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Reviewed: 03/08/03 | Updated: 03/08/03

Actually Pretty Fun...!

I have no idea why I should write a review of this game. I guess I am up for a challenge. There are a few things you should know about this game. Konquest comes standard with many versions of Linux, so it is just an incentive for upgrading! (it is like minesweeper comes standard with windows)

This game is unlike minesweeper, though. It is a turn-based multiplayer Strategy game which is actually fun! I remember being in the fifth grade standing around a dinky little computer with a crowd of boys (some in high school) playing Konquest.

This game is simple. Nothing to it. It is an interplanetary domination game that resembles risk, only better in my opinion. It can be played with anywhere from 2 to around 15 players.

Sound- none
Graphics- very simplistic, will explain.
Gameplay- great

At the start of the game, X amount of players are added. Then, the number of neutral planets is set. Also optional is setting an amount of turns. Then, random configurations of planets upon grids are examined, and the fairest one is decided upon. Each player is assigned a planet with a production of 10 ships per turn. On your turn, you can send as many ships as you have to a planet, trying to capture it. Captured planets also have various production rates, usually ranging from 6-15 per turn. 1 turn can guarantee as many moves from as many planets to as many locations as you wish, so you can send reinforcements or do wave attacks. When you end turn, each planet receives the amount of ships it has as a production rate. However, It takes ships quite a while to get to another planet sometimes. Also, each planet has a kill percentage, essentially meaning that if a planet with 110 ships is attacked by a wave of 111 ships, the home planet still has an advantage. Planets are completely neutral until you take them over, it is random weather or not you conquer a neutral planet, and if you do, the stats it gives you are random. If a turn amount is set, the person with the most planets at the end of this turn wins, and if not, it is take-all-to-win.

Keep in mind; the game is set on a grid, while planets are little drawings in one of the squares. it is 2D, and you do not see ships in transit, or battles, or anything like that. And the planets, depending on how many are there, are named in order. You will have planets A-Z, then 0-9, and eventually you may end up with planet @, #, or $. It has happened to me. I cannot believe I wrote over 400 words on this game, but as it comes free on a free OS, which has many advantages, you might check this out. if you have Linux play this.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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