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Guide and Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/03/2015
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+=@@@@&@@@#; $@@+   ^#@@#@@@@@@&&&=;O&o`       ~o!e*;^`^``-+oi+;;:~^~_:;;;:_-.^`
 &@@%  =#@@% O@@_   .#@@  ~;@@$-.  ;#&o`      `;?!e!o~   ^_o*+-...^`^.~_:;_-.^`
=@@&     @@@ O@@    ^#@@. ^_@@%.`  ;&#=`      .i%*  !;.``^:**+-```     ~:;_.`
e@@!     #@@ O@@=    O@@.  _&&%^`  ;##=`      -e?+  !i:-~`_ieo;-.`     ._;-^
?@@i     O@@ O@@:    #@@.  _@&%``  +#O+`     ^=%!_  !i-`  .:i*o+_~^    ._;-^
%@@+     %@@ O@@i   ^#@@~  ;&#!`   %##=`     ~e$e_  ee;^  `._+ii=:~`   ._;-^
?@@=     O@@ #@@i   ^#@e^  =$#!^   !&#=`    `_?$e  ie!*i:-.^^~_;==_.   ._;-^
o@@%     @@@ %@@=   _&@&-  =@@%.`  +&&i`    ^=%$%!eee*i+.^~--~^-+i;~`  ._;-^
 @#!    !@@# !@@%   o@@O:  _@@%~   ;&&o     ~e$?oi==ioo:^`^.^^^-=o+~`  ._;-^
 !@O&  O@@@= -@@@Oe%&@@Oi. :@@$`   ;&&%oii=`:?%i~...-i*+~^-:;;_:==:.   ._:-^
  %O@@&@@@e. ^e@@@@@@@@#i. _@@%`   ;&&O$%%$.=?!:`   ^;o=-.:ioooi=;~`   ^-_~^
 `^+%&&#?:.; ^^:!O&#?*#!~  ^$Oo    -eeooiii.;=;.    `~::~^~;+==i=~^    `..^`
  `^`^^^^``   -_``~.`.+^.  ```      ```````` ```      `^^`^^..~~--`     ```

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            Platform:   PlayStation 4 / PC / XBox One
             Version:   1.00
        Last Updated:   1/3/2015

               Email:   FAQs @ bkstunt .com
            Web Site:   http://bkstunt.com/
       Facebook Page:   http://www.facebook.com/Bkstunt

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O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O

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 - Introduction......................................................[OUT-INT]
 - Controls..........................................................[OUT-CON]
 - Tips and Tricks...................................................[OUT-TIP]


   - Administration Block...................................[OUT-1]
   - Prison Block...........................................[OUT-2]
   - Sewer..................................................[OUT-3]
   - Male Ward..............................................[OUT-4]
   - Courtyard..............................................[OUT-5]
   - Female Ward............................................[OUT-6]
   - Return to the Administration Block.....................[OUT-7]
   - Underground Lab........................................[OUT-8]


 - Documents.........................................................[OUT-DOC]
 - Notes.............................................................[OUT-NOT]
 - Trophies..........................................................[OUT-TPH]

 - Version History...................................................[OUT-HIS]
 - Credits...........................................................[OUT-CRE]
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                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                            Introduction                              >==O

Hey everybody, Bkstunt here with a FAQ/Walkthrough on the PS4 Horror game
Outlast. Thanks for joining me again!

For some weird reason, despite now really enjoying most horror movies out
there, I'm a big fan of horror video games. I've played every Silent Hill
game and Resident Evil game (although some may argue that Resident Evil isn't
really Horror anymore). And now we have a new horror game for the PS4!

This guide is made to focus on not just getting you through the horrific
world of Outlast, but to find all the documents and notes along the way,
letting you see and experience everything this game has to offer! Let's
do this!

As always, feel free to join me on Facebook or email me. After all, I
wouldn't do this if it weren't for you, my fellow gamer, supporting me
along the way!

 ~ Bkstunt


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~ Bk

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O==<                               Controls                               >==O

Here are the controls for Outlast.
                _,.--.,_                              _,.--.,_
               |  _____ |                            | _____  |
               |-'     `'.__________________________,'`     `-|
             ,'    __     `.                      ,'    .,.    `.
            /     |  |      \        SONY        /     (/_\)     \
           !   __  \/  __    |                  !  ,-.  `-'  ,-.  |
           |  |__ >  < __|   !__SELECT   START__| ([ ])     ( O ) !
           !       /\        ___`-.        ,-'     `-'  ,-.  `-'  |
           |\     |__|     ,'   `. \      / ,'   `.    ( X )     /|
           | `.           /       \ |    | /       \    `-'    ,' |
           |   `-.____,-. \       / |____| \       / ,-.____,-'   |
           |           ,'\ `.___,' /      \ `.___,' /`.           |
           |          /   `-.___,-'        `-.___,-'   \          |
           \         /                                  \         /
            \       /                                    \       /
             `.__,-'                                      `-.__,'

 |                                                                        |
 | Left Analog Stick: Movement                                            |
 |                                                                        |
 | Right Analog Stick: Camera                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 | Directional Buttons:                                                   |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Up/Down: Zoom in and out                                             |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Left: Evidence Menu                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 |   Right: Note Menu                                                     |
 |                                                                        |
 | Square Button: Action                                                  |
 |                                                                        |
 | Triangle Button: Reload Batteries                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | X Button: Jump                                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | O Button: Crouch                                                       |
 |                                                                        |
 | L1: Run                                                                |
 |                                                                        |
 | L2: Lean Left                                                          |
 |                                                                        |
 | R1: Use Camcorder                                                      |
 |                                                                        |
 | R2: Lean Right                                                         |
 |                                                                        |
 | L3: Night-Vision (Camcorder)                                           |
 |                                                                        |
 | OPTIONS: Pause Menu                                                    |
 |                                                                        |
 | SHARE: Record/Share Gameplay                                           |
 |                                                                        |

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                           Tips and Tricks                            >==O

 o After playing and watching others play this game, it has come to my
   attention that BATTERIES are random. As it, you may not find the same
   batteries I point out. They may just not be there. The game seems to be
   somewhat random in this regard, for the batteries at least...
   That being said, please don't email me about batteries missing from the
   guide. I'm just going to assume you didn't read this heads-up notice if
   you do (email me about other things if you want though, even if just to
   say hi!).
 o Keep your camcorder out as much as you can, especially if you aren't
   planning on following the guide 100%! There are a lot of notes that are
   very easy to miss if you don't...
 o Some sections of the game trap you in an area with a psycho and make you
    explore to escape. Identify a safe hiding spot and then explore from
    there. Also note that you CAN outrun all the enemies in the game, so if
    if doubt at least run for it (but don't try to hide when the enemy is
    watching you).

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                        Chapter 1: Administration Block               >==O

Outlast contains intense violence, gore, graphic sexual content, and strong
language. Please enjoy.

You are Miles Upshur, an investigative reporter whose ambition is about to earn
him an intimate tour of hell on earth. Always willing to risk digging into the
stories no other journalist would dare investigate, you will seek out the dark
secret at the heart of Mount Massive Asylum. Stay alive as long as you can,
record everything. You are not a fighter; to navigate the horrors of Mount
Massive and expose the truth, your only choices are to run, hide, or die.

 The game starts out with you in your car, driving to Mount Massive Asylum.
So peaceful... just listening to the radio. You'll get to the guard shack soon,
which seems abandoned. Here you will get your first document of the game,
[_WHISTLEBLOWER DOCUMENT_], from your front seat, which explains what the
hell we are doing here. You'll also pick up some batteries and your camcorder,
which we'll be using throughout the game.


The camcorder is ultra important. Not only will we rely on it for its
night-vision mode to be able to see in the dark (and find our way around),
but it is also how you collect NOTES in the game.

Notes are found by recording certain events, and due to that are EXTREMELY
MISSABLE. Thankfully you are following this guide though, and we should be
able to find them all together.

If you care about getting the "Pulitzer" trophy, it is best if you always
read ahead and look out for any notes, which are in documents [_LIKE THIS
NOTE_] and always say "Note" on the end. Having your camcorder out at all
times is very feasible as well. Still, to be safe, scan ahead for a head's-up
and save after each chapter to give yourself a place to try again, just in
case you miss something.


We'll get out of out vehicle soon and get a note from the game:

 o Objectives are updated in your Reporter's Notebook (Control), containing
   your notes (Control) and picked up documents (Control).

