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    A Forbidden Land (secret)Saw ???.Bronze
    A New Direction (secret)Met Hapsper.Bronze
    A Stern Leader (secret)Met Hydor.Bronze
    A Tale from a Land of SnowObtained all trophies.Platinum
    A Thousand Winters (secret)Met Eutess.Bronze
    All-Seeing EyeDefeated ten enemies with Exact Kill.Bronze
    An Uninvited Guest (secret)Met Raishin.Bronze
    Awakened PowerUsed Momentum mode ten times in a single battle.Bronze
    Bringer of Destruction (secret)Obtained the Doom spritnite.Bronze
    Connoisseur of Bitter Foods (secret)Ate Gaia's Blessings Stew.Bronze
    Connoisseur of Salty Foods (secret)Ate Gatherington Fries.Bronze
    Connoisseur of Savory Foods (secret)Ate Nive Vegetable Stew.Bronze
    Connoisseur of Sour Foods (secret)Ate Horse Oak Casserole.Bronze
    Connoisseur of Sweet Foods (secret)Ate Starberry CakeBronze
    Critical BlowInflicted 500 damage in a single hit.Bronze
    Crushing ForceDefeated ten enemies with Over Kill.Bronze
    EnlightenmentMade one monster drop four materials at once.Bronze
    Everlasting Light (secret)Obtained the Gearadia spritnite.Bronze
    Forgotten By Time (secret)Met Sayagi.Bronze
    From Beyond Oblivion (secret)Met the youth.Gold
    Harmonic HeartUsed combos in Momentum mode 30 times.Bronze
    Hidden Agenda (secret)Met Cornelius.Bronze
    Infinite TacticsDefeated enemies with all Kill types.Bronze
    Keeper of Legend (secret)Met Rhydderch.Bronze
    Limit BreakerInflicted 1000 damage in a single hit.Silver
    Miracle AlchemistUsed one megalixir.Bronze
    Moment of TruthMade one monster drop eight materials at once.Silver
    Momentum MasterUsed Momentum mode 100 times.Silver
    Monster Slayer (secret)Defeated all members of the Pengy species.Bronze
    Of Legend and Myth (secret)Defeated the Ruler of Time.Gold
    Pride of the Royals (secret)Obtained the Eclipse spritnite.Bronze
    Realm of Sealed Courage (secret)Saw the Moolbeld Ruins.Bronze
    Realm of Sealed Hope (secret)Saw the Apparth Ruins.Bronze
    Realm of Sealed Love (secret)Saw the Laniff Ruins.Bronze
    Reason for Being (secret)Obtained the Dragnarok spritnite.Bronze
    Ruler of Heaven and EarthFluxation occurred 200 times.Silver
    Ruler of the Waves (secret)Sailed on the exploratory ship.Bronze
    Sacred Prayer (secret)Obtained the Holy Light spritnite.Bronze
    Sacrificial Love (secret)Obtained the Rebellion spritnite.Bronze
    Seeker of KnowledgeFluxation occurred ten times in Support Spritnite.Bronze
    Seeker of PowerFluxation occurred ten times in Command Spritnite.Bronze
    Seeker of TruthFluxation occurred four times in a single battle.Bronze
    Spiritnite MasterAdded maximum Fluxes to a spritnite stone.Silver
    The Chosen One (secret)Defeated all members of the Hoot-Hoot species.Bronze
    The Light at the End (secret)Listened to all the youth's lines and defeated him.Bronze
    The Soaring Shipwright (secret)Met Akash.Bronze
    Those Who Take Up the Sword (secret)Met Freyja.Bronze
    Total Destruction (secret)Defeated the Dark Samsara's final form.Silver
    Waves of Change (secret)Obtained the Genesis spritnite.Bronze
    Worldly Wisdom (secret)Defeated all the Spritnite-Eaten Monsters.Silver

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