Review by GregP

Reviewed: 06/11/00 | Updated: 06/11/00

Red Tennis - The best game for Virtual Boy

Why oh why Nintendo? Why did you waist your skills and create such a pointless system and my Christmas present for 1995 (I think it was '95...)? Why Nintendo? WHY????? Oh yeah, the review. I have a Virtual Boy. It's old, and it's legs are broken, but it's a Virtual Boy all the same. I only have 2 games. The reason? Not only are there only about 10 games for the system, but they all suck. Next to this, the best Virtual Boy game available in North America. Mario Tennis, Mario Clash (which actually kind of sucks) and Wario Land.

GRAPHICS - 8 (/10)
Even though it's one colour at about a million different shades, the graphics are good. People will say it sucks, but they're wrong. Compare this game to...ok, bad example. The graphics are all the same with the Virtual Boy. 8 out of 10 is dserving since the graphics for the entire system is good. They're just as good as 64 bit systems.

GAME PLAY - 3 (/10)
Hardcore Hocker Player. Hardcore Baseball Player. Hardcore Wrestler. Hardcore Tennis Fan?!? Are there any? Very few, that's for sure. The problem with this game is it's lack of options. 1 Set or 3 Set, choose your player and 1 vs. CPU or Tournament. But then you say, ''But all sports games are like that''. Untrue. A baseball game has season, All-Star Game, HR Derby, etc. But tennis is....BORING!!!

AUDIO - 1 (/10)
Don't get me started with the sound...

I don't know what, but it is entertaining. Something about starting a tournament and winning or never even finishing. Something brings you back to this game everyday. What could it be? And like most sports games, such as Tennis, it does have replay value. So it's not all bad.

OVERALL COMMENTS - If you have Virtual Boy, you should have this game. It's the best game for the stupid system. The best game for Virtual Boy's score is a 4? Yes it is.


Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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