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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by kakashiPR009

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    Collar X Malice Spoiler-Free Walkthrough

    This is my first guide so if there are any mistakes, suggestions, or tips feel free to send me an email at kashicanpy009@gmail.com. Credit will be given. Remember to put GameFaqs in the subject or I won't answer it!

    Anyone feel free to use the guide as you see fit but no copy and pasting into another website without my permission! Or "you'll never see it coming"...I've played too much Persona 5...Ahem NO STEALING.

    Version History

    Version 0.5 - Just the common route plus Shiraishi and Enomoto main routes I have completed. Finished Sasazuka although troubleshooting was needed. Will add more once I finish Yanagi and Okazaki. Possibly add the bad endings and a Platinum guide.

    Version 0.6 - Added Okazaki, fixed errors, and grammar. Will add Yanagi in next update.

    Version 1.0 - Added Yanagi and all of the bad routes. Added trophy tips for Platinum. Guide is finished unless suggestions are made.

    Version 1.1 - Upgraded guide to make things a bit clearer. Add ending numbers and some trophy names. Possibly add location of obtaining for more trophies later.

    Version 1.2 - Forced to reformat due to GameFaqs new online editor; hopefully it will work fine in this form


    I think this may be my favorite Otome game so far and so here is this guide in all its terrible glory haha. The game reminds me of the anime Psycho Pass so if you're not a fan...may not be the game for you. If you are unaware of what an Otome game is, it is just a visual novel that targets women where you try to get a guy to fall for you. Think like a dating sim. One thing I love about these games are the diverse and amazing stories. As a note this will be spoiler free besides the actual answers. So let's get to the guide then...
    NOTE: to navigate this guide simply click on the route on the table of contents you wish to see since they each have their own page.

    This game, compared to others such as Amnesia, is extremely easy to figure out. Like Hakuoki, there is a common route that determines which characters' story you go down. Unlike Hakuoki, this does not take four freaking chapters...Instead it's a single chapter where, depending on what reaction you give the character, you gain or lose the option to take their route. Like most Otomate games, there are five guys to chose from. Although, only three are available from the start.

    After you get into a route, first thing is to level up their "trust" which has four sections in the bar. Simply answer their questions correctly and before the scene ends you will get "trust up" in the upper right corner of the screen. Sometimes you will have to answer a set of questions to get the "trust up" but it will appear after a set of two or three questions. When there is a set of questions, I will put them together without a blank line to separate the answers.

    Once you get to a certain point in the story, the game continues to part two if your trust is high enough. Part two consists of "affection up" and is the same as the other bar. If, at the end of the game, if at least three sections are full, you will get the Good Ending, if not, one of the many bad ones. As a note, some trust or affection up are done through text messages.

    There are, of course also "Bad Endings." Each character has anywhere from five to seven Bad Endings. The way this guide is formatted is that I will comment in parentheses where there are potential Bad Endings. Either quick save or do a permanent save before choosing your answer so you can go back and get and get the other later. The remaining ones that have to do with trust and affection levels will be listed after the Good Ending is accomplished. As a note, some of these endings, called "Tragic Love Endings" will net a still for the gallery as well as the trophy, "Sorrow," for seeing them all, one for each character. Getting all of the Bad and Good Endings will also gain you the "All Possibilities Observed" trophy.

    There are short investigation sections where, like Danganronpa or Ace Attorney, you click on various objects in a room to have a short conversation and possibly obtain materials. I will not include most of these since they are easy to figure out and short.

    Sometimes you get to chose where to go in the Police Dept. but most of the time it is only areas you HAVE to go to anyway. I will list the areas to go to, although, most of the time it doesn't matter what order but sometimes the game won't let you do all of them if you go to a certain area first. As a note, CANNOT quick save on the map screen. CAN do a permanent save, however.

    Finally, the only other mechanic is what is called "Trigger Mode" which, within every route, you will have to shoot your gun at least once (some routes multiple times). Simply press X when the moving circle shrinks to inside the target ridicule. However, I'll try to warn you of it because took me at least three tries to get it right the first time (It's not hard I'm just terrible; timing does seem a bit tricky though). You can tell if you succeeded by the color of the "ring" that occurs when you press X. If it is gray, you missed, red you succeeded. I would suggest doing a quick save or permanent save before Trigger Mode activates so you can go through the Bad Ending that's always associated to them when you miss the prompt. As a note, there are two trophies associated with this mode, a success trophy, "Shooting With Resolve" and a failure trophy, "Wavering Spirit, Wavering Aim." Will easily get both with this guide since it is necessary to fail to get all the endings.

    1: The number one tip is: ABUSE THE QUICK SAVE. Every time you are not sure, or even if you are, do a quick save by using L. Even if you get a Bad Ending and the game throws you back at the title screen, load a save or start a new game or chapter select and simply press the R and hit yes to get back to the exact point you quick saved regardless where you were when you loaded etc. As a note, as the name implies, if you turn off the system or quit the game you WILL lose all your progress (GAME CRASHES WILL RESULT IN ALL PROGRESS LOST!). The only time you CANNOT quick save is on the Police Dept. map and during Trigger Mode.

    2: SAVE. I had the game CRASH and had to redo a whole route over again. Don't be me, save at least every chapter or every other chapter so you're not like me twiddling my thumbs while I wait on the game while it fast forwards to the point I left off. As a note, just going into the save menu will cause the game to save your "text progress" which means it will fast forward past pre-read text when you have the game set to the "Skip" option (pressing Select will change it to Non stop which will force skip everything regardless).

    3: There is no real order as far as I can tell for the routes besides two routes being locked at the start. The order I've done is: Sasazuka, Shisaishi, Enomoto, Okazaki, Yanagi. I feel like Okazaki might be a good first one however since he maxes his trust early on. Personally my favorites are Okazaki and Shisaishi although Yanagi's was fun too. Honestly though, just go with whoever strikes your fancy...

    4: There is an option to change the fast forward option to higher speeds. This will be very useful for the Common Route as well as getting other endings within the same route, if you so desire.

    5: If you finish all routes but don't have the Platinum, remember there is a Trophy Completion section at the end of the guide for the remaining four trophies. Also as a note, I do not list all trophies in the guide, such as "Wavering Spirit, Wavering Aim" for missing in Trigger Mode because due to the player choosing the order of route completion, it is hard to say when trophies of the like will be obtained.