Review by Wewillrocku

Reviewed: 01/14/19

An outstanding twinstick shooter.

What is the appeal to this arcade like game? It's the left stick that moves your ship and the right joystick that fires. If you thought Nuclear Throne wasn't as good as it could have been because Nuclear Throne had R as the fire button, you'll be satisfied with this game.

The arcade like premise is that you are trapped in a large rectangle, where you have to fire at enemy ships that are out to get you. In this game all of your 4 lives in regular mode, or 3 in endless, counts. The game is demanding, in the sense that it demands concentration. But with the restart points in regular mode, you probably could never consider it unforgiving.

You have a very wide laser beam so you never feel that your ship is at too much of a disadvantage. You can fire it continuously without ever recharging. The catch is that the laser beam can only reach about a third of the way across the screen horizontally. By collecting power ups that are scattered randomly when you destroy an enemy, and only by collecting the power ups, you can engage a superbeam that destroys enemies all the way across the screen and even destroys asteroids. The game tells you when you get it so you can't miss it.

In true arcade fashion, you have a score and a score multiplier.

The regular enemies aren't the only ones you have to fight off. There are also indestructible cannons that fire every time they cross the screen, a real challenge in endless where they have a different pattern than they do in regular mode. As of this writing, I've reached level 28 out of 30. The game offers you the chance of starting at level 10 or level 20 once you reach those levels.

The game has 30 levels, which may disappoint some people who remember the >100 levels in Bubble Bobble for NES or the 100 levels in Robotron 64 for Nintendo 64. Robotron 64 was actually a similar game to this one, but of course it lacked a second joystick. But hold that disappoint where it stands, because the endless mode goes on forever, and it's also more challenging for reasons that I could only go into at length.

It's not every day you get a twinstick shooter. This game is good at what it does.

What games are like this one? Riddled Corpses EX is a twinstick shooter where you must dodge and then fire back with pin point accuracy just like this game. Hotline Miami is a must play top down, fast paced game with guns, making it somewhat similar to We Are Doomed.

Rating: 9

Product Release: WE ARE DOOMED (US, 02/09/16)

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