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by Draken70

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Guide and Walkthrough by Draken70Donate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/21/2016


Hi and welcome to my guide for Yomawari! In Japanese, the title of the game means Night Watch, and it's a type of horror game for the PS Vita that puts you in control of a child, possibly around 4-7 years old, in a town where monsters and ghosts roam free. The game was released in Japan on October 29, 2015.

I will be providing a complete walkthrough for the game, as well as translations for all the story scenes and some general script lines (from in-game signboards). Many of the game's script is told from the perspective of the girl, this includes but not limited to anything the young girl reads, and item descriptions. You can tell which line belongs to who by the font. When it looks like its hand written, it was read/spoken by the girl. Anything else is either from another character or just some tutorial lines.

The Japanese knowledge needed to play this game is very basic, since it mostly uses Hiragana and Katakana for the story. As for Kanji use, you will only see them during tutorials and some menu interactions.


The game doesn't teach you much, so I had to figure out most of the controls and gameplay elements. I have separated the controls depending on what screen you have open, starting with the field itself where the character can explore the town.

Field Controls

D-padMove character
Left Stick
Right StickTurn flashlight around
CircleExamine / Confirm
SquareThrow equipped usable item
TriangleOpen usable items menu, choose item with any face button (△□○☓)
Left TriggerZoom and focus on one point
Switch items on quick menu
Right TriggerHold while walking to run
Switch items on quick menu
StartOpen the Map
SelectTurn the flashlight on/off

Map Controls

D-padMove the Map around
Left Stick
CircleOpen the Notebook
CrossClose the Map
SquareReturn home (resets checkpoints)
TriangleOpen options menu
Right TriggerHold while moving Map to speed it up
StartReturn to the field

Notebook Controls

The Notebook can be accessed from the Map menu by pressing the Circle button. This is where you will find the various items collected throughout the game.

D-padMove the cursor
Left Stick
CrossReturn to the Map
TriangleOpen the Diary
Left TriggerSwitch tabs
Right Trigger
StartReturn to the field

Diary Controls

The Diary can be accessed from the Notebook menu by pressing the Triangle button. It lists a summary of story events from the perspective of the little girl.

CrossReturn to the Map
TriangleReturn to the Notebook
Left TriggerSwitch tabs
Right Trigger
StartReturn to the field


When you approach an enemy, the girl's heart rate begins to beat fast. The stronger the sound of heartbeats, the closer you are to the enemy. Some enemies are only visible under light sources (flashlight, street lamps, etc.), while others can be seen normally. When you get detected by an enemy, you are left with two options: utilize hiding spots to hide from enemy sight, or run away from the enemy.

Hiding spots are placed everywhere in town, and they can be clump of bushes or signboards. Just like any other object, hiding spots are identifiable when you aim the flashlight at them. After hiding in a spot, you have to wait for a certain amount of time before the enemy leaves the spot you're hiding in. As such, it can be a bit time consuming just sitting there waiting for the enemies to leave. You will also only be able to see the enemies as a red aura to indicate their general location when hiding. Besides the red aura, sound also plays an important factor when trying to distinguish between enemies.

Generally, you will only have to hide when you get cornered. Running, however, can be more beneficial, since most enemies are slow or can be evaded easily. Stamina is needed for running, and it's the long bar that stretches to both ends of the screen. It appears at the bottom of the screen only when you start running with the right shoulder button. Depletion of the stamina bar becomes faster when there's an enemy around you (not necessarily aware of you), and running speed gets slower once the bar passes the two dots in the middle of each section of the bar.

Walkthrough Guidelines

I will walk you through the story in separate chapter sections, and each one will be divided into subsections. Some are for advancing the story (these will mostly depend on the current objective the girl has), while others will include any detours you could take to collect optional items. Because of that, I will link a hypertext before any optional parts to skip to story walkthroughs for people who are only interested in progressing the story.

Also, the chapter names are based on the current time of day for each chapter. Since the game does not mention their names, they were obtained from the trophy descriptions that require you to clear the chapters. Throughout the walkthrough, any items you can pick up will be in bold letters. I will also provide the Japanese names as they appear in the game for item and place names.