 The massive doors behind us will close on their own... not good. Check out the
guard shack if you wish and get used to your camera. Its zoom function is pretty
neat. It also has a night-vision mode, but THAT drains batteries and should ONLY
be used when you need it, giving the game a sense of item conversation.

 Head forward and you'll get to a gate on the right side, where we'll get
another message from the game:

 o To open a door quickly, press Square. To open a door slowly, hold down
   Square and move forward or backward.

 Ah, yes. Opening and closing doors quickly or slowly will be a good skill to
learn. Do it on a few doors to get a feel for it, so that when we need it we'll
be able to do it quickly. Another notification (and a NOTE!) is coming up once
you open the door:

 o To raise your camcorder, press R1.

Raise the camcorder and get a good shot of Mount Massive. You will get the
[_MOUNT MASSIVE ASYLUM NOTE_] and a message:

 o Event recorded, adding a note in your Notebook. Press the right directional
   button to read it.

 Our first note in the game, and a good reminder to keep that camcorder up
whenever you can. You can actually see some silhouettes in the windows if you
try (no notes for this though, just something neat to see). Now, we have free
reign in front of Mount Massive. There is a lot of ground out here, but not a
lot to do. As you approach the asylum, you'll get another tutorial message:

 o To run, hold down L1.

 Good to know. Of note out here are the two gates to the right, the heavy duty
vehicles, and the fact that the main entrance to the asylum is locked (you can
go try the doors if you wish). What we need to do is head to the left corner of
the area where you'll find a hold in the gate, prompting another message:

  o To crouch, hold down the Circle button.

 Well, I guess we are sneaking in then. Probably NOT a good idea, but here we
go. The door on the right is locked. That would be too easy, I suppose. You'll
get another tutorial message soon as you approach the scaffolding:

 o With the camcorder active, you can zoom in and out with Up and Down
   Directional Buttons.

 You likely already know that though. Anyway, we need to sneak inside. Look
around the scaffolding for a ladder and climb up. Head to the right on the
planks and you'll get to a gap. You'll have a series of tutorial messages here
that I'm going to lump below (I promise the tutorial messages will stop soon!):

 o To jump over a gap, press X while moving forward.

 o To jump up, press X.

 o To climb up, press up. To drop, press O.

 Good stuff to know, really. Jump the gap, then jump up at the end and pull
yourself up. Follow the path and you'll get to an open window. Jump up and
pull yourself in. And.... darkness. Well great. Good note time:

 o To activate the Night Vision on your camcorder, press R3 when your camera
   is raised.

 This is a good not-stressful time for using night vision. We need it to see
here, so turn it on. We are looking for a door on the wall in here, so head
towards it and exit the room. You can turn your night vision off here. Head
into the next room and out into the hallway. To the left is a bunch of junk,
but there is a gap here that we can squeeze through:

 o To squeeze through, move toward the gap.

 We'll encounter more gaps like this as we play through the game, and can
even exploit a few of them for our purposes. There's a lot of blood here...
this is pretty tame compared to what we're up for! Head into the room on the
left for a [_BATTERY_], which acts as our "Night Vision Lifeline":

 o Batteries are used for the infrared light of your camcorder. You can reload
   by pressing Triangle.

 Only reload when you run out of juice. We want to milk our batteries. I'll
point out (or try and point out) every battery you can find in the game. Head
out of the room and go down the hallway. Enter the very next door on the left
and search the desk for the (long name incoming) [_PROJECT WALRIDER PATIENT

 o Collected documents (Left Directional Button) are updated in your
   Reporter's Notebook (Options).

 Head down the hallway again. The bathroom door is locked, as is the door in
front of you. To the right is the breakroom. Note the vent cover hanging
menacingly in here, but be sure to grab the [_BATTERY_] from the counter on
the left. What we have to do here... as dumb as it is... is head INSIDE the
vent. Pull yourself up into it and head to the left. You can look out of the
vent covers for some interesting scenes, and when you get to the point where
you have to drop down, look across the foyer to see a mysterious man in the

 Once you've dropped down, open up the only door you can here. Hehe... this
place... is horrific. It's dark, so night vision will help here. Head through
the linear path and keep your camcorder up. Near a window, you'll get some
dialog. Be sure to record the man and what he says for the [_I'M INSIDE NOTE_].

 Continue on through the nearby door. It will look like there is a man in the
hallway. My first time through here I was freaked out and hid for a bit, but if
you go forward no one is there. There is a bathroom to the right, but nothing
to get, as well as a locked door in the hallway. Continue on down the hall to
another gap and try to go through...

 o New Objective: Escape the asylum. Access Security Control to unlock the main

 Well, damn! That was... quite unexpected, but we're still alive, and down in
the much more open foyer to boot. There seems to be multiple people still alive
here... and at least one is a killer. As you can see by our objective, the main
doors are locked and we need to find Security Control.

 First, check the middle island for the [_WARRANT FOR SEIZURE DOCUMENT_]. It is
easy to find. Now, there are a few places we can go from here, but only one path
forward really. From the main doors (which were behind your starting area, and
of course are locked) head to the room on the left where you can find a hallway
and a bathroom. Look in the room across from the bathroom for a [_BATTERY_] by
a corpse. Nice, now head back to the foyer. Note the hallway to the right of the
main doors has nothing for you.

 Now, from the main doors, look for a door to your left leading into a glassed
workspace. The workspace with a TON of computers left on. You may think they'd
hide SOMETHING in here, but not so much. Head through to a small closet area,
then take an immediate right and search the dark corner for the (beware:
DOCUMENT_]. Holy... that is a mouthful.

 If you look back the way we came, you'll likely see your bloody footprints.
Heh. Approach the door to leave (to continue on) for a message:

 o To peek, hold L2 or R2.

 Peeking is incredibly handy, and can downright save your life. Use it now to
peek out into the hallway. Yeah... there's a guy. Damnit. You can check the
door to the right if you want but it's locked. You have no way out of this...
you have to walk down that way. I won't lie: it took me awhile to work up the
nerve to do this. Thankfully, the man leaves you alone (he seems to be in a
stupor). The next room is equally weird... several inmates appear to be watching
static on a TV. Be sure to videotape them and the TV to make the [_BROKEN MEN
AND DEAD TELEVISION NOTE_] appear. Very odd...

 Continue past the men and open the next door to be back in the hallway. Open
the door across from you. There's a corpse in here at the far end... approach
him and grab the [_SECURITY CONTROL KEYCARD_].

 o Collected Objects are updated in your Reporter's Notebook (Options).

  Head back now the way you came, past the man in the wheelchair. You may get
 a nice shock on the way back!

 Once you get back to the main room, head past the receptionist desk to the
back near the stairs and the elevator. Be sure to try hitting the elevator
buttons for a good scene, then head down the hallway on the right. You'll get
another game tutorial note here:

 o Note that you can look behind by holding L2 or R2 while running.

 Yeah... I generally don't recommend looking behind you while running, but
it's a neat feature nonetheless. Down at the end of the hallway you'll see
someone break through a door. Not a good sign. Anyway, be sure to check the
first door on the left (the bathroom) and start recording while you open the
middle door to get [_THE WITNESS_] Note.

Head into the adjacent room next. Very bloody. Make your way to the back
though to find a [_BATTERY_]. This shuts the door... for some reason. Urg,
always trying to scare you. Head back to the hallway.

 Up here on the left is the security door, which is our main objective. Before
you go in though, continue past the door and enter the next door on the left.
In this room search the desk for the [_PROJECT WALRIDER PROFITABILITY REPORT
DOCUMENT_]. Extremely fucked up. Back in the hallway you can try the door that
the patient went into if you want to get some dialog from him.

 OK, now go back to the security room and enter. Once inside, note the lockers.
We can hide in these. Throughout the game we will be using lockers just like
these to save our hides, and the first need for them is coming up soon!

 Find the keyboard in this room and use it. You'll start to open the front
 doors, but pay attention to the screen on the right and watch the patient turn
 out the power... FUCK. Not good. We'll get a new objective here:

 o New Objective: Restart the generator in the basement.

 No time for that now, HIDE. Hide in one of the lockers ASAP, then get your
camcorder up and record the security door entrance. The giant we encountered
earlier will burst in, looking for you. Filming him gives us the [_BIG FUCKING
GUY NOTE_]. Aptly titled.

