First try
Do you dare to enter?
The end is near with Ghost
Stone carved note
Story Part 1
for anyone that will follow us
Story Part 2
If anyone will find this
Story Part 3
The more I try to explain
Story Part 4
talking to yourself
Story Part 5
not going anywhere
Story Part 6
return without mask
Story Part 7
talking gibberish
Story Part 8
give or take
Story Part 9
inhabitants of realm
Story Part 10
she told me to
Story Part 11
tumbling and falling
Story Part 12
The mask is back
Story Part 13
talking to stone
Story Part 14
started to glow
Story Part 15
sounds coming
Story Part 16
hear her
Story Part 17
scared I am
Story Part 18
Story Part 19
keep mask safe
Story Part 20
they are glowing
Story Part 21
world is finished
Story Part 22
Story Part 23
from the deep
Story part 24
new lifeforms
Story part 25
should we leave
Story part 26
care for the world
Story part 27
I do not wanna go
Story part 28
I will tell your daddy
Story part 29
Story part 30
Mask of pure evil
Story part 31
into pieces
Story part 32
cursed for ever
Story part 33
into abyss
Story part 34
walking on the edge
Story part 35
into a stone
Story part 36
sucked into the obelisk
Story part 37
dad will know what to do
Story shall not be read
This stone carved note is unreadable
Hexar Lizard
Ha, ha. that is so lame.
Alive and kicking and mutated
It could be worse, you could be roasted
Not the pinky one
Peak Master
Not that kind of master
Not squashed completly
Rock solid
squashed as bug or maybe pancake
Aero mortem
Green stuff is not so breathable
Rolling ball
Not really like in a movie
Pendulum axed
Maybe you were looking for something else
clean cut
Swinging blade
it swings and it swings back
not the kind you play with
Rolling stones, rolling drums
only you stand still
From the floor they rise
on them you step
Spikes from above
Look better from distance
Worm eater
except this time it was opposite
On acid
did you tripped or just fell?
Dissolved in acid
you are joking, right?
Stalactite fun
Show some respect, they grow for eons
Those rats
They sure do multiply
Bats, caves and bad hair
You will not be eating a cake today
Those spiders are huge
and they bite.
Totem of bliss
Close encounter of first kind
Totem of power
Close encounter of second kind
Totem of light
scares the ghost
Obsessive and deranged
Truth might set you free, fata morgana won't
Totem of darkness
There are places where you don't go
Mask of forgotten
and wrong spelling too
Statue of warrior
once a warrior, now a stone
Stone face
he played the game and lost
Skull of deamon
Not what it used to be
Ghost deadly
run or at least hide
It's just a light
Ancient dragon
Once there were dragons
Ancient golem
Half stone, half energy
Defeat of the daemon
This might all be a dream
Monstrum Saved
Monstrum Divinus
Saved hexar
Hexar is grateful for saving his life
Saved Mutant
Mutant will be demutated
Saved Roach
Roach is thankfull
Saved Unicorn
Unicorn to double corn
Saved Peak Master
Peak Master shall be Beat Master
Saved Juggernaut
Juggernaut was astronaut

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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