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by Ouha-chan

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Accessory Coordination FAQ by Ouha-chan

Updated: 09/13/16

Project Diva X
Accessory Coordination Guide
By Ouha-chan


First off, I want to say that this guide almost certainly does not contain every possible combination for each bonus (as there are several alternate combinations that can get the same result for a lot of the bonuses). I'll do my best to add them as I find them and as they are submitted to me. If you happen to know a combination that is not listed in this guide, feel free to let me know and I will credit you in the SanKyu section!

Accessory Combinations

I'll list these in alphabetical order, sorted by percent bonus (starting with the highest).

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this list (everyone on the forum who posted information that I used in this list is named in the SanKyu section at the bottom of guide. A special thanks to crusher881, who posted a large number of these combinations!

20% Bonuses

Note: These combinations will get a total of 40% Voltage if used in the matching Aura. Using a module that matches the Aura as well will give you a total of 60%! Instead of alphabetical order, I ordered the "Ultimate Combinations" by Aura type and placed them above any others that grant the 20% bonus.

Classic/NeutralCyber MusicianControl HeadsetCyber VisorEqualizerSpeakers
CuteFlower FairyFlower CrownFlower GlassesFlower NecklaceFlower Petal Wings
CoolAngel of DarknessDemon's Head WingsSkull EyepatchChain NecklaceFallen Angel Wings
Elegant/BeautyElegant EmpressGemmed Hair ClipsFace VeilFancy NecklaceGemmed Cape
Quirky/ChaosWandering BardFeathered CapFour-Leaf CloverOcarinaTraveler's Instrument

Are You a Chimera?Ram HornsBeak Dinosaur Tail
A Winner Is You!Flower CrownSilver Round GlassesBadge
Black KittyBlack Cat EarsCat Whiskers Black Cat Tail
Butterfly PrincessGolden Crown or Platinum CrownButterfly MaskFancy NecklaceButterfly Wings
Clockwork AngelHaloGoggles Mechanical Wings
Clockwork OniOni HornBlue Chinese Opera Mask Mechanical Wings
Curbside ConcertOversized GlassesHarmonica Traveler's Instrument
Day Of The EventOverhead HeartSilver Rimless GlassesHeartBackpack with Posters
Demon in ChainsOni HornNoh Mask (Demon)Chain Necklace
Devious MaidMaid's HeadbandAnime Eye MaskBlue Ribbon
Dreaming of...?Sweat Drops (Right)Anime Eye MaskHeart
Fallen AngelDevil HornsBlack Eyepatch Fallen Angel Wings
Fighting Action! Cyber VisorGreenTimer LightWind-Up Key
Got The Grade!Yurei HeadbandEye-MaskerBadgeWill o' Wisps
Heian Period DollEboshiNoh Mask (Old Man) Wind-Up Key
I'm Coming for YouYurei HeadbandEye-Masker Will o' Wisps
Incoming Signal!Satellite DishCyber VisorGreen Timer LightWind-Up Key
Jet Set RadioSatellite Dish EqualizerSpeakers
New EmployeeSweat Drops (Right)Welding MaskBeginner Badge
Masked FoxBrown Cat EarsFox Mask Fox Tail
Not What I ExpectedSteaming MadBlack Pointed GlassesBroken HeartBackpack with Posters
Not What You Expected!?Steaming MadRed Pointed GlassesBroken HeartBackpack with Posters
Oni HunterOni HornBlue Chinese Opera Mask Will o' Wisps
Pageant WinnerFlower Crown Gold MedalGemmed Cape
Robot Down!ChicksCyber VisorRed Timer LightWind-Up Key
The Angel FellDevil HornsWhite Eyepatch Fallen Angel Wings
Unforgivable!Steaming MadAnime Eye MaskBroken Heart
Unmasked FoxBrown Cat EarsCat Whiskers Fox Tail
White KittyWhite Cat EarsCat Whiskers White Cat Tail

