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In this game you will have the opportunity to participate in these races for survival. You will need to hold out as much as possible circles and try not to crash into cars of other racers. It is not so easy as it looks at first glance, because on the road you are trapped by all sorts of obstacles. For example, spilled oil or just bad road surface.

Rebuild from row to row to avoid meeting with enemy cars. For each lap you will be awarded one point and thus you will be able to assess their skills in racing survival! At the top of the rating will be the one who will be able to pass most of the laps without collisions. Perhaps it will be you! You can compete with your friends and find out which of you is the best racer. The game is very simple operation, which will be clear even to children, so that the game will be able to play a variety of players. The game will help you develop skills such as care and reaction speed, and generally help to brighten up the time.

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