There are no missable items in this game, all Collection Items and Usable Items can be obtained in Free Roam mode, which is unlocked after beating the story mode and saving your clear save data. For this reason, you can freely focus on the story mode and leave the gathering of items for later, if you wish to do so that is.

Opening: Dusk

オープニング: 黄昏

The opening starts with the little girl and her dog taking a walk. "...Poro, l-let's go back..." she says, "Let's go, Poro." Poro is the name of her dog.

After the short scene, you will have control of the girl. Head south down the road, the game will explain some basics at this point. Use the left stick to walk around. The "R" (right shoulder) button makes the character run. Once the road takes a curve, follow it west. The "L" (left shoulder) button makes the character walks around while focusing on one direction (and zooming in a bit).

Shortly after, you'll notice that a blue question mark popped up above the girl's head. This "?" mark pops up whenever something that can be examined enters the girl's field of vision. It can be anything from an item that can be picked up, a sign/board to read, or a hiding place. Once you approach the object, the sign changes into a red exclamation point. The "!" point means you can examine the object, so go ahead and press the Circle button near the pebble.

Now that you've picked up the pebble, hit Triangle to open the usable items' selection menu. Choose the pebble with any of the four face buttons, then throw it with the Square button. A scene will take place, you'll end up at the girl's home with her big sister.

Scene - At Home
Big Sister: "Welcome back... Huh?"
            "What happened to Poro?"
            "Did he run away...?"
            "I'll go look for him"
            "Wait for me here, I'll definitely bring him and come back home"

You can choose to agree or disagree here, the left choice is "Yes" while the
right one is "No." If you refuse to wait, you will get the following line...
Big Sister: "Don't worry, I will find him even if I'm alone"

If you choose "Yes" (うん), you will get the following line...
Big Sister: "I promise."

After some time has passed...
Little Sister: "Onee-chan... is running late..."
               "Let's go find her"

The opening chapter ends after this scene.

Chapter 1: Twilight

第1章: 逢魔時

The first chapter begins seamlessly after the last scene from the opening. At this point, you will have control of the character. The map is available to you as well, you can open it with the Start button. This chapter is kind of linear, and you won't have much freedom in exploring the map.

Finding Onee-chan

Objective: Finding onee-chan (おねえちゃんをさがそう).

Examining the dog house near you will have the girl says what it is (a dog house) and adds by saying Poro isn't inside the dog house now. Inspect the pile of sand next to the dog house, the girl will mention that you can dig up the sand here, but you need a Shovel to do that.

Exit the house from the south gate, then follow the road west. As you head northwest, you'll come to a vending machine next to a board that explains some guidelines for pet owners. If you press Circle in front of the vending machine, you will obtain a 10 Yen Coin (10えんだま). You won't be able to see the coin shine on the ground due to not having the flashlight, just keep hitting O until you pick up the coin. You can use this coin to pay Ksitigarbha statues to "save" the game, we'll come to this in a bit.

Shortly after continuing northwest, you'll be forced to move northeast. You will also encounter the first type of enemy if you follow this road, they won't be able to harm you for now. Follow the road until you get to an intersection, turn left from it into a narrow road that says "Stop" (止まれ). Keep moving forward, ignoring the road going northeast, until you see a gray garbage bin. Examine it to obtain two Pebbles and a 10 Yen Coin. To the right of the garbage bin is a garbage bag, open it to obtain a 10 Yen Coin.

Your goal here is to head northeast from the road east of the garbage bin, the one you just ignored. At the end of the road is a T junction with two vending machines. The enemy you've been seeing near light sources might start following you now. They're really slow, so it's very easy to outrun them. There's a 10 Yen Coin in front of the two vending machines if you need it. Now go east on the wide street until you see a garbage bag, open it for two Pebbles. Remember the garbage bin from before? You can backtrack to it now to find that the two sources of items have regenerated. You can actually get infinite Pebbles and 10 Yen Coins by going back and forth from this garbage bag to the garbage bin you've seen before. However, there's a limit to these items, the Coins max at 10, while the Pebbles max at 15.