18% Bonuses

Purrfect KittyBrown Cat EarsCat WhiskersGold or Silver BellTiger Cat Tail

16% Bonuses

Striped KittyBrown Cat EarsCat Whiskers Tiger Cat Tail
Masked Nine-TailsBrown Cat EarsFox Face Nine Fox Tails
The MonarchButterfly Mask Gold Bow TieButterfly Wings
Unmasked Nine-TailsBrown Cat EarsCat Whiskers Nine Fox Tails

14% Bonuses

Creepy ClownRed Party HatHalf-MaskRed Bow Tie
I Want My MommyAny CowlickAny Bib Teddy Bear
RepairmanHead GogglesWelding MaskSilver BellKnapsack
Silly ClownRed Party HatClown NoseRed Bow Tie

12% Bonuses

ALL The GoodsAny CowlickAny EyepatchAny Bib
Angelic ImpDevil Horns Any BibAngel Wings
ANIMAL LOVER!Any 3 Animal Pieces
Brink of SleepTako LukaEye-Masker Hachune Miku
Bunny GirlAny Rabbit EarsDetachable Collar Any Rabbit Tail
Class PresidentSwirly Glasses Any Bookbag
Devilish DelightDevil Horns Devil Wings or Devil Tail
Devilish DivinityOni HornAny Bib Angel Wings
Divine KittyAny Cat Ears Nekomata Tails
Dog With a DestinyDog Ears Jetpack
Heaven Or...?Halo Any BibDevil Tail
Impish AngelHalo Any BibDevil Wings
It's Party TimeAny Party Hat Any Bow TieGag Glasses
Likes Warm HugsSnowman Head Knapsack
Masquerade BallGolden Crown or Platinum CrownButterfly Mask
Metal MasterAny 3 Metal/Mechanical Pieces
Student of LoveOverhead HeartSilver Half-Rim Glasses Backpack with Posters
Tip Your WaitressMaid's Headband Blue Ribbon
Top ChefChef's HatWhite Facemask

10% Bonuses

2 Cool 4 School Detachable CollarSchoolbag
A Girl's DreamOverhead HeartAnime Eye Mask
Angel of LightHalo Light Wings
Arsene DivaMini Silk HatMonocle
Beak BuddiesBird's NestBeak
Be My Butterfly Butterfly Mask Butterfly Wings
Black BunnyBlack Rabbit Ears Black Rabbit Tail
Blue 'Patch Party
Circle of LifeBird's Nest Dangling Cat
Critter CookChef's HatWhite Mask (w)
Critter VetNurse's CapWhite Mask (w)
Dreaming of ChicksChicksEye Mask
Duckface NurseNurse's CapWhite Mask (3)
Fairy PrincessGemmed Hair Clips Flower Petal Wings
Found a Mew FriendAny Cat Ears Dangling Cat
Foxy FoxBrown Cat Ears Fox Tail
Friendzoned!? Broken Heart
GentlemanMini Silk HatFake Mustache
Green 'Patch PartyGreen Party HatGreen Eyepatch
...Hath no FurySteaming MadNoh Mask (Demon
Just Like in MangaAnime Eye Mask Detachable Collar
Knock First!!?Noh Mask (Woman)
Like an AngelHalo Angel Wings
Masked MenaceMini Silk HatPhantom Mask
Mecha-MaidMaid's Headband Wind-Up Key
Mystic Nine-TailsBrown Cat Ears Nine Fox Tails
Need a Bigger BoatGreat White SharkSwimming Goggles
NurseNurse's CapWhite Mask
One-Eyed DragonEboshiBlack Eyepatch
Orange 'Patch PartyOrange Party HatOrange Eyepatch
Pilot SchoolHead Goggles Mechanical Wings
Pink BunnyPink Rabbit Ears Pink Rabbit Tail
Pink 'Patch PartyPink Party HatPink Eyepatch
Red 'Patch PartyRed Party HatRed Eyepatch
Salty & Sweet NurseNurse's CapWhite Mask (with Tongue)
SaviorNurse's Cap Angel Wings
Selfie Sou-ChefChef's HatWhite Mask (3)
Soap OperettaMaid HeadbandNoh Mask (Woman)
Sweet & Spicy ChefChef's HatWhite Mask (with Tongue)
Taking a Day Off!Flower CrownSunglasses
Taking a Week Off!Flower CrownChic Sunglasses
Target Acquired!!?Comic Mask
Total NewbieChicks Beginner Badge
Vacation NAO! Chic SunglassesFlower Necklace
Vacay Now? SunglassesFlower Necklace
White BunnyWhite Rabbit Ears White Rabbit Tail
Yellow 'Patch PartyYellow Party HatYellow Eyepatch

