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by Zoelius

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.17 | Updated: 01/21/2017
FAQ of the Month Winner: November 2015

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius) AKA (Zoel Giradel) This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all, no exceptions. This guide shall only be allow for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, and www.neoseeker.com; other use is strictly prohibited and is a violation of copyright laws. If you have any questions, tips or concerns, my contact is at Chaomin@gmail.com and be sure to put "Tokyo Xanadu" in the subject title so I can find your email quicker.

Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

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FAQ Version

2015 - October 23 to November 200.01 - 0.12Initial Faq version. Covers from Chapter 1 to 7.
2015 - November 240.13Finished Main Walkthrough.
2015 - November 25 & December 110.14 - 0.16Expanded Database.
2017 - January 210.17Improved Friend List.

This guide is based on the Japanese version of Tokyo Xanadu. An English version hasn't been released yet, for this reason, this guide will use a lot of Japanese text. Please install Japanese encoding on your computer to view these letters. This guide is not a translation. You will need to understand some basic Japanese to navigate through the game. If you cannot read the basics, please don't use this guide.

This guide is based on the Vita version of Tokyo Xanadu. If your using this guide for the PS4 version, you will find some massive discrepancy with this guide and the PS4 version. The PS4 Version has additional content, and revised the gameplay balance greatly.


About Tokyo Xanadu

Tokyo Xanadu is an action RPG made by Nihon Falcom for the Playstation Vita. Tokyo Xanadu is a dungeon crawler and will be one of the few games from Falcom that takes place in a modern setting. The gameplay elements borrow heavily from other Falcom games. Such as the Ys series, with the Trails of Cold Steel graphics engine. The game mostly takes place in a fictional region of Morimiya, which has many similarities to Tachikawa City.


Kou Tokisaka

Soul DeviceRaging Gear
Voice ActorShintaro Asanuma
X-StrikeExtend Gear
BioKou is the protagonist of Tokyo Xanadu, he is a second year high school student
and is currently exploring his school life as his parents are working overseas.
Despite his stoic outlook, Kou will help anyone in trouble. The moment when Kou
encounters Asuka, his life will be changed forever. Kou's Soul Device is the Raging Gear, which resembles a whipsword attached to his arm. Kou's playstyle is very
similar to the protagonist of Zwei 2 (another game made by Falcom), Ragna.

Asuka Hiiragi

Soul DeviceExerion Hearts
Voice ActorYu Shimamura
X-StrikeCriminal Brand
BioOne of Kou's Classmates. Asuka has great looks and appears to be the perfect
student, excelling in academics, sports. Despite these things, she hides a great
secret. Asuka's Soul Device is the Exerion Hearts, which takes the shape of
a sword. In combat Asuka plays very similar to Adol, the protagonist of the Ys
series from Falcom.

Sora Ikushima

Soul DeviceValiant Arm
Voice ActorAi Kakuma
X-StrikeFujin Kohosho
BioA first year student in Morimiya Academy. Sora is one of the protagonist juniors and attended the same dojo when they were younger. Sora is a natural prodigy with martial arts she has grown into a target of envy to the senior students of the martial art club. Sora's Soul Device is the Valiant Arm which is bracers attached to her fist, she plays very close to Dogi from the recent Ys games.

Yuuki Shinomiya

Soul DeviceCalvary Mace
Voice ActorDaiki Yamshita
X-StrikeVariable Meteor
BioYuuki is a shut-in genius, who excels with programming and hacking. With his
superior intellect, he amasses a fortune of his own and now rarely comes to School. Currently, he only attends school to obtain the credits he needs to graduate.

Mitsuki Hokuto

Soul DeviceMystic Node
Voice ActorHaruka Yamazaki
X-StrikeChaos El Dorado
BioMitsuki is the student council president of Morimiya Academy. Mitsuki comes
from the Hokuto family, which is known as a leading company in Japan. Mitsuki is
shown to have great leadership skills as well as a skilled negotiator. In battle Mitsuki relies heavily on range projectiles, her play style is similar to Hugo from Ys Origin.

Shio Takahata

Soul DeviceVorpal Weapon
Voice ActorKosuke Toriumi
X-StrikeCrimson Raid
BioShio is a delinquent with quite the reputation, and he used to be the leader of a popular group of delinquents within Moriyama Academy. But after he steps down, there have been rumors of people using his group's name to spread a bad reputation, which forced him to come and investigate to find the truth.

Rion Kugayama

Soul DeviceSeraphim Layer
Voice ActorManami Numakura
X-StrikeSeraphim Hearts
BioA popular school idol, Rion is a talented performer and enjoys being the center of attention. Rion has a very competitive nature. This leads her to have a dispute with her fellow band members.