 Wait awhile for Chris to go away... he takes his time, but he'll go away
eventually. We have to make our way downstairs now. Head out of the locker and
hang a right in the hallway. Near the elevator you'll find the stairs heading
down. Take them down and enter the door (this was closed off to us earlier if
you tried...). Down here you'll see a hole in the right wall. Squeeze through
it and then look to the right for the [_MKULTRA CIA HYPNOTIC HOMICIDE DOCUMENT_]
 on a desk. What a fun document name!

 Continue on through the door and head left. You'll need to jump over an
obstacle on the way and may hear some creepy talking, but soon you'll get to
a wide-open room with a lot of bodies hanging up. There's a console nearby (this
is the actual generator) that will tell you "Turn on the 2 Gas pumps and the
Main Breaker to restart the generator".

 OK, now THIS room is dangerous if you don't know what to do... we have to do
things in a certain order to be safe. First, let me point out the doors here.
From the entrance, you have a door on the left wall that is locked and two doors
in the back. The two doors in the back each have a gas pump in them while the
left door leads further in to the main breaker. Take a moment to get a quick
layout of the room.

 What makes this part so dangerous is that as soon as you hit a gas pump, a
violent inmate (not Chris Walker thankfully) will start stalking you. In fact,
he will come investigate the areas you turn equipment on in, meaning we have to
be ready to move!

 Head to the room on the left in the back. In here, note the BED on the left.
You can hide under this if you need to. There may also be a [_BATTERY_] on a
gas drum in here (keep in mind they are randomly placed in the game!).  Keep
the door open here and turn on the gas pump. When you do this, the patient
outside will begin breaking down the door that was on the left wall. IMMEDIATELY
go into the next room now (the room on the right in the back). Check the shelf
near the door for a [_BATTERY_], note the LOCKER on the right, then go turn on
the 2nd gas pump. Hide in the locker.

 The patient will come investigate in a bit. Wait until he leaves, then slowly
get out of the locker and go look out into the big room. You'll likely see the
man patrolling out there. He will patrol in this room and in the area (hallway)
he came from. Head towards the hallway now. Take a right and enter the door you
find. In this room note the bed you can hide under and check the shelves on the
left for another [_BATTERY_]. There is another door here too, giving this room
two exits.

 Head out to the hallway (if it is safe) and continue on. The next door on the
right is a self-contained room with some bodies. Very disturbing, but head in
there and check the shelves for another [_BATTERY_]. There is a bed in here you
can hide under as well. It is VERY possible that the stalker is patrolling these
hallways now.

 Head to the split in the path now. The left path is a dead end, so head right.
Jump over the desk and enter the room on the left. This is the main breaker
room, which is needed to start the generator. Before flipping the breaker,
check the room out for a [_BATTERY_] on a shelf and note the LOCKERS nearby.
Now, flip the switch and go hide in the locker. The stalker will come here
eventually. He may even check the locker that you aren't in, just to spook you.

 Wait awhile and he'll go away eventually. Now slowly make your way back to
the wide-open area. This can be hard with the man patrolling the hallway. You
can either wait at the path split for him to walk towards the main breaker
room again or try and sneak into one of the rooms on the left on the way to
the generator room. Or you could just run for it. Once you get back to the
generator console, hit the button to get a new objective:

 o New Objective: Return to Security Control to unlock the main doors.

 Head back to the stairs now and make your way to the Security Room. Use the
keyboard here to see a scene, which will launch us into the next chapter. It
can't be THAT easy, right?

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                        Chapter 2: Prison Block                       >==O

 Well... things just went from bad to worse. The father seems to really want
us to be his witness...

 Once you wake up you'll see you are in a cell. After you grab your camcorder,
use it to view this room and obtain the [_FATHER MARTIN'S CELL_] note. Someone
will come to your door soon and you'll be able to leave. Out in the cell block
you can see all sorts of inmate actions. Yelling, hitting their head onto
concrete... all sorts of messed up things.

 The path to the right leads to a iron door, but it is locked so head left.
Someone will try to greet you (more jump scares!). At the end of the path a
couple of inmates will discuss what they would like to do to you... very
disturbing. There's some writing in blood behind them as well.

 Head downstairs now. Very hard not to be scared of the inmates down here,
but they won't bother you. The dialog they have is interesting. There's a
few doors down here you can explore, but the one we need to go into is the
third one on the left. You should find a gap in this room you can squeeze
through. Do so and climb up (Silky Silky Silky). Once you are up above, make
sure your camcorder is out and filming. You'll catch a man past the mattress
red-handed in an act I don't even want to type about and get the [_NECROMATIC_]
note. Ugh.... Silky, Silky, Silky!

 Turn around now and continue. The path to the left is a dead end, but there
is a dead officer and a man in the distance. The path straight ahead also has
a locked door, so we are forced to go right, past the dead body (which is above
the area we were just exploring). The door here is of course locked, so shimmy
over the ledge to the right to continue.

 We're near the area the men were talking at before. Lovely. Take the right open
exit here (left door is locked) and check out the writing on the wall. A door to
the left will open up, updating our objective:

 o New Objective: Follow blood trails to the exit.

 Head into the room for your decon, then exit to a stairway. Head up two floors
here (the door on the second floor is locked) to see a man studying a wall.
"Down the drain" will be here in blood, but before you go jumping down any
holes, head to the left and look for the [_FATHER MARTIN, FINGER PAINTER_]
document, which is a good read. Document, thy name is subtlety.

 Drop down the hole now and look around. The game reminds you to close doors
to slow down pursuers, which is not a good sign. Before doing anything, check
out the open door nearby. This room has a locked up man it it, but the important
thing to note is the HIDING PLACES here. You can go under the bed or in the
locker. With that in mind, go back to the hallway and jump over the desk.
You'll hear some yelling nearby. Around the corner in a room is an active
enemy (which is why they gave us hiding spots). There's a window here, so be
sure to crouch and then move under the window. Round the corner and then stick
to the far left wall. The man in the room will look out to the hallway, but if
you stick to the wall he won't see you.

 This next part is a little risky, but I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you!
You can actually get to the room behind the man in the center area. See the
open door? There's a room behind it that you can sneak to if the man is looking
away (he will look away if you are patient). Inside you can find a [_BATTERY_].
If you really wanted to, you could run in, slam the door and nab the battery.
There is a dark area near some shelves inside you can hide in as the psycho
bashes the door down. You can then use those shelves to get out safely as he
investigates. Up to you: it is a bit risky for a battery...

 Back to our main objective! Continue around the corner to the door at the end
and get ready to run... as soon as you open the door, a man will be after you!
Run all the way to the safe room (close the door behind you if you want... you
can get away with not doing it) and hide (I recommend the bed so you can see
him approach). The psycho will give up soon enough. Wait for awhile and then
make the trip all the way back to the door you opened when he started chasing
you. The enemy in the middle room will still be there, so be careful. Where the
second guy went to, I have no idea.

 When you get to the control room, look around for the lockers, then hit the
obvious button on the desk. Yep, go ahead and hide, they know you are there!
The man will come back and look for  you, then leave. Wait a bit again, then
exit the locker. On your way back, note the new door on the right. Our enemy
will be in here, but will come out so we must sneak by when he isn't looking
to get by him. I should also note that there is a [_BATTERY_] in there on the
shelf (you can get by the door and wait for him to return to the control room
to get it easily if you wish). Back in the hallway the central door is now open
as that button you pressed in the control room opened the way. If you do get
seen after pressing the button, you can always run to this new decon room to
lose your pursuer (or the safe room, I suppose). Either way, make your way to
the decon room to proceed.

 Past the decon room head to the path split (the door is locked). Off to the
left are the two creepy guys from earlier. Job-like indeed. So creepy! Walk
toward them and at the bloody window the game will tell you how to hang from
a ledge.

 o To jump over and hang, press X while moving towards a ledge.
   You can strafe LEFT or RIGHT.

 Jump through the window and start heading right. Go past the first window
and climb up into the second. Thankfully our friends aren't here! Head to the
left and jump into the office room. To the right is a document on the counteer.
Pick it up for the [_PURGE GATE MAINTENANCE MEMO_]. You can also likely find a
[_BATTERY_] in the back.

 Now, jump back to the hallway and head through the broken decon-area. Make
sure your camera is out and film the scene down below. Chris Walker will put
on a show for you. Wow... filming this gives us the [_TOTAL SECURITY_] note.
At the end of the walkway is a dead guard with the [_SHOWER KEYCARD_]. Pick it
up and head back through the decon room, then left to the shower room. Use the
card to continue, where we'll soon get a new objective.

 o New Objective: Exit through the Showers.

