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...And Throw Away The Key
Close the Chaos gate.
Animal Whisperer
Tame an animal.
Assassin's Deed
Kill an enemy with poison.
Recover from being doomed.
Avatar of Thieves
Steal an item worth at least 6,666 gold pieces.
Aware of Danger
Pass through the Small Cave in less than 200 turns.
A Child's Hero
Save a puppy from certain doom.
Battle Alchemist
Kill a monster with an alchemical fireball.
Beloved by Fate
Win the game with a character obtained by letting fate decide.
Get the Weird Tome.
Champion of Balance
Be crowned as a champion of Balance.
Champion of Chaos
Be crowned as a champion of Chaos.
Champion of Order
Be crowned as a champion of Order.
Champion of the Arena
Become the champion of the arena.
Consistent Believer
Win without ever changing alignment.
Deep Dive
Reach level 50 of the infinite dungeon.
Slay a dragon. Easy, right?
Kill the lord of the mummies.
Enter the bug-infested temple.
Eternium Man
Level up to level 50 in the Small Cave without visiting any other locations.
Everything For This Moment
Usurp the throne of Chaos.
Filk Will Never Die!
Kill Filk.
Fortune's Favor
Have Fate smile upon you.
Friend of the Felines
Complete the cat quest.
Give and Take
Buy stuff with a total value of 90,169 gold pieces in shops with one character.
Visit every town in Ancardia.
Slay the Chaos God during your crusade for Balance.
Iron Man
Retrieve the Chaos Sceptre in the most straightforward way possible, then leave the game.
It Starts Easy
Die your first death.
Just in Time
Save Khelavaster.
Kung Fu Master
Gain level 15 in unarmed fighting.
Lithium Man
Complete the game without visiting any locations except the Caverns of Chaos and the Tower of Eternal Flames.
Lucky Sip
Get a wish from a pool.
Mad Carpenter No More
Find a way to cure Yrrigs.
Magic Hater
Win without casting spells.
Martial Arts Adept
Gain level 5 in unarmed fighting.
Master of Air
Obtain the Air Orb.
Master of Earth
Obtain the Earth Orb.
Master of Fire
Obtain the Fire Orb.
Master of Mana
Obtain the Mana Orb.
Master of Water
Obtain the Water Orb.
There's No Such Thing As Overkill
Obtain the Trident of the Red Rooster.
Ocean's Eleven
Successfully rob the Casino shop.
I'm Bad... But I Feel Good!
Achieve the Ordinary Chaos God ending.
Offer peace to a monster.
Plant Hater
Win without using herbs, plants or any related skills.
Plutonium Man
Complete the game after having killed 95% of every type of non-unique monster in the game.
Master Alchemist
Mix a potion of gain attributes.
Power at my Fingertips
Successfully learn the 'Wish' spell from a tome.
Why did you do that?
Finish Riurry's quest.
Sacrificial Fodder
Dealt successfully with the demented ratling.
Pick up the literacy skill during a game.
Revered Martyr
Slay the Chaos God during your crusade of Order.
Score 10 million points.
High Scorer
Score 25 million points.
Scoring Monster
Score 50 million points.
Successfully rob a shop without resorting to violence.
Soul Saver
Free Griff's soul.
Speed Demon
Complete the game within 10000 turns.
Speed Runner
Complete the game within 20000 turns.
Speed Player
Complete the game within 40000 turns.
Steel Man
Level up to 50 in the wilderness without entering any locations.
Stick them with the pointy end!
Dual-wield Needle and Sting.
Get the minotaur axe.
Things Were Better Back Then
Restore a character from permadeath.
The Grey Hawk
Become an avatar of Balance.
Titanium Man
Complete the game before rising above experience level 20.
Get through the Living Forest without attacking any trees.
True Ascension
Commit the ultimate sacrifice to stop Chaos.
Very Deep Dive
Reach level 100 of the infinite dungeon.
Visited Terinyo
Locate and enter the town of Terinyo.
What's this?
Find a strange item.
Well-known Wanderer
Rise to experience level 5.
Well-known Veteran
Rise to experience level 10.
Well-known Champion
Rise to experience level 20.
Well-known Hero
Rise to experience level 30.
Well-known Legend
Rise to experience level 40.
Well-known Demi-urge
Rise to experience level 50.
The White Eagle
Become an avatar of Order.
Yep, All Done!
Leave the Drakalor Chain after having closed the gate.
Unlock 40% of all achievements.
Unlock 80% of all achievements.
ADOM Grandmaster
Unlock every other achievement.

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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