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Guide and Walkthrough by cless alvein

Version: Final | Updated: 05/16/2003


Written by Rodrigo Argenta AKA cless alvein
CRP#: 27538 (http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/27538.html)
Release date: May 16th, 2003
File size: 65.8KB

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1. Introduction
2. Plot
3. Playing Half-Life
 3.1. Basic Movements
 3.2. Jump Techniques
 3.3. General Tips
4. Weapons
5. Enemies
6. Walkthrough
 6.1. Anomalous Materials
 6.2. Unforeseen Consequences
 6.3. Office Complex
 6.4. "We've Got Hostiles"
 6.5. Blast Pit
 6.6. Power Up
 6.7. On A Rail
 6.8. Apprehension
 6.9. Residue Processing
 6.10. Questionable Ethics
 6.11. Surface Tension
 6.12. "Forget About Freeman!"
 6.13. Lambda Core
 6.14. Xen
 6.15. Gonarch's Lair
 6.16. Interloper
 6.17. Nihilanth
7. Cheats
 7.1. Items List
 7.2. Levels List
8. Easter Eggs
9. FAQ
10. Version History
11. Contributor List
12. Farewell

Hi, my name's Rodrigo and I'm from Brazil. This is the first FAQ that I ever 
write. I decided to do this after getting Half-Life and beating it for the 
first time. I know that getting Half-Life in late 2002 is a weird thing but, 
whatever, never mind. Well, I got amazed with this game, it's so... hmm... 
perfect! So here am I writing this, and I hope you enjoy it! If you have 
something to tell me, contributions, corrections, whatever, e-mail me at 

You play as Gordon Freeman, employee of the Black Mesa Research Facility. It 
all starts like a normal workday, in which you'll have to do another of those 
boring experiences. But something goes wrong and aliens teleport to the Black 
Mesa complex. Now you'll have to find a way out and kill any aliens in your 
way. When you think you're about to escape, the marines come. Not to rescue 
you, but to cover up this case. And they'll do it killing everyone that shows 
up, including Freeman. So, basically, your mission is kill every alien or 
marine that you see throughout the game.

3.1. Basic Commands
If you have ever played a first-person shooter, you shouldn't have any 
problems with the commands. Only the jump techniques require a little 
training. This training can be done at the Hazard Course. But if you have 
never played a first-person shooter, here's a description of the basic 
commands of Half-Life, using the default keyboard configuration:

Arrow keys - Move forward and backward and turn left or right.
< and > keys - Strafe left or right.
Mouse movement - Used to look at any direction.
Mouse left button - Fire weapon in primary mode. Alternative: Enter.
Mouse right button - Fire weapon in secondary mode.
Space - Jump.
Ctrl - Crouch.
E - Use/Talk.
F - Flashlight.
R - Reload weapon.
Shift - Walk slowly.
1 to 5 keys - Choose weapons.
F5 - Saves a screenshot from the game.
F6 - Quick save.
F7 - Quick load.
Pause Break - Pauses the game.

3.2. Jump Techniques
The jumps will be a very important part of your adventure, especially in the 
alien world of Xen.

Normal jump - Just press the Space button.
Jump in a direction - Press Space and the direction you want to go. If you 
want to jump left or right, strafe while jumping.
Long jump - Run and press Space.
Crouch-jump - Jump and press Ctrl.
Very long jump - Requires the long jump module. Run, press Ctrl and quickly 
press Space. It's the most difficult of all the jumps. Requires a lot of 

3.3. General Tips
- Don't waste ammo. Always ask help from the security guards and don't kill 
weak enemies with potent guns. Weapons that should be used wisely: Gluon gun, 
Tau cannon, magnum, rocket launcher.
- Don't engage in unnecessary fights. Some enemies don't deserve a bullet; you 
can just ignore them.
- Use your intelligence. Example: if two enemies are near an explosive crate, 
shoot the crate, not the enemies.
- If a marines vs. aliens fight is happening, wait until only one side 
survives to enter the fight.
- And the most important thing: explore everywhere. You can get good surprises 
at unexpected places.

Statistical information taken from PC Generation magazine (Brazil). Ammo: 

Crowbar - First weapon that you'll find. Ideal for braking things, such as 
crates, grates and glasses. When you run out of ammo, the crowbar is always 
useful! The only enemy that the crowbar suits perfectly is the hagworm.
Damage: 10 pts/hit

Pistol - It's a 9mm semi-automatic. The secondary mode fires faster. Good for 
the first levels, use to kill headcrabs, mawmen, houndeyes and barnacles.
Damage: 8 pts/hit
Max ammo: 17/250 (shared with the MP5)

Grenades - Well you know what's a grenade! Ideal for groups of enemies and 
stationary weapons.
Damage: 100 pts/grenade
Max ammo: 10

Shotgun - Very powerful for the middle levels. Use against vortiguants and 
Damage: 5 pts/bullet, max 6 bullets primary mode, max 12 bullets secondary 
Max ammo: 8/125

MP5 - This is the main marines' weapon. It's very quick and useful. Use 
against marines, snarks and grunts.
Damage: 5 pts/shot (primary), 100 pts/grenade (secondary)
Max ammo: 50/250 bullets (shared with the pistol), 10 grenades

Magnum - This pistol is extremely powerful. It can kill many enemies with one 
or two shots. Use against marines, grunts, Xen masters.
Damage: 40 pts/shot
Max ammo: 6/36

Tripmine - This mine sticks to walls and shoots a laser beam forward. If the 
laser gets interrupted, it explodes. You can find them blocking your way too, 
so be careful and shoot them from a safe distance.
Damage: 150 pts/mine
Max ammo: 5

Satchel - These explosives can be dropped and detonated when you want. In the 
secondary mode, you can drop several of them before the detonation.
Damage: 150 pts/satchel
Max ammo: 5

Crossbow - This bow is a very powerful weapon. The secondary mode is a 
powerful zoom. This weapon is perfect against enemies who are standing at a 
long distance.
Damage: 50 pts/arrow
Max ammo: 5/50

Snarks - These little creatures are very quick and hard to hit. They explode 
themselves after 15 seconds or so. Be aware that if you're near the place you 
threw a snark, they could attack you instead of the enemies.
Damage: 10 pts/attack
Max ammo: 15

Tau cannon - This futuristic weapon is from a secret government project. It's 
very powerful on primary mode, but even more on the secondary, that lets you 
charge it. But don't let it overcharge or you'll suffer some damage. Use 
against powerful enemies, like tanks and helicopters.
Damage: 20 pts/shot (primary), high damage secondary
Max ammo: 100 (shared with the Gluon gun)

Rocket launcher - If you need to do high damage, then use this weapon. You can 
change the rocket path after its launch using the laser from the secondary 
mode. Use against tanks, helicopters or the alien bosses.
Damage: 100 pts/rocket
Max ammo: 1/5

Hivehand - This is the same gun that the alien grunt uses. It has unlimited 
ammo, but you can only fire eight wasps a time. Using the secondary mode, you 
fire faster, but the wasps won't track the enemies like in the primary mode. 
Use against weak enemies.
Damage: 8 pts/wasp
Max ammo: 8 (unlimited)

Gluon gun - The most powerful weapon in the game. It can make the enemies 
Damage: 14 pts/uranium point
Max ammo: 100 (shared with the Tau canon)

Statistical information taken from PC Generation magazine (Brazil). 
Health/damage: easy/medium/hard modes.

