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Power Up
Reach Ship Level 2
Change Firemode to incomming Bullet Color
The Beginning
Finish the first Stage
Kill 1000+ Enemies
Collect 1000 Powerups
Visit all Hangar Areas
Clear Sky
Complete all Earth C-1 Stages
Collect 100 000+ overall Credits
This one is mine!
Play one of your Ships to ShipLevel 10+
One more!
Upgrade your Ship 10+ times
No Problem!
Finish a Stage at 150% Difficulty or harder
John Hawk
Unlock first Defense Ace Player Skill
Lea Striker
Unlock first Air Sniper Player Skill
Bill Riddim
Unlock first DroneMaster Player Skill
Kill 10000+ Enemies
Pro League
Change Firemodes over 20+ times in one Stage
Absorb 200+ Bullets in one Stage
Test 10+ different Ship, Pilot, Drone and Upgrade Combinations
Defense Ace
Become a Defense Ace - Unlock all John Hawk Skills
Air Sniper
Become a Air Sniper - Unlock all Lea Striker Skills
Drone Master
Become a Drone Master - Unlock all Bill Riddim Skills
Sky Marshall
Complete all Stages on all Planets
Install all Ship upgrades up to lvl 25
Creative Mind
Create a new 100+ objects stage
Try this
Share a unique created stage
Content Hunter
Download and play a user created stage
Finish a mission stage in Hardcore mode

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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