8% Bonuses

1st Place WinnerGold Medal Red or Black Bookbag
2nd Place WinnerSilver Medal Red or Black Bookbag
3rd Place WinnerBronze Medal Red or Black Bookbag
Blingy ThingsAny 2 Gemmed or Fancy Pieces
Classic InstructorEboshiSilver Round Glasses
Cool CatAny 2 Cat Pieces
Costume Party! Any RibbonAny Wings
Field Trip Fun Any NametagKnapsack
First Day of School! Any NametagBlack Bookbag
First Love? HeartSchoolbag
First Love (song note)Overhead Heart Black or Red Bookbag
Flower PowerFlower CrownFlower Glasses
Fun with FriendsAny 2 Mascot Characters
Going GoldGolden Crown Fancy Necklace
Going PlatinumPlatinum Crown Fancy Necklace
I Heart LoveOverhead Heart Heart
Is That A Costume?Pumpkin HeadSwimming Goggles
It Moves! Cyber Visor Wind-Up Key
Know This Tune? OcarinaWind-Up Key
Last Day of School! Any NametagRed Bookbag
Love StinksOverhead Heart Broken Heart
Magna Cum Laude BadgeBlack Bookbag
Metal ManiacAny 2 Metal/Mechanical Pieces
Music Geek (song note)Overhead Heart Red Bookbag & Recorder
Music Nerd!Overhead Heart Black Bookbag & Recorder
Suma Cum Laude BadgeRed Bookbag
Suspect XSweat Drops (Right)Anonymizer
Taking Requests! Harmonica Wind-Up Key
Three Minute Rule!?Sweat Drops (Right) Red Timer Light
Three Minute Rule!!Sweat Drops (Right) Green Timer Light
Tis Not the SeasonSnowman HeadSwimming Goggles

6% Bonuses

All The GoodsAny CowlickAny Eyepatch or Bib
Animal LoverAny 2 Animal Pieces
Blue Da Ba DeeAny 2 Blue Pieces
Easy Being GreenAny 2 Green Pieces
It Was All YellowAny 2 Yellow Pieces
Orange CrushAny 2 Orange Pieces
Paint It BlackAny 2 Black Pieces
Pretty in PinkAny 2 Pink Pieces
Seeing RedAny 2 Red Pieces
Veil of MysteryPumpkin HeadAny Glasses
White NoiseAny 2 White Pieces

3% Bonuses

It's a Dog's LifeDog Ears Dog Tail

Gameplay Tips

Dual Wielding. Most people know about this, but not everyone does. In addition to the four face buttons, the directional buttons ALSO function for the corresponding notes (i.e. Cross is Down, Triangle is Up, Circle is Right, Square is Left). During Rush Notes, you can get a much larger bonus by Dual Wielding; for instance, if the Rush Target is Cross, it's easier to get a high bonus by rapidly pressing both the Cross and Down buttons. Dual Wielding also makes rapid presses in general much more manageable.

Rare Module Dropper. As soon as you get it unlocked, I recommend completing [The First Festival!] Event Request with each of the characters in the last slot to unlock their Christmas modules (This excludes Miku as her Christmas module doesn't have the correct ability; instead, playing [The Fourth Festival!] with her once it's unlocked will often yield her Puffy Pastels module!). These modules have Rare Module Dropper Lv. 3 on them (Lv. 4 for the one I mentioned for Miku) and this ability makes it practically effortless to get all of the unique modules from each song. I managed to get all of them in 1-2 tries each, including all the modules from Urotander!

