Sign starts to burn on your wrist. After a few tense moments the light returns, and your partner is missing. As you move into the forest to search for him, you freeze as you hear some terrible sounds...the sound of a human body being broken...a laugh full of joy and madness...and a man's death agony. Despite searching until the sun starts to rise, there is no more sign of your partner and either Shou or Mashita are missing, presumed dead. Finally you return to the mansion.

    Kyujou Mansion

    You're greeted by either Mashita or Shou, who tells you that their Sign has also gone. However, like you, Christie's Sign remains and she hysterically asks why. You consult with Merry. She tells you that the Spotted Man can't have been the ghost that gave you the curse, and that Christie also must have seen another spirit.

    You are reminded of the notebook you picked up, which turns out to be a diary. Written incoherently, it shows hatred towards society and other crazy thoughts. The diary writer seemed to have a deep interest in some abnormal specimen related to himself. He was also a pious person, as he often visited H shrine in the forest. This shrine, abandoned and neglected, is said to be haunted. According to the diary writer, all the suicides and strange events in the woods were the fault of this haunted shrine.

    By the time you finish reading the diary it is late, and Merry suggests some rest. Shou says farewell, and Mashita also says he will leave the mansion tomorrow.

    Option 1: Have you changed your feeling?
    Option 2: Are you abandoning us?
    Option 3: I'll be lonely.

    Get Memos 19,20,21,22,23,24 and the chance to save the game. Talk to Merry and choose the first option to finish Chapter 2.

    Chapter 3: The Chewing Bride

    Three days after the Spotted Man of the Woods incident. On Merry's suggestion you and Christie search Kyujou Saya's study, but fail to find anything useful regarding the Sign. Christie asks if you remember the H Shrine mentioned in the Spotted Man's diary.

    Option 1: I remember
    Option 2: I don't remember

    Christie says she thinks the haunted shrine might be related to the Sign, and wonders if it's a good idea to check it out.

    Option 1: Maybe so
    Option 2: That's a leap of logic
    Option 3: It's not possible to say.

    Merry agrees it might be a good idea, but warns you that the spirits could be dangerous to humans. It's suggested that you take Merry along with you for spiritual protection. Merry explains that in fact the shrine used to be the Kyujou famly shrine, built by the head of the family long ago. Merry can't walk, so you have to carry her. As your about to leave, Christie notices some files on the shelves of the garage. They are scrapbooks of crime reports, the latest one already being 5 years old.

    H Shrine

    You arrive at the H woodlands and make your way to the torii gate, carrying Merry with you. The hornets have now all gone. As you pass through the gate a small black shape dashes out ahead of you, and you see it is the black rabbit from before. It disappears up the path to the shrine, and you follow it. When you reach the shrine, it is gone.

    Search the rock, the shrine and the headless statue. After you have looked at all three, Christie wonders why there is a Buddhist statue in the grounds of a Shinto shrine. Merry explains that it used to be common to see Buddhism and Shintoism together, but in the Meiji period laws were passed to clearly separate the two, and many Buddhist statues were destroyed by the anti-Buddhist movement. The head of the Kyujou family brought these broken statues from around H City to this shrine and held a memorial service for them, burying them within the grounds. However, later the grounds were dug up and the broken statues were stolen. Christie then suggests that the hauntings may be caused by the anger of the broken Buddhist statues. Anyway, Merry is certain that the spirit that causes the Sign is somewhere in the area of the forest.

    In the car on the way back to the mansion, Merry suddenly tells you to stop the car, as she senses a Sign similar to Christie's nearby. As you stop, your Sign starts to burn with pain, suggesting that there is something in the area. You and Christie get out of the car, and see a young girl leaving a telephone box and thanking an older man for staying out late and helping her. As they leave to catch a bus, you notice Christie is gone. She is angrily berating the man, accusing him of abducting the girl. The girl protests, saying that she asked him to bring her here so she could talk to the Chewing Bride - a ghost who can tell you where things you are searching for are. There's a rumour you can talk to her from this telephone box. You and Christie show them your Signs, and the man takes off his glove to reveal he has one too. The girl also has one, which appeared on her left wrist after using the phone just now. They agree to go back to Kyujou Mansion with you.

    On the drive back, you learn that the man's name is Nakamatsu Eita and the girl is Morimaya Suzu. They met each other through the letter page of "Monthly OOPArt" magazine. Suzu wanted to consult with the Chewing Bride, but her strict mother doesn't let her go out during the day so she asked Eita to bring her here after her mother was sleeping. Suzu gets Eita to tell you the rumour of the Chewing Bride.

    According to the story, there's a normal public phone box in H City where you can find the Chewing Bride. This ghost appears like a bride, and can tell you the location of things you are looking for. To talk to the ghost you go into the phone box. Soon the phone rings, and when you pick it up you hear a strange crunching noise, continuing for a while. Eventually a woman's voice says, "Did you see?" According to the rumour you should answer, "I didn't see." Then she says, "What do you want to see?" When you tell her somthing you are searching for, she tells you where it is.