Once you're ready to move on, continue southeast from the single garbage bag on the sidewalk. You will hear the sound of heartbeats, which indicates you're close to an enemy. You can throw a Pebble here to make the ghost focus on the direction you've thrown it at, while you sneak by behind it. Avoiding that enemy will have you on a road heading northeast. Once you come to a tall board sign (you can hide behind these if you examine them), there will be two roads to take here. The east path leads to a dead end with two ghost enemies, so ignore it and take the path northwest. Follow the path and turn right after you've passed the clump of bushes, which is another hiding place. Continue northeast and follow this road, it will force you to go right. Move forward a bit until you see a gate north of you that leads to a Vacant Land (あきち).

Enter this lot to get a scene with the big sister.

Scene - Vacant Land
Big Sister: "!!"
            "You startled me! Did you come looking for me?"
            ".....Come here"
            "Hide in this clump of bushes and close your eyes"
            "No matter what happens, don't open your eyes"
            "No matter what, you got it?"

Press the ◯ or X button to let the little sister say "Yes" (only option here).
Little Sister: "...Onee-chan?"

The game then tells you to press the ◯ button.
Little Sister: "...Onee-chan?"

Head south a bit to get another line.
Little Sister: "I wonder if Onee-chan went home already?"
               "Let's go back home to check"

The game will tell you that you can use the map with
the Start button (even though you already had access to it)
You have to hit Start to continue.

Objective: Let's go back home (おうちへかえってみよう).

Exit from the map and go south to leave the Vacant Land. The girl will pick up the shining item on the ground on her own, you will obtain the Flashlight (かいちゅうでんとう). "I wonder if this belongs to... Onee-chan?" The little girl remarks. "Let's turn it on..."

You have to run away from the monster while making your way back home. Fortunately, the path back home is almost linear. And with the Flashlight, every object that you can examine will trigger the blue "?" mark seen from the Opening above the girl's head. This makes it easier to find points of interest as you explore the game. As you're running from what's following you, you'll find a one of those thin ghosts blocking your way. Hide inside the clump of bushes to the left with the "O" button.

When you're hiding with enemies nearby, you'll hear the sound of the girl's heartbeats, and it gets stronger as the enemies come closer to you. You will also see a red pulsing sign on the screen indicating the general location of the enemy/enemies. Also, when there's more than one enemy near you, you can tell them apart by the sound they make. Most types of enemies have a unique sound that makes them easy to identify.

Wait until the big monster bypasses the bush you're hiding in and the thin ghost gives fait heartbeats, then exit the bushes and avoid the ghost as you move southwest. Follow the linear path until you reach the tall board sign you've seen before, if the thin ghost spots you here, hide behind the board sign. Wait until the heartbeats from the ghost are faint, then hit "O" and go east, which is the road that had a dead end before. The road blockade is gone now, allowing you to southeast. Before taking the next road southwest, you will find a shiny object on the corner of the two roads. Pick up the item to obtain a 10 Yen Coin.

Now head southwest to come across the first statue. The girl will say "It's a Ksitigarbha statue..." The game will explain that by offering a 10 Yen Coin to the Ksitigarbha statue, you can perform a midway save. These statues will act as checkpoints if you pay them the 10 Yen Coin. If you die, you will return to the last statue you've made an offering to. But be careful, this will not save the actual game. There's a 10 Yen Coin next to the manhole behind you if you need one to save. Make sure to pay an offering the statue here (you just click on it and choose "Yes/うん").

Continue southwest from the statue, then west until you see two garbage bags, you can obtain a Pebble and a 10 Yen Coin from them. A thin ghost will most likely keep following you by now, but let's take a detour before returning home. Head south from the two garbage bags to see the entrance to the Park (こうえん), enter it to encounter a new type of enemy. It won't go after you if it doesn't see you. Try to avoid it and head to the south corner of the sandbox in the middle of the Park. On the left side of the corner is a shiny object, pick it up to obtain the Shovel (スコップ). This is an important item as it will allow us to dig up more items from the piles of sand scattered around town.