Gameplay Basics

Wisdom, Courage and Virtue

In Tokyo Xanadu, there is a system known as 智勇仁 roughly translated as in Wisdom, Courage, and Virtue. These are Kou's status parameters which are used for unlocking certain events and other things. When the rank increases, you can speak to Kou's grandfather at the Kokonoe Shrine to receive gifts from him. Getting the True Ending of Tokyo Xanadu requires your character to have of a sum of 8 stars.

Title [English]Title [Japanese]Raise by
WisdomIncreased by reading books. Certain events can also raise Wisdom.
CourageCleared a dungeon with a decent rating.
VirtueAccepting Quest from the NiAR memo and complete them.

Reward [ Wisdom ]

RankTitle [English]Title [Japanese]Reward
2*OkayまあまあShagei Amulet / 射芸の護符
3*Know-All物知りShouha Amulet / 翔破の護符
4*Sage切れ者Gouki Amulet / 剛毅の護符
5*Sagacity聡明Hyakuya Footwear / 百夜ノ足袋

Reward [ Courage ]

RankTitle [English]Title [Japanese]Reward
2*Somewhat ThereそこそこGold Netsuke / 金の根付
3*To One EndいっぱしAzure Netsuke / 蒼の根付
4*Determined果敢Crimson Netsuke / 緋の根付
5*Indomitable剛毅Shiranui Clothing / 不知火の衣

Reward [Virtue]

RankTitle [English]Title [Japanese]Reward
2*Getting Thereそれなりに3000 Yen
3*Good Samaritanお人好し5000 Yen
4*Leniency寛大10000 Yen
5*Sincerity篤実Twilight Bracelet / 暁光の帯

Eclipse Basic

Basic Combat

As you get further into the game, you will be warp into another realm. These realms are called Eclipse, basically the dungeons of Tokyo Xanadu. This is where the dungeon crawling type gameplay element comes from. Combat inside the Eclipse come with three main types of command, attack, jump, and evade. Pressing the O Button will cause your character to attack in a series of combos. Pressing X will cause your character to Jump and X again to perform a double jump. Then you can hold the R button to run or press it to roll. The game is designed to reward players for clearing a dungeon as fast as possible and as well as kill Greed (monsters) within the dungeon with the correct elements. The game likes to reward players for taking advantage of this mechanic.

Skills and Abilities

Each character will have three different type of Skills they can use. There is a Range skill which is done by pressing the Square Button. These attacks are usually projectiles. Then the melee skill which is done by holding the Square button. This is one powerful strike that only hit enemies at close range. It can also be used for breaking obstacle in certain areas. Then the Glide ability, which is done by pressing the Square button while in mid-air. These attacks are not really strong, but allow you glide and pass through wide gaps.

Elemental Weakness

Flame>Wind>Steel>Spirit>Flame (Shadow >< Shadow)

There are five elemental properties in the game. Each being weak of a certain type, except for Shadow. The element Shadow is strong against itself. If you hit a target with the correct weakness it will make you output a higher damage, which is highlighted with a Yellow text. Killing Greed (monsters) with the correct weakness will give the Element Kill bonus which is necessary for obtaining a high score for clearing a dungeon.

Soul Points

Soul Points will be added as you progress further in the game. Earning Soul Points will raise your Soul Level, when your Soul Increases, you will unlock new abilities. Such as Cross Drive, or even the ability to link X-Strikes. To earn Soul Points, you can clear dungeons or spend time with your friends during Bonding Episodes (Side Story Events). Some quest will also reward your party members with Soul Points.

Chapter 1

Start a new game and pick the difficulty option that is most comfortable for you. If you intend on getting a platinum trophy, you will need to clear the game once to unlock Infinity Mode and beat the game under Infinity Mode. (Some dungeons are available in New Game+ only) If you need to adjust the game settings, you can use the option menu to adjust the game setting to your liking.

Basic Controls (Field)

When you have control over Kou, the game will prompt the Save Tutorial. If you ever need to save your game, press the start menu and access the system menu to save your file. Once you're done doing that, head forward to the next room. You will see an event scene with Asuka, along with the opening movie.

April 17

You going to watch a pretty long event scene that will introduce you to the environment surrounding Kou's daily life. Once it's all done you be going into Free Time mode. You will also get access to the NiAR menu.

Free Time: During this period, you can engage on anything that doesn't affect the main story. You can take this opportunity to shop or meeting people to get certain things done.
NiAR: NiAR is basically an encyclopedia of information on the world of Tokyo Xanadu. This details all your profile, friend list, item data and other activities.

