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Reviewed: 02/17/01 | Updated: 02/17/01

Great for it's time.

This game is for the Virtual Boy. The Virtual Boy was a system made around 1995 or so, I think, and this games was one of my favorites, along with Wario Land or something or other. Here is my review for Mario's Tennis, a great game for its time. If you would like to buy this, simply go to a used game store, buy a Virtual Boy and this game. I really enjoyed this game, and I really hope you like it, because it is fun, so give it a try, will ya?

GAMEPLAY 7 - These controls were easy in my opinion. The only thing that used to mess me up, and maybe you yourself, was the fact that you put your face in the opening on the main part of this console, so sometimes you may forget the controls. Other than that, there is no other problems with the gameplay and controls. It is fun, too!

STORY - - I didn't give this one a story line or anything. I mean, c'mon, a tennis game? You play, there is no real story behind it. The thing to do is to try to win, that is pretty much it, really. All you must do is swing that racet and hit that darned ball!

Audio and Video 7 - It wasn't that bad for it's time, but compared to what we have access to now, it stinks. But since it was from 1995, I say it's good for then.

Replayability 9 - Of course ! This is a tennis game. Tennis is sports. Most games that are sports games are replayable in exhibitions. And, if there is a season mode, which I forget if there was, you can do that over if you would prefer.

Buy, or Should I Rent This? - You should buy this, in my opinion. It is fun and a good game for 1995. You could probably buy it at a used-game store for $5, and get the Virtual Boy at a used game store for like, oh, say $10-$20 dollars?

I am going to close this review now, so, from what you've heard, I wish you would go out to your local FuncoLand or some other store that sells used games, and buy this. Remember, only about $5 for Mario's Tennis, and only like $10 to about $20 dollars for the system, Virtual Boy. Now, what might you be waiting for? Give this game a shot! Later!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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