Headcrab - The most common enemy of Half-Life. Quick and very annoying. Kill 
them with the pistol.
Health: 10/10/20
Damage: 5/10/10

Mawman - This zombie is one of the easiest enemies of the game. Kill with the 
crowbar or the pistol.
Health: 50/50/100
Damage: single hit 10/20/20, double hit 25/40/40

Houndeye - This alien dog is quick and likes to hide in the corners. The 
pistol will do the work.
Health: 20/20/30
Damage: 10/15/15

Vortiguant - This alien shoots green energy rays that do big damage, but it's 
easy to kill. Use the pistol, the shotgun or the MP5. If you're quick enough, 
you can use even the crowbar to kill them.
Health: 30/30/60
Damage: minor rake 8/10/10, major rake 25/25/25, electrical bolt 10/10/15

Bullsquid - This alien is very dangerous. Its main attack is spitting acid at 
you. Use the pistol, the shotgun, the MP5 or the magnum.
Health: 40/40/120
Damage: bite 15/25/25, whip 25/35/35, spit 10/15/15

Barnacle - This is a weird alien. It sticks to ceilings and drops down its 
long and sticky tongue. If you touch the tongue, well you can figure it out... 
You don't need to kill them, just stay away, but you can use the pistol to be 
safe. And if the barnacle is standing on a small height, then you can use the 
crowbar too.
Health: 10/10/10
Damage: death

Stationary weapons - There are many kinds of these guns. But all of them 
should be destroyed quickly. Use the MP5, the magnum, the shotgun or any 
explosive weapon.
Health: varied
Damage: varied

Marines - These are the government troops sent to kill everyone and cover up 
the Black Mesa incident. Some of them carry shotguns; some carry MP5s. Use the 
magnum, the crossbow or the MP5.
Health: 50/50/80
Damage: kick 5/10/10, shotgun (each bullet) 3/5/6, MP5 3/4/5

Tentacle - This is the big monster that you first meet in the Blast Pit level. 
It won't see you; just hear you. So if you walk slowly near it you're safe. 
Only fire kills it.
Health: conventional weapons don't work against it
Damage: 300/300/300

Gargantua - This is the big monster that you first meet in the Power Up level. 
It can be killed by electricity or explosive weapons (grenades, satchels, 
Health: 800/800/1000
Damage: slash 10/30/30, fire varied, ground fire 50/100/100

Hagworm - These small creatures do little damage each one, but in-group they 
can be very annoying. Use your crowbar.
Health: 2/2/2
Damage: 2/2/2

Ichthyosaur - This aquatic dinosaur is very dangerous. Use the crossbow to 
kill it.
Health: 200/200/400
Damage: 20/35/50

Assassin - These are the government Black Ops sent to kill everyone who knows 
about the Black Mesa incident. They're very agile and tough to beat. Use the 
magnum or the crossbow.
Health: 30/50/50
Damage: 8/10/10

Alien grunt - These are the equivalent of the marines on the alien side. Shoot 
its stomach (or any other unprotected part) to do higher damage. Use the 
magnum, the crossbow or an energy weapon.
Health: 60/90/120
Damage: punch 10/20/20, Hivehand 4/5/8

Helicopters - There are two kinds of them: the Apache and the Osprey. The 
Osprey doesn't shoot, but is constantly unloading marines. Use the rocket 
launcher or the charged up Tau cannon.
Health: Apache 150/250/400, Osprey 400/400/400
Damage: Apache rocket 150/150/150, Apache 12mm gun 8/10/10

Tanks - Very dangerous, should be destroyed quickly and with powerful weapons. 
Use the rocket launcher or the charged up Tau cannon.
Health: varied
Damage: varied

Snarks - These little and annoying creatures are very quick and should be 
killed with a high fire rate weapon, like the MP5 or the Hivehand.
Health: 2/2/2
Damage: bite 10/10/10, explosion 5/5/5

Xen master - This is probably the toughest of the normal aliens. They can fly 
and shoot energy balls at you. Use your magnum to put them down.
Health: 60/80/100
Damage: 15/25/35

Gonarch - A spider looking alien that has lots of health. It can spawn little 
headcrabs that are difficult to beat because they're very fast. Shoot with 
powerful weapons at its pouch to kill it.
Health: 2100/3150/4200
Damage: slash 50/60/70, blast 100/120/160, radius blast 250/250/275

Nihilanth - The final boss. Actually not that hard for a final boss. It shoots 
energy balls and portals at you and can spawn some vortiguants and Xen 
masters. The portals send you to areas in which you have to make your way back 
to the battle arena. Use the rocket launcher to destroy the healing crystals, 
any weapon to open its head and the Gluon gun to destroy its brain.
Health: 800/800/1000
Damage: 30/30/50

You play as Gordon Freeman. At the long and kind of boring intro you'll learn 
more about you and your workplace. When the train stops, a security guard will 
unlock the door for you. Remember the last phrase the train radio announcer 
said, "Have a very safe and productive day". Haha... Exit the train and wait 
for the guard to open the big doors. Oh my God... he moves so slowly.

6.1. Anomalous Materials
Enter Sector C and go right. Follow the green line on the wall to come to the 
locker room. Go left, press the button and vest your HEV. Go to your locker 
and get an energy cell inside. You can also see a pic of Freeman's baby here 
(at least I think it's his baby!). In the toilet to the right you'll find a 
medical station. Use it to recover your health (duh!). Go out and now follow 
the blue line on the wall. Make your way to the test lab.

Inside the test lab, go up the ladder and press the button to activate the 
rotors. Wait to the specimen to come and push it into the big machine. Oh... 
something's going wrong here! The whole system will collapse and you'll be 
teleported to Xen, the alien world. Don't worry; you'll get back to Earth in a 

6.2. Unforeseen Consequences
Look at what you've done Freeman! The whole lab's chaotic and almost 
everyone's dead. Go back and open the door. Get the medikit near the scientist 
and WALK through the next corridor to avoid the computer terminal. Go back and 
up the elevator. Talk to the scientist and go to the door. He'll unlock it for 
you. Don't hurry! A laser will start to blow up the computers. After it blows 
the door, go ahead (don't touch the laser). Go through the hallway and you'll 
come to another laser. Crouch under it. Just run under the second laser. Near 
the door you'll get the crowbar. Break the glass and go to the elevator. After 
the disaster, break the glass and go up the ladder. Help the guard and kill 
the mawman. After he kills another mawman, ask him to follow you. Now he'll 
kill any enemies that come to your way! Until he dies, of course. Go back to 
the locker room. Inside the open locker get two pistol clips. Go back to 
Sector C entrance and a headcrab will appear. Let the guard kill it and then 
kill the guard to get his pistol.