Once you have control over Kou, try to speak to as much NPC as possible. Each NPC is unique and speaking to them will add their profile to NiAR. Head out to the south area, and you will receive a voice mail from Ryouta. You can always hear previous voice mail by accessing the NiAR menu. Now head to the school library which is directly south. When you're inside the library, the game will let you know that you can read books here to increase your Wisdom Status Parameters. Read the book that is glowing near the girl.

This will increase Kou's Wisdom status.Books that you have previously read will be added to the NiAR database. After you have done that, go to the school front entrance, to see an event scene with Sora. When the event is over, the game will let you access the Spot Select Menu by pressing the Square Button.

Leave the school. You can go to the Station Square to purchase items. You should go to Orion BOOKS and purchase the book there to increase your Wisdom Status. Once you're all set, go to Brick Alley and go to the Antique Shop where Kou works at. When you enter, Free Time Mode will end. Kou will receive 3000 Yen when he leaves.

Forgotten Ruins

Watch the event scene. Kou will awaken his Soul Device, Raging Gear. Once you do, you will be prompt into your first combat session.

Defeat all monsters on the screen. Afterward, Asuka will join your party, then the game will then prompt you to the mission screen.

  • Greed Info: List of all Greed (Monsters) Data
  • Equipment: Change Equipment
  • Change Team: Switch team members
  • System: Adjust system settings
  • Element Type: This list out the type of Elements each Greed has. This lets you take advantage of Elemental weakness against Greed by bringing the right party members.
  • Depart: Start Mission

Start the mission, once you head to the next room, kill the monsters, Asuka will explain to you about Kill Bonus.

Kill Bonus
By defeating a monster in a certain way, you will receive additional bonus such as a larger reward. The list of Kill Bonus includes.
Element KillDefeat enemy with Element Weakness.

*Increase Gem earning by 10%

*Increase Rare drop by 10%

Fatal KillDefeat enemy with a single strike when enemy has more then 50% of it's maximum HP.
Chain KillDefeat multiple enemies at the same time.
Aerial KillDefeat enemy in midair.

Go further and defeat the Ogre type monster. The game will explain about the Skill function, which is done by pressing the Square button. Skill is a special attack that each character can use, once you have defeated the Ogre, flip the switch and go down where the gate is. Keep pressing forward, you will be blocked by another gate. Look for a switch to unlock it. As you go further, you will encounter a blue type ogre. This Ogre is an S-Type greed that is way stronger than the average monster and will yield a better reward upon defeating them.

Once you have defeated the ogre, destroy the item cube and go head to the next area, the screen will pop the Result Screen.

Each dungeon you clear will be graded on your performance. If you fail to achieve the highest rank, you can always redo dungeons again to obtain a higher rank. Scoring a good rank will increase your Courage Status. For those that want to obtain the Platinum trophy, there is a trophy that requires you to obtain an S Rank on all dungeon.

Note: There are additional dungeons added on New Game +, which means subsequent playthroughs are required for the platinum trophy.

NameDescriptionMaximum Reward
TimeClear Time, Overall Time500 Points
DamageDamage Taken500 Points
GreedTotal Greed defeated500 Points
TreasureTreasure found500 Points
No DamageClear dungeon without taking damage200 Points
Fast TimeClear dungeon at a very quick speed200 Points
Element KillDefeat more then 30%/50% of enemy with Elemental weakness100 / 200 Points
Break ObjectBreak more then 80 to 100% of objects (Boxes etc.) in dungeon 100 / 200 Points
Max ComboObtain a maximum combo of a 100/200 Hits100 / 200 Points

Examine the Relic next to you to fully recover your HP. You can shop and save your file by using the Relic. Once you are ready, head to the center, you will find Shiori and a boss fight right after.

Boss: Menace Ogre

The Menace Ogre is the very first boss of the game. If you are not familiar with Falcom style action games, you can be killed by this boss really easily. The boss sometime would like to smash to ground with hits a large radius near it. The hardest attack to avoid is his claw swipe attack. Which it will only do when you're close. The other attack includes shooting a ray of light that covers nearby. One of the things that make this battle quite easy is Asuka's Range Skill which lets you shoot projectiles at it from a range. Once you have taken out all the Boss' HP, the boss will become invincible. Asuka will then say she'll take care of it, the game will then let you know about the X-Strike function. X-Strike is basically super attacks that can only be done when the right condition has been fulfilled. Hold the L Button and then press R to perform Asuka's X-Strike on the boss, and the boss will die.

