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by Haeravon / Bkstunt_31

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FAQ/Walkthrough by Haeravon
/ Bkstunt_31

Version: v0.04 | Updated: 04/26/16



We have no affiliation with Ska Studios or any other parties involved with this game. This is a fan-made guide. If you wish to post, mirror, or quote this guide, feel free to do so. Credit would make us happy, an email would make us feel good. Let your conscience be your guide, just like all good people.


If you're going to email us about this guide, make sure you put "SALT AND SANCTUARY" or something similar in the title, or we'll probably end up deleting it as junk.

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Black PearlDrowned TomeShimmering Pearl

After making your character, you'll begin your journey protecting the princess of a marriage alliance... unfortunately, this doesn't turn out to be a routine escort mission! Move forward to have an NPC start to explain what is going on. His explanation is cut short as he is chopped down, giving you your first enemy to face. Practice out your sword slashes here as you wish; [SQUARE] performs a light attack, [TRIANGLE] performs a heavy attack and [R2] dodges. Speaking of which, if you don't care to waste your time, you can always just dodge through him, as well. Kill or skip him, and head up the nearby ladder, leading up to a second deck (look to the top right... is that the princess?!). There are battles going on here but every single sailor gets over-powered, meaning you have to face multiple enemies in a row. Once again however, this is just warm-up fodder for your character. You can choose to either take them out or skip them.

Continue on to the exit to the ship's deck and steel yourself for a fight...

Boss: The Unspeakable Deep

General Information: This boss is reminiscent of many early "Souls" game bosses, in the fact that you are likely going to die here. And if you do, it is no big deal: the developer EXPECTS you to die here and the game will continue on. However, you can actually defeat this boss if you try, although it is recommended to try after playing the game for a period of time and getting used to its mechanics.

Still, if you want to beat this boss it's recommended that you pick the Thief class, un-equip everything you can as being able to roll FAST is key here (you'll want to be under 25% equipment load) and two-hand your dagger. Run past the intro enemies and enter the fight!

Generally, the key here is avoiding attacks. The Unspeakable Deep is strong of course, and you won't last two hits here, but if you know what attacks are coming and are ready to dodge at all times this is a surprisingly simple fight to survive in, especially if you are taking this boss on after playing the game for awhile.

Read his attacks below but overall you'll want to stay IN HIS FACE - to the point where you should be actively hugging (I.E. running INTO) the front of him while waiting for him commit to an attack. When he does, dodge, and fter you dodge, try to get 1-2 hits in (or throw something and then get a hit in) before stopping your attack and getting ready to dodge yet again as he turns around. Rinse and repeat until you take this beast down. His attacks speed up the closer he is to death, but as long as you pay attention and dodge when you need to you will be able to emerge victorious.

Other than that, just try to avoid getting back into a corner. He will not launch an attack unless you're close to him, so if he leaps into a corner, just back away, let him come to you closer to the middle of the ship, and re-engage. Yes, this might mean yielding two attacks in a row to him, but if you get cornered, his shockwaves may hit you despite a dodge, so it's the better of the two options.


  • Fist Smash: This is the Unspeakable Deep's standard melee attack. He will simply lift his fist up and smash it on the deck of the ship, sending shockwaves to the left and right. This is very easy to dodge if you run into him, roll through him (only one roll), and run away a bit (to outrun the shockwave - best to be safe!). Once the wave dies down, the beast will turn to face you so run up to him and get in 1-2 hits and then STOP attacking while waiting for the

next attack.

  • Jumping Fist Smash: Now this attack is the reason we are in The Unspeakable Deep's face during this entire fight. This attack has him jumping up high into the air and slamming down, traveling about half the screen while he does so and slamming his fist into the deck. This of course sends out shockwaves as well. You want to roll past him as he jumps of course and you will have plenty of room to get to safety. Like the first attack, you can counter once the shockwave ends (1-2 hits ONLY!), but this is prime time to throw Grenados or any other items you may have.

If you do manage to beat The Unspeakable Deep, you will be well rewarded with 8,000 Salt, a Shimmering Pearl, a Drowned Tome, and a Black Pearl. That is two late-game upgrade items by the way (the Shimmering Pearl in particular can be hard to find) and a Black Pearl, which you can use to unlock a skill from the game's skill tree. The 8,000 Salt alone will get you SEVERAL levels though, so you are well on your way to mastering this game.


If you die to The Unspeakable Deep, the game continues to the Shimmering Shore area, meaning that in order to get another shot at the boss right now, you have to start a new game. Not hard, but definitely a bit of a pain.

Trophy: The Unspeakable Deep

Whether you win or lose, you'll move on to the next area. Don't be discouraged (or overly prideful) though, you've still got a princess to rescue!

"Failing this mission would surely plunge us into darker days."


Sanctuary KeyRed Shard x9Pouch of Salt x4Stone Merchant
Bundle of SaltBell of ReturnStone ClericRogue's Mask
Rogue's JacketRogue's GlovesRogue's HighbootsGrenado x5
Bandaged RingJurney BottleStone BlacksmithMend
The Sodden Knight's AshesFortress Key


Every section of the guide from this point on will have an "Item Checklist" for it, as seen up above. One of the main points of this guide (besides guiding you through the VERY inhospitable world of Salt & Sanctuary) is to make sure you find and collect everything you can along the way. The gear makes the man... so they say.

Also please note that clicking the links on the item names up above (or in the guide) takes you to the Item Lists section. To find the gear in the list up above, just scan the section of the guide down below. Our items really POP OUT at you thanks to the formatting we are using, so you shouldn't ever miss a thing! At least, if you do, it won't be OUR fault *judgmental glare*.

