The Whole Crew's Here!
You've found all the heroes trapped in the dungeon.
Professional Baker!
Found all arcane forge recipes in the game.
Can Someone Call a Witch Doctor?
Something tells me I shouldn’t have picked more than 5 cursed items…
Indiana Jones'd
Get killed by a Boulder Trap
Gold Swimming
Maybe with 1 million gold I can buy a dungeon for myself!
Puny Skeleton King
Skeleton King is not worthy of being a king. Maybe I should start calling him SkeLOSER! (Kill the Skeleton King under 30 seconds without taking damage)
I Am Now Ready!
Now I should know how to survive this hell of a dungeon! (Finish the tutorial)
Good Architecture
The architect who built this dungeon must be amazing. 30 floors in and still no end in sight! (Reach a dungeon level of 30 floors or greater)
Keep 'Em Coming!
Is this the best that you can do?! 500 enemies are NOTHING! (Kill over 500 enemies on a single run)
Secret - Click or Tap to Reveal
We did it… We’re finally free… (Finish the story of the game, freeing all souls of the dungeon and defeating Selene one last time) (Secret)

Originally Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

Additional Hints and Other Information Contributed By: Eevee-Trainer

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