Enter the hole in the wall and watch out the terminals. Go to the left corner 
and use the terminal to get to the hole. Keep going and get the ammo from the 
dead guard. Use the medical station if you need it. In the next room kill the 
two houndeyes and go left. You'll see a man looking at you. Ignore him. Kill 
two more houndeyes and jump through the window to the left to find a medical 
station. Exit, go right, enter the door and kill the headcrab. Go up the 
ladder and shoot the explosive barrels to kill the aliens, but watch out the 
explosion. Continue through the walkway and kill the mawman. Go back to where 
you shot the explosive barrels and you'll find a scientist in a corner. Ask 
him to follow you and go back to where you killed the mawman. Get inside the 
small room, get the ammo and use the medical station. Go to the walkway and 
jump down. Go left and wait, the door in front of you will be break open by a 
vortiguant. Kill it and get the ammo inside. Exit the room and go right. Kill 
the headcrab near the dumpster and use the medical station. Go back and you'll 
see a hole in the ground. Kill the headcrab down in it and the mawman through 
the fence. Now fall down in the hole. Explore the area and turn the wheel when 
you find it. The water level will rise and you'll have to swim. Quick find a 
hole in the ceiling (not the one you came from, this one has a grate). You'll 
come to a lift. Get the ammo from the dead guard and use the lever. Jump down 
onto the lift, go to the corner nearest the wall and crouch there. If you did 
it correctly, you're safe. If you did not, a horde of headcrabs will attack 
you. Don't wait the lift to go completely down, jump onto the platform with 
the medical station instead.

Go down and kill the houndeye. Get ammo from the crates (there's another 
medical station to the right, but I really think you don't need it). Go 
through the tunnel and to the bridge. A bullsquid will teleport and break the 
bridge. Use the pipes to your right to cross. At the end of the pipes, you can 
jump directly to the left or use the shaft to the right. Anyway, you'll come 
to an HEV battery. Break the small crates to get more batteries. Look down and 
you'll see a bullsquid killing some headcrabs. Wait until it stops and kill 
the bullsquid. Fall down to the crate so you don't lose health. To the right 
is a medical station. Enter the canal and find a ladder to the left. Climb it 
up. There's another medical station. Go right through the door and kill the 
remaining headcrabs (if any) and go to the door. Climb the two ladders and use 
the hanging crates to get to the other side (if you're not perfect at jumps 
yet, save the game before you do it). Follow the path to the elevator.

6.3. Office Complex
Go up the elevator and get the medikit and the battery. Enter the shaft to the 
left, but don't get too close to the electrical wire. Go left and then right. 
Break the grate and get the ammo, avoiding the fan. Now go back and through 
the other grate. Enter the room and find the door with the "High Voltage" 
sign. Shut down the power and go back through the red doors. The door in the 
back is locked, so use the table to get through the window. Go left to the 
storage and kill the mawman that'll break the door. Get inside and collect the 
ammo. Go left to find several crates. Break them all and kill the headcrab. 
Get the shotgun in the next room. Get near the guard and kill the mawman. Get 
inside, take the health and ammo and kill another headcrab. Go down the ladder 
and get a medikit and a battery from the crates. Get back to where you killed 
the first mawman in this area and get to the lab through the window. Kill the 
headcrab and get to the switch without touching the floor. There's a health 
station and a battery in this room. There's also a shaft here. Throw a grenade 
inside it to kill the headcrabs then enter. Stay crouched to avoid the fan. 
Move on and you'll fall down. Go back and two headcrabs will fall down too. 
Kill them and use the crates to get to the ladder. Smash the grate and go 
down. Kill the headcrab and smash one more grate. There's a turret in this 
room. Wait until the turret goes off and run under it. Switch it off and go 
through the small door to pick up some ammo. Go back to the turret and through 
the passage the dead scientist came from. Throw a grenade to kill most of the 

Go up the stairs to find a guard. Order him to follow you and get the ammo 
from the crate. Continue through the hallway and enter the first left door. 
Get a medikit and a battery inside. Advance and let the guard kill the 
vortiguants. Explore the offices to get ammo and health, but move carefully 
because they're all replete of aliens. Then find the "Maintenance Access" sign 
and shoot the ceiling above it. Go up the ladder and deactivate the turret. 
Get the ammo, go down and exit this area. Get the medikit from the crate and 
the health from the station. Go up the stairs and kill the headcrabs.

Continue and kill the mawman and the two vortiguants. Go through the red door 
to find another guard and another medical station. Go down the ramp, kill the 
bullsquid and get the ammo. When you try to exit two vortiguants will 
teleport. Kill them; go back and to an area to the left. Kill the mawman and 
the headcrabs and break the wooden blockade. Go right, kill the two mawmen and 
use the medical station. Use the lever and get into the freezer. Localize a 
red switch and activate it. There's ammo in a room with a bullsquid. Go back 
to the freezer entrance. Go up the small ladder and enter the shaft. Continue 
through the shaft until you can jump to the moving platform. Do so and grab 
the batteries from the boxes. Now get to the shaft on the other side. Go 
ahead, kill the headcrab and go right. Grab the battery and the ammo and go 
backwards to exit the shaft. There's a battery to the left. Now go up the 
ladder and inside the shaft. Go left, kill the headcrab and exit. Go up the 
stairs and kill the mawmen. Get inside the two left rooms for medikits and 
ammo. Now go to the back of the corridor. Jump to the ladder and go up to the 

6.4. "We've Got Hostiles"
Go right to find medical and HEV stations. Continue and stop at the lasers. 
Destroy the chain gun with a grenade then enter the room. Kill the headcrabs 
and break the crates to pick a battery. Go to the next hallway and jump over 
the tripmine. Crouch under the next one. Kill the vortiguant and use the 
medical station. Go back and down the ramp. RUN past the laser and hide behind 
the crates. Two vortiguants will teleport behind you, kill them. Throw a 
grenade at the chain guns to eliminate the problem. Break the crates to get 
some grenades.

Go up the metal crates and shoot the switch near the fire door. RUN through 
the door, if you do it quick enough you won't get shot. Go up the crates and 
you'll come to a wet floor area. Move slowly. Throw grenades to destroy the 
two chain guns. There are a medical station and some items inside the crates 
in the corridor. Go up the ladders and you'll encounter a marine. Use your MP5 
to kill the new enemy. Go down, use the station and pick his ammo. Go up the 

Kill all the marines in the next big room. After they're all dead, break the 
crates to get ammo and batteries. There's also medical and HEV stations here. 
Go up the stairs and cross the bridge. Go right to find some conveyor belts. 
Walk through the first one and you'll find medical and HEV stations. Go up the 
crates and get to the next conveyor belt. The next room has a marine. Kill 
him, get the ammo and use the medical station. Throw a grenade down to destroy 
the tripmine, then get through the door before it closes.

Kill the marines and go up the stairs. At the uppermost level, go right to a 
medical station. Now go left, cross the bridge and you'll find another room 
with marines. Kill them and get the batteries from the crates. Use the medical 
station and go up the elevator.

Kill the marines and use another medical station. RUN into the outside and go 
down the ladder in a small bunker. There, use the stations. Enter the vent 
access; jump down and to the ladder. Go down and enter the shaft.