Creeds and Sanctuaries

Alone on a beach... this isn't a good start, is it? Head up the coast (the swords poking out of the ground are awesome) and talk to the man you see. He will make some quips and then tell you of a Sanctuary up the hill that you can claim. He will then grill you on which gods you keep, which is a three-part question that determines what Creed you start with. You can see the small table below for links, and check out the Creeds section of the guide for info on all of the creeds (as well as what rewards come with them...).

"Do you keep the New Gods?"The Three
"Pilgrim of Devara?"Devara's Light
"Hold No Gods at all?"The Iron Ones

After choosing your creed (which gives you a sanctuary-claiming item: an icon that lets you take over Sanctuaries), head up the hill and read the bottles as you wish (they will ALWAYS be here, as they contain control instructions). You will soon run into the first normal enemy of the game: the Rotten Walker. These guys shamble along and aren't particularly dangerous. Perfect fodder for your blade. Take them out and open the chest here for the Sanctuary Key and continue on up the hill, opening the door and entering the Sanctuary. Use your new idol in the middle of it and claim this space for your creed.

Trophy: Find Sanctuary


Your choice of creed isn't terribly important here. There are other creeds hidden in the depths of this island which you may wish to switch to later, and if you feel discontent in your old creed, you can always switch at the sanctuary of a new one.

You can return here to level up by spending Salt to acquire Black Pearls (which can also be found as treasure) and then spend Black Pearls to buy upgrades on the TREE OF SKILL. Think of these Sanctuaries as your safe space: you should focus on finding them in any new area and use them to level up whenever possible.

More importantly, you are also given three HEALING ITEMS that you can refill whenever we re-visit a sanctuary. These items vary in name based on what creed you are (and perhaps by number, but that's a discussion for a later time...) but they all heal you a great amount. They're TOTALLY NOT the Estus Flasks of Salt and Sanctuary!

The "Make Offering" option is for when you find various "Stone Idols" throughout the game. These idols summon various NPC's to the sanctuary (up to four) to assist you with various tasks; giving kill-and-fetch quests, upgrading items, fast-travel, selling stuff... all that good stuff. They will be discussed as you you the specific idols used to summon them. Unfortunately, there's a good chance that you have no idols at this time... Unless you picked up the "Stone Sellsword" as a starting gift. Patience! To read up on the various idols in the game, check out our Idol Guide section of the guide for a quick (quick!) run down of all the different idols and what they do. On the other hand, if you HAVE a Stone Sellsword, you can use it here, then talk to the resulting NPC, who will allow you to play co-op, if another character has already created a character on the same PS4.

Most importantly of all, however, a Sanctuary counts as a checkpoint. You will return here if you die, and when you quit, you'll appear at the last Sanctuary you rested at. Resting at a Sanctuary will, in addition to healing you and replenishing healing items, save your game.

Okay, let's continue on. Head out the right side of the building and jump up the ledge here. You can get on top of the building and find a chest to the far left (be sure to always break any barrels you see: there is often gold inside!). Open the chest here for a Pouch of Salt and Red Shard x3 items. These salt items (and there are a few throughout the game) should be saved for when you really need them (you can consume them to gain salt, naturally) and the Red Shard items are mild healing items. Very mild. Mild to the point of being useless mild. Oh well.

Continue up the hill, killing the Rotten Walkers on the way. The one on top of the scaffolding has a crossbow (he counts as a new enemy: the Rotten Crossbowman), so be ready to roll out of the way of the bolt and kill him. Next to him is a Pouch of Salt item on the ground. Just up the hill is a castle... open up the door and we'll tackle our first major area of the game.

The Festering Banquet

What a great name for an area. Heh... this lower floor has Rotten Walkers that rise out of the ground, meaning there are more than there appear. Sometimes they only rise up if you walk near them (like the ones to the far right and at the entrance), so just be ready for them and kill them when you see them. In the middle of the area on a wooden platform is a Rotten Crossbowman, so be careful of him. The right path is barred by a giant gate, so take the right stairs up and go through the right door to find another Pouch of Salt and another gate. You have no choice but to go up.

Head back inside and kill the Rotten Walkers and the other Rotten Crossbowman up here (it isn't a horrible idea to clear out these first few floors a few times and go back to the Sanctuary and level up a few times... grinding a bit if you will). After killing the Rotten Crossbowman, drop down to the wood and jump up to the left. Kill the Rotten Walker here. To the left down the stairs is another new enemy: the Drowned Berzerker. This goblin-looking thing can hack away viciously with its axe, so it is best to rush him and get in a flurry of strikes. This will likely kill him off, but escape and repeat if needed. He was guarding Red Shard x3 in the corner.

Head up the nearby stairs and head left outside the castle. Pick up the Stone Merchant and Bundle of Salt. You can kick down the ladder here as well for a shortcut.


The Stone Merchant will allow you to summon a Merchant at a sanctuary when it's offered up as an Idol. The Merchant will sell useful things like a Bell of Return (fast travel to the last Sanctuary or Shrine you rested at), weak healing items, ammo, torches and Pouches of Salt (turn gold into Salt!), and later they'll stock low-end upgrade materials. Neat-o. You can also buy the Salt Seeker's Ring from them and the Lantern Charm, neither of which are terribly useful.

