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Time Flies
Survive until the 4th Day
Groundhog Day
Restart the game 10 times
At Last the Map is Complete!
Unlock 1040 tiles on the map
Dinner For Eight
Cook every type of meat 8 times
Once More into the Fray
Restart the game for the first time
I'm The Alpha
Kill a Wolf for the first time
Unexpectedly Tasty
Eat human meat for the first time
The Crash Was Just The Beginning
Complete the first story quest
Alone In The Bunker
Complete "Home, Sweet Home" quest
Where Were You In August 1992
Complete "The Door" quest
Getting The Hang Of It
Survive until the 8th Day
It's Been Two Weeks...
Survive until the 15th Day
A New Month
Survive until the 31st Day
Survival Expert
Survive until Day 100
Man vs. Wild
Survive until Day 200
Tree Puncher
Gather 1000 wood
Miner's Craft
Gather 1000 ore
40 Skills, 1 Time
Learn all 40 skills
40 Skills, 140 Times
Level up every skill to their maximum level
Winter Farm
Plant 8 seedlings in the HUB greenhouse
Home, Sweet Home
Unlock 6 rooms in the HUB
Real Bunny Hunter
Kill a Rabbit using a Trap for the first time
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Find a glowing diamond and equip it while in the caverns
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
In Mint Condition
Repair a weapon in very critical condition using the Bidirectional Teleporter
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
Welcome To The VAPOR-3 Transit System
Use the Transist System with VAPOR-3 Protective Suit, VAPOR-3 Armored Boots, VAPOR-3 Helmet, and a Crowbar equipped

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