In its end there's a big fan. Jump left to enter the first shaft. In the first 
right opening there's shotgun ammo. Go back and to the right again. Kill the 
headcrab when you turn and then the marines through the grate. Exit the shaft 
to pick up some ammo. Go back, right and left. This room has a medical 
station, batteries and ammo. Go back to the fan. Walk on the edge to the right 
and enter the next shaft down. There's shotgun ammo at the end. Go back to the 
fan and down to the last shaft. At the end go up the ladder and enter the 
first shaft. In the room with the scientist, press the button. Go through the 
door that'll open and follow the hallway.

6.5. Blast Pit
Destroy the barricade and kill the aliens. Go right, kill the mawman and take 
the items. Use the lever and go down the lift. Get onto the cart and go 
forward at the maximum speed. Near the toxic pool, jump off of the cart. Go to 
the platform to the right and kill the bullsquid. Crouch under the pipes and 
go up the ladder. Go left and enter the open pipe. In its end jump off and 
kill the bullsquid. Go right and jump to the lower pipe. Jump to the pipe and 
then to the right entrance, avoiding the bullsquid, and collect the medikits 
and the batteries.

Go to the next toxic pool and use the pipes to get to the elevator. Go up, 
shoot the explosive barrels to kill the bullsquid and go right. Kill all the 
houndeyes and take the medikits. Continue through the bridge and kill the 
headcrabs. Enter the door and open the next using the switch. Kill the mawman 
and enter the control room. To kill the huge tentacle, you must activate the 
oxygen, the fuel and the power. Continue, go up the ladder and the security 
guard will tell you to be quiet. If you don't make sounds, the tentacle won't 
attack you. Go right, take the grenades and enter the tentacle room. REMEMBER: 
walk; don't run! Get down one level and down the ladder. Enter the door with 
the barricade and enter another door with a switch.

Kill the mawman and get the medikits from the crates. Continue to the right 
and you'll find a ladder. Don't climb it down, jump over the fence instead. 
Quickly break the fence and go down the long ladder. Go left at the junction 
and up the ladder. Kill the mawman and get the grenades to the left. Open the 
next door, kill the mawmen and go down the two ladders. Activate the switch 
and go back up. Jump in the fan and the wind will blow you up. Break the 
wooden barricade and the grate to enter the shaft. Go ahead killing headcrabs 
and you'll come to a room with three mawmen. Kill them and the headcrab, then 
activate the oxygen and the fuel. Go up the ladder and open the door.

Go back to the tentacle and through the door one level down. Jump over the 
gap, kill the mawman and unlock the door. Kill the bullsquid and the next 
houndeyes. In the next room, kill the bullsquid and use the metal boxes to 
create a bridge over the water pool in the last corridor, so that you can pass 
without touching the water. You'll know its usefulness later. Test it to be 
sure it's working. Use the medical station in the room and use the switch to 
make an elevator come down. Go down it. When it stops, jump to the ladder to 
your left. Go down, jump to the platform and use the medical station. Go left, 
jump on the pipe to cross the toxic leakage and kill the mawman. Use the 
switch to make the platform go up. Go up the ladder and to the walkway. Don't 
let the platform that's out of control touch you or you'll die. Go up any of 
the ladders and activate the switch. Jump over the top and activate the other 
switch. Now you activated the power and must kill the tentacle. Make your way 
back to the bridge you made with the metal boxes. The reason you can't touch 
the water is that it's now electrified.

Now make your way back to the control room past the tentacle. Press the test 
fire button and watch the tentacle burn. Go back to the tentacle room and all 
down again. Go down to where the tentacle was and fall down into the water. 
Exit the water and get the magnum and some ammo for it. Jump back into the 
water and swim down. Enter one of the holes and make your way to the exit. Go 
down the ladder and use the stations. Go back up and over the pipes. Make your 
way to a wheel, turn it completely left and enter the pipe. Jump the gap and 
turn right, left and right. Now, move carefully. A part of the pipe will 
collapse; so make sure you land on a crate to smooth your fall. Kill the 
headcrab and take all the items from the crates. Go through the hallway.

6.6. Power Up
Go into the hall and go to the left of the gargantua (you can kill it now 
using your grenades, but there's a safer way). Go right and kill the 
vortiguants. Go back and through the left way. Avoid the fire jet and kill the 
two vortiguants. Kill the headcrabs then drop down. Get ammo from the crates 
then follow the hallway.

Kill all the enemies then use the station. Open the door using the wheel and 
climb the first ladder. Kill the marine on the upper level and go left to get 
some ammo. Go up the next ladder and left. Destroy the chain gun, kill the 
marine and use the station. Then, get ammo from the crates. Go through the 
hallway and shoot the explosive crates near the marine to kill him. Collect 
the ammo and go down the ramp. Collect the grenades and use the station. Now 
go up the other ramp. Kill any marines in the next area then go right. Inside 
the crates you'll find ammo and medikits. Go back and to the left, there are a 
medikit and an HEV station. Now press the switch near the lift, but don't go 
down it. Instead, shoot the tripmines at the bottom. Now you can go down. Kill 
any houndeye then go left and down the stairs. At the bottom, kill the mawman 
and break the crates near the machine. Go up to the next level and activate 
the power generator. Use the medical station and go back up. The lift will 
come down with two marines on it. Hide and wait a bit. The marines will be 
killed by... hmm... I don't know. Anyway, go up the lift and kill two more 
marines. Now backtrack to the gargantua.

Run to the big left entrance and make the gargantua follow you. You'll find a 
power station. Activate it and the gargantua will be killed. If it didn't 
follow you, use the door to the right to go back to the gargantua and make it 
follow you. After it's dead, go back to the now empty big room. Use the cart 
and go forward until it stops. Go back to the part where a bridge collapsed 
and through the barricade. Use the HEV station, collect the ammo and push the 
lever. Now you can continue riding your cart.

6.7. On A Rail
Your cart stops. Take the medikits, use the switch and continue onto the cart. 
The first thing you'll find is a battery to your right. When you see some 
crates to your left, stop the cart and get their ammo (remember not to touch 
the yellow and electrified part). Continue and crouch under the electrified 
wire. When you see two houndeyes and a bullsquid, stop and kill them. Continue 
and change the next marker for straight. There's a bullsquid on a platform to 
the right. Kill it and get the medikit. In the water pool ahead of you there's 
magnum ammo. Past the water pool and to the left there are a battery and 
grenades. A bit ahead there's a bullsquid to the right. Kill it, get all the 
items (there are some under the stairs) and use the medical station. Go up the 
stairs, destroy the chain gun and use the switch. Get back on the car and 
forward. Change the next marker to left. When the cart goes into a lift, get 
off before it does that. Climb the ladder and kill the marines. Use the 
station and climb another ladder. Break the crate; kill the marine to the 
right and the vortiguant on the upper level. Now go back to the cart and up 
the lift.

Jump right to the lift with the marines. Take the ammo, use the HEV station 
and kill the headcrabs. Go down the stairs and kill the marines to the right. 
Get their ammo and go up the stairs. Explore this area and go down the stairs 
at the end. Kill the marine and get under the stairs. Break the crate and 
enter the shaft to collect some satchels. Go back and right. Kill any marine 
or vortiguant and break the crates on the other side. Go left and kill the 
three marines at the end. Enter the door to the right, kill any survivor and 
break open the blockade. Kill any vortiguant that teleports and get the ammo 
and the medikit from the crates. To the right there are a battery inside the 
crates and a medical station. Advance and you'll find a gunner. Throw a 
grenade to kill him. Go right and up the ramp to collect another battery. Now 
enter the red doors. Go back and shoot the tripmines. Enter and kill the 
marine one level down. Go down and through the door.

