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Imagine a world of seven floating continents, rotating one above the other. At the core resides an immense bio-computer, altering the laws of nature to support each continental shell.

Two keys and a promise - left by the Creator. Whoever unlocks the core will recieve the gift of heaven, believed to bestow incredible power.

Inhabiting the outermost shell, their lust for power has led them on a journey to the core, raining destruction on all who stand in their way.

A junk scavenger from the second shell, she survives on the refuse dropped from above by the Chosen.

When the Chosen armada begins its descent to the core, Maya's choice to defend her homeland against the invasion will trigger an astonishing chain of events, culminating in the fulfillment of their policy.

Assume the role of Maya, and embark upon an epic role-playing adventure, exploring this enigmatic world, uncovering its secrets, and changing the destiny of Septerra Core, forever.

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