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Reviewed: 03/16/02 | Updated: 03/16/02

Mario Bros. goes 3-D!

Welcome to another review by SNS! Mario Clash is an update of Mario Bros. It was for the failed system called ''Virtual Boy'' so not that many people played this game. For all the people that never heard of it, the Virtual Boy was a system that you put on you're head to play it. The bad thing is that many people didn't like this. It's a shame too, this game is really good.

Gameplay - 9/10

The game play is just like Mario Bros. except now you can go in the background. Also you can throw shells into the foreground or background. The point of the game is to defeat all the enemies in the level. At first all you have to do is jump on a Koopa Troopa then pick them up & throw them at the enemies to beat them but soon it gets harder. Later on you will have to use the ability to throw shells into the foreground or background to beat enemies.

Story - 7/10

The story is shown in a simple intro. Apparently someone goes over in a blimp & sends an army into a tower. Mario is called to help out. I don't know the full details because I'm not sure where my instruction manual is. Like most Mario games, the story is simple yet effective.

Audio/Video - 8/10

The graphics in this game are great, especially the 3-D effects. The Intro is simply amazing & shows what the Vitual Boy is capable of. In the intro the clouds split apart & then you can see the different layers of the clouds. It really looks like the castle is floating among the clouds. I loved the music, especially the intro music.

Replayability - 10/10

You most likely will play this a lot. There 40 Stages (all can be accessed from the start) & it has the classic Mario Bros. game play turned 3-D! How can it not be good?! I sometimes play this game even though I had it for years.

To buy or to rent? - Buy

Buy this game! This game is proof that people didn't give the old Virtual Boy a chance. If you don't have a Virtual Boy then buy it just to play this game. You might have some troubles finding it though since the system died 6 years ago.

Overall Score - 8 1/2

This in my opinion is a truely classic Mario game. So my 4th review ends, I hope you liked it :)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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