Exit the park and continue going west to the girl's home. There's a statue on the way, I recommend paying it a coin to save the statue on the map. Later on, you will be able to teleport to any statue if you've used it at least once. Anyway, keep heading west and enter the girl's home for a scene. "Onee-chan?" The girl says. "Onee-chan, onee-chan isn't here..." Then she will enter her house, and the chapter will end. You will be asked if you want to save the game, the default choice is "Yes" (うん).

Chapter 2: Nightfall

第2章: 宵の口

You will start inside the girl's house. Run down the stairs northeast of you and approach the doormat, then choose "Yes" (うん) to exit the house. You will be given the chance to explore the town to your heart's content, this is optional and only serves to gather some items around town (needed for trophies). If you want to go straight for the story objective, click here. Otherwise, continue reading.

Exploring the Town (Optional)

Since you have the Shovel now, examine the pile of sand next to the dog house to pick up Bone Shaped Gum (ほねのかたちのガム). You will find more piles of sand around town, be sure to examine them to obtain items. While still in the house yard, examine the back side of the mail box to receive Misfortune Letter (ふこうのてがみ). Leave the house, go east then take the path going northwest (left of the save statue). You will reach to what seems to be a dead end, but you can actually go southwest here under the trees. Do so to locate another shiny object, pick it up to receive a Paper Crane (おりづる).

Now make your way to the Park (こうえん). If you didn't obtain the Shovel last chapter, get it now (it's at the south corner of the sandbox). You might see a ball bouncing off the ground west of the sandbox, it's harmless so don't worry about it killing you. There are five shiny spots scattered around the park that give you Pebbles, pick them up if you wish. South of the park entrance, make your way east to find two benches. Northeast of them is another shiny spot next to a tree, pick it up to obtain Puzzle Fragment 3 (パズルのかけら3).

Exit the park, then go northeast. Open the two garbage bags on the left side for a 10 Yen Coin and a Pebble. Continue down the road and follow it as it turns east, you will be in a slanted four-way intersection (with the southeast road blocked). Take the northwest road, and after you pass the path that goes northeast, you will find a large red postbox in front of the house on the right. Examine it with the "O" button to put the Misfortune Letter in it, then enter the house yard on the right to find a garbage bag. Opening the bag will give you two Animal Feed (どうぶつのエサ). If you go northeast from the garbage bag, you will come to vending machines with a 10 Yen Coin on the floor.

Continue northeast until you reach a T junction, going southeast will lead you to a 10 Yen Coin surrounded by three ghosts. You can try to get it, but our goal here is to go northwest. The road ends on a curve and a smaller road branches off of it going northwest, take this small road past the tall board sign (usable for hiding). On the next intersection, go left, then southeast into a slanted road. Pick up the 10 Yen Coin from the vending machines and continue down the path. One you reach a dead end, head up into the opening to see a small shrine. Inspect the shiny spot behind the structure to obtain Japanese Doll (にほんにんぎょう).

Various Events (Optional)

These are events that can be triggered when meeting certain conditions or doing certain actions, they are not required to progress the story.

Blob Creature Event

After acquiring the Japanese Doll, examine the front of the small shrine with the "O" button to trigger an event, you will see a little blob creature come out from the shrine then disappears. Now head southwest and follow a series of white blobs that seem to be leading you somewhere. The small blobs don't harm you in any way. You need to go down the stairs left of the first blob, then take the road and follow it northwest.

After the fourth blob, you'll come to a much bigger blob creature than the smaller ones you've been following, you can throw Pebbles at the blob creature to stop it in its place for about five seconds. Do that to go around the blob and pick up the shiny item on the stairs northwest of the creature to obtain a Meat Looking Thing (にくっぽいなにか). The blob will most likely be following you if you don't distract it with a Pebble, but it's pretty slow so you can probably outrun it by just walking.

Continue northwest and up the stairs into the Vacant Land (あきち) and pick up another shiny object on the south side near the trees to receive Part of Something 1 (なにかのぶひん1). You might run into a giant cat monster (another event) in the Vacant Land, but it doesn't seem to spawn all the time. Return back Home (おうち).