Head back in and to the right note that two Rotten Walkers will rise up. Take them out and head up the ladder (the right path has wooden platforms that break and leads nowhere for now). To the left up the ladder is some more items for you: some Torches x3 and Throwing Dagger x20. You can use these daggers as a ranged attack, which can be helpful at times depending on your play-style (mostly useful for provoking enemies you can't reach). Head to the right and out the castle door, killing a new enemy: the Feral Beast. These things can run fast and jump at you, but aren't particularly strong so rushing them and laying into them is once again the best course action. There is an enemy up above him as well, but he may drop down into your onslaught (otherwise kill him afterward). On the platform he was on is a Bell of Return, which as the name implies take you back to the sanctuary you last visited.

Head up and into the upper left door, facing a new enemy (well two of them): the Skullbat. These things are weak, but can flitter around and annoy you, as well as poison you. When you get hit by a poisoned foe, the POISON BAR will appear atop your screen and start to fill green. Once full, it will turn red and slowly deplete, dealing damage to you all the while. Your odds of suffering poison from this foe are pretty slim, but it's something to keep in mind; later enemies won't have such impotent poison. In any event, a couple of sword swings should take them out easily enough. Head through the left door now and BEFORE you do anything drop down and head right, letting the wooden platform break so you can reach the Stone Cleric down below. Drop down again, hugging the right and make your way back up to where the bats were and out the left door again. Jump the gap past the ladder and pick up the item on the ledge for some Red Shard x3.


You can use the Stone Cleric in a Sanctuary to summon a Cleric NPC, who will sell you various prayers you can use, some of which can be INCREDIBLY helpful, if you plan to a do a prayer build. A prayer/melee build can be very tanky, and all in all, prayers are far less complicated than magic. You should be able to purchase Cleanse (2,000G) and Blessed Weapon (800G) from Cleric NPCs.

There's a couple of ways you can go from here; you can either take the ladder up or go inside and take that ladder up. Just take the nearest one up for now, killing the Rotten Walkers you find and heading up, killing more Rotten Walkers that show up and the Rotten Crossbowman. At the top ledge, before going inside again to the left, grab the item on the ledge to the right for your first ITEM SET (you will often find armor sets in matching sets like this). Specifically you'll get the Rogue's Mask, Rogue's Jacket, Rogue's Gloves and Rogue's Highboots here. Very nice! A great starting light armor set. Head left into the building again.

Kill the Skullbats you find and head up, out into the open air again. On the ledge here are some Grenado x5, another ranged weapon. Head up the ledge here and take out the Drowned Berzerker up above along with a Rotten Walker who shows up. Note the Obelisk here (you'll have to come back here to interact with it at a later point) and pick up the Bandaged Ring. You likely don't have many rings and this one reduces the game's wounding effect (when you take damage, a percentage of that damage also reduces your maximum Hit Points until you rest next), so equip it right away.

Head down to the lower platform now (where you last climbed up) and head right. There is a short drop, but that is the next way you'll want to go. There is a Feral Beast and Drowned Berzerker down there so be ready to fight (heal up: you have health refills coming soon). Head inside to the right and DOWN the ladder. Jump up to the ledge on the left you find and pick up the Jurney Bottle.


This bottle lets you send messages to others when you use it. Much like the Souls series with their messages. They appear in the same fashion as the bottles from the shore area. Send Asynchronous messages out as you wish!

Head down some more and pick up the Mend Prayer before using the lever to make a shortcut to the beginning of this area. Easy. The door on the right is locked by the way. Seems like you'll have to get a key if you want to proceed. Hopefully that key isn't held by some dangerous, unique monstrosity... Head back up and on the way up STOP on the ledge with the barrels, and go RIGHT. Light the candle here to activate the SHRINE. This isn't a full Sanctuary, but it will refill your health items and you go back to it if (or when...) you die. You cannot level up, offer idols, or any of that good stuff at Shrines, they're strictly checkpoints.


If you started out as a Cleric, instead of a Mend Prayer you'll get a Pouch of Salt, instead. No point in redundant spells, right? Also, if you pick up an item in co-op in another player's game, then pick the same item up later in your own, you won't get duplicate items; instead the original items (which you already got) will be replaced by Salt containers. No duping!

Leave and continue up, heading out the right doorway to find a Stone Blacksmith and Red Shard x3 on the ledge. Head back in and up now, heading out of the fort to the left and heading up.


The Stone Blacksmith will allow you to summon a Blacksmith at a sanctuary when it's offered up as an Idol. The Blacksmith's stock may vary a bit, but he'll always offer the invaluable service of upgrading your gear, which will be discussed in further detail later.


See the candles before heading up the ladder outside? This is a tell-tale sign that a BOSS FIGHT is coming up, so you know to be ready! This is a GRAND TIME to go back and level up if you haven't yet. Feel free to grind inside the castle as needed as well (enemies revive whenever you visit a sanctuary or checkpoint!).

Climb up the ladder and head forward to meet your first real boss!

Boss: The Sodden Knight

General Information: The Sodden Knight is your first "real" boss fight of the game (in other words, losing THIS boss fight will actually kill you). He is also a great skill check for beginning players, as he hits hard but his attacks are fairly easy to avoid if you know what you are doing.

His sword attack is the biggest threat of course, as he can whip out his blade quickly (his hand is on the handle at all times, it seems), which causes his massive sword to swing forth (it has range!). He also has an "Electric Punch" attack that he will use to send sparkwaves left and right, forcing you to dodge and re-position yourself.

Keep your potions ready for this fight and save any spells or consumable items (that aren't health-related) for the later-half of the fight, as The Sodden Knight will enter a "Rage Mode" once his health hits around 30-40% or so. Read up on his moves below and if you have any hard-hitting spells or items, start to use them at this health point for the best results.


