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Reviewed: 09/19/12

Not that bad

Waterworld a game many claim is the worst game of all time but is it? That's what my review will try to uncover. Waterworld is a very expensive game and is very rare when I bought mine it was going for 55 dollars and seems to be on the rise. That's because it was 1 of 3 games released only in the U.S. at the time. I kept putting off buying the game due to reviews saying how horrible it was. So lets see if its as bad as everyone claims.

Graphics: Lets start with the 3D graphics shall we. I have to say they are not bad you get a good sense of things standing out. Although their isn't much to look at whats their is very detailed. Your boat looks good, the enemy smokers look good and the water looks like water. Their is a cool scene at the end of the stage if Enola is captured where the Deacon shakes his head in disapproval.

Sound: The sound in the game is good the shooting sounds like well, shooting I guess. Their is only one song and it loops but it is catchy and works for the game.

The Game Itself: The point of Waterworld is to kill the all the enemy smokers on their jet ski's trying to capture the people in the water called Atollers. You must protect them its you, your boat and a gun are you up to the challenge? The game is like Defender for the Atari and is a simple concept. Remember Enola who was very important in the movie? Well she is in the water too and keeping her safe is worth bonus points although I can't tell which one is her. You start off with 10 Atollers which includes Enola and the Smokers try to capture them and take them off screen where a skull and crossbones will show up showing you lost that Atoller. They blink when they have one and if you shoot them before they get off screen they drop them and if you touch the Atoller it will go back to the center with the rest. Their are steal pillars that surround the Atollers in the middle to give some protection. I should mention if you touch a smoker your ship blows up and you die. The later stages add sharks and speed boats but that's it. The game never ends it gets progressively harder till you die or lose all your Atollers.

Replay Value: The game is about scoring and breaking high scores and seeing how many rounds you can survive. The game plays good no complaints it's just feels rushed or unfinished due to lack of things to do. The game is a lot like Pinball its always the same but the fun is in trying to beat the high score. So replay value depends on if you like that sort of game. I happen to play it every now and again.

Conclusion: This game has gotten a bad rap but I think it is fun for a game every now and again. If you collect VB games then it needs to be in your collection and it's worth the money. If you don't their are cheaper and better games to buy.

Rating: 6

Product Release: Waterworld (US, 12/31/95)

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