Exploring the Town Some More

Open the map and press the square button, then confirm your choice to be taken back Home. Save the game if you wish, then leave the house. From there, head northwest and take the northeast road from the intersection. You will see a garbage bag on the sidewalk before the small street going northwest, open it to obtain three Animal Feed. Now go through the street that is going northwest, then carefully get past the ghost here and continue going northwest. Open the garbage bag on the right side for a 10 Yen Coin. Go back southeast, stay hidden from the ghost again, and then go northeast from the T junction. There's another garbage bag after the first house on the left side of the road. Open it to obtain two Animal Feed. Continue northeast and go northwest when you come to the tall hiding sign.

In front of the first house on the right is an item, examine it to receive Parched Tissue (かわいたティッシュ). Go back southeast to the previous junction, and take the southeastern street from the intersection. There's another shiny object in front of the trees on the right (to the left of the girl), pick it up to obtain a Scribbled Memo (らくがきのメモ). Backtrack to the intersection northwest of you again, this time take the northeastern road. Pick up the Pebble near the center of the junction, then continue ahead to find vending machines with a 10 Yen Coin in front of them. Ignore the street north of the vending machines and continue heading northeast past the intersection.

There's a fast monster up here, hug the right wall as you run from it making your way east. If you run out of stamina, let it regenerate while you walk normally, then continue running from the creature once you have a full stamina. You will soon arrive to a three-way junction with a single tall ghost, avoid it and go northeast (you can use the bushes on the junction to hide). Keep going northeast and take the first turn right, follow this road southeast until you come to the entrance of another Vacant Land. Enter it, then examine the pile of sand to obtain a Blackboard Eraser (こくばんけし). Go north and inspect the large trash can for a Strange Bottle (かわったビン).

Exit the Vacant Land, then continue going southeast on the road. Follow it as it turns east then northeast, until you come to a Ksitigarbha statue. Make sure to examine it at least once so you can teleport to it later (you don't have to save). Keep following this long street east, then north to get to the tunnel from the Opening|Opening chapter of the game. Go through the tunnel, then follow the flashlight indication where it displays a blue "?" mark. Keep walking toward the question mark until it becomes a red "!" exclamation mark, press "O" here to obtain Bone Toy (おもちゃのほね).

You can keep going deeper into the tunnel, but it's blocked by a thick fog. If you decide to approach the fog, the girl will say "The fog is thick..." Then expresses her desire to go back "Let's stop going any further." There's also a small shrine near the fog.

Daruma Doll Event

Since you obtained the Scribbled Memo, it's possible to trigger the Daruma Doll event now. Go back to the Park (こうえん) northeast of the girl's Home, south of the sandbox and next to the bouncing ball is a shiny object, don't pick it up just yet. The item will give you a Dull Eyeball (くすんだめだま). However, as soon as you pick up the item, a Daruma doll enemy spawns at the Park entrance. You can get another item from the Daruma after it spawns, but you only have a short amount of time to do this after obtaining the eyeball. What you have to do is pick up the Dull Eyeball, then immediately run for the exit where Daruma is at. You have to press the "O" button on its back before it turns to face you, then choose the "Right" (みぎ) choice. If done correctly, you will obtain the Hardening Daruma (かためのだるま). If you fail to click on its back and it turns around, let it kill you and come back to the Park again. You will lose the Dull Eyeball if you die here or exit the Park, so you can always come back and pick the item up to try again.

Lost Soul Event

Once you're done with the Daruma Doll event, exit the park and head for the small shrine west of the park (on the same street). Examine the shrine, then take the road above it that goes northwest. Stay near the guardrail on the north side of this road while going northwest, until you see a dented portion of the guardrail. Examine the dented guardrail (you won't get "?" or "!" marks) to have a blue soul-like thing cling to you. You have to lead this soul into the small shrine south of you, but if you go southeast (the road you used to reach here), the soul will disappear. You will need to take a detour and circle around the block from the alleyway southwest of the dented guardrail. Once you come near the shrine with the soul still following you, you will obtain the Hard Candy (べっこうあめ). If you lose the blue soul, you have to reset the event by either dying or going a far distance from the shrine. Then just examine the shrine again to restart the event,

Headless Horse Event

Now go back to the highway northeast of you, then follow it southeast as it turns east then northeast, until you reach a dead end of the highway (where there's a red "X" on the map). Just southwest of the red X, you should see a headless horse running through and going northwest past the blocked road. Be careful not to stand in front of the horse as it will crush you to death. Backtrack your way around the highway to return Home, then make your way to the Vacant Land (あきち) northeast of the girl's house. Once you arrive to the empty land, continue southeast down the road. Shortly after the road turns east, you will find a shiny object on the top side of the road, pick it up to receive Human Bones (じんこつ). This will not spawn if you didn't see the headless horse near the red "X" on the map east of Home.