  • Sword Combo: This is The Sodden Knight's go-to move: a giant swing with his great sword. You will need to dodge-roll once you see this, either away or through him (parrying isn't recommended here: he barely registers a stun). Later on in the fight, he will extend this sword swing into a three-swing combo, which covers a considerable portion of the arena and can be continued if he needs to turn around, but for the start of the fight he will stick to singular swings. You can dodge-roll through his attack with good timing, but whenever he ends his swings there is always a few seconds to get in a couple of attacks. Just don't expend your entire stamina bar once you counter-attack as you may need to roll away soon!
  • Electric Punch: His second attack of note is his electric punch. The Sodden Knight will charge his hand with electricity, leap forwards a bit and slam his fist down into the ground, sending sparkwaves to the left and right. When you see this move you KNOW it is time to attack, as you can leap over the shockwave and get in 2-3 hits easily once he lands. This is very much a "free hits" move UNTIL he starts his "Rage Mode" at low health. Once that happens, you want to be much more careful as he will follow up this attack IMMEDIATELY with his three-hit sword combo, combining the two moves to devastating effect. If he is far enough away, you can head backwards and counter-attack once his rampage is over otherwise you will need to time your dodge-roll through his attack animation and dodge away afterwards to remain safe, getting in a counter-attack once his sword swings are done. Alternatively, if you stay close to him when he readies his Electric Punch (close - not adjacent) you can just OVER the shockwave and UNDER the follow-up leaping attack he'll perform.

After proving successful, you will gain The Sodden Knight's Ashes and the Fortress Key.

Trophy: The Banquet


Black PearlWoodman's AxeCotton TunicCotton Trousers
PitchforkPouch of SaltStone Sellsword][[Platoon Crossbow
Bolt x20Raider's TargeRaider's HarnessRaider's Ushanka
Raider's PortyankiBag of SaltStone GuideLight Vessel x5
Spirited MendInfantry PollaxeChain CoifChain Gauntlets
Self BowArrow x20Soldier's SpearBundle of Salt
Lightning BoltTorchStained PageStone Mage
Torch x3Calling Horn x3Stone GuideKismet Stone
Bundle of Salt

To the Castle

The Sodden Knight may have been defeated, but don't get too cocky; there are plenty of horrors left on this island. Climb down from the roof upon which your encounter with the sod-eating knight took place and return to the Shrine to recuperate. Once done, leave the Shrine and drop down some ledges and climb down two ladders to reach the locked door that barred your progress earlier. With the Fortress Key in hand, you now have the power to open the door and continue on.

Do so and you'll come across a Knight, who will talk about quests, castles to the east, and dragons therein. Be nice to him, say you have a quest, and indulge him while he babbles about his. Once he stops talking, talk to him again and exhuast ALL OF HIS DIALOGUE OPTIONS. There's a trophy in it for you if you hunt down NPCs and lend an ear, you see, the Knight being one such NPC. It's not all a waste of time, though, as he pretty nicely outlays the next few objectives; open a shortcut to the beach, pass through a village, find a jester, get into the castle to the east. Below are the first lines of each conversation you can have with him, so you'll know when he has nothing more to say:

"Getting into this castle is a different story. There's a bridge to it, but it's missing bits."

"There's another way in, but it's not easy. I saw a passage beneath the fortress you just emerged from, perhaps it leads through to a village of sorts."

"There was a shortcut that connected the beach to the village, but it's been barred. Perhaps you can unlock it?"

"I've heard something about a jester. The jester knows a way to get to places no one else can?"

"It's easy to claim something. Until you can actually back your claims up, you're just a rumormonger."

Exhaust his dialogue options, then continue past him to the east. Jump on a platform and you'll score a Black Pearl. Free level-up? Yes, please! Drop back down to the lower level and continue east, then drop down off a ledge and onto another platform to find a Woodman's Axe, a Cotton Tunic and some Cotton Trousers; the starting apparel of a "Pauper" class.

Jump back up to the west, then climb up to where the Black Pearl was and cross the bridge to the east, jumping over a gap as you go. On the far side of the bridge you'll find another message in a bottle that now tells you (rather belatedly) how to drop down to lower levels. Follow it's advice to reach a platform with a Pitchfork and a Pouch of Salt on it.

Once done, run into the wall to the east and press [CIRCLE] to find... a hidden passage! There are lots of these about, so you might want to just get into the habit of clicking every wall you find. Or you can just use this guide to find secrets! Go east through the secret door and down some ledges to reach... a gate. A lowered gate. The lever - and a treasure chest - sit tauntingly out of reach beyond it. It'll be a while before you open that gate.

Return to the gray outdoors, climb back up, then continue east uphill until you find another doorway, beyond which lies your second Sanctuary. This one is already claimed by the Devara's Light creed. You can change this, later, if you care to, but for now it's a fine enough checkpoint. Keep in mind that since it's a creed you do not control, you can't make offerings to it, so no summoning NPCs. If you're already part of the creed, though, the Cleric here will serve you. Grab a Stone Sellsword off the ground and continue east.


Now is a good time to explain how you can trophy-scum the various creed trophies without having to actually commit to anything. To get these trophies you need only be a member of said creed, so you should have one such trophy already. If you want them all (and who doesn't?), to do so you need only locate one of their static shrines and rest at it. Now that your game is saved, choose the option "Take Oath" and you'll join this new creed, pop the trophy, and become an apostate. Yikes. Force-quit the application WITHOUT USING THE SANCTUARY AGAIN and reload. You'll be right where you left off, back in your old creed, but the trophy is non-refundable. Score.

