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by Arkia

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Walkthrough by Arkia

Version: 0.004 | Updated: 06/01/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: June 2017

Listings (Continued)

Reiji Shinomiya

Reiji Shinomiya will join during Chapter 9 at level 40.

SkillLevel ObtainedSP CostElementTypeEffectTarget
Space Walk-4WindPhysicalUpward Swing. Air Ok.Single
Wind Slicer-8WindPhysicalJump, Downward Swing. Air Ok.Single
Slam Bam-12WindPhysicalUpward+Downward SwingSingle
Swift Split-8WindPhysicalDash. Air Ok.Line
SP-diator-4-Buff5% SP recoverySelf
Wind Wheel-12WindPhysicalTwo spinsArea
Lotta Lance-14WindPhysical5 AttackSingle
Two-Step-10WindPhysical2 Upward Swing. Air Ok.Single
Roundhouse-16WindPhysicalJump, Diagonal Dive. Air Ok.Aerial Line
Wind Breaker-18WindPhysicalUpward Swing, Flip. Air Ok. Single
War Storm-24WindPhysical8 Attack. Air Ok.Single
Dig Deep4426WindPhysical5 AttackSingle
Flying Wind Lance4722WindPhysicalJump, Projectile. Air Ok.Single
Wyvern Waker5228WindPhysicalColumn on target.Single
Verdant Glint5640WindPhysicalLong Slash. Ex Chain.Area
Meteo Lance6048WindPhysicalStab, Upswing, Slash, Knockback. Ex ChainArea
Lilty Lance6268WindEX20 HitTarget EX

Mizuki Aihara

Mizuki Aihara will join at level 40 during the Chapter 10 Fairytale Delusionscape C Boss, but will leave after the Chapter 10 Boss.

Mizuki Aihara will rejoin during the Chapter 13 eventline at level 50.

SkillLevel ObtainedSP CostElementTypeEffectTarget
Heavy Bullet-4 PhysicalProjectileImpact
Flame Bullet-18FirePhysicalProjectile MultiHit ColumnImpact
Aqua Bullet-18WaterPhysicalProjectile MultiHit AoEImpact
Wind Bullet-18WindPhysicalProjectile MultiHit ColumnImpact
Earth Bullet-18EarthPhysicalProjectile MultiHitImpact
Holy Bullet-18HolyPhysicalProjectile MultiHit.Impact
Dark Bullet-18DarkPhysicalProjectile AoEImpact
Healing Rain-10-Heal - Physical20% HP recoverySelf AoE
Caring Rain-10-Heal - PhysicalStatus recoverSelf AoE
Round Edge-6-PhysicalSpinSelf AoE
Leaping Bullet408-PhysicalBackstep Projectile. Air Ok.Self AoE
Sweeping Bullet-22 PhysicalProjectile FanImpact
Floating Bullet-12 PhysicalJump + 3 ProjectileImpact
Aerial Bullet5030 PhysicalLaunching Attack+6 ProjectileSingle + Impact
Chase Bullet5442 Physical6 Homing Projectile. Ex Chain.Impact
Fatal Bravery5848WaterPhysicalBeam. Ex Chain.Line
Fearless Cry6266WaterEX12 HitTarget EX

Supporter Characters

CharacterObtain MethodSkillsActivation ChanceEffectTarget
PinkunChapter 1 HP < 25%HP regeneration buffAI
PinkunChapter 1 HP < 25%HP regeneration buffControlled
Moé SuzumoriChapter 3 SP < 50%SP regeneration buffAll applicable AI
Moé SuzumoriChapter 3 RandomSP Regeneration buffControlled
Yoshino SaionjiChapter 7 Status AilmentCure and resist status
Kanata SaotomeChapter 9 -2 stats: ATK/MAT/DEF/MDFApplicable Party
Miké MusumedaPost GameRyandom Support! NYAA!RandomRandom Stat boostAll Party
Acquire-chanPost Game Beat CountXP or Money BoostResults
Acquire-chanPost GameDas a Good Experience!Beat Count (30)XP BoostResults

Credits, Ending Notes, Contact, and Legal Stuff

Ending Notes

Feel Free to Message me if you have questions or notice anything that needs clarification.

Version History

  • 0.000
    • Removed Majority of Temporary Table Data and replaced with proper Data.
      • Many Errors/Mistakes should be removed as a result
    • Guide Completion Rate: 90%
  • 0.004a
    • More Corrections
    • Guide Complete*
      • See To-Do List
  • 0.004b
    • Additional Corrections
    • Some minor additions
    • Preparation for adding Skills information.
  • 0.004c
    • Added some skill information

To Do List

  • Gather support Skill Information
  • Add Maps as alternative to text descriptions for better visual clarity.
  • Do a test run using the guide.

Contact Info

If you need to contact me, there are a few ways. I am going to list the easiest ways here:

  • PSN (remove spaces): aria and kia
  • Gamefaqs: pm
  • Twitch: message SinNoAria
  • @yahoo.com Email: vt4sungx
    • Use subject format: 4444arkia4444-[game name]::[FAQ type]-Feedback.
      • This is to make it easier to notice if it ends up in my spam box.

Please note that other methods of contact are checked less often if ever. Also, for those that are adding me to your friends list, please leave a note-at least say where you saw my name.

Legal Stuff

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Do not copy or alter this guide, and do not present it as your own. The creation of this guide took a lot of time, and we would appreciate it greatly if you'd respect that. Below is a list of sites that are allowed to host this document and/or adaptations of it. Currently, the latest update of this file can be found at GameFAQs.com.

  • GameFAQs.com
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  • SinNoAria's Patreon and other sites.