Chapter 2

April 27 (After School)

Watch the beginning event scene. Once you're in the English lesson event, Ryouta will stumble on the question from Mr. Saeki. Answer with the second choice "忘れられない、旅になる". This will increase your Wisdom status. When the event scene is over, the game will go back to Free Time Mode. You can also try to speak to some of the NPC again, it might add another page to the Friend page on the NiAR section. Now leave the classroom and you will encounter Chiaki which will trigger an event. Then go to the Dojo in the Club House area for another event scene. At the end of the event, Yukino will ask you for a favor. This will add the Quest page to the NiAR section. Some quests are mandatory (They are highlighted with a red text next to quest name) and some are optional. Completing them will also add Virtue to your Status Parameters which is very important. Leave the school, you will see an event scene between Rion. The game will also let you know about the Affinity Shard (縁のカケラ) system. Affinity Shards are used for spending time with your friends to trigger Bonding Episodes (side stories) with other characters, this also can improve your relationship level with them. A character will have a Bonding Episodes available are highlighted with a yellow exclamation mark. Now finish the two quest listed below.

Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Something to Wake Me [Mandatory] / 眠気覚ましを頂戴 [ 必須 ]
Go to the Drug Store (Sakura Pharmacy) at Station Square. Speak to the Shopkeeper, Mizuhara. Exchange some of the currency into gems. After that, you will obtain some key items. Now go to the electronic store, Star Camera. Speak to the clerk, Akane to obtain the item Force I. You can access another area on the world map, which is the Morimiya Shopping District. In there go to "Blacksmith". Then speak to the NPC, Mayu to receive the item Flame Blade I. You will be back at Sakura Pharmacy. After you're done talking, you will receive another item. Go to Brick Alley and enter the Antique shop. Speak to Yukino to complete the task.
Reward100 Gems, Fluffy Omelette Recipe, Balance Egg x3, Fresh Milk x3
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Precious Wallet / 大切なお財布
Go to the school main building 1st floor and speak to the student, Nodoka. (She should be near the door to the Club House area). Then Select the first choice to help her. Now go to school roof and you will see a shiny object to your left. Examine it.
Reward200 Gems, Add Nodoka's Profile Page 2 on the Friend List

After you have finished the first quest from Yukino, she will also give you the recipe page. You can access the recipe page from the NiAR menu. Cooking a recipe can give you four variations of it, from poor to excellent, each with different effects. You can also obtain another recipe by going to Morimiya Shopping District and speak to the NPC by the meat shop, Banae. Now finish all side activities such as Bonding Episodes, because the next event will end Free Time mode.

Bonding Episodes
AsukaStation Square
ShioriOrion Book Store
RyoutaMorimiya Shopping District
Friend ListLocation
Nodoka (Page 2)Finish "Precious Wallet" Quest line.
Saki (Page 2)Speak to Towa at the School Second Building 1F
Akane (Page 1)Finish "Something to Wake Me" Quest line.
Mizuhara (Page 1)Finish "Something to Wake Me" Quest line.

Before you head to the next destination. You should purchase the Morimiya Journal from Orion Bookstore. These books are chapter exclusive, so if you miss them, you can still obtain them by exchanging items at the pawn shop at Hourai Cho in later chapters. Now go to Morimiya Shopping District, and enter Yanagi Sports Store, enter and speak to Yanagi by the encounter. Select the first choice to end Free Time mode. Afterward, you will receive 3000 Yen.

April 27 (Night)

Go to the alleyway to find Sora and Chiaki. Speak to them to trigger an event scene. You will be warped into an Eclipse.

Jewel Maze

Once you have control over Kou, you can use his X-Strike ability. You can now equip Element to your Soul Device. This system is similar to the Orbment system found in the Legend Of Heroes" Trails in the Sky. Equip elements to the slot of your Soul Device to strengthen your character. The enemies in this dungeon are fairly weak, however, the skeleton type monsters can be deadly as their attack can poison you. Head forward and examine the switch, it will open the gate that's in front of you Keep going forward and the path will split into two, one will take you to a treasure the other path will lead to another gate. Hit switch beside the gate, this will remove the two gates beside you. Take the path beside you, the other gate takes you back to the beginning. As you continue upstairs, you will reach a bridge that is missing an entire center. An event will trigger and Asuka will mention that the gap is too wide for you to jump. But there is a way to overcome this and that is to use your Mid-Air Skill ability. Now jump; in mid-air and press the Square Button, it will glide you through the gap. If you fall, then you just have to run all the way back. As you continue on, you will encounter a Skeleton mini boss. Defeat it and head to the next area. Here you will find a switch that is located quite high for you to reach. So use double jump and your mid-air Skill to get through.This will unlock the gate located back in the mid-boss room. Now just keep going forward eventually you will get into another mid-boss room. Defeat the skeleton and take the exit.