Trophy: Devara's Light

Back outside, immediately climb to the roof of the shrine to find Bell of Return x3, then head back down. There's more loot to be had here, but you'll need to become somewhat more gravity-defiant to get it. Continue east up a slope to the east to find a pile of corpses, not all of which have the good sense to remain dead. Kill the new enemies that rise up from the pile here; the Drowned Peasant the Drowned Soldier and the Drowned Bandit. The Drowned Peasant isn't much stronger than the Rotten Walker, save that it will perform multi-hit strikes. The Drowned Bandit and Drowned Soldier both add a shield and a leap attack to this, but you can usually just attack until they run out of stamina, lower their guard, then finish them off. Just be sure to roll away if you get caught in an attack, as they will follow up with more strikes.

When they're dead pick up the Platoon Crossbow and the Bolt x20 before continuing, still to the east. Shorlty you'll find some ruined walls, whereupon perch another new foe; the Drowned Raider, a nasty brute capable of throwing axes with startling range and accuracy... even pretty stupid arches. They also don't stun quite as easily as some other foes, and are just as combo-happy as Drowned Bandits and Drowned Soldiers. Complicating this is the Drowned Bandits and the Feral Beasts below them, and a pile of enemies - some with shields, some who can leap, some who can throw weapons - can get quite messy. Don't be afraid to retreat and lure them away. When you're victorious, climb onto the ruins the Drowned Raiders were on and claim a Raider's Targe and a Raider's Harness, the latter of which is a suit of Heavy Armor. Leap across two small ledges to reach a third and dispatch another Drowned Raider and you can claim the rest of the Raider set of armor; a Raider's Ushanka, a Raider's Portyanki and a Bag of Salt, just as a bonus.

Before you go further east, there's a bit of secret treasure to get... and who doesn't like secret treasure?! Between the corpse pile to the west and the ruins where the Drowned Raiders and their allies lurked you'll find two trees, a small tree in the foreground and a larger tree in the background. Just east of these trees, under their leafy boughs, you can leap up into the air and hold the [UP] button on your D-Pad to grab onto a ledge obscured by the foilage. Repeat the process onto a higher ledge, then lead across the trunk of the tree in the background to find a Stone Guide.


The Stone Guide creates a Guide NPC who will teleport you to any Sanctuary you've visited. Place them strategically within various Sanctuaries and you'll never have to travel far. The starting Sanctuary isn't a bad place to put one, and you'll find plenty of them through the game, but you might want to hold onto them for later, just in case.

Jump up onto a salt-covered branch above you (you'll be doing quite a bit of this branch-jumping in the not-so-distant future), then jump onto another branch to the east. From here jump up, then west three times to find another generous branch with a bundle of Light Vessel x5 and a Spirited Mend Prayer. Nice, although the Focus cost on Spirited Mend means you're going to need to upgrade your Stamina quite a bit to use it... but more on that later. Drop down twice and look below you; it appears that there's quite a drop below you. Not so, however, as there's another hidden branch below you. Honest.

Continue east past the corpse pile and the first section of ruined wall and just before another ruined section of wall in the back ground you'll find some platforms you can drop down. Do so and head WEST for a change to find an Infantry Pollaxe on the ground, right snug against a ladder. If you're into Polaxes, well, this is the first one you've come across. Climb down a ladder and be wary of a trip-wire rigged to a crossbow just to the west; either block while intentionally tripping the wire, or jump over it and give the crossbow a righetous smashing. To the east lies an elevator that isn't functional yet, so continue west until it gets too dark to see. Oh, whatever shall you do? How about holding the [DOWN] button to summon up a torch? Great idea! Continue west down some stairs to find a Chain Coif and some Chain Gauntlets, which are guared only by darkness and urns.


Torches don't last forever, they only last a certain amount of time, as indicated by the bar under them, which is orange when in use, and grey when not in use. Using a torch occupies your off-hand and naturally prevents you from dual-wielding. Fortunately, you won't have to use them often.

Head back east and climb back up into salt-light, then continue east a short distance to find an elevated ruin where you can grab Flame Arrow x30. Further east is the entrance to the castle, at the start of which is a ladder you can climb to reach a door. A locked door. Bummer. Continue east to find an Old Man, who taunts your impaired progression before telling you about the nearby Obelisk, and suggesting you search "below those seaside ruins, where a forgotten feast festers."

Beneath the Festering Banquet

Looks like you have no choice. Backtrack to the west, through the shrine to Devara, and back to the platforms on the eastern side of the bridge (where you found the secret door earlier). Drop down and continue west into the lower part of the Festering Banquet where three Skullbats await you near an Obelisk. Crush them and keep going west, up some stairs to find a lever which opens a nearby gate, which in turns provides you with a shortcut through the bottom of the Festering Banquet. Be sure to claim the Self Bow and the Arrow x20 lying nearby, then drop down/descend two flights of stairs.

Ahead of you you should see a collapsible platform to the west and some lower ledges below you. Jump quickly across the collapsible platform to find a Bundle of Salt and a Soldier's Spear on the second, less fickle platform. The Soldier's Spear is a fine thrusting weapon which any Souls veteran can happily compare to the beloved Winged Spear, although since you're not impeded by the terrain in Salt and Sanctuary, it's somewhat less useful. Still, it's a fine weapon if you're looking for something different.