 Oh man, lightning. Great. Walk down the hallway and you'll soon see one of the
talkative psychos in the distance. Shit! Quick, out the window to the right!
They'll make fun of you a bit, but just keep moving to the right as far as you
can go, then enter the last window. The psychos will be quite a ways away now,
so we can continue. Carry on to a corner and a door. 

 You'll be in a hallway again (whew). Here you can go left or right. Head right
first and go through the door and then left (the right door is locked). We'll be
in what looks like some sort of torture room... lovely. However, the [_DR.
WERNICKE DEATH CERTIFICATE_] can be found on a desk nearby. Interesting. Explore
the rest of the room if you wish and head back to the path split and take the
left path.

 Here you'll come to a security room and an open iron gate. Enter the security
room and note the button on the desk. Yep, nearby is a decon room we'll need to
use. Take some time and look around the hallways and doors leading in and out
of the security room to get a feel for the area. Of particular note is the shelf
and box in the security room (we'll be using it soon). You can also find a dead
guard corpse out in the hallway. There may be a [_BATTERY_] by him.

 Okay, are you are ready to run? Yes? Heh. Hit the button then and watch as
Chris shows up... and promptly attempts to break through the glass! Geez, this
guy is a freak! Quickly climb the box and head up into the ceiling vent. This is
a one-way trip to a hole on the right, so drop down and then head straight,
around the corner and slam the iron door shut. Continue on to the flames to see
a scene.

 And yes... we are in a pile of bodies. Still alive, though. 

 o New Objective: Find an alternate path to the Showers.

 We are NOT safe, just so you know. In a nutshell, we are down in a cell block
like earlier, with padded rooms on each side. Find one and hide (there is an
open door to your left) as Chris will soon be down here looking for us. Our
goal here is to wait until he walks back to the left and then make our way up
the stairs to the left. A bit tricky, but it is very dark here. Use your night
vision to see when it is safe and when Chris moves under the stairs to the wall
move up the stairs. Note the (locked) gate to the left.

 Now head down the catwalk and note the open rooms to the left (the ones that
are open) as they are possible safe points with beds to hide under. Jump over
the obstacle and round the corner. The door ahead is locked, so we are forced
to go right, but once you do get ready to turn around and run. Chris will break
down the door from the top of the stairs and chase you. Go hide in one of the
rooms you passed.

 Once he has lost us, we can either use the way we are going or head to the
top of the stairs where the locked gate is now... wide open to continue. Head
to the left (straight leads nowhere) and squeeze through the junk. To safety!

 After squeezing through, you'll find a door to the showers. Locked. Go figure.
There's an area nearby to crawl through though, so get crawling! It's a bit
tense and a patient is chilling out at the other side so be sure to say hi.
At the end of the hall is a locked door, so take the door to the right. Yes,
the one with the body...

 This area is very populated. A man will actually follow you around down here.
Enjoy the (terrifying) atmosphere down here and be sure to check out a cell
on the right to find a [_BATTERY_]. Once you are ready, use the nearby box to
climb up to the second floor. Up here, the door to the left is locked. The
patient in the cell nearby is, um... yeah, you can watch if you want. After
that, head right and around the corner. The patient here will try to grab you,
but the man in the cell will do us a solid (don't, uh... go near him).

 Continue on to another shimmy point and proceed to the left (try not to think
of the guy in the cell...). We'll need to jump from here to solid ground:

 o To jump from a ledge, move forwards and press X.

 After pulling yourself up, enter the left cell and you'll find the [_DR.
WERNICKE OBITUARY_] on the nightstand, along with a lot of interesting writing
on the walls. Continue up the stairs and head up to the third floor now. Head
to the right first to potentially find a [_BATTERY_] in the cell.

 Up here is a psycho on the loose. He is likely hanging out in a cell and WILL
hurt you, but we won't be up here long. Take a left at the top and you'll see
another place to shimmy. Go ahead and do so, but be ready to shake someone off
you to remain safe. Enter the cell you come to and crawl through the hole to
the next one (the inmate will back away). Open up this next cell and make your
way to the right to safe ground and the cells. There are four cells on the right
wall here. Head to the last one and get a [_BATTERY_] from the floor (maybe...
if you didn't find one earlier), then head to the cell with the light on. There
is a hole here we have to drop down, so go ahead and do so.

 There's two ways to go now. The right path is a dead end, but does have a
hiding spot. Head left and be sure to have your camera out. You should get
the [_WALRIDER_] note here, in this horrible room. The showers are just beyond.
Before going to the obvious hole, head to the far left corner for another
[_BATTERY_], then head to the hole. Follow the hole as it goes down and
eventually you'll reach a sewer.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                           Chapter 3: Sewer                           >==O

 o New Objective: Find a way out of the sewers.

 Great... sewers. I suppose it can't be worse than being around those
patients... It can be pretty dark down here, but the path is fairly linear.
Head forward and to the left you can crouch through a pipe to continue on.
You'll come to a path split. To the right you'll see a path with a small
opening. Before going over there though, head forward and follow the left path.
There's a busted ladder over here and some boxes. More importantly, the [_THE
GOSPEL OF SAND DOCUMENT_]. Very... revealing...

 Head back to the other tunnel and squeeze through the small opening to
continue. You'll soon get a new objective here.

 o New Objective: Flush the water by turning the 2 valves.

 We have to get rid of the water here, which means two valves need to be
located. Sounds like fun, right? There is a nearby map that shows roughly
where we are and where the valves are, so be sure to check it out. Also note
that this section is going to be dangerous! As you head into the wide area,
our favorite psychopath will arrive!

 Dammit... quickly duck behind the boxes and he won't notice you. He will
likely end up walking down one of the tunnels. From here we need to go down
the other tunnel. Since I can't be sure which way you need to go as well as
you can, let's just cover both paths down below (you need to go down both
tunnels eventually, after all!).


 This path has a barrier in the way but that's no issue. At the end of the
short path, you'll see a door on the left with a light on. Light! The [_VALVE_]
is in here, but before turning it check out the room really quick. There's a
shelf and some lockers. While the area behind the shelf is tempting, what you
want to do is turn the valve and then hide in the locker.

 This of course causes Walker to show up. It may take him awhile, so be
patient. He will very likely check behind the shelf and whatever locker you
aren't in, then go away. Give him a big lead, then get out and follow him and
you'll be in the central area safely soon.


 This path is a tad different than the other one. Namely, there is a small
sewer opening in the wall you can crawl through if you wanted while the main
path turns off and comes to one of those narrow-openings that you need to
squeeze through. Both are good in case you are being chased, but we'll need
to squeeze through the narrow opening regardless.

 At the end, you'll find another room with another [_VALVE_]. Nothing special
in this room, just turn the valve and get out (Walker can't follow you past
the squeeze-through section after all!). On your return back to the center
area I'd highly recommend using the small pipe tunnel just to be sure you
don't run into Walker...

 After both paths have been taken and both valves have been turned you'll
get a new objective:

 o New Objective: Use the ladder to access the lower junction.

 That ladder is back in the area where we first started our valve quest at.
The ladder leading downward across from the map is now drained, so head down.
It is very dark down here, with a little water left over. Don't mind the
body! Head down the only pathway you can (more bodies) and jump the obstacle.
Watch out for the steam that pops up (gotta love jump scares). Jump the next
obstacle and climb up the ladder. Be sure to look up as you head to the top.
We'll get another objective at the top.

 o New Objective: Find a way out of the sewers.

 Well at least it is light up here. Continue down the path here and soon
there will be a door on the left. Before entering it, go check the dead end
up ahead. There's a body at the end, with a [_BATTERY_] near it. Grab it and
head back to the door with your camcorder ready, then go ahead and enter it.
Here you'll see a patient, but he'll be friendly. He'll have a speech for you,
so be sure to record it all. After he is done, you'll have the [_THE DOCTOR IS
DEAD_] note. Heh.

 Time to head down the ladder in the room. Down here you'll see the water is
tinted a nasty red. Not a good sign. You'll see signs down here for the Male
Ward and Female Ward. Examine the Female tunnel if you wish, but you'll have
to go down the Male tunnel. There's a few things to jump at on the way. You'll
come to a door soon, but its locked. You noticed the tunnel, right? Oh yeah...
get to crawling...