Go right and take the items. There's an HEV station in the corner. Move on and 
eliminate the bullsquids and the chain guns. Enter the door to the left for 
some ammo (and some aliens too). Continue along the rail and you'll find a 
rocket launcher. Stay crouched and shoot the tripmine near it to destroy 
everything. Crouch under the next tripmine. To the right, there's an area full 
of vortiguants. Kill them all and use the stations to the left. Now go up the 
stairs. Kill the marines and get the ammo from the crates. To the left there 
are an HEV station and a switch. Use them. Go down the stairs and left. Get 
onto the car and go forward. When it stops, ignore the area to the right and 
go through the rail. To the right there's an elevator. Collect two satchels in 
the boxes. Go up the elevator and throw a satchel between the explosive 
crates. Go down, detonate it, and up again.

Collect the items and go up the ladder. There's ammo inside the crates here. 
Move through the rail, avoiding the electricity and the tripmines, and you'll 
find some crates being moved from side to side. Throw a grenade to kill the 
marines near the crates. Move on, turn right and then left. Go down the 
ladder, but jump off at the end to avoid the laser. Kill the mawmen, get the 
grenades and use the station. Break the glass of the window and get through it 
to avoid the tripmines. Turn left and hide behind the crates to avoid the 
gunner. Go right, get the medikit and throw a grenade to kill both marines. 
Get the medikit to the left and enter the red door. Kill three marines here 
and take the medikit and the ammo from the left. Enter the red door and use 
the metal crate to get to the stairs, avoiding the lasers. Kill the two 
marines and enter the right door. Use the medical station and get through the 
other door. Then launch the rocket. Go back to the red doors. Open them and go 
left. Climb down the ladder, break the crates and get onto the cart.

6.8. Apprehension
While you're on the cart, stay crouched to avoid the marines. Your cart will 
get out of control and fall into the water pool, wait until it stops, then get 
some air on the surface. Swim back down and smash the lock to free the 
barrels. Use them to get to the red-lighted entrance. Kill the two mawmen and 
use the medical station. Break the crate to get a battery. Enter the next 
entrance and go right. Get ammo from the crate and jump down into the right 
pool. Find the entrance at the bottom then enter it. Enter the first door to 
the right to gain some air. Continue and crouch under the fallen ceiling. When 
you find a locked door, go right and break the grate. Swim down and right at 
the tunnel. Go up the vertical shaft and smash one more grate. Get the ammo on 
the floor and then get through the door.

In this new room, go up the ladder and use the stations. Go to the cage and 
get the crossbow. The cage will fall down. Kill the ichthyosaur with your new 
weapon then get out of the cage and to the surface to get some air. Swim back 
down and use the wheel to open the grate. Go past it to a new corridor. Go up 
the stairs and enter the metal door at the end. Kill the vortiguants and take 
the shotgun ammo. In the next room you must jump the gaps in the walkway so 
you don't fall to the water. Walk a bit and a part of the walkway will 
collapse, stay on the middle. Kill the vortiguant and continue. Jump through 
the hole on the grate and follow the submerse path. In the next room, kill the 
bullsquids and go right. Follow the path to its end and take the crossbow 
ammo. There's a door to the right with more ammo and a medikit. Go back and 
activate the generator. Use the pads to get to the other side (there are some 
satchels to the right along the way).

In the corridor, kill the bullsquid and use the medical station. In the next 
room, kill all enemies and the scientist will open the door. Open the next 
door and RUN through this room. Kill any vortiguant with your magnum then 
climb down the ladder at the end. In the next hallway, kill several 
vortiguants then get some items from the crates. Go up the lift. Watch a 
security guard be killed and go to the next area. There are three assassins 
here. Kill them all, then get all the ammo and use the stations. Go up the 
ramp, get some more ammo and use the lever. Enter one of the doors at the 
bottom and you'll be captured by the marines and dumped off at a garbage 

Now you're without weapons. You lost even your crowbar. Get out of the garbage 
masher using the crates before it crushes you. Go to the other side to get 
back your crowbar. Fall down, smash the grate and go through the pipe.

6.9. Residue Processing
Go to the right, avoid the headcrabs and use the wheel. Go up the ladder and 
fall down onto the descending platform (do it quickly or you'll lose some 
health). Follow the shaft and smash the grate at the end. Follow the guard and 
watch him be eaten by the barnacle. Wait until his gun drops down, then get 
it. Use the medical station here. Go left, down the stairs and use the HEV 
station. Go back to the room and use the ladder to the left. Use the debris to 
get to the shaft. On the other side, use the pads to get to another shaft. 
Walk on the pipes to the next room. Get to one more shaft. In the next room, 
break the crates to get some useful ammo and a medikit. Get onto the conveyor 
belt and you'll fall down to a pool. Swim to the next pool and go up on any of 
the two sides. Get past the machine and back into the water. Go swimming until 
you come to a new room.

Kill the bullsquid with the magnum on the ground then enter the room. Take the 
batteries and the satchels and use the medical station. Go up the right 
stairs, kill the bullsquid to the left and push the middle lever. Go back to 
the dead guard and press the button. QUICKLY get on the middle conveyor belt 
and past all the machinery. When you see another conveyor belt under you, jump 
down to it. Jump down two more conveyor belts and run through the shaft with 
fire on the sides. Go jumping down to more conveyor belts. Where there are two 
of them to jump to, choose the first one. There's a tripmine here. Stay far 
away and shoot it. Drop a satchel on the conveyor belt and stay far away 
again. When it turns, detonate it to destroy another tripmine. Past another 
set of machines, fall down avoiding the crusher. Jump to the ladder and go 
through the corridor.

6.10. Questionable Ethics
Go up the ladder, smash the grate and kill the houndeyes. Shoot the panel on 
the other side of the electrified fence to open the door. Use the medical 
station and go to the next room. Break the glass of the switch to open the 
door and release an alien grunt. Kill it with some magnum shots at its 
stomach. In the next room, use the medical station and press the button to 
kill the headcrabs. There's a marine to the right. Make him follow you then 
QUICKLY press the button again to kill him. Get his MP5 then go left. Use the 
medical station then order the security guard to follow you.

Go to the main hall and help the guard to kill all of the marines. Get their 
ammo and use the HEV station. Go ahead and up the stairs to the right. There 
are more marines here, kill them all. In the next room, the security guard 
will open the cages. Let him kill the headcrabs then get the crossbow and some 
snarks. Use the medical station and go right. Kill the two marines with a 
grenade then go to the next room. Grab the batteries; shoot one of the 
tripmines and hide. Wait until the battle is over then kill any survivor. Kill 
the next marine and go left to find several crates. Break all of them bar the 
darker one, then get the ammo and use the station. Go to the corridor and kill 
all the headcrabs. Go up the stairs. There's another alien vs. human battle 
here. Wait and kill the survivors.