Make your way back east (the collapsible platforms will reappear in time) and drop down to the ledge below the stairs, then continue east to find a Merchant NPC. He'll sell a variety of interesting items, like Lock of Hair, which upgrades weapons and armor, Endless Fang, which are frequently items asked for by creed leaders if you wish to improve your standing, Stained Page, which can be used to descrate shrines (more on this later), basic ammunition, torches, and two sets of armor; the Beggars set and the Doppelsoldner set. The former consists of the Beggar's Hood, the Beggar's Rags, the Beggar's Gloves and the Beggar's Breeches, while the latter consists of the Doppelsoldner Barbut, the Doppelsoldner Cuirass, Doppelsoldner Cuisses and the Doppelsoldner Gauntlets. Getting ahold of the Beggar's set will put you back 2,000G, while the Doppelsoldner set will put an 8,000G dent in your coin purse. Considering that you can find better light armor shortly, and heavy armor is almost without exception prohibitively heavy, you might want to hold onto your coins. For the other stuff... well, you can just grind for it, so it's not worth really going out of your way to buy any of it just yet.


Doppelsoldner were Germanic soldiers ("doppel" = double, "sold" = pay) who volunteered for front-line duty. This was naturally riskier, but doing so got you double pay. So, Doppelsoldner armor is the gear of the badass, death-defying vanguard soldier... or the guy who wanted to get out of the military as quickly as possible, and was willing to risk injury and death to do so. The former sounds more heroic, so let's go with that.

Magic 101

Beyond the Merchant to the east you'll find another gate you're on the wrong side of, so continue west, instead, drop down a ledge and immediatly turn right and search the wally to find ANOTHER secret door! Well, it would be a shame to neglect this, right? Head into the light and drop down two ledges to the right, then one to the left, upon which you'll find the Lightning Bolt magic and a Torch. Nice.

Since you have both a Prayer and Magic, it's time to go over how these thing work. Magic and Prayers consume Focus, which is indicated by the white line under your Stamina Bar. Essentially your Focus is locked at half your Stamina. Say you have 100 Stamina, and a spell (say Lightning Bolt) costs 8.0 Focus. Casting this spell once would temporarily reduce your Focus by 8 points... Just like using a normal melee attack, save you only have half your Stamina bar (as Focus) to play around with. Since your Stamina is 100, you'd have exactly 50 Focus. Focus and Stamina are also linked in a way; as your Focus depletes, so to does you maximum Stamina until you either use a healing phial (think a healing potion, save it removed Fatigue - Stamina/Focus damage) or rest at a Sanctuary/Shrine. It should be noted that casting spells depletes your maximum Stamina/Focus far faster than dodging and attacking does.

There are two types of magic in Salt and Sanctuary; Magic and Prayer. Prayers (like Mend) are powered by Wisdom, while Magic is powered by... Magic, and the two have entirely different spells and trees. There are also two types of spells... Spells (which require a focus of some sort; namely a Wand or a Staff) and Incantations, which do not. Prayers are universally Incantations, well-suited for the warrior-priest, while Magic is more split between the two. To cast a spell you must have enough Focus, and you must have a high enough Magic or Prayer score (which functions just like weapon proficiencies in that you buy them in the Tree of Skill, and get a number of Magic or Wisdom equal to the level of the proficiency).

Equipping Incantations is pretty simple; in your menu there's a line of icons below your quick-items, which are reserved for Incantations. Once Incantations are equipped you can cast them just like you can use quick-items. Spells work a bit differently; they count as ammunition, and are equipped as such in your inventory. Wands take a shield slot (strictly off-hand only) while Staves must be used two-handed... The benefit of the latter being that you can equip two spells at once with a Staff, and only one with a Wand. You can also parry with a Staff, but not with a Wand, but on the other hand, you can't use an melee weapon to attack while using a Staff (for obvious reasons) like you can with a Wand.

One more thing pertaining to Magic (but not Prayers); as you cast Magic, your "elemental imbalance" will start to accrue, and a bar will appear on the top of your screen showing this. Cast too many spells without letting it deplete and you'll suffer Mana Burn... which is bad. Instant death bad. Different elements cause different imbalances, though, so if you're spamming fire spells too much, just try switching to lightning.

Drop off this ledge to land on some stairs to the right, then head west down some more stairs and into more light to find a dark cave occupied by a creature that normally dwells later in the game, an Armor Mite. Armor Mites have three basic attacks; a rather slow vertical chop with their swords (be wary, their speed can be deceptive - they can often turn around and attack again quite quickly!), a stabbing lunge where they rake their swords across the ground, and a leaping slash. This critter might be a bit rough at this point in time, as it is intended to mid-game characters. If you can defeat (or dodge) it, though, you can score the Stained Page and the Stone Mage it guards. Getting your hands on this Stone Mage early is essential for players who want to go into caster builds quickly... not that there's much point, casters take a bit of work get up to snuff, but if you want to buy any Wands or Staves, you're going to need to summon a Mage NPC.


The Stone Mage will summon a Mage NPC to the sanctuary where this idol is offered, who will of course sell you various wizardly paraphernalia, including spells, staves and wands. A must-have resource if you plan to dabble in magic, yourself. The Mage will start out selling a modest selection of spells, namely the Spell Flashfire (500G) and the Incantations Wildfire (5,000G), Arcane Weapon (1,000G) and Undersight (800G). They also sell a Scrimshaw Cane (1,500G) and a Saltwood Branch (1,500G), which are your starter Staff and Wand, respectively. If that's not enough goodness for you, you can also buy a Charged Ring (8,000G), depending on your creed. This ring will give you a nice boost to your Magic score, a boon all fledgling mages can appreciate.