 You'll come to a split in the path soon. Head right to come to a room with
actual floor up above, then work your way left to the other half of the room.
You can pull yourself up from here. There's two doors up here that you can
open. The one on the catwalk is barred up though (I recommend opening it
anyways). Take the other door to the walkway now and drop down into the water
below when you must. You'll see some boxes in the water in front of you, so
head up and follow the walkway, then drop down again. Take the stairs up and
follow that path to yet some more water.

 Head forward and an object will plop down into the water. Gah! This is a
good landmark/indicator though, as you can head forward and pull yourself UP
TO A WALKWAY. Follow this walkway to a room where you'll see a body and the
[_STILL BLEEDING_] document.

 Head back now and jump down, then head right to the lighted area. You'll find
a hole to squeeze through here, so do so. This leads out to a big wide-open
area that is dark as hell. This area is DANGEROUS, as Walker will be walking
around down here. It is VERY dark though so he'll have a hard time finding you
if you don't get too close. What you need to do here is head out into the middle
of the area and find stairs leading up out of the water and head up them. Walker
is likely somewhere nearby, but if you can get to the stairs you'll be OK. Up
the stairs is a ladder, so get up there, jump the gap, and climb!

 Up here is a corridor with two small alcoves off to the left. There is also a
psycho! Head to the first path on the left and once he charges you (and he will)
head left. Now you can go forward, right back to the main path, and outrun him!
Enter the next (third) path on the left and follow it to the left to escape him
for good. You will soon come to a narrow space you have to squeeze through,
which according to the powers of the internet I'm going to call the end of this

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                         Chapter 4: Male Ward                         >==O

 Not much of a "new area", but the scene will change soon. Here, stairs will
be on the right, but look down the tunnel first and look into the blocked door
on the left for the [_FEAST FOR FLIES_] note. Creepy note title. Ugh...

 Head up the stairs to get a new objective:

 o New Objective: Reach the ground floor of the male ward.

 The room you enter has a pushable crate blocking a vent. We need to push it
out of the way and then crawl through the bloody vent. The man in the room is
still alive? Oh man, not good. Nothing we can do with him. Exit the room and
head left. Enter the door in the dark, then look at the left wall. There's
some writing here. Go ahead and record to get the [_ORGANIZED TORTURE_] note.

 Head back out and continue down the hallway. The stairs on the left are a'
dead-end, so continue to a room on the right with a body. SOMEONE is trying to
get the other door here open but a crate is in the way. After awhile they will
give up. Open up the door here (I know, bad idea, but still...) and head
left (the doors to the right are blocked). You'll find a vent you can crawl

 Once you do you'll find yourself in a very eerie hospital room. These sheets
are unnerving. The sudden music is as well. Be sure to check the left wall for
a cart with a [_BATTERY_] on it. Next head to the back and check the back right
corner for a lovely scene and the [_PROJECT WALRIDER COST REPORT_] document.
 The door here is a no-go, so let's find a way out of the room. You need to
find the gurney below the open ceiling tile. Use it to climb up to the vents
and continue on that way.

 You'll drop down into the room with the restrained patient, but soon two
psychos will start to break down the double doors. WANT MEAT! Oh, this is bad.
Quickly find the other door in the corner and push the crate out of the way.
Another psycho slams into a door here, so take the other door. Once you do,
quickly push the crate across the door you just came in. The exit here needs a
crate pushed as well.

 Bust out to the hallway and take a left (a psycho is trying to burst in from
the right). Hop the obstacle and enter the bloody room to the left. Push the
crate by the door here and then head to the vent (be sure to enjoy the view!).
You'll end up dropping down into a wide hallway, but you are not safe! Run to
the left, then enter the room on the right. Jump the desk, head left and
through another room. Keep going straight and jump the gap to get away.

 What a rush! We're not safe yet though. Continue to the left (door ahead is
locked) and then to the right. You'll hear pursuers. Head to the right and
continue around the corner. Head up and over the desk and wall, then continue
down the path, jump over the obstacle and enter a slightly open door on the
left. Here you'll hear someone trying to help as a dumbwaiter shows up. We
have little other choice, so hop in and ride up...

 Enjoy the scenes...

 After the... very memorable scenes you'll be left alone and the game will
tell you to break free. Follow the prompts and retrieve your camcorder. Exit
out the room and head left to a wide open room where you'll hear someone
calling to you. Head over and listen to the man (record!) and then hide under
a nearby bed when he starts going crazy. The doctor will approach when things
get loud. Keep recording their conversation and soon you'll get the [_DR. RICK
TRAGER_] note.

 Oh, we're not in a good position here. We are in a massive area with the
doctor and we'll need to escape. Just so you know, if you do get seen by him
there are TONS of beds to hide under. Running away and hiding under a bed is
going to be your escape route 99% of the time. Failing that, there are some
dead-end hallways with darkened corners to hide in. This is all important to
know as the doctor will now be wandering around and is a deadly threat that
must be avoided.

 After you have got the note, Trager will go check on you. If you are quick,
use this time to exit the main door of this room, head left (the patient will
scream) and then head right. There is a vent in the ceiling we need to jump to.
This is the elevator, which is our goal, but it requires a key, which we don't
have. Damn. We need to get into this vent though.

 Drop down and move the box blocking the door to the left. This opens up the
way to the previous area. The hallway down from the door is a dead-end where you
can hide in the dark if you need to. What we need to do here is make our way
to the far end of the hallway we jumped down to. There is a door blocked here we
need to get through. The safest way to do this is to go into the rooms on the
left. They are full of patients but in the back you can find a door between
them. Use this to get closer to the blocked door, then wait for Trager to
walk down towards the area near the elevator, then push the object out of the
way and continue.

 If he sees you, you can either hide out in the locker room to the right
(there is a [_BATTERY_] in one of the bathroom stalls here), or just run
down the hallway to a second ceiling vent. This second vent is our goal, so
make your way to it next.

 You'll fall down right in front of a bathroom. Head inside and open up the
stall door on the right to find the [_REQUEST FOR REASSIGNMENT_] document.
Interesting stuff. Head into the wide room now and open the double doors. To
the left is a staff room with the [_ELEVATOR KEY_]. Once you grab it, make
your way back to the big room and hide, as Trager is here.

 Once he enters the room searching for you, slowly make your way to the
doors (you can jump and hide from bed to bed when he's not looking). Once
you have some space on him, run back to where you got the key and through
the door Trager broke down. From there, just follow the elevator signs as
you make left turns and use you'll reach the elevator room.

 Once you reach the elevator, interact with the control panel. Don't relax
just yet though, the doctor is coming to make one last visit. Shake him off
when you can and watch what happens. Be sure to record! Recording these
events will give you the [_DEATH OF TRAGER_] note. Hurrah, finally a small
victory! To get out of the elevator, look to the ceiling for a hatch you can
open and pull yourself out of. The room you end up in has a ton of locked
doors. Admire this half of Trager if you wish and head down the hall.

 You'll find a stairway on the left. Go ahead and head down it. You'll find a
space in the wall down here you can squeeze through to an office. Exit the door
here and then find the hole in the wall up ahead to reach a wide hallway. Head
to the end where you'll see Father Martin on the other side of a wall. Listen
to what he has to say and you'll get a new objective.

 o New Objective: Find Father Martin outside.

 Head to the hallway on the left. It splits off to the right. You can explore
a bathroom if you go straight, but there's nothing there so follow it right.
You'll come to a locker room. Nice body... head past the body and check out
the far corner for the [_PERSECUTORIAL DELUSIONS_] document. More damning
evidence against Murkoff.

 Head out of the locker rooms and into the hallway. It's a bit smoky in here
right? Note the open window above the table and then explore the rest of the
hallway if you wish. You'll have to climb the table into the cafeteria to
continue, and you'll see how big the fire is. Heh.

 There is a clear path further into the blaze here (jump the obstacle) so take
it and you'll see a man. Start recording him ASAP! He'll talk about why he did
what he did (you can't blame him) and will say you can get out through the
kitchen. Recording him will get you the [_LET IT BURN_] note.

(-NOTE-) With that note, you should get the 'Educated' Silver Trophy, for
         getting half of the notes and documents in the game. Congrats!

 From the man, head left, then jump over the obstacle to the left. Head right,
duck under the table and exit through the double doors. Head left here (the
right is a dead end) and you'll see a place to squeeze through straight ahead
and a hallway to the right. Take the hallway first and follow it back to an
office. There's a few offices back here, but go as far back as you can to find
that is a long name. There's nothing else here, so go ahead and go back to the
hallway and squeeze through the narrow space.