This is perhaps the easiest boss in Tokyo Xanadu. The Dread Golem has three attacks, usually, it will glow red before it performs an attack. If it uses its left arm, it will do an arm swipe. If the right arm lifts up, then it will do a spin attack. Then there is an attack where the Golem shoots a laser directly from its core. All of these attacks can be easily avoided by rolling or staying a distance from the Golem.

April 28 (Free Time)

Once you're finished seeing the events, head to Morimiya Shopping District and enter the Forging Club. Then speak to Mayu, she will explain about synthesizing Elements and Enhance Skills. Using the Enhance Skill function lets you strengthen the Skill attached to each character, however, you will need to find the required materials before it will let you upgrade. Leave the shop, you can revisit previously cleared dungeons by selecting the Eclipse from Spot Selection function. You can speak to the following NPC if you intend to update your friend list.

Friend ListLocation
Mayu (Page 2)Speak to Mayu at the Blacksmith.
Takashi (Page 2)Morimiya Shopping District.
Hekiru (Page 2)Speak to Hekiru at the Cafe of Brick Alley.*Must be before the event at Morimiya Park.
Minoru (Page 2)At the School Cafeteria.
Keiko (Page 2)Speak to Keiko at the Infirmary Room of the School.
Mai (Page 2)Story event, unmissable.
Chiaki (Page 2)Clear Moonlight Garden.

Now go to the alleyway where Sora and Chiaki were earlier. Speak to Mai, she's with two other students. After that leave this area, and you will have to go the Station Square and Brick Alley. Go to the Station Square and enter the Star Camera store. Inside speak to Akane by the counter. Once this is done, it will let you access the Synthesis and Skill Enhance inside dungeon save points. Leave Star Camera, and speak to the police officer near the Station Square entrance. Now go to Brick Alley, watch the event scene, then speak to the painter by the center.

Once you finish speaking to all those NPCs, Kou and Asuka will theorize on Chiaki's route. Select the second choice "駅前広-›場商店街-›レンガ小路", this will increase Kou's Wisdom status. You can now go to Morimiya Memorial Park. Head to the park and find Chiaki sitting on the bench, confront her to see an event scene.

Moonlight Garden

Sora will join your party for this dungeon. This change some of the core gameplay, for example, the third party member is put on to the support position. The character at the support position will slowly recover HP. You can switch the support character by pressing the Right on the D Pad. When you encounter your first mini boss section, Asuka will let you know about the Cross (X) Drive function. You can activate X-Drive by pressing Down on the D-PAD.

(Cross) X-Drive
X-Drive is a function where you paired up with your partner to gain a temporary boost. To activate X-Drive, you need to fully fill the D-Gauge which is located right above the MP bar label with the Word X-Drive, once you have the bar fully fill, you can activate it by pressing Down on the D-Pad. During X-Drive your character will become stronger, more resistant to knockdowns, HP will automatically recover and damage bonus.

The Moonlight Garden is quite linear, you just keep heading forward, since all other paths are blocked. When you reach near the end you will find a switch, hit and it will open a gate that leads you back to the beginning, except it will also remove the gate to the on to the other side. Once you go through this path, you will be headed to the second area of Moonlight Garden. Now keep heading forward, you will find that are blocked on both path, one of the routes contains a pillar which will trigger an event scene. Asuka will let you know about Melee Skill. This is done by Holding the Square Button. Doing the Melee Skill will smash the pillar to pieces. Now you can find the switch to clear the other path. now keep forward and eventually, you will reach the boss room.

Boss: Glare Phantom

The Glare Phantom is a lot stronger than the previous boss. It does many different attacks, one of them is a circular wave that you can dodge by jumping. One of the main attacks you need to watch out for, it when it dives underground, it will try to pop in on you and swipe you with its claws. The Glare Phantom does have a major weakness though, if you manage to deal enough damage to its core, it will cause the phantom to lay on the ground to rest. This is the perfect opportunity to deal as much damage as you can.

Chapter 3

May 7 (After School)

Once Kou has finished talking to his friends, you will notice there is three quest added to the NiAR menu. You will get two Affinity Shard for doing Bonding episodes. There is also another book added to the school library. Read the book to increase your Wisdom status.