There's still a few more optional items to collect in this chapter, but they're detailed in the story sections below. Return to the statue and use it to teleport near Home. Your objective is to find the big sister and Poro, so follow the next section to progress the story.

Onee-chan and Poro

Objective: Searching for onee-chan and Poro (おねえちゃんとポロをさがそう).

From the girl's Home, go west then northwest. You can read the green board here to get tips for pet owners, there's also a 10 Yen Coin next to the vending machine. Continue northwest, and turn left from the T junction. Follow this road south until you get to a large highway, you will see a dog running away. Stay on the sidewalk and make your way northwest, you will see the dog again when you get close to the Ksitigarbha statue. Examine the statue once to enable teleportation to it later (and save if you wish), then continue northwest and follow the sidewalk as it turns left. Soon after, you will find yourself near a large set of stairs; the school's main entrance. Approach the stairs for a scene.

Scene - School Gate (Front)
Little Sister: "Ah!"
               "This won't open..."
               "I wonder if I can get in from another place"
               "Let's search the school surroundings"

The objective will change after the scene. I will go through some more optional items to collect from the area around here. If you just want to progress the story, click Finding the school's secret path|here. Otherwise, keep reading below.

Return to the statue near the school gate (northeast of it). Head southeast from the statue, until you reach the road going north. Ignore this road, instead, head south of it in a straight line, then take the path that goes southwest. Soon after walking down this road, you will come to a parking lot to your northwest (with a tall board sign in front of it). Enter this parking lot and pick up the shiny object in the middle to receive Knapsack (ナップサック). The other shiny item nearby is a 10 Yen Coin. You can get a trophy from one of the three cats here, equip the Animal Feed and throw one near a cat. Don't get too close to them and scare them off, so keep some distance. If done correctly, you will get a trophy. If it doesn't pop and the cat didn't start eating, pick up the food and throw it again.

Once you're done from the parking lot, leave it then go southwest. When the road merges with another one, head south to find a T junction, avoid the ghosts here and go east while staying on the sidewalk. There is a statue on the sidewalk, so use it to save/register it. Continue going east, then step on the highway itself once you reach the end of the fence. Hug the south side of the street and go west to find a "24" store, you won't be able to enter of course, but there are a few 10 Yen Coins around it. Get back on the highway, you might find a can on the road if you go a bit west. You can kick this can with the "O" button, if you're going for trophies, you need to kick it 50 times. Just make sure not to kick it north beyond the fence, it might get to a point of the sidewalk you cannot reach.

Not much more to find around this area, so go back to the statue above the fence on this street, then teleport to the statue northeast of the school gate. Head for the school gate west of the statue to progress the story.

Objective: Looking for the school's secret passage (がっこうのぬけみちをさがそう).

From the stairs leading towards the school gate, stay on the sidewalk you are on and continue going southwest. Keep going forward until you reach a tall ghost, bypass it when it's looking the other way and go southwest. There is a Ksitigarbha statue here, examine it to register it on the map. Now take the path above the statue going northwest, follow the path as it curves around until you get to a T junction. The path going northeast leads to a dead end, so ignore it. Take the southwestern path instead, then enter the Vacant Land (あきち) up above. Go deeper into the lot, and make your way to the cardboard tent. Aim the flashlight towards the tent to see a shiny object in front of it, pick it up to receive a Box Robot (はこでできたロボ).

