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Cyber Warrior
Complete the Campaign Map
Broken Mirror
Complete the Hardmode Mirror Map
Complex Runner
Complete 100 Stages
Scanner Hunter
Delete 100 Scanners
Ghost Hack
Avoid the Alert for 30 seconds
Bit Fighter
Kill 10 Spiders
Capture 100 Units
Data Burner
Shoot 20 Laser Barriers
Data Integrity
Consume 30 Data Integrity heal packages
Node Eater
Consume 100 Blue Nodes to increase the H4C-Kits data integrity
Upgrade a Mod to max Level 4
Fortify 400 Unit points
Finish 20 Random Stages
Fortune Labs
Complete all Fortune Labs Campaign Missions
UNTec Research
Complete all UNTec Research Campaign Missions
iCORP Datacenter
Complete all iCORP Datacenter Campaign Missions
Arc Net
Complete all Arc Net Campaign Missions
Slipstream HQ
Complete all Slipstream HQ Campaign Missions
Secutron Solutions
Complete all Secutron Solutions Campaign Missions
Complete all V-Eye Campaign Missions
Node Wars
Produce 1000 Nodes

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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