Leave the school to see an event scene with Sora. When Kou's leaves he will receive a phone call from Asuka. This will add another mandatory quest to the quest log. Now finish all the side activities you can do, such as quest and Bonding Episodes and then finish the mandatory quest from Asuka. Another thing that is new for this chapter is the inclusion of mini-games. You can go to Morimiya Park to play the Skate Board mini game. Then there is also a Game Center located at Hourai Cho.

Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Help with Eclipse Search [Mandatory] / 異界サーチの協力要請 [ 必須 ]
When you leave the school you will get a phone call from Asuka. Head to the Station Square and Asuka will call you again and will talk about the X-Search system. You will notice a new meter is added to the top left corner of the screen. With this feature, you can find optional Eclipse that isn't related to the main story. To find an optional Eclipse, you need to go to the area where the X-Search meter reaches 100%. Once it has reached 100%, press the L Button. The optional Eclipse is located just a little pass Star Camera. Now inside the Eclipse and clear it.
Reward200 Gems, 1 Affinity Shard
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Please Bring Back Overdue Books / 延滞図書の返却願い

Go to the school library and speak to the clerk, Komachi by the counter. Accept her request. Now you will need to find three NPCs and get the books back from them.

  • Erika: Located at Morimiya School 3rd Floor.
  • Saburo: Located near the entrance to Orion Books at the Station Square.
  • Tanabe: Located at Morimiya Shopping District, Soba Restaurant.

Once you have collected all the books. Return to the library and return the books to Komachi. You can read those books you have just returned to increase your Wisdom status.

RewardRoyal Milk Tea, 200 Gems
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Tofu Store's Spirit / 豆腐屋の魂
Go to the Morimiya Shopping District, and head to the tofu shop and speak to Takahiro. Takahiro will completely ignore you. Go to the NiAR menu and read the quest log and speak to Takahiro again. Accept his request, you will need to find the item, Trumpet "ラッパ".You can get this item by going to the last room on Jewel Maze. You should see a shiny object on the ground. Once pick up the Trumpet, head back to Brick Alley and speak to Takahiro.
Reward300 Gems, Fresh Tofu x5
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Kana's "Why's that" Quiz / カナのなぜなにクイズ

Go to the Station Square entrance and downstairs to the bus stop and speak to Kana and accept her request. Old Geezer Take will then quiz you on a few question. Answer them correctly to finish the side quest.

  • Q: 導力ネットとは?
    A: 人と人とを繋ぐ仕組み *1st Choice
  • Q: NiARとは?
    A: SNSアプリの一種 *2nd Choice
  • Q: クラウドとは?
    A: みんなで使える郵便箱 *2nd Choice
ClientOld Geezer Take
RewardSurprise Ramune x3, Raise Wisdom status if answered all questions correctly
Bonding Episodes
SoraMorimiya School, Club HouseSora's Soul Points +100, Kou's Soul Point +25
Add Sora's Profile Page 2 on the Friend List
TowaMorimiya School, Computer LabKou's Soul Points +25, Add Towa's Profile Page 2 on the Friend List
GorouMorimiya School, Club House (After seeing event Towa in the Computer Lab)Kou's Soul Points +25, Add Gorou's Profile Page 2 on the Friend List
Gorou's Soul Point +100 *2nd Playthrough
RionStation Square, Star CameraKou's Soul Points +25, Rion's Soul Point +100 *2nd Playthrough
JunBrick Alley, Boutique "Nomad"Kou's Soul Points +25, Add Ryouta's Profile Page 2 on the Friend List
Friend ListLocation
Sora (Page 2)Attend Sora's Bonding Episode
Shio (Page 1)Story event, unmissable.
Gorou (Page 2)Attend Gorou's Bonding Episode. *Need to see the event in the Computer Lab with Towa and Gorou first.
Ryouta (Page 2)Attend Jun's Bonding Episode
Towa (Page 2)Attend Towa's Bonding Episode
Ayumu (Page 2)Speak to Ayumu near the School Dojo. Must be after the event with Chiaki and Sora at the school entrance.
Saburo (Page 2)Finish "Please Bring Back Overdue Books" Quest line.
Shizune (Page 2)Speak to Shizune at the school library.
Sosuke (Page 2)Speak to Sosuke at the Soba Restaurant in Morimiya Shopping District.
Jihei (Page 2)Speak to Jihei at the Blacksmith.

Jade Labyrinth

This is the optional Eclipse added by using Eclipse search from Asuka's quest line. Since this is a mandatory quest, you will have to clear it anyways. The Jade Labyrinth is quite similar to the Jewel Maze in design, you just keep following a linear path, and when you finally find the switch to reach the top platform, you can have to use your Glide skill to reach the platform. It lets you reach to a treasure chest or another switch, hitting the switch will open another gate that requires you to use your Gliding skill to reach. Once you're there follow the path to the end and you will fight an ogre type mid-boss. Clearing this Eclipse will add another Affinity Shard to your inventory letting you do another Bonding Episode.

