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Reviewed: 08/12/02 | Updated: 08/12/02

The original (and better) Mario Tennis

Right now, my Virtual Boy is hidden somewhere in a cupboard under the tv. It's eyepiece is missing, along with it's tripod. It never has it's batteries in it when I see it, and the only reason I have a game for it is because we never took it out of the system.Back in the days of Genesis and SNES, the whole idea of 3D video games was awesome, even if it was all red and cramped your back when you played it too long. Nowadays, it's just one of those things that you bring up at the lunch table at school, talk about for maybe ten minutes, and then go get in line for food. But every memory I have of playing this thing is a good one. So I decided to write this review for a game that was so good, but so unfortunate to be on a doomed system. The game that could've been.

This thing was suposed to be the system of the future. Like a home Virtual Reality set. When that ball came whizzing at the screen the first time I played it, I jumped back a bit, it looked that real. Some reason I didn't even mind the red. I was just too excited that I could move forward, backward, side to side, diagonal, things I'd never done before on a game system. It looked almost real to me. Like that ball was gonna bounce out of the screen and hit me in the eye. But it didn't, instead it just got bigger and smaller as I hit it back and forth accross the screen. And back then, that was unbelievable. I couldn't believe it. That little red tennis ball, hit by the red racket, bouncing over the red net, the thing would've looked authentic , had tennis been played by sunburnt midgets on a clay course with a painted ball. Heck, this system still amazes me everytime I play it.

The Virtual Boy had those speakers were so close to your ears, they were practically headphones. You couldn't hear anything but the ball bouncing off the racket, and that cheesy music Mario games always have. Not that the music was bad, it was great. I was probably 5 or 6 at the time, I didn't listen to anything else. I had sat in the room listening to the Mario games on the original NES growing up while my older sister and dad played. I knew and loved that music, and still do. It might not have sounded like the real thing, but who cared? It was Mario! Mario wasn't real! He was a fake person, and fake music goes along with fake people, in a fake world populated by fake tennis players. The sound was perfect, it fit right in, it went along with everything. I still love that damn music!

There were 2 modes. Tournament mode, and single match. I always played tournament mode, cause I could always win. Besides, it was just like single match mode, but with more of em. There was no difference, except in whether or not there was a bracket, and there always was when I played. You could also play singles and doubles, and with different amount of sets to play. I also always played doubles,cause I always messed up, but they rarely did. You'd always serve first, and they'd hit it back. Then you'd hit it back to them, and so on. It was so simple yet so fun. It had the same scoring real tennis uses, with that messed up 15,30,40,match scoring thing it has, which always confused me. Why don't they just go 1,2,3,match? Oh well, that's for another time. This game was just pure joy. So simple yet so much fun. I never understood how I, or anyone, could dit for an hour, knocking a red ball back and forth. But I, and others, did. And if you ever pick this game up, I now you will too.

Final Thoughts
I don't know how this game could be so fun, how this game could bring me hours of joy. A little red ball, hit by little red people on a little red court with a little red net. The simplest damn thing anyone could think of, but pure genius. So, even if this review doesn't get posted, deleted and forgotten, thanks. Thanks for letting me remember this game, back when red was great, and a Playstation, what was that? If you have a Virtual Boy, pick this up, cause right now, I'm go find a bunch of batteries, dig that thing out of the cupboard, and play it for hours, and you should too.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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