 Here you'll see the hallway turn to the left with a pump room on the right
(and a dead end straight ahead). Head in to get the message "There's no water
in the system. You must first turn on the 2 valves.". Great, more valves. We'll
call this room the "Sprinkler Room". This isn't going to be easy though as
Walker is patrolling the area, meaning we'll need to be stealthy again.

 Head forward to the split in the path (a body should be hanging up ahead and
a split off to the right). We need to go down both paths eventually, so since
Walker is patrolling let's split up what to do.


 This is likely the path that will be open to you. Hang a right at the split
and follow this wall all the way down the hall to a door on the right. This
leads to a laundry room than to a dark room with some shelving (good for
stalling Walker) and a door. The door leads to a small room with a [_VALVE_]
and two lockers. Turn the valve and hide.

 The right path also has an office area in the northern corner, with plenty of
lockers to hide in. Just in case you need it.

 With that valve done we're onto...


 From the split, this is the path heading left, past the hanging body. There
is a place to squeeze through here, so do so. You'll soon be in a room full of
bathtubs. There's actually a patient here who is giving a corpse a bath. If you
have time, it is worth listening to what he says (so wrong...). In the back is
a small room with the second [_VALVE_]. Turn it and head back to the narrow

 With both valves turned we have to work our way back to the sprinkler room.
Be careful of Walker on your way back! Once you get to the room, hit the
button and back-track to the cafeteria. It's really dark here now, but make
your way back to where the man was and hop over the charred table to the
kitchen. You'll run into a surprise here!

 Shake the guy off and he'll run away. We likely spoiled his "death by fire"
suicide. He'll lock the kitchen doors behind him too, so no going back! Let's
get a quick note in here. Head to the left side of the room and look for the
door on the wall (180 from where you came in at). Enter it and record the dish
on the counter for the [_FINGERS_] note. Yummy.

 Head out into the kitchen and down the right hallway. This path leads to the
hallway separator that we saw Father Martin behind! Ha, all that work just to
get here! Still, we're on the right side now and outside is nearby! We shall
call this the end of the chapter.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                         Chapter 5: Courtyard                         >==O
 Before heading outside though, inspect the last door on the right and head
to the back to find a file: the [_MKULTRA PROGRAM EXCERPT_]. With that in hand,
go ahead and head outside.

 Yikes, it is really dark out here. We'll get an updated objective as well:

 o New Objective: Look for Father Martin

 It is so dark out here that it is easy to get lost, but thanks to the
lightning and our camera we'll be ok. In front of us is a fountain, so head
to it and then head past it, straight ahead, to the light. You will find stairs

 On the stairs you'll see blood (naturally), but in the blood is the [_OUR
OWN PERSONAL CALVARY_] document. A spine-tingling document (seriously, read
this one!). There are locked gates up each next set of stairs, so we're not
going this way...

 Turn around, head to the fountain, and then head right. There's a small shack
over here with some lights on, so it is fairly easy to find. The door is open
as well! Search inside on the shelves for a [_BATTERY_]  and then hanging
nearby is the [_MAINTENANCE SHED KEY_]. Hanging ominously. Heh. Next, head
STRAIGHT across the square to the Maintenance Shed. It's an iron-barred door
with a light inside, you can't miss it.

 Here head to the hallway in the back. The left path is a dead end, so head
right and TAKE OUT YOUR CAMERA. Before we open the next door we MUST have our
camera out and recording. With that said, open the door and record what you
see for the [_THE THING IN THE DARK_]. 

 Well, damn! Continue on to find yourself outside. Out here stick to the
right-side, go through the open gate and you'll find a ladder leading up by
the light. Go ahead and head up it. You're on top of the roof now. Head across
it to the right, jump the gap and at the end look to the right for a ledge.
This leads to a jump to another roof with another obvious walkway. Follow it
to a smaller ledge (which you'll have to shimmy on) and then you'll have to
jump over the wired fence to another big roof. Take a running jump and you'll
make it easy.

 Fall down to the ground floor and look around. Note the door (and body) by
the wall here and then look to the left for a hole in the fence leading further
up you can get through (we have to climb up to it). The doors up here are locked
and there's some alive patients. They aren't violent though. Continue to the far
end and head up the stairs. You'll be by a building and some fences but search
around a bit and you'll see the fence has a hole in it you can jump over. It's
a bit of a drop but not bad.

 From here continue to the light in the distance. The one on the left. Follow
the chain fence and you'll find some "steps" by the light that you can climb up.
DO NOT go exploring in this area though, as Chris walks around up here. From
there, shimmy to the left past the barb-wire fence and jump down to the crates
once you run out of room.

 Explore ahead of you and you should see a large pavilion. Make note of it as
we may have need of it soon. Keep going to find a paved walkway and get ready
to run! Walker will be coming RIGHT AT YOU! If you are fast you can take the
turn to the right and crawl to safety. However, you may retreat. If this is
the case, use that pavilion to hid behind and sneak around him, aiming for the
area he came from (which you can do since it is so dark...). Doing so will get
you a new objective:

 o New Objective: Find Father Martin inside the Female Ward

 Check the doors up ahead to see they are locked. Not going that way! Head to
the right through the fenced door and record the fountain. What a grisly scene!
Doing this gets you the [_DON'T DRINK THE WATER_] note. Ugh.

 You can explore out here if you want but we need to find the window nearby
(by the light!) where you'll see pallets stacked up underneath. Use these as
steps and enter the Female Ward.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                        Chapter 6: Female Ward                        >==O
 The doors near the start are all locked up. Head forward and you'll hear
Father Martin speaking. He's up above with the light. Listen to what he has
to say for a new objective:

 o New Objective: Use the upper floors to reach Father Martin

 Enter the hallway to the left and head left (the right is a dead end).
It is very dark back here. Around the corner is a doorway to the left.
Enter it and head past the squeeze-through area. You may see someone wandering
in the far hallway. The door is blocked though, so we need to head through the
small window on the left. This looks like the laundry room. Here film the
machine making noise for the [_THE SOUND IN THE MACHINE_] note.

 Head through the nearby door now (the far door on the left is locked). To
the left is a door leading to an empty storage room (remember this location
and the laundry chute nearby, we'll be back here later!), so head right and
into the next hallway. Now, out here there is a patient walking around that
is violent, so beware!

 First things first: head right. Go all the way back to the stairs (which are
burned up) and look for the [_WALRIDER AND NIGHTMARES_] document. With that
in hand (be sure to read this!), head back to the laundry room. Head left now
and straight (to the right is a dead end with bathrooms) and you'll come to
a foyer with an elevator. Here, be SURE to film inside the elevator (go with
night-vision if you must) for the [_NO SAFE PLACE_] note.

 From here, head downstairs and you'll come to a wide open dark room. Use your
night-vision here and look in the far right corner for a desk with the [_PROJECT
PAPERCLIP EXCEPT_] document. Pick it up and head back. Don't bother the psycho
in the corner. Head back up to the elevator, head up the left stairs, and jump!

 After the jump, enter the door and head left (the right door is locked).
Father Martin will call out to you here and head off. Take the left door and
follow the path. You'll have to crawl through an opening at the end. In this
room you'll find a fuse box on the wall with the message "The laundry chute
needs three fuses." More collecting for us. Before doing that though, check the
corner to the right (face the fuse box and then check to your right) for
[_BATTERY x2_] (you may only get one though). We'll need them!

 There is a few exits here, but let's go out the left window first (left
facing away from the fuse box). This place looks really burned. This is a
pretty dark hallway with an eerie message along the way. It leads to a big
open room though with a center-piece. "Drive in the Nails". Creepy. Close
the door to this room and then push the crate over it. After that, pick up
the [_FUSE 1/3_] to the left of the central display. This causes someone to
start banging on the door (which is why we sealed it). He will go away after
awhile. Once he does, wait a few moments then open the door. You should be
able to return to the central fuse room now.

 One down. Next let's head out the front door. To the right it is a dead end
with a couple of lockers. Keep this in mind as an escape option (yes, there
is danger up ahead - a psycho is patrolling around). Head down the left hallway
now as it turns and leads to some double doors. At this split is a corpse with
a [_BATTERY_] on the floor.

