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Straight Through The Core
Defeat the first mid-boss.
Defeat the first boss.
No Time For This!
Defeat the second stage mid-boss 1.
Brought Swords To A Warp Fight
Defeat the second stage mid-boss 2.
Defeat the second boss.
Motion Sickness
Defeat the third stage mid-boss.
Double Kill
Defeat the third boss.
Defeat the fourth mid-boss.
A Multitude Of Blinks
Defeat the fourth boss.
A Thorny Path
Defeat the fifth mid-boss.
Cyclops Down
Defeat the fifth boss.
Grave Digger
Defeat the sixth mid-boss.
Thief And Usurper
Defeat the sixth boss.
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Saved The Actium!
Save the Actium from the claws of the Sixth Boss. (Secret)
Defeat the ProtoZanfighter.
Drill Buster
Defeat the True Last Boss.
We Burn Together
Obtained the bad ending.
Returning The Favor
Obtained the good ending.
Through Hell And Back
Cleared Zangeki Warp in 1 credit on any difficulty mode. Good luck!
Delivering The Pain
Cleared a stage in Hard mode.
Ascended Hell
Cleared a stage on Insane mode.
Warping Test Drive
Practice a stage in Practice Mode.
Watch And Learn
Watch and Learn: view a replay.
Sequence Break
Loaded a saved game for the first time.
Upgrade the default shot to its maximum level.
Warp Master
Upgrade the warp recovery to the max level.
Decoy Master
Upgrade the decoy option to its maximum level.
Upgrade the shockwave option to its maximum level.
Omega Crashed
Upgrade the Omega Crash option to its maximum level.
Shield Master
Upgrade the shield recovery to its maximum level.
Upgrade the slash option to its maximum level.
High Scorer
Clear the game on any difficulty mode with a score of at least 3,000,000.
S Is For Superb
Clear a stage on any difficulty mode achieving Rank S.
Low Time Executor
Destroy 500 enemies.
Destroy 1,500 enemies.
Widespread Doombringer
Destroy 3,000 enemies.
Short Tempered
Destroy 5 or more enemies at the same time using the Omega Crash explosion.
Collect at least half the heart items on any given stage.
You've Warped… Poorly
Died for the first time.
Suspiciously On Purpose
Died five times.
Wasting Valuable Resources
Died ten times.
Priceless Debt
Already ruined twenty ships. Seriously, Practice Mode is right there!
Mortal After All
Got your first Game Over.
Persistence Feeding
Continued for the first time.
Just A Couple More Warps
Continued twice in the same run.
Third Time's The Charm
Use continues three times in the same run.
Miscalculated Exit
Found a new grave by warping inside of an enemy.
Walled In
Mistakengly warped inside a wall or obstacle.
Fell to a nasty, rusty sword trap.
Became space meat.
Obliterated by a certain dysfunctional space tick.
Processed by a nightmarish wall of organic matter.
The Sting
Violently pierced by certain wicked space stingers.

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