To the Village of Smiles

Leave the darkness of the Armor Mite's cave and climb back up out of the secret passage. From here continue west, stopping to grab a Torch x3. Further west is a collapsing platform which will gleefully drop you to your death, and several more chasms you'll need to jump over. Complicating this effort is a Blade Wraith, a flying baddie with stretchable arms that give it somewhat more reach than is readily apparently. It staggers laughably easy, though, so just jump and smack it until it dies, then keep jumping west unimpeded.

Eventually the path will split again, and a collapsible platform will provide temporary cover over some ledges below. Continue west, first, and exterminate a Skullbat to find a some loot; a Calling Horn x3 and a Stone Guide. Just beyond them is a lever, which opens up a gate that will lead you back outside, near the first Sanctuary you claimed. Shortcuts are just great, aren't they?


The Calling Horn will take you back to any Sanctuary with a Guide in it, which is useful for obvious reasons.

Rest up, then return east to the collapsible platform hanging over ledges below and drop (or fall) down onto the ledge. There are a series of stepped ledges leading down and west you should follow, but stop on the third one down (the second one with a torch) and search the wall to the east to find ANOTHER secret door! Climb down a ladder and open a chest at the bottom to claim a Kismet Stone and a Bundle of Salt. A ring that increases item drop rates? Yes please. Get upgrades, Salt and monster pieces various creed Leaders want faster, just by wearing this trinket. And for the time being, what else do you have to put on your fingers?

Return to the ledges and climb down them until you reach a door to the west. Make sure you have a shield equipped, then head on through. Beyond the door lies the next area; the Village of Smiles...


Bell of ReturnLock of Hair x3Pouch of SaltVinemesh Peltarion
Bundle of SaltFused Metal RingGray PearlGhastly Gourde
Conduit of MindKureimoaBlacksmith's BootsBlacksmith's Gloves
Blacksmith's ApronFaithful RingWrapped LinkStone Cleric
Stone GuideQueen of Smiles' EarIron PotChef's Toque
Chef's ApronChef's TrousersBloodflower CharmWarhorn
Bundle of SaltHaymakerBundle of SaltPale Charm

The Saltless Grind and the Sanctuary of The Three

Go through the light to and take in the scenery of the Village of Smiles; skulls abound, an old gallows beam, and a tree with a swinging bludgeon trap tripwire in front of it. This place is going to be friendly. Trip the trip wire and immediately dodge back towards the door to avoid suffering a hefty blow. Once that hazard has been navigated, turn your attention beyond it to the west, where two Feral Beasts lurk near their master; a Bronze Knight. You got your shield handy, right? Good. Because the best way to defeat the Bronze Knight (all knights save old sod-face, really) is to parry their attacks, then riposte. To parry, block with a weapon or your shield (shields deflect more damage, and will allow you to make more mistakes) by holding down [L2], then before their attack lands, press SQUARE. If done properly you'll get a nice slow-down effect, an automatic riposte, and you'll knock the baddy prone, where you can score more damage. After doing enough damage this way, the Bronze Knight should fall prone, susceptible to a timely coup'de'grace; just walk up to them and press [CIRCLE]. If you miss your opportunity, they can be killed conventionally. To deal with the Feral Beasts, you may just want to try luring them towards you, even if you have to dodge through the Bronze Knight or take a leap attack/mauling from one to get at them. Getting them out of the way will allow you to focus solely on the Bronze Knight. Once the knight falls, he'll drop a Bell of Return for your trouble. Hardly a fitting reward... oh well.


This Bronze Knight, unlike most foes, will not respawn. In fact, the next two Bronze Knights you'll face both won't respawn, but at least they'll have the courtesy to drop unique loot.

Continue down some stairs to the west and you'll reach a stockade guarded by several Drowned foes, including the new Drowned Archer, who naturall occupies high ground. They're not any more noteworthy than the Rotten Crossbowman you fought earlier, so destroy them and grab a Lock of Hair x3 and a Pouch of Salt from the top platform.

Drop back down to the ground and you should see a platform with a ladder hanging off it, and along the nearby cliff face below the platform you'll spot a passage to the east. This can be reached by dropping down through the ladder-bearing platform's eastern-most point (where it connects to the cliff) and pressing [RIGHT] on your D-Pad to grab the ledge as you fall. Accomplish this feat and head into the light to find a Feral Beast guarding a pile of corpses, and be wary of the Drowned Peasant that will rise to flank you. Kill them and continue over the gore to the east, cross a platform, then grab a Vinemesh Peltarion lying on the ground.

Return back west a short distance and behold a Drowned Archer below you, who is all to eagerly trying to shoot you. Jerk. Drop down and smite him gleefully, then grab the Bell of Return x3 on the platform he guarded. Further below you are a pair of Feral Beasts, who were no doubt alerted by your scuffled with the Drowned Archer. Kill them if they stay nearby, otherwise, drop down and get a look at your surroundings; to the west and east are stairs going up and down, respectively. To the east you'll find a Sanctuary and relative safety, while to the west lies adventure. Well... technically you can find Sanctuaries and adventure down both paths, and they can loop around to each other, but that ruins the fun (false) dichotomy.

Be brave and head down the stairs to the east, being wary of a tripwire rigged to an elevated crossbow as you go (just hold up your shield as you go downstairs, if you don't see it). At the bottom of the stairs you'll see a doorway (oooh, light...) which you should ignore. Instead jump on the ledge above it, grab a Bundle of Salt and continue east until you reach some suspended, collapsing platforms over a dangerous drop (but not outright deadly, depending on where you fall).

