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Reviewed: 03/09/03 | Updated: 03/09/03

The linux mascot races into a good game

Tux Racer is a fun free game in which you slalom down a snowy mountain using Linux's mascot, tux the penguin! It resembles a regular skiing/snowboarding game, except you travel on your stomach. Instead of staying in flags, however, you must collect herring.

Gameplay is fun. You collect herring, sliding down a mountain. There are a few terrains that you can slide on, like snow, ice, gravel, dirt, and moguls. there are no poles or jump-ramps or half-pipes or anything like that, but you can get killer air off of snowy mountains. The levels are not too wide, but it is still difficult at times to get all of the herring. You essentialy progress through vallies that have bumps if you hit the corners of th hills. There are also times for big jumps and there are ice plains with massive stone pillars to dodge. I think that there are about 10 levels.

Graphics **warning** Game is pretty cartoony!
Not as cartoony as yoshi story, but not as realistic as 1080. otherwise, graphics are the best you can get for freeware. occasional glitches riddle the courses, but it is nothing major unless you try to go sideways or crash headfirst into a particular stone arch.

The sound is also kinda cartoony. The music sounds like traditional ice-world music with a bit of frantic beat. When you collect herring, there is a satisfying POP! There is a different scraping sound for each of the terrains, and this is repetive after a while.

You dont have to! It is free! Just search on google or summat for ''tuxracer'' and you will get a few hits. Yes, I do reccomend it. You are online now, so go ahead, there is nothing to loose.

If you like Tux Racer, I suggest Tux Deluxe, which is quite similar except you can use different characters, and there are more courses. Also, there is a very nice two player mode to check out. also, you get this cool flap mode. Tux deluxe is not free, but it is fun.
NOTE: Tux Racer is NOT a demo.

The reasons I took off a point for tux racer are:
1. occasional graphical glitches
2. Repetiveness of scraping sound
3. I know this is a bit unjust, but I would have liked items.

Other than that the game is great, and I reccomend it!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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