Inspect the tent to get a few lines from the girl, she will say "It's a tent make out of cardboard. It's cobbled together, and even now it looks like it will fall apart. I wonder who made this...?" If you examine the old brown board northeast of the tent, you will get a hint on how to enter the school. It says "There's a Ksitigarbha statue horizontally along the school, near it is a short secret path hiding under the trees. After passing through it, conceal the hole with leaves." You will obtain the Secret Path Memo (ぬけみちのメモ) after reading what's on the board. There's also a 10 Yen Coin on the southwest corner of this empty land. We're done in this Lot, so leave the place and return to the street (the road going southwest of the Vacant Land leads to a dead end with two tall ghosts), then go back to the nearby statue. Teleport to the statue northeast of the school gate.

You can take the road that goes northeast of the statue, but there are three eye/mouth enemies blocking your way. You might have a hard time getting past them, so go southeast of the statue instead. Take the first road going north, follow this road as it turns northeast. Once you see the garbage bag (it has three Animal Feed), go northwest on the street above it. Continue down the path, avoid the ghost here and open the garbage bag for a 10 Yen Coin, the trash can gives you two 10 Yen Coins and a Pebble. At the end of the road, go northeast, then take the next northwest path. Here, you will see a weird monster that looks like made out of ears... Hug the south side to avoid it while making your way west. Be careful not to get near the manhole at the north of the T junction, it's a manhole enemy that will hold you in place while four eye/mouth enemies try to kill you. The enemies won't spawn if you don't get caught by the manhole.

Continue west, you will see a green board on a slanted road south of you. The girl will read it as "A young woman went missing on a mountain pass north of the paddy field. .....Ah! There's scribbles on the corner! There is a short secret passage hidden under the tree near the Ksitigarbha statue that is close to the school's pool. After passing through it, conceal the hole with leaves!" If you didn't get the Secret Path Memo from the Vacant Land southwest of the school, you'll get it from this board, since the part about the secret path is the same as the other board.

Now go northwest to find the statue the memo talks about. Pay the statue a 10 Yen Coin to respawn here if you die, which you might since the next area can be tricky. Just as the memo said, if you examine the fence under the tree left of the statue, you will find a hole that takes you into the school. When inspecting the hole, the girl will say the following: "Ah! There's a hole on the hidden portion of the fence! I can go inside from here!"

School Grounds

Objective: Chasing Poro (ポロをおいかけよう).

Go through the hole and keep going southwest, ignore the door south of you on the way (it's locked) and take the first path you come to that goes southeast. At the end of this path, you'll find yourself at the other side of the school gate. Read the green board left of the gate to get some info about the pool. The board reads "The keys to the pool and the chicken coop are lost. To the student who holds the keys, please return them to the staff room." This indicates that those two keys are out in the open, time to go find them.

Return northwest, then take the first turn left and enter the track field on the south when you get to it. The center of the track field is filled with enemies, so you'll want to avoid it by circling around the edge of the field. So hug the north wall of the field as you make your way southeast, you will find a moving statue here that seems to be reading a book. It circles the track field but won't harm you in any way, so walk past it and keep going southeast until you reach the southeastern corner of this area (overlooking the board you read earlier). Pick up the shiny item on the corner to obtain Crimson Test Paper (まっかなテストようし).

This time head southwest while hugging the south wall, go south of the tires sticking out of the ground and continue southwest. When you get to the fenced off swings, carefully approach the swings from the fence opening and pick up the item on the ground to obtain the Red Crayon Memo (あかいクレヨンのメモ). The Child Soul enemy here will only approach you when you turn your back on it, so make sure you're facing it with the flashlight aiming at it to get the item and walk away from the ghost. You can hold the left shoulder button to walk around while looking in one direction, and the right stick to control the spot the flashlight shines on. Anyway, after picking the item, leave the swings while still looking at the ghost and continue southwest. Once you reach the southwestern corner, head northwest then northeast and exit the track field.

After leaving the track field, continue southwest until you reach a green board. This basically gives you directions around here, saying "Up ahead is the chicken coop [にわとりごや]. On the left is the garbage dump [ごみすてば]. On the right is the pool [プール]." Approach the shoe lying on the floor west of the board for a scene.

Scene - School
Little Sister: "It's onee-chan's shoe..."
               "But why is it her—"
The girl gets interrupted by...
Still not in control of the girl

Little Sister: "...That wasn't Poro"
               "I forgot onee-chan's shoe"
               "Let's go back and get it"

Read the green board after the scene, it gives some detail about the garbage dump. "Beyond this point is the garbage dump. It's dangerous since a lot of things are left at the dump site, so please never run on site."