Jump across the platforms (ignore some taunting treasure above you, as it's out of reach for now) until you reach a stable platform with a Drowned Archer on it, grab a Fused Metal Ring, (the Fused Metal Ring increases your Equip load by about 10%, rounded down) then continue leaping to the east across more collapsing platforms to reach land. Proceed to the east and grab some loot off the ground, in this case a Gray Pearl. Gray Pearls remove a purchased spot on the Tree of Skill, allowing you to reallocate that point (essentially refunding a Black Pearl). They're far more rare than they should be, so don't expect to totally respec your character or anything, especially since you'll need one Gray Pearl for each Black Pearl spent on said talent. A high-end weapon or armor talent could easily cost you several Gray Pearls, for example.

You'll see more treasure to the east, this time a Ghastly Gourd (a rather... festive helmet), but be wary, as it's guarded by two pairs of Saltless, wraiths who will suck your soul of if they get ahold of you, or they'll throw blood vials at you if you're too far away. Neither one is desirable. Fortunately, only one pair will spawn at a time and pretty much EVERYTHING you do will stun them. Just get near them and keep stabbing, hitting them both and attack until they're dead; even if you run out of Stamina, you'll likely recover enough to attack before they can strike back. Best of all, they're worth a whopping 400 Salt each, or 1,600 Salt per run. They also drop Bundles of Salt and Bags of Salt, furthering the Salt gain you'll get from them. They're great for farming Salt, if that's your wish, but first... let's find a nearby Sanctuary, eh?

In round-about way, of course. Jump back west across the collapsing platforms, head upstairs and drop down, now going through the doorway you ignored earlier to the east. In this darkened chamber you'll spot another Bronze Knight below you. You know how to beat them, and this time there's no Feral Beasts distracting you; parry, riposte, repeat, kill. Your reward for besting this bronze beast is the Conduit of Mind ring, which locks your minimum Stamina at one third of your maximum Stamina value. Stamina, like Hit Points, drain as you take damage (or in this case, use Stamina). The effect is somewhat less pronounced, but after long runs you'll doubtlessly see it in effect. Still, going BELOW one third is rare to the point of being a non-issue, so what gives? Well, spells drain much more of your maximum Stamina, so if you're a new spell caster, you might want to consider this ring to keep your Stamina bar happy.

From where the Bronze Knight was, drop down to a lower platform and score a Stone Leader, then drop down one more time to fight three Drowned Bandits. Teach them a lesson in death, then note there are two doorways, one to the east, and one to the west. The eastern path leads to The Watching Woods, and while it's definitely possible to take the area on now, there's more treasure and easier prey in the Village of Smiles. Head west, then, and once you're back outside jump up three platforms, then leap over into a partially obscured doorway to the west to find a small chamber with some very, very nice loot; the Kureimoa. Your first Greatsword, the Kureimoa is relatively fast (or at least not so slow that it's useless, as has become the standard for many RPGs), powerful, has good range, a nice attack arc and can stagger foes - even bosses! - like few other weapons. One of the more powerful weapons in the game, it does consume a good bit of Stamina, but it can make a large portion of the game immediately up-coming much easier, if you invest some points into Strength and Stamina. In fact, Greatswords are a nice choice of weapon for the rest of the game, in all honesty.


The Stone Leader will summon a Leader NPC to the Sanctuary it's offered at. This high-ranking creed member will give you "missions", namely collect "X" monster bits and turn them in for a reward. Not only are these rewards imminent and apparent; like bonus healing items per rest after using said Sanctuary, but faction-aligned Merchants, Blacksmiths, Clerics and Mages may expand their stock, giving you access to some of the best spells in the game. It will be pointed out when you encounter such a beneficial creed.

Leave the generous Kureimoa chamber and drop back down to the ground, then head west, watching out for a spike-stick trap as you go (dodge-roll over it and its trip wire to be safe). Shortly you should reach a ladder, and beyond it another door. The door just leads to a gate which is barred to you right now, so climb the ladder to reach a Sanctuary. This one, too, is already claimed, and belongs to The Three. Keeping the faith is a resident Blacksmith who will sell you mundane weapons, shields and armor, and more importantly, he'll upgrade your gear. It's not a bad idea to spend some Salt upgrading your Kureimoa, or your favored weapon; right now you should have at least three Locks of Hair, which (along with 750 Salt) will get you up to a +2 weapon. As for upgrading armor and shields, the returns are far less impressive. Don't bother unless you have resources to burn.

Anyways, pick up the glowing loot nearby to obtain the Blacksmith's Boots, Blacksmith's Gloves, and Blacksmith's Apron. They might not seem like much now, but they provide great Fire Defense (naturally), and against pyromaniac bosses, these might just be more useful than physical defense. The Blacksmith's Gloves also subtly increase your Strength by three when worn, which is good news for melee characters. Once done, rest up, level up, replenish your supplies, save, all that good stuff. Time to finish the Village of Smiles.


Running from this shrine to the pumpkin patch occupied by the Saltless constitutes the first good grinding spot in the game. You'll get 1,600 Salt from the Saltless (ironic name, considering thy're LOADED with Salt) per run, not counting the Salt you'll get from the Drowned and the Feral Beasts along the way. It can be kind of tedious what with all the jumping and all, and the Saltless can be quite dangerous if you make a mistake, but if you want to massage the odds in your favor, a bit of grinding now will go a long way. Especially if you plan on investing in Prayers or Magic... the more Black Pearls you can burn to get those off the ground, the better off you'll be.