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Try Try Again
10 Campaign Deaths
Try Try Try Again
25 Campaign Deaths
Just Keep Trying Already
100 Campaign Deaths
Killed by blast damage
Killed by electrical damage
Killed by fire damage
Level 1
Completed Campaign Level 1
Level 2
Completed Campaign Level 2
Level 3
Completed Campaign Level 3
Level 4
Completed Campaign Level 4
Level 5
Completed Campaign Level 5
Level 6
Completed Campaign Level 6
Level 7
Completed Campaign Level 7
Level 8
Completed Campaign Level 8
Level 9
Completed Campaign Level 9
Level 10
Completed Campaign Level 10
Finished an Underground level
Finished a Wasteland level
Kills 1
Killed 10 enemies
Kills 2
Killed 25 enemies
Kills 3
Killed 100 enemies
Melee 1
10 kills with melee
Melee 2
25 kills with melee
Melee 3
100 kills with melee
Gun Kills 1
10 kills with guns
Gun Kills 2
25 kills with guns
Gun Kills 3
100 kills with guns
Kill it with fire
25 kills by fire
Lightning Bolt
25 kills by electricity
Chainsaw Warrior
25 kills by chainsaw
25 melee kills on unaware enemies
Dog Eat Dog
Fed an enemy to a tentacle
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Art Thief
Stole all the museum vases (Secret)
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Wildlife Photographer
Photographed all enemy types (Secret)

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