New Module Dropper. After unlocking all of those, you'll probably want to get and use modules with New Module Dropper Lv. 4. Each character has one of these; I remember that Kaito's and Meiko's are easily gotten by getting the Classic Cloud's third crystal (the second one unlocks Meiko's related request and the third one unlocks Kaito's related request), but I don't remember for the others (I believe most of them are gotten the same way, but I can't remember the order they're in.). Completing the associated requests for each character will get the module that has the effect.

Rare Modules & Chance Time. Each of the characters has several rare modules; some of these are connected to specific songs (i.e. the Underhanded costumes for Urotander), but some of them are not (i.e Kaito's Cyber Cat & Meiko's Scarlet). In the case that they are, you simply need to successfully complete Chance Time in the correct song for a chance at getting the corresponding module. In the case that they are NOT however, you will have to play the [Festivals] (any of them from the 4th through the 8th) with the character and successfully complete Chance Time for a chance at getting whatever module you're missing! I felt I should mention this, because I started with trying to finish Kaito and Meiko first (as they're my favorite vocaloids) and ended up replaying each and every song in each and every cloud countless times trying to get their last modules (and then I got them quickly once I started playing the Festivals again).

Common Modules & Chance Time. As far as I know, the common modules for every character can be gotten in any song. However, I wanted to include this paragraph just so I could say that once you have the rare modules from any given song, ALWAYS use the respective character's New Module Dropper ability any time you play that song afterwards as long as there are other common modules you're missing (because once you've gotten any associated rare modules in a song, Rare Module Dropper has lost it's use in that song).

The RNG in this game is PURE RANDOM LUCK. It's annoying and repetitive, but you basically just need to keep replaying songs over and over to collect the Modules and the Accessories. Try to use modules with New Module Dropper when possible and try to get your Voltage as high as possible. I don't really have any other advice unfortunately. The grind is real in this one.

About Me

Not interested? I didn't think so, but I wanted to write it anyway. I've been playing Project Diva games since F on the PS3. I'm a huge fan of rhythm games and I'm also a vocaloid fan. Ironically, I used to dislike vocaloids because the only one I'd heard at first was Hatsune Miku (who, at the time, I thought sounded terrible). After hearing Kaito (and then the others), I finally decided to buy Project Diva F & F2nd and I quickly found them to be the best rhythm games I'd ever played. Not only that, but I warmed up to Miku quite a bit as I heard a few songs I actually liked by her (my favorite Miku songs are those by doriko).

Luckily for me, I presently like all 6 of the vocaloids featured in the games (plus Gakupo who isn't featured in the games). In the order I personally like them from most to least: Kaito > Meiko > Gakupo = Luka > Len > Rin = Miku. Unluckily for me, Miku is tied for my least favorite of the six and Project Diva X decided to mostly abandon the rest of the vocaloids along with their respective fans. This particularly irritates me since 2016 (the year in which this game was released) is the year of Kaito's 10th Anniversary and he only has vocals in a single song in the game (which isn't even a solo; tsk tsk...). Here's to hoping for some DLC...

Fun Fact: Meiko and Kaito were actually released before Miku. The first commercially-released Japanese vocaloid song was a duet by the prototypes of Kaito and Meiko called Ano Subarashii Ai wo Mou Ichido (That Wonderful Love Once More), which was released at least a year before Meiko was released commercially (which was a little less than two years before Kaito was released commercially). Miku wasn't released until more than a year after Kaito. So regardless of who you like, without Kaito and Meiko there likely wouldn't be a Miku. And likewise, without Miku's popularity, we likely would have never gotten the Project Diva games.

The first vocaloid song that I liked: Ashes to Ashes (also the first Kaito song that I heard). Still easily one of the best in my opinion.

