Statue blockade in Upper Tower 10th floor?

  1. There's a statue blocking my way in the Upper Tower which I know I have to insert an eye into to move it. I found the required item by defeating another statue but it won't let me use the eye when I approach the statue. Thumbelina's shrink ability doesn't work and I can't use the eye manually from the menu. Is there still something I'm missing?

    User Info: lonewolf159

    lonewolf159 - 1 year ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. I just solved it. The trick is you have to nudge the statue first ( D-pad Up) and then a question will pop up allowing you to insert the eyeball.
    It's the same as with the statue you have to fight for the eyeball - you have to nudge it to get the battle option.(You may have done that without taking notice that that is the trigger).

    Anyway, you've probably figured it out and moved on. But I wanted to post this in case someone else gets frustrated. I sure did.
    Use Rapunzel's Hair ability to pluck the eye from the statue in the square room.

    User Info: morepork

    morepork - 1 year ago 2   0

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