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Iceworld fun
Use the glider more than 5 times in one level.
Easy peasy apple squeezy
Complete summer levels with 3 stars.
Complete the level by blocking the snake.
Allow the snake to eat 10 stars.
Cold snack
Get slipped on the glider and be eaten by snake 5 times.
Deadly inattention
Get slipped on the glider and fly off the level.
The long journey
Complete the level in 20 or more minutes.
Like a God
Complete the level with 3 stars on the first try.
Complete first level in Spring Pack with 99 moves and 3 stars.
Hello, Gingerbald
Meet the Gingerbald.
Not for pirates
Find the hidden treasure and an exit.
Keep calm...
Complete "Bresenham's circle" level with 3 stars after 10 deaths.
Mongoose reaction
Leave 10 spikes before they will be open.
Get on the spikes 10 times.
Complete the level with 3 stars in less than 15 seconds.
Complete all levels with two snakes by 3 stars.
Collect 3 stars on each level.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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