 Now... which way to go. Let's head left first. To the left you'll encounter
a single door. Now... inside is a psychopath. He's got a butcher knife, but
he's rather slow at getting to you. We NEED to go in there though, as there
is another [_FUSE 2/3_] in there just to the right of the center spectacle,
so do what you have to: go in there, grab the fuse, get out and shut the door
behind you (you can guarantee room to shut the door if you make the slow psycho
chase you to the back of the room, but that is being extra cautious...).

 You MAY meet the patrolling psycho as you leave the left room. In that case,
I highly recommend taking the right path instead of retreating to the fuse box
room, as mentioned below. On the way to the right is a small cubby by a bed
that you can hide in, but only if you aren't being chased. There is a chance
of finding up to [_BATTERY x2_] here as well.

 The right path leads to an obstacle you can jump over and then to a room
very similar to the first fuse room. Similar in the regards that you can
(and should) block the door with a crate before nabbing [_FUSE 3/3_] from a
box near the stretcher in the room. There is a chance of finding a [_BATTERY_]
in the fire place here as well. Regardless of whether or not you got chased
into this room, wait for the psycho to stop banging on the door, give it a few
moments, then you can exit and make your way back to the central fuse room.

 Once you get back, put the fuses in and... the key falls. Lovely, right?
Remember the storage room / laundry room down below? Yep, it is down there
now. Head back to the gap in the stairs, jump over it, and then make your way
back to the laundry room. The psycho is still around down here, so watch out
for him. Once you get to the laundry room the panel by the chute will be lit
up so you can hit it and claim the [_3RD FLOOR KEY_].

 Now we need to get up the stairs again, past the gap. The door we want is up
here, to the left of the elevator. Open it up to continue. We'll have to jump
another gap here. No biggie. Once you see the writing on the wall after that
though we'll have a new objective:

 o New Objective: Follow the Blood

 Ugh, what a horrible idea. I guess we have no choice. Grab a [_BATTERY_]
from the table in the light and head to the right. The blood leads around the
corner so follow it (the path ahead is a dead end) and shimmy out onto the
ledge you find. Jump the gap to a new room.

 This new room has a surprising trick which I'm about to spoil for you. Once
you walk out past the first barrier of beds, the floor will collapse. Shocking,
right? You can avoid it by shimmying left  and pretending a giant hold is by
those beds in the future (it affects your path to the door on the right) but
I would recommend just falling down here (as there is no threat for doing so).

 Once you fall down, you can find a stack of beds in the room below that
enables you to climb back up in the back easily enough. The beds are in the
back-right corner. There IS a reason to fall down though, as you can find a
[_BATTERY_] in the opposite corner of the beds (by a radio). See, falling is
a good thing... this time. Use the beds to get back up.

 Once you are back up you'll see the hole you fell down to your left. Head
RIGHT first to a door that leads to the bathroom. You can find another
[_BATTERY_] in here if you search. Grab it and then head for the opposite
door by the hole you made. Follow the bloody arrow to a room full of stuff.
Heh. In the back of the room (head left and then go to the corner) you will
find the [_YOU PROMISED ME A ROSE GARDEN_] Document. Very sad...

 Head to the room entrance (doors to the front) and you'll likely see the
Walrider head right. Follow him and head right out of the double-doors (left
will lead to the same place, but go right for a note) and turn the corner to
the left. You'll see a room on the right with a TON of candles. Head in and
tape the wall to get the [_LIES_] note.

 From here exit and keep going down the hallway. You'll see a double door
here to the right, but head past it and in the corner look for a [_BATTERY_].
Once you have that, open up the nearby double doors to see TWO psychos walking
slowly towards you.

 CRAP! Well, we know the hallway we are in circles around, so lead them both
out of the room and get them in one of the side hallways, then run around to
the other hallway and sneak into the door the psychos came out of. Sneaky!
You can shut this door as well. If they split up, it is best to head LEFT and
then in the hallway hide in the corner. It is so dark the one psycho will just
walk right past you.

NOTE: I think these are the twin psychos from the beginning of the game, by
      the way. Kind-of hard to tell. Running into them is a one-hit kill though
      as they have long blades they stab you with.
 Once you are past them, head inward and left out the door. Jump the gap here
and shimmy along the far wall. This leads to a very large jump. Jump to the next
platform by the doorway and... watch the scene. Scramble up  and.. just...
damnit. We NEED that damn thing. This all has to mean something, right?

 o New Objective: You need your camcorder to navigate the darkness.
NOTE: Remember they path you take until you get your camera back!

 Head back and drop down. Head into the door nearby (note that we can hoist
ourselves back up to where we were) and explore the room here to see if you
can find a [_BATTERY_] on a desk. Head out the double doors now and right to
a light. Duck down and enter the locker room, then head to the back and you
will find a hole by the stalls.

 Drop down the hole you find by the stalls. This leads to a tiled-area that
is still rather dark, but also has a way you can pull yourself back up. Just
remember the path back for now while you press forward to a hallway. There
will be an obstacle to jump over and a large area to explore. You'll be
grabbed by someone here though (a good jump scare!) so shake them off and
you'll be OK.

 Head forward to the big room and then right. Navigate through the storage
room and then in the big room head to the back and jump over the counter on
the right. Your camera is straight ahead. Head over there and pick it up!
Reunited and it feels so good!

 Once you get your camera back, you'll get a new objective (naturally):

 o New Objective: Find a way to the 3rd Floor.

 Don't relax yet though: the camera was a trap! A psycho (or three) is nearby
and coming after you! We need to run back to the area we jumped down in and
pull yourself back up to the locker room. Note the crack in the camera though!
Heh, realistic! At least it is functioning still!

 Head back to the area where you dropped the camera and climb back up. We can
finally continue after that unfortunate event. We shall call this the end of
the chapter, as well.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<            Chapter 7: Return to the Administration Block             >==O
 Head forward now and we'll get a new objective:

 o New Objective: Find Father Martin in the Administration Block

 Continue on the path and jump the gap. Past a doorway the floor will give
way, so walk carefully and jump the gap to the doorway. You'll run into a
non-violent patient on your way; a sign you are going the right way.

 The next area past the squeeze-through narrow area is DANGEROUS. Walker is
an extremely narrow hallway with us. The path off to the right is a dead-end.
What we need to do is make our way to the third door on the left (the second
room, with the big conference table) and slam the door, then jump up to the
vent on the right. Do this at any time, as Walker can't follow us.

 Once you are in the vent, head forwards until you see it branch off to the
right. This actually leads to a separate room that is locked from the outside
but also has the [_BILLY'S DREAMS_] document. Head back up into the vent now
and follow the other path. Push the body you find out of the way and drop down
after it.

 Now, head left and enter the nearby library. In here there is a [_BATTERY_]
on the first table (on the far end) as well as the [_THE SPIRIT BREACH_]
document in the right corner by the computer. That's all in here, so head back
to the hallway and go right to the new room.

 In here you'll meet a patient who tells you some vital info. What a helpful
guy! This updates our objective:

 o New Objective: Retrieve the key from the Recreation Hall.

 Head to the left now and down the hallway. The hallway itself is a dead end,
but there is a room near the end you can enter that has a pool table in it and,
more importantly, a hole in the wall that leads onward. Crawl through it and
climb up the ladder you find. Follow the path but don't drop down. Shimmy along
the left ledge until you get past the grate, then drop down.

 Down here head forward and check out the grate to see what you can see
(heh...), then head up the stairs and into the door. It's dark. Bust out the
light and you'll find a way to drop down into an auditorium. As you head further
in, a projector will eventually turn on. Get out your camera and record the
movie being played for [_THE WERNICKE EXIT INTERVIEW_] note. Very interesting
stuff. They are spoiling us: we don't usually get visuals like this!

 Head to the back where you'll find a lit room on the left. Enter it to see
another door (with a blood streak under it... lovely). Enter and head through
the hallway, ignoring the stairs for now and into the room on the end. Back
here you can find the [_NECROTIZING FASCIITIS_] document.

 Turn around and head up the stairs now. The door is locked, so duck under
the junk and you'll come to a door in the back. Enter it and take a right,
then search the shelves here for a [_BATTERY_]. Try to use the nearby door
and... nope. Not going this way. Head back now and the door in the previous
room will be open. Head out to the ledge and to the left start to shimmy
along the edge. Don't look down! Keep going to the end and then jump to the
small railing in front of you and pull yourself up.