A few vocaloid producers that I like: 3106, hinayukki, Shinjou, yanagi, halyosy, Re:nG, cillia, maya, Kurousa, Neru, & doriko. There are plenty more of course, but I just figured I'd name a few that came to mind; after all, the quality of the songs is up to the skill of these guys (as in all vocaloid producers, not just a handful)!

My favorite game is Project Diva F2nd. My next favorite is Project Diva Future Tone (both CT & FS). I've spent more time playing F2nd than any other game in the series, including Future Tone (which I preordered on the JP PSN Store and am still enjoying the heck out of :P), because of the Edit Mode. I just can't stress how fun it is to make and play my own Edit PVs for my favorite songs. I primarily make Kaito edits, but I also make ones for my other favorite songs.

A Few of My Favorite Songs Featured in the Games:
-PDF: Ashes to Ashes, Acute.
-PDF2nd: Tsugai Kogarashi, A Thousand Year Solo, Cantarella ~Grace Edition~, Rosary Pale.
-PDX: Hikyou Sentai Urotander. (Not one of my favorite Kaito songs, but I had to pick something from X and it's my favorite song in X.)
-Future Tone (excluding any mentioned above): On The Rocks, Snowman (Kaito's), Pane dhiria (even though I do prefer the remakes and remixes of it).
There are plenty more songs (some by each vocaloid) that I love (especially in Future Tone, as it has far and away the largest song list despite lacking a small handful of songs that are in F/Fnd), but I'm not going to bore you by writing them all out. As passionate as I am about my opinions (and as much as I like making lists), I'm not 'that' dedicated. :p

A Few of My Favorite Songs NOT Featured in the Games (ones I'd like to see included):
-Kaito: any of 3106's songs (Mikaboshi, Tokeitou no Uta, Bug=Luv, etc.), Jougen no Tsuki (Kurousa), Thread Nation (EZFG), Attakaito (Halyosy), Shabon no Salamandre (Bucchigiri), spirit alive over (maya), any of Re:nG's Kaito songs (DEVOTION, Shuujin no Rosario, Caged Flower, etc.). There are too many amazing Kaito songs that these games are lacking; I can't name them all...
-Meiko: Goddess (shu-T), Falling (MINO-U), Konohana Sakuya (maya), Twilight Homicide Song (Kiraboshi Hikaru), some of cillia's songs.
-Gakupo: Paranoid Doll (natsu & Kokutoupocky), Episode 0 (Kanimiso), Eternal feel (maya). (He's not in the games, but I didn't want to leave him out. Just because.).
-Luka: Reason of Birth (maya), Beautiful Nightmare (Hachioji), Tower (KEI), a few of emon's songs and other songs of maya's.
-Len: Kanashimi no Nami ni Oboreru (Neru), more of Neru's songs.
-Rin: Idola Circus (Neru), more of Neru's songs.
-Kaito+Meiko: Kotonoha Tsuzuri (hinayukki), Furarete mo Furarete mo (EZFG), the Color Chronicle series (maya), most of hinayukki's songs by Kaito and/or Meiko.
-Other Duets: Lost Destination (Len & Kaito), drop pop candy (Rin & Luka), Ochikobore no Succubus (Miku & Len), Your World, My World (Miku & Len).
And, of course, there are many, many more favorite songs of mine not listed here. There are way to many awesome vocaloid songs to list all of the ones I like best. ;)


The Project Diva series belongs to SEGA, the vocaloids belong to YAMAHA, and the various songs mentioned above belong to their respective creators. I take no credit for anything.

Blah, blah, blah.

All the usual stuff goes here. :p


See what I did there? SanKyu? Thank you? 39? Miku? Yeah... It took me forever to figure out what they were always going for with the whole 39 thing, but yeah. Eh, anyway...

Thank you to everyone who's contributed to this guide. I'll include a list of everyone here (as it's kind of difficult to do so in the combination list itself). Again, thank you all for your help!








And thank you for using this guide! :)

~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~ !!Happy 10th Anniversary, KAITO!! ~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~'~