Enter the first right door, take the batteries and activate the laser. Now go 
left. Wait to two explosions to happen, then enter the room. Take the Tau 
cannon and activate the second laser. Take the next left corridor and kill all 
the houndeyes in the next room. Activate the third laser and enter the room to 
the left. Take the ammo, use the medical station and activate the fourth and 
last laser. At the exit, break the crates to get some more ammo. Now go to the 
only room that you haven't entered yet. Push the metal crate until it's 
beneath the "Do not obstruct laser shield" sign and activate the laser. It'll 
blow open the wall. Fall down using the pipes and enter the room.

Use the medical station if you need and then get past the machine. Deactivate 
it using the console then get one of the scientists to follow you. Go back to 
the main hall and let the scientist use the retinal scanner. Get outside, kill 
the marine and destroy the chain guns on the roof. Now shoot the explosive 
crates and go through the tunnel. Break the crates to get ammo and batteries 
and get close to the switch.

6.11. Surface Tension
Open the door and enter the new area. There are some marines here. Shoot the 
explosive barrels to make the battle shorter. Get the ammo and the medikits 
and move on. Put down the Apache with your charged up Tau cannon and then kill 
the marine to the left. Get into the water and up the ladder. Kill the 
ichthyosaur and enter the small room. Use the medical station and press the 
button to stop the turbine. Swim down and use the wheel to open the grates. 
Swim through anyone of them and you'll come to a river. Get the battery to the 
left and go up the ladder at the end. Enter anyone of the tunnels.

After the tunnels, go left, kill the headcrabs and take the medikit in the 
dark cave. Now go back and left (if you get a chance to kill the Apache, do 
it). Break the crates, go up the ladder and jump to the other side. Pick up 
all the items and jump back. Go left and up the next ladder. Kill the houndeye 
and enter the left path. Kill the headcrab and look at the tentacle. There are 
several items near it. WALK to get them all then go back to the last area. 
Take the other path now. Kill all of the marines then investigate the area for 
ammo. Now turn the wheel to open the storm drain hatch. Find an opening in the 
rocks and go to the next area. Kill the headcrab and stay close to the right 
wall to avoid most of the mines. Jump over the barbed wire, enter the hatch 
and follow the tunnel.

Before you exit the tunnel, shoot a marine and a chain gun to the right. Get 
onto the platform and shoot another marine to the left (he's beneath the 
platform you're standing on). Fall down to the small platform and then to the 
marine's one. Get his ammo and fall down one more platform. Enter the opening 
in the rock to get some medikits, go left and down three more platforms. Cross 
the bridge using the cables and kill the next marine. Kill one more marine and 
enter the cave. Inside it you'll find several items and the rocket launcher. 
Destroy the Apache and go right. Go up the ladder and up the thin ramp to the 
right. Go up another ladder and go right. Kill the headcrab and enter the 

Go right at the first junction and enter the next pipe (the one ahead of you). 
Go right again and up the ladder. Kill the marine and take all the items in 
that area. Kill all the other marines and destroy the tank with your charged 
up Tau cannon. Open the door and enter it. Destroy the tank and break the 
crates for items. Now enter the hole to the right of the tank, kill the 
marines and get more items. Get past the tank and enter the doors.

Kill the two aliens and go right. Jump over the tripmine and go down the 
stairs. Jump over two more tripmines and throw a grenade through the window to 
kill a gunner. Take the shotgun ammo near the guard. Throw a grenade on the 
minefield to detonate the mines and advance to the corner. Throw one more 
grenade and move close to the right hand wall. Eliminate the gunner and crouch 
under the barbed wire. Shoot the explosive barrels to shut down the power and 
walk up on the anthem. Walk on the shafts and enter a hole on the roof.

Break the crates for a medikit and enter the next room. Enter the left door to 
get a tripmine. Now go back to the corridor. There are two nuclear missiles 
here. If a tripmine is activated, they detonate. So, crouch under the first 
and jump over the second tripmine. Jump and crouch the tripmines and kill the 
headcrabs to the left. Some crates contain items, but some detonate tripmines 
if you break them. Go up the stairs in the left corner and press the switch. A 
platform will ascend on the left (the crate shall be broken). Jump to the lift 
and make it go down.

Break the crates and get the Hivehand. Kill the marines and order the guard to 
follow you. Destroy the chain gun inside the truck then get ammo from the 
crate behind it. Enter the room and go up the ramp. Go back and wait for the 
explosions. Go up the ramp again and attract the marines to the room. Kill 
them with the help of the guard and destroy the tank. Now kill the guard and 
get his ammo. If he stays alive, a glitch would occur later. Go up another 
ramp to the right to get some health and batteries. Now go up the other ramp 
near the tank. Kill the gunner and enter the right door. Kill the two marines, 
break the crates and go up the stairs. Make the guard open the storage. 
There's A LOT of ammo and items here. Go back and jump through the window to 
the ledge. Go right, jump to the computer terminal and go up the ladders.

Kill a marine on the lower level and then jump down. Kill two more marines and 
get all the items. Go back up and use what's left of the building to get to 
the other side. Enter the door and to an open area. Let the marines kill the 
aliens and then finish them off. Destroy the Osprey helicopter and then go to 
where the aliens came out. Go right and use the rocket launcher to open the 
door between the stop signs. Two alien grunts will come out. Kill them with 
the rockets and then enter the door. Use the machine gun to kill the 
vortiguants and then use the alien pad to get higher. Go near the edge and go 
back. Wait until the battle ends and kill the survivors. Collect the medikits 
and enter the shaft. Kill the annoying snarks with your Hivehand.

Smash the next grate and retract. The marines will shoot the shaft and it'll 
fall down. Kill the marines, get the items and go to the door. Go back because 
someone just threw a grenade at it. Press the switch to make the lift come 
down, then press it again and go up with the lift. Kill the marines and jump 
through the hole. Use the gun to open the door and to kill the alien grunts. 
In the next room, there will be another marines vs. aliens battle. Kill the 
survivors and go down the ladder. Enter the small room in the corner to get 
some ammo and items, then go back up the ladder. Kill the vortiguant and jump 
over the gap. Enter the new corridor, use the medical station and kill the 
next alien grunt. In this new open area, kill everyone, get the medikit and 
use the alien pad to get onto the roof. Smash the grate and fall down.

Go through the tunnel and a marine will throw a satchel at you. Go back and 
duck underwater. Now kill the marine and go into the next room. Kill the 
marines, use the station and enter the pipe. Kill the marine and go up the 
stairs. Order the guard to follow you and kill another marine downstairs. Use 
the medical station and enter the door. Kill the vortiguants outside and enter 
the building to the right (the guard must be alive).

Enter the garage and go right. Outside, use the alien pad to get to the other 
side. Use another alien pad to get to the missile control computer. Now you 
should use it to destroy the anthem, the wall to its left, the hatch in the 
left corner and to kill the gargantua. Now use the felled anthem to get to the 
hatch and you've finished the longest level of the game.