    Kyujou Mansion

    Merry tells you that not only did Suzu and Eita's Sign come from the Chewing Bride, it seems Christie's did too. Asked where she could have encountered the ghost, Christie says that before she entered the H woodlands that day she used the telephone box at T Lower Mountain Rest Area. The phone didn't work and she had a bad feeling about the place so she left quickly. Suzu and Eita were at A Highway Car Park and there is another phone at T Apartments Park. Suzu asks if the Chewing Bride is really the culprit behind the Sign.

    Option 1: Of course
    Option 2: Maybe not
    Option 3: We don't know yet

    Answer how you like. Suzu says that the rumour started about 5 years ago, but she's never heard of the Sign until now. Christie suggests asking the Chewing Bride where the stolen Buddhist statues from H shrine are. Merry agrees and it is decided to search for the Chewing Bride (Memos 1,2,3,4). You now get to save the game and choose your partner.

    You now have two possible destinations, T Lower Mountain Rest Area or T Apartments Park. Start by choosing the Rest Area (middle option)

    T Lower Mountain Rest Area

    This is the phone box overlooking the H woodlands that Christie used. You enter the box as your partner stays outside. As you are waiting for the phone to ring, you notice a poster on the glass. "Co-operate with enquiries! 199X February 8th evening, there was an incident of assault in H woodlands. If you have any information please tell the H police." That was 5 years ago. It seems this area was dangerous at that time.

    Suddenly the phone starts to ring.You slowly pick it up, but there's no voice, just a dial tone at first, and then the sound of chewing begins. After that, a creepy woman's voice asks, "Did you see it?"

    Option 1: No
    Option 2: I didn't see it
    Option 3: I don't know

    Choose option 2, and the voice will ask you what you want to see. You tell her you want to find the stolen Buddhist statues from H Shrine. After a pause, the voice says, "Buddha...Buddha...Lord Buddha...You already should have the proof of Lord Buddha engraved on your arm...How about searching for a new Lord Buddha? Well, how about it? Shall I tell you? Well? Well? Well? Well?" The voice ends with a scream and the cuts off. Your Sign burns once again. You leave the box and tell your partner what happens, and they suggest going to find the other telephone box. But first you will return to the mansion to tell Merry what happened. (Memo 5)

    You can't do anything else so leave the area and choose option 1 to return home.

    Kyujou Mansion

    You can Talk to Merry if you like, or choose Exit to return to the garage and the next destination, T Apartments Park (option 3).

    T Apartments Park

    As you talk with your partner, you hear the mysterious voice in your head again, "Don't follow the rumour...disobey." Before your partner returns to the car, they tell you that there is a new part to the legend of the Chewing Bride. Apparently, whatever she sees she will become obsessed with. If the situation of calling becomes dangerous, don't say anything that sounds like "me"("eye" in Japanese). To be sure, also avoid English words like "eye".

    You enter the phone box and wait for the ring. There's another poster here too. Like the other one, it dates back some years. It reads, "Offering information related to the abduction of a female office worker! 199X February 8th evening, there was an abduction of a woman living in this neighbourhood. If you witnessed anything please tell the police." The 8th of February 5 years ago...The same date as the incident at T Mountain Rest Area.

    Just then the phoner rings. As before, the woman asks if you saw it?

    Option 1: I saw it
    Option 2: I didn't see it.

    Choose option 1. The woman screams at you, "You saw it." Then hangs up. A bloody handprint suddenly appears on the glass, and a voice asks you, "...Tell me...how...did you see...? With eyes...? Or else...binoculars...telescope...?

    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Live or Die------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

    Deadly Choice 1: With these eyes (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 2: With binoculars (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 3: With a they notice a telescope (Good)

    Option 1 and 2 both have the kanji for "eye" in them, so choose option 3. She then asks you what colour it was, deep red, pink or emerald.

    Deadly Choice 1: Deep red (Bad) Lose 500 Soul
    Deadly Choice 2: Pink (Good)
    Deadly Choice 3: Emerald (Bad) Lose 500 Soul

    Option 1 has the "eye" kanji, and option 3 contains the katakana character "me" which also means "eye", so choose option 2. Next she asks you what kind of person you are. What is important to you, dreams, romance or love.

    Deadly Choice 1: Dreams (Bad) Game Over
    Deadly Choice 2: Romance (Good)
    Deadly Choice 3: Love (Bad) Game Over

    Dreams is "yume", which contains "me". Love is "ai", which sounds like the English word "eye". So choose option 2.


    The phone hangs up and the bloody handprint disappears. By what she said, you guess the Chewing Bride's secret is somehow related to eyes. You leave the phone box and see your partner waiting outside. They tell you their Sign started hurting just now, and ask you what happened. After you have told the story, they notice a message card dropped in the box. You're sure it wasn't there before. It reads: "To Seiko, I can try to clear away your regrets. For heavenly you, forget that incident and sleep peacefuly..." This incident mentioned must have some connection. Anyway, you decide to return to the mansion. (Memo 6)