Head to Hourai Cho, it should be marked with a red exclamation mark on Spot Select.

New Game+ Only
If you are on New Game+, there is one more optional Eclipse located at the Game Center in Hourai Cho. Using the Eclipse Search function will unlock The Seventh Reiko Barrier. Clearing this dungeon will give you one extra Affinity Shard, allowing you to attend every single Bonding Episode for this dungeon.

Once you have finished all the side activities you need to do, go to the cafe bar and speak to the owner, Hama and accept the job. This will end Free Time mode, and Kou will also receive 4000 yen for his work.

May 8 (After School)

Watch the event scene, when Kou, Asuka and Sora are discussing about Ryouta's accident, answer the question with the third choice "開発者について..." to increase Kou's Wisdom.

Friend ListLocation
Mitsuki Page 1)Story Event. Unmissable.
Marie (Page 2)At the School Main Building 1F.
Nobuo (Page 2)At the School Cafeteria.
Chizuru (Page 2)At the School Cafeteria. Speak to her when Ryouta is talking to his friends at the cafeteria event.
Masataka (Page 2)At the School Main Building 3F.
Aoi (Page 1)Story Event. Unmissable.

Now you will need to speak to three students, they are marked with a red exclamation mark on the school. One of the NPC is located at the school second floor. Then go to the first floor of the second building of the school and speak to the NPC, Ayumu. Now go to the Cafeteria located at the Club House area, speak to Shiori and company. Then go to the third floor of the school and enter the Student Council room to see an event scene with Mitsuki. Leave the school and go to Morimiya Park and go to the gate to the Tower Mansion to see another event scene.

May 9

Yuuki will call you in a panic, you will then gather at the park. During the conversation select the third choice "レンガ小路..." will increase your Wisdom status. After the event is done, the News section is added to the NiAR menu. Finish all your side activities such as buying and enhancing your gear. located at the opposite side. Speaking to the people listed below to update the friend list.

Friend ListLocation
Yuuki (Page 1)Story event, unmissable.
Hayato (Page 2)Morimiya School, Clubhouse
Shiori (Page 2)Go to Orion Book Store and see the event with Shiori. Then speak to Kenichi.
Munenori (Page 2)Speak to Munemori at Kokonoe Shrine.
Tetsuo (Page 1)Speak to Tetsuo at Nanahoshi Mall 1F.

When you're ready, head to Brick Alley, and enter the Art Gallery Watch the event scene, and you will head into another Eclipse.

Fairy Corridor

This dungeon is actually very straight forward, you just keep heading directly in one path, there isn't any switches or puzzles in this Eclipse. One thing that is added here is the Boss from the Jewel Maze is a regular enemy within this dungeon. Once you have reached to the boss room, use the relic to save your game and fight the boss.

Boss: Haze Fairy

The Haze Fairy doesn't have much unique skill, but the most annoying part is she is surrounded by a group of monsters that constantly spawn. If you move o the edge where the water is, you will be poisoned, so stay within the center to fight the fairy. The fairy only has two unique attacks, one of them is that it will charge directly at you, the other attack she will summon three tornadoes near her. Finally, if the fairy summons crystals, she can heal a small percentage of her health and as well the monsters within her radius.

After you rescued Aoi, you will see an bunch of event scenes. When you have control, a new area is added to the Spot Select screen. You can now go to (Seven Stars) Nanahoshi Mall. Before you head to the Mall, you can speak to Banae at Morimiya Shopping District to receive some Croquettes from her. Once you're set, head to the Mall, speak to all the NPC around this area to add their profiles to the Friend's page on the NiAR menu. You can also find Ayumi on the first floor, if you speak to her, she will give you four Homemade Madeleine. Now head to the second floor of the mall and go to the server room on the corner.

The Second Reiko Barrier

Since Yuuki is joining your team for this fight, a few things are changed. In Tokyo Xanadu you can only bring three party members with you, so to adjust the party members you need to press Right on the D-Pad during the mission select screen and arrange the party members you want to bring.

Yuuki is a steel element user, he will most likely be weaker than your current party members.