6.12. "Forget About Freeman!"
Go right to avoid the falling rocks and then jump on the first rock that fell 
to go to the next room. Take the medikit and continue. Make the guard follow 
you and kill all of the aliens. Break the crates to get some items and get on 
the metal crates. Jump to the left to come to a medical station. Now go back 
and down the stairs. You can go left to get some items. After you got them 
all, go back and through the other exit. Kill the vortiguants and then destroy 
the cocoon (the snarks will probably fall down into the water). There's a 
battery in the water. Turn the wheel and climb down the stairs.

Kill the headcrabs and destroy the chain gun. Jump to the other side, kill the 
headcrabs and break the crates to get a medikit. Push the metal crate to the 
left canal and use it to jump over the grate. Go left at the end, kill the 
headcrab and go left again. Crouch under the two machines and then eliminate 
the marine and the chain gun. Get the items and go up the ladder. Kill the two 
marines then destroy the tank. In the next room, destroy the chain gun, use 
the medical station and go down the elevator.

Go left to take a battery then take the right path. Kill the two marines then 
go right to get a battery and a medikit. Go up the stairs and kill any enemy 
in the next room. Break the crates for items, use the tank to open the door 
and then use the machine gun to kill the aliens. Go through the recently 
opened door and kill any aliens you may encounter (there's also an energy 
cannon to be destroyed). Press the switches to open the doors and move to the 
next level.

6.13. Lambda Core
Enter the cabin, press the switch and go down with the lift. Kill the 
headcrabs and the bullsquid then break the crates for ammo. Go up the ladder 
and enter the door. Go down the ladder and through the next door. Kill the 
assassins here, then break the crates to the right and go up the stairs. Find 
another set of stairs and go down it to find an HEV and a medical station. Go 
up again and down the elevator. Go near the big doors and an alien grunt will 
open it. Kill all the aliens and go up the ladder. Take the ammo and let the 
scientist open the door. Use the stations and go up the lift. Go right and 
take the Gluon gun and some ammo. Go back and down the elevator.

Kill the vortiguants and follow the blue corridor. Go down the ramp and 
through another corridor. Kill the vortiguant that will teleport behind you 
and then the three alien grunts in the next room. Go up the ladder and reach 
the pump station. Activate it then go to the second coolant chamber (the 
orange corridor). Kill the alien grunts and climb up the ladders. Enter the 
room and turn the wheel to stop the steam. Enter the pump station, take the 
batteries and activate it.

Backtrack to the elevator and go to the maintenance station. Go down the 
stairs and enter the room. Use the stations, take the ammo and go back. Make 
the guard follow you. Go to the auxiliary tank reactor access, kill the alien 
grunts and fall down to the water. Go through the tunnel and activate the 
first wheel. Kill the vortiguant on the upper level then activate the second 
wheel. Go up the ladders, avoiding the electricity, to the door. Enter the 
next door for supplies then go up the ladder in the elevator.

Go right, take the supplies and go back. Enter the room, use the station and 
make the guard follow you. Kill the aliens in the next hallway, activate the 
steam and go forward. More aliens will teleport, go back and hide (the steam 
will kill them). Deactivate the steam and you'll encounter some more aliens. 
Run back and activate the steam one more time. After they're all dead you can 
continue. Go right and down the ladder. Use the crates to get over the grate 
and collect some items. Go back and enter the left door. Here, there are some 
portals. Enter the yellow one and you'll get to the other side (do it when 
there's a platform under the green portal on the other side). Now you should 
enter the correct ports to get some items and to advance:
Port 1: You'll come to place with headcrabs and grenades.
Port 2: Enter this to get to the ports 4, 5 and 6.
Port 3: You'll find several items here.
Port 4: Enter this to get to the ports 7, 8 and 9.
Port 5: You'll find three scientists and several items.
Port 6: You'll just teleport in, fall down and teleport out. Don't enter this.
Port 7: You'll advance to the next area.
Port 8: There are an HEV station and some ammo.
Port 9: Kills you.

Enter port 7 and you'll come to an area with moving platforms. Use them to 
activate the two buttons then jump into the portal. Enter the doors, kill the 
headcrabs and get a battery under the debris. Go up the ladder and wait for 
the scientist to open the door. Take all the supplies here, including the long 
jump module. Make the guard follow you, use the stations and enter the big 
portal room. Find a ladder and get on the platform. When the scientist starts 
the process, several Xen masters will appear. Kill them with the help of the 
guard. When the scientist says it's time to go, do so and you'll be teleported 
to Xen.

6.14. Xen
You'll land on a floating platform. Use the long jump to get onto the platform 
to your left. Take the items; kill the vortiguant on the next platform and 
jump onto it. Kill another vortiguant and the houndeye that will teleport and 
jump onto the closest moving platform. Now go down the platforms until you 
reach the big one. Jump down to the inside of the rock. Use the healing pool 
if you need to, then crouch under the rocks ahead of you. Break the webbing 
and enter the cave. Activate the three little things then break the webbing to 
free some little flying aliens. They will create a portal to the next level.

6.15. Gonarch's Lair
The entire level is a battle against the big spider called Gonarch. Get the 
items ahead of you and turn back. In the left corner, you can see a big rock. 
Get behind it for cover. There's a healing pool on a floating rock accessible 
from here. Shoot some rockets at the spider's pouch and it'll eventually run 
away. If you run out of rockets, use any high damage rate weapon. Follow 
Gonarch through the tunnel. You'll find more items inside it. Shoot more 
rockets at the spider and it'll run away again. Don't follow it yet, fall into 
the small hole in the left corner instead. Kill the many headcrabs and jump to 
the left. Use the healing pool then get onto the other platform. Get the items 
and use the alien pad to get back up. Enter the tunnel Gonarch went too to 
come to the final battle place. Move slowly or you'll fall down. Shoot at the 
spider a little more and it'll break the webbing. If you're good at your aim, 
you can kill it now without going down. Anyway, after it's killed, get the 
items and fall down in the hole it has opened. Use the healing pool and jump 
into the portal.

6.16. Interloper
Get out the rock you're on and RUN to the other side. Enter the cave to the 
right, kill the vortiguant and get a battery on the healing pool. Enter the 
hole, destroy the webbing and follow the tunnel. Kill the headcrabs and 
continue. In the room, kill the bullsquid and get some items. Break the 
webbings to the left and a pillar will come down. Go up with it and kill any 
near aliens. Now you should use the platforms and the alien flying things to 
get to the portal.

Take the battery, exit the cave and go right. Enter the small cave on the 
other side, avoiding the tentacle. Here you'll find a healing pool. Follow the 
other tunnel to a new cave. Scale up the rocks on the left to get some items. 
Now exit the cave and kill the aliens outside. Enter the other cave, kill the 
vortiguants and take all the items. There's also a healing pool here. Now exit 
this cave and go back to the last one. Enter the narrow tunnel, jump over the 
rocks and you'll meet another gargantua. Go right and enter a small hole for 
some items and protection. You can kill the gargantua using your explosive 
weapons, but you can also avoid it. When the gargantua goes out of the room, 
get out of the hole and jump over the rocks ahead of you to come to a new 
area. On the left side there are a battery and some grenades. Go right, kill 
the alien grunts, take the items and step on the portal.

