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You're the only human in a huge, robotic space ship, flying at incredible speeds through deep space. Your mission: find and settle a new planet where humanity can thrive. Combat is inevitable, but you'll need more than flying skill to succeed. You'll also need resourcefulness, charm and political skill to help you negotiate with the bizarre, intelligent--sometimes hostile--beings who correctly see you as the alien.
3-D Combat Flight Simulation Like You've Never Seen
Earth-bound simulations spend most of their graphic power on landmarks and other terrain. But since there's no terrain in the black void of outer space, Lightspeed devotes its Super 3-D Graphics power to showing space ships in breathtaking detail and animating them with unprecedented smoothness.
Fascinating Role-Playing Depth
Multiple star clusters await your exploration, each with unique challenges. A dozen solar systems spin through each cluster; scores of planets revolve around each sun. Most important, 25 species of aliens require your constant attention.
The Broodmasters--sinister, manipulative and eager for universal domination
The Lutin--quasi-intelligent, with no memory and no concept of the future
The Cicisbeo--totally self-absorbed, vain and arrogant

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