This dungeon a bit tougher than the previous dungeon. There is all different kinds of new monsters and most of them are mechanical type. They can shoot laser and will explode when their health gets low. Just keep going forward until you find a switch. That switch will remove the gate to the north, and take that path all that way to the end, where you end finding a switch on one end, which leads to another switch. This will remove the gate leading to the second section of this dungeon. The second section surrounded by electric traps, you can avoid this easily by timing your jump, if you are hit by the lighting, your character will be paralyzed temporarily. Now reach to the southeast corner of the map to find a switch, this will remove the path to the north. Then keep going forward until you have reached to the boss room.

Boss: Astral Widow

This boss got a ton of health compared to the previous bosses you have fought. You might even get the Combo Master trophy from fighting this boss due to how many hits you end up hitting it. The Spider is constantly trying to connect to the six switch located at the end of the screen. You have to destroy these switch to cut the connection with the spider. If all six of them connect, the boss HP will recover and it can do one massive attack. So break them as soon as you can and damage the boss right after. The boss has a few attacks, one of them is its claw swipe which covers a large radius and to dodge you need to double jump at the right time or jump over the spider, you cannot avoid it through rolling. Then there is also a bombshell attack that spread over the place.

Chapter 4

May 21 (After School)

When you have control over Kou, you will notice there are some new quests added to the NiAR menu. You will also get one Affinity Shard to spend on Bonding Episodes. Leave the school to see an event scene. There is also an optional Eclipse located a the Morimiya Shopping District. Clearing the optional Eclipse will bring give you an extra Affinity Shard. When you finish the quest,"消えたランニングシューズ (Running Shoes Disappearance) and "運動靴のモニター募集" (Recruiting for Sports Shoes Testing), you can get another Affinity Shard by going back to the school. You can also check out the shops in Nanahoshi Mall, which has some great upgrades for this chapter.

Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Running Shoes have gone Missing / 消えたランニングシューズ
Read the quest logs, then go to the first floor of the school and speak to the student, Takashi. Accept the request. Now you will need to go to Moonlight Garden and clear the dungeon. On the last room, you will need to defeat the slimes to get the running shoes. When you obtained the shoes, return it to Takashi.
Reward400 Gems, Add Takashi Profile Page 3 on the Friend List
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Recruiting for Sport Shoes Testing / 運動靴のモニター募集
Head to Morimiya Shopping District and go to the sports store and speak to the owner, Yanagi. Select the first choice to bring Sora with you. He'll Give you the I- Lighting Shoes for Sora to test. The I-Lighting shoes will be automatically equipped with Sora's equipment list. Now you need to go inside an Eclipse and use Sora's Gliding and Melee Skill ten times with the shoes equipped. Once the condition has been fulfilled, a text will pop in the center of the screen. Return to the sports store and speak to Yanagi.
Reward300 Gems, Strong Soda x2, Galette Bretonne x2, I-Lighting
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Collecting Mysterious Gemstones / 謎の宝石の調達
Go to Nanahoshi Mall and enter the jewelry shop located on the west side of the building. Speak to the owner, Kozue, she wants one of each element crystal. So you will need to give her 焔の結晶 (Flame Crystal), ,風の結晶 (Wind Crystal) ,鋼の結晶 (Steel Crystal), 霊の結晶 (Spirit Crystal), 影の結晶 (Shadow Crystal). Once you have gather all gemstones, hand it to her to finish the quest. Crystal type gemstones should be found from Chapter 3 dungeons and later.
Reward400 Gems, Bronze Charm
Quest Name [ English / Japanese]Saki's Spartan Training / サキのスパルタ特訓 [Hidden]
This is actually a hidden quest that is not listed under the NiAR menu. Go to the Club House area of the school and go to the pool. Speak to Saki, she is the teacher scolding at the student right there. Speak to her and you will be forced into a swimming mini game. This mini game consists of pressing the L and R button to build your speed momentum, but it needs to be timed to the rhythm of the red ring. So if you mash buttons, you will miss the rhythm and that reset the momentum. Anyways you will race against Ayato, you need to win against him twice. The second time Ayato takes the match more seriously. If you lose to him, you still can retry until you win against him.
Reward400 Gems, Raise Courage status
Bonding Episodes
AsukaMorimiya ParkAsuka's Soul Points +100, Kou's Soul Point +25
YuukiNanahoshi Mall 1FYuuki's Soul Points +100, Kou's Soul Point +25
RyoutaMorimiya School, Dojo areaKou's Soul Points +25
ShioriMorimiya School, LibraryKou's Soul Points +25
MitsukiMorimiya School, Student Council room (After finishing two request)Kou's Soul Points +25

When you finish all the side activities, head to Brick Alley and enter the clothing store, Boutique "Nomad". When you're inside, speak to the owner and accept the job to end Free Time mode.