In this area, the vortiguants won't attack you, so don't attack them. Take the 
items on the lower level then go up with the lift. Go right and you'll find a 
healing chamber. Get onto the upper part of the lift and then on the 
treadmill. Jump to the second one and you'll fall down to a toxic pool. Try to 
land on the ground.

Now you should kill all the aliens, even the vortiguants. Fall down to the 
lower level. Here, you'll find some items and a healing chamber. Go up the 
lift and right. Get past the treadmill and into a new area. Kill the aliens 
and follow the path. Go up the pillar and into the corridor. There are many 
aliens here, and some hidden items too. When there's a barrel blocking your 
way, shoot a rocket at it, then finish off the alien grunt. In the next room, 
after everyone's dead, take the items, use another healing chamber and enter 
one of the three red shafts. Follow the tunnel and enter in of the holes at 
the end.

Kill the aliens then go up the ramp. Use the healing chamber and go up the 
lift. Kill more aliens and enter the room for some items. Go up one more lift, 
kill more aliens and use the healing chamber. Take the final lift and jump 
into the portal. Jump from platform to platform to reach the big portal.

6.17. Nihilanth
This is the final boss, but it's not very hard. Actually, it's pretty easy. 
Hide behind the big spikes and destroy the three yellow crystals with your 
rockets. Without the crystals, Nihilanth can't heal itself. Now shoot its head 
until it opens. Step on the biggest alien pad and use the Gluon gun to destroy 
Nihilanth's brain. And that's it; you've beaten Half-Life!

At the ending, the government agent you saw throughout the game will explain 
some things to you and will offer you a job on the government. If you don't 
accept the job, you will be teleported back to Xen and face some alien grunts 
(but you have no weapons, so you're dead!). That's it! FIN

All cheats taken from Gamers.com and GameWinners.com

Start the game using this command line: hl.exe -dev -console and in the game 
pull down the console using the ~ key (' key on some keyboards). Input 
sv_cheats 1 to enable cheats and use one of the following codes:
noclip......................................................Walk through walls
give [item name]...............................Free items (see the items list)
notarget.......................Invisibility (doesn't work against all enemies)
map [map name]..............................Level select (see the levels list)
thirdperson..................................................Third person view
firstperson........................................Return to first person view
impulse 101..................................All weapons, repeat for more ammo

7.1. Items List

7.2. Levels List
Single player levels:

Multi-player levels:

Hazard course:

In this section I'll list the Easter eggs from the game. An Easter egg is any 
kind of funny or curious situation in the game. If you've discovered an Easter 
egg that's not here, e-mail me at argenta@alternet.com.br

- Anomalous Materials: When you passed the doors that lead you into the 
complex and you stand in front of the desk, the security officer will talk to 
you. Just step around the desk and press the little button near the keyboard 
of the computer. It's a very little button, so it's not easy to find but just 
give it a try it's worth it. (Contributed by guitarhippie.)
- Anomalous Materials: Same location. The computer in the corner. Go there and 
press the button. Another scientist will shout at you and shut it off. Little 
Easter egg but also an Easter egg. (Also by guitarhippie.)
- Anomalous Materials: On your way to the locker room to pick up your suit 
you'll pass a couple of scientist sitting and drinking coffee or something. 
Press the microwave oven several times until whatever's on the inside blows 
up. (Contributed by Per Ekholm)
- Anomalous Materials: When you enter Freeman's locker, you can see some books 
and a picture of a baby (I think it's a girl, but I'm not sure). I suppose 
it's a programmer's baby, but if you can confirm/correct this, e-mail me 
- Unforeseen Consequences: At the lobby where the security guard told you to 
go to the test chamber, take your crowbar to the panel by the door you came in 
(in the beginning) and smash it. The door will half open and on the other side 
you will see a scared scientist. Walk a little onto the bridge then back off. 
The scientist will say "Gordon!!!", the bridge will collapse and he will jump 
onto the wire and slip off. (Thanks to Austin Christensen for this one.)

9. FAQ
1 - Q. What about the several Half-Life mods? Are they all expansion packs to 
the original Half-Life?
A. As far as I know, there are only two official single player expansion 
packs: Opposing Force and Blue Shift. In Opposing Force you play as one of the 
marines. It's very good and I really recommend it. In Blue Shift you play as a 
security guard. But it has a short time of gameplay, so it's not what you 
could expect from an expansion pack. But it has also a high definition pack 
for Half-Life, so you might be interested on it. There are several other good 
mods available, but none of them are official single player releases.

FINAL VERSION - May 16th, 2003 - 65.8KB - So here's it: the final version. 
After six months from the first version, this guide is finally complete. 
Everything I could add has been added. Thank you all who read this!
v1.16 - February 25th, 2003 - 66.1KB - I've changed a bit of the entire guide, 
but nothing really important.
v1.15 - February 21st, 2003 - 66KB - I've received new info concerning 
gargantua, so now there's another way to kill it.
v1.14 - February 14th, 2003 - 65.3KB - Added one more Easter egg. Also created 
the contributor list.
v1.13 - February 7th, 2003 - 64.8KB - Nothing really new in this update, just 
corrections and unimportant additions.
v1.12 - January 17th, 2003 - 64.6KB - Minor corrections.
v1.11 - January 3rd, 2003 - 64.4KB - Just small additions this time.
v1.10 - December 27th, 2002 - 64.2KB - Added more Easter eggs.
v1.09 - December 20th, 2002 - 63.5KB - The revision is now complete, so I 
guess the walkthrough is in its final version. Also added an Easter egg and 
some other minor changes.
v1.08 - December 13th, 2002 - 62.8KB - Many grammar mistakes have been 
corrected. And the revision is almost done, so nearly all of the errors have 
been corrected.
v1.07 - December 10th, 2002 - 62.3KB - The revision is now half way completed, 
so more mistakes have been corrected.
v1.06 - December 6th, 2002 - 61.9KB - I've begun a revision of the 
walkthrough, so many mistakes have been corrected and some new item locations 
have been found too. I've also added more cheats and other minor things.
v1.04 - December 2nd, 2002 - 60.6KB - Added the cheats section. Also corrected 
a mistake in the third level.
v1.01 - November 29th, 2002 - 58.9KB - Some spelling errors corrected. Found 
another medical station in the second level. Added the first frequently asked 
v1.00 - November 22nd, 2002 - 58.2KB - Walkthrough, enemy and weapon lists 
finally completed.
v0.75 - November 15th, 2002 - 47KB - Walkthrough nearly completion, up to 
Surface Tension. First version accepted by GameFAQs.
v0.45 - November 9th, 2002 - 30.4KB - Walkthrough up to On A Rail.
v0.25 - November 6th, 2002 - 19.4KB - Walkthrough up to "We've Got Hostiles". 
Playing Half-Life and plot sections completed. Enemy and weapon lists half 
completed. Easter egg list created.

Austin Christensen - Easter egg (v1.09).
guitarhippie - Two Easter eggs (v1.10).
Per Ekholm - Easter egg (v1.14).
Rainbow - Gave me big new info concerning gargantua (v1.15).

Hope you enjoyed using this guide as I enjoyed writing it. The walkthrough is 
now completed and revised. As this is the final version, I won't be accepting 
any contributions from now on. Thank you and see you later!

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