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Reviewed: 05/19/17

Miracle Girls Festival


I actually picked up this game while shopping with one of my friends in Akihabara. I had been meaning to buy it much sooner, but when you have a want list of nearly 1000 games, things get forgotten. But how could I forget about this game!? A rhythm game full of girls from different anime, such an awesome concept, now onto the review~

Miracle Girls Festival is a rhythm game that uses the same system that Project Diva uses, only with a few minor adjustments. If you've played Project Diva before, you already know how that works, but for those who haven't here's how it works. A song plays and you click buttons to the music, what you need to click shows up scattered around the screen and the same buttons fly in from the edge onto the marks. You have to click the correct buttons when the buttons glide over the marks, its pretty simple stuff but the difficulty goes up as you play.

Miracle Girls Festival and Project Diva have a few game play differences. In Miracle Girls there isn't as many things going on while you play, the only thing you have is when you do really good you trigger Miracle Festival Time, which makes things go kind of rainbow and changes some of the hit sounds to cymbals, this comes in more later. You also have a tour mode in this game. The tour mode is essentially like a story mode, with some dialogue before and after tours (usually just stuff along the lines of "Awesome live! Great job!"). In the tour mode you do a series of performances (all two or three tracks each). The tracks will play back to back, if you can trigger Miracle Festival Time in all of those tracks you do an encore, and you get to play a full version of one of the songs you played. This is cool because otherwise you only get to play the TV sizes, and those are pretty short.

This game is extremely fun and I love being able to play to anisons, especially the Yuru Yuri ones~! The notes definitely have a really good flow to them so you can really get into the groove and its lots of fun (I've literally been playing it since like 4AM, and its 6PM now). Despite having a low number of songs compared to some other games of this genre, the game is very addictive and a ton of fun. Only issue though is that it never truly gets hard. Even on the absolute hardest settings, I still don't have any issue completing the songs. You can easily play through this and never fail on a song, or even come close to failing. The game is also rather short too, in both the tour mode, and in getting all of the trophies.

The music is of course exclusively anisons. If you like this type of music you'll totally dig it, I liked the music in this game a lot more than the music in Project Diva games. There's songs from all of the anime featured on the cover of the game. Not including full sizes, there's around 22 tracks, and you have to purchase a good amount of those from the in-game store with the coins you earn. I really like the background music in this game too, there's only a few BGM tracks, but one is really nice, sounds like the happy-style Japanese new wave that was around in the 80s, good stuff~

The graphics in this game are pretty nice, the girls all look cute and very anime-style despite being 3D models. You can unlock in-game figures too, and the graphics on those are really nice.

Good News For Trophy Hunters
If you're a fellow trophy hunter like myself, then you will be pretty excited with this game. The game is a total trophy mine, you can get a ton of them very fast and very easily. You can easily get half of the trophies in just a few hours of playing. Prepare to hear a lot of that excellent "ding" sound~!

Despite being on the easy side, this game is extremely fun~! Its so awesome to play a rhythm game where all of the songs are anisons and all of the girls are from various anime. Its a really cool concept, was well executed, and I surely hope that Sega turns this game into a series. If you like rhythm games (specifically Project Diva as it uses the same system) and moe anime, then definitely get this game~!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Miracle Girls Festival (JP, 12/17/15)

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