Take the left path northwest to arrive to the garbage dump, in here there are two ear monsters patrolling the place; they can only hear you when you run near them, so they won't be able to detect you when you walk. There are two items to obtain on the dump site, scattered among several stationary white statues. First, hug the left side and make your way to the bushes on the top-left corner. Now run (or walk) past the monster near you when it goes south and stay at the top of the area.

Wait for the monster to go south again, then pick up the shiny item next to the leftmost statue to receive Slander Memo (わるぐちのメモ). For the second item, it's positioned between eight parallel statues (four on each line) with a Child Soul guarding it. You met this enemy before, it only walks up to you if you show it your back. So carefully get close (don't run) to the parallel statues while aiming your flashlight at the Child, then pick up the Chicken Coop Key (ニワトリごやのカギ) key item. Make sure to hold the left shoulder button while looking at the ghost and make your way to the top side of the area again, then wait for the ear monsters to go west to run to the bushes and exit the garbage dump.

Objective: Retrieving onee-chan's shoe from the human-faced dog (じんめんけんからおねえちゃんのおくつをとりかえそう).

Backtrack southeast to where the previous scene ended, then go northeast and approach the shoe again for a short scene. From now on, the road that goes from the green board (the one that gives directions) to the next intersection on the northeast is guarded by the dog monster. So if you want to go to the pool, you have to take the road above it behind the trees. Anyway, head northwest from where the shoe was, and hug either side of the walls while walking (not running) to avoid getting detected by the enemy patrolling this thin path. Once you reach the large open area, go northeast and examine the chicken coop. The girl will say "It looks like it's locked." Use the key you picked up earlier to unlock the coop, then pick up the Pool Key (プールのカギ) at the other end of the henhouse. Leave the coop through the door.

Now that you have to pool key, return southeast (avoid the ghost by sticking to the wall and walking). Take the path that goes northeast above the green board that gives directions, the path itself is full of trees. Once you reach the school building entrance (the backpack here does nothing, only creeps you out), stick to the wall above you and continue northeast. If you by any chance saved at the track field statue, save on the one northeast of the pool entrance. Open the pool door with the key you have, the pool is full of the tall, thin ghosts. Remember that they can bypass objects and height (more on this in a bit), you can also throw Pebbles to distract them while you make a run for it.

Circle around the pool from the left side (right side is too narrow), while avoiding the ghosts along the way. Once you reach the southeastern corner of the pool, examine the drainpipe and choose "Yes" (うん) to drain the pool. Go down the ramp left of the drainpipe, into the now drained pool. Don't worry about the giant fish here, instead, try not to draw the thin ghosts' attention since they can still approach you even if they are above and outside the pool. Pick up the item on the top-left corner of the pool to get Puzzle Fragment 1 (パズルのかけら1), then go east and get the other shiny item to obtain Shredded Swimsuit (ずたずたのみずぎ). To the right of the item you just picked up, examine the second from the top pool drainage grills and choose "Yes" (うん) to obtain the Wet Bone (ぬれたほね) key item.

Leave the pool and exit through the northwest door. Head down the path southwest and make your way back to the chicken coop (remember to take the above path to avoid the human-faced dog). Once you get to the coop, climb the stairs northwest of it to arrive to the incinerator area with a desk outside the fence. Go west from the desk, the other side of the tree has a shiny item, get it to obtain a Castanets (カスタネット). Now examine the desk and use the Wet Bone key item to gain access to the northeastern area. Once the dog is gone, enter through the fence and inspect the pile of sand to obtain Indoor Shoes (うわばき). To the west, there's another item on the floor. Press "O" near it to receive the Recorder (リコーダー). Ignore the shiny object behind the incinerator for now, as it is guarded by an insanely fast blazing enemy. When you attempt to pick up the shoe, the girl will say "It's onee-chan's shoe..." You will then obtain Onee-chan's Shoe (おねえちゃんのくつ), thus ending the chapter. As usual, you will be asked if you want to save.