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Mega 3D Noah's Ark is a newly developed port of the infamous Super 3D Noah's Ark for Sega Genesis/Megadrive. It is very similar to the genre's most classic game with a biblical twist. It is also a rare case of non-violent shooter game, as you don't kill anyone despite of the intense shooter action!

It's been a long journey. In just a few days, the ark doors will open and Noah, his family & the animals will be back on dry land. But the animals have become a bit restless and are out of their cages. Camels, giraffes, monkeys, kangaroos and more are wandering throughout the corridors of the ark. As Noah, it's your job to regain order & get the animals to sleep until you leave the ark. Your only tool to accomplish this is the food you brought aboard the ark. Can it be done? You bet! But how?

* 30 original levels.
* 6 feeders and 11 animal varieties.
* Fully featured in game map.
* Fully textured mapped environments.
* Fast moving adventure for all ages!

20th Anniversary Edition:

* Runs natively on modern operating systems.
* High resolution rendering.
* Improved, modern style controls.
* Option to play with SNES scale feeders.
* Steam Achievements and Cloud save.
* Digitial manual with quiz guide.
* Includes original DOS port.
* DRM Free!

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