 You'll find yourself in the projector room now. On the table nearby is the
[_3RD FLOOR KEY_], which will pop you up a new objective once you grab it:

 o New Objective: Find Father Martin on the Third Floor

 Head back downstairs now and make your way back to the theater. As you go
through the door a psycho will show up. Quickly slam the door and duck into
one of the nearby lockers to remain safe. If you HAVE to that is. He may just
walk into the theater if he doesn't see you. Either way, after some time he
will move on, then you can jump out, head into the theater and head left
through the exit door. Make your way up the left stairs and down the hallway
to the lobby, then use the key on the door to the left of the elevator to
continue on.

 Up here a man will walk away off to the left. Can't follow him of course.
The elevator is open, but needs a key. Only one door up here leads anywhere,
so take it into the kitchen. This leads to another door which shows you a man
standing in the distance in a big room. Looks... ominous. Don't worry though,
the man here won't harm you. He's just watching the rain. The door to his right
is locked as well, so head left and head through the door you find.

 You'll be in another hallway. Head left and continue (the path to the right
is a dead end). Keep going while looking for a door on the right that you can
actually enter. Inside you'll see a man praying in front of a static-filled
television. Record him and the TV a bit for the [_STATIC PRAYER_] note.

 Head back to the hallway and head to the end. Squeeze through the wall and
use the door here to enter... another hallway. Take a right and check out the
room on the right to see more people praying. The room on the left has a man
praying too. Seems like the Father holds a lot of sway here...

 The next set of doors on the left and right have more praying patients, but
you NEED to visit the 3rd door on the right as inside you will find the [_THE
GOSPEL OF JUDAS_] document inside. Very creepy stuff.

 Head back to the hallway and down to the end where you'll find a [_BATTERY_].
Note that the path to the left is blocked. Lovely. What we need to do here is
turn around and then head into the first door on the right (or the third door
on the left from the start of the hallway). The room we are looking for should
have an open window. We need to head out of the window and shimmy to the left
to another open window. Don't mind the rain!

 Exit the room (gotta love the writing on the walls). Head right. This leads
 to a church. Don't mind the inmates here. Continue to the stand and pick up
 the [_ELEVATOR KEY_] while Father Martin begins his speech (be SURE you are
 recording all of this!). He'll have a speech ready for you and will ask you
 to witness this and spread his gospel. Oh man... this scene. Yikes....

 o New Objective: The Elevator will take you to the main exit.

 Record everything and at the end you'll get [_THE PASSION OF FATHER MARTIN_]
note. Passion is one word for it, sure.

 Head back out to the hallway and hang a right. There is a vent at the end
here you can get up in. Take it to a new hallway and... up ahead, Walker will
burst out! Quick, hang a right and head into the FIRST left door. Hide here
until you either have him enter looking for you or you hear him busting down
another door outside.

 When you hear that, wait until he busts through and then exit. Take a right
and go down the hallway Walker came from. On the left is a bathroom you can
find a [_BATTERY_] in the stalls if you want, but only go for it if you aren't
being chased. If you are, head left to the dining room and look for a step up
to a vent on the left wall.

 You'll end up in the kitchen. Drop down here and exit the door to be right
in front of the elevator. Enter it and use the key to continue.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                      Chapter 8: Underground Lab                      >==O
 The ride will take awhile but will stop eventually. We definitely aren't at
the exit...

 o New Objective: Find another way out.

 The walls here are something else. Continue forward and go through the doors
until you reach a lobby. Be sure to record what you see for the [_UNDER THE
MOUNTAIN_] note. There is also a document nearby. Go around the front counter
to find [_THE PRIDE OF WISDOM_] document. From here, go through the dark door
up ahead which leads to a nicely-lit hallway. Head through the double doors
at the end. The first room on the left has nothing of note in it (besides gore).
Enter the second room on the left though and grab the [_VARIANT POSTMORTEM_]
document off the middle table.

 Head back to the hallway and head to the end and through the doors to another
hallway. Head forward here over the tarped boxes and to an area with a window
on the left and an automatic door on the right. Looks like there is an exit to
the left, doesn't it? Head through the right door first though and into the
room in the back. Here there is a whiteboard with the "Morphogenic Formula"
written on it. Record it for the [_MORPHOGENIC FORMULA_] note.

 Head back to the hallway and forward to a path split. The right path is a
dead-end thanks to a death... head left instead and at the end the door will
close and Walrider will appear! Holy shit! Run back the way you came (he WILL
hurt you), hang a right and head straight. Straight for the double doors.
Here you will meet a familiar face... watch what happens and you will get the
[_DEATH OF THE SOLDIER_] note. What a mess...

 The area we came from is locked up tight, so head back as if you were going
back to the elevator. Along the way you'll see a panel opened up on the
left-hand wall. Enter it and watch, as you'll soon get to hear from someone...

 o New Objective: Find Billy in the main laboratory.

 Holy shit... my mind has just been blown. This is crazy, but you heard the
doctor. Note that if you DO stick around, you will get more dialog out of
him. Once he is done, head out to the hall and hang a left. We are going to find
another open panel in the left-hand wall. Enter to a new hallway. The door on
the left leads to a shower / bathroom area. You can find a [_BATTERY_] in one
of the stalls if you wish. The door on the right leads to a rec-room type
area. Not much to see in either area.

 Once you are done exploring, head down to the end of the hallway and take a
left (the right path / room has nothing for us). You will run into the Walrider
here (Billy). Shit... lead him back to the rec room and then exit back into the
hallway using the other door. Now you can run down the hallway and enter the
area he was coming from. Here go through the doors up ahead and then squeeze
through the barrels to get to the left. Head up the stairs now, through the
double doors, and onward to a de-con room (which saves our life!).

 Once the de-con room is done you can continue on in (relative) peace. Head to
the right and  look on the desk. Under the dead man's hand is the [_GODS AND
MONSTERS_] document. Interesting. Continue down the nearby hallway and the steel
doors will open for you. Be sure you are recording here and record the giant
sphere above you. The machine! This is the [_WERNICKE'S MACHINE_] note. From
here enter the door on the right for a new objective:

 o New Objective: Turn off the valve for the LIFE SUPPORT FLUID RESERVOIR.

 Head down the stairs and video tape Billy for the [_BILLY'S HOPE_] note. You
can also find the [_MORPHOGENIC ENGINE CHAMBER PRECAUTIONS_] document nearby on
the right console, which is a MUST read considering what we are doing here.
Also note the hand-shaped panel here. That will be important later.

 Let's head right now into the life support reservoir room. Head through the
doors and start recording as you go down the hallway and open up the next set
of doors. Once you see the life support reservoir fluids, you'll get the
[_LIFE SUPPORT_] note. Head to the back of this area and up the stairs you find.
Up here is an office. Head in and look around for [_THE MODERN PROMETHEUS_]
document. I'm a sucker for these Frankenstein references and really want to
re-read the book now! Continue on out of the office and down the catwalk to a
valve you need to turn. Do so. We'll get a new objective:

 o New Objective: Cut off the electric supply from the SUBLAB GENERATOR.

 Time to leave. It won't be that easy though... we'll be chased by the Walrider!
Time to run! Run through the doors to the hub area and then run past Billy to
the stairs beyond him. Head up and enter the hallway you find, then right past
the barrels (slide through them). Head through the hallway and doors into the
next room. Here find the central staircase and climb. It is a long climb, so
keep going. At the top jump the gap and head right. Keep going until you reach
a de-con room, which signals your safety!

 Once it opens up head up the stairs to an office area. Here look to the left
to find some tables and on them the [_PERMISSION TO PROCEED_] document. After
getting that, head right down the catwalk to the electrical box. Open it up
and pull out the wiring. Getting close now!

 o New Objective: Disable Billy's Life Pod failsafe.

 Head back to the de-con room and then back to the staircase. Attempt to jump
the gap and... well, not much you can do here. Watch until you regain control,
then head back to the main hub room and smack the failsafe. It is the big
hand-shaped button on the console that I pointed out earlier! Go smack it and
watch what happens. You won't have control for awhile...

 Once you regain control, use your camera and film the bloody life sphere for
the [_DEATH OF HOPE_] note.  Whee!

(-NOTE-) You should get the "Pulizter" trophy here! Congrats on finding all of
         the notes and documents!

 We'll get a new objective here as well:

 o New Objective: Get out.

 Short and sweet. Head back to the central command room and do your best to
return to the area with the window leading outside. I won't spoil the rest
for you or reveal what happens, but you will be at the end of the game at
this point.

(-NOTE-) I hope you've found this guide helpful. Be sure to give the guide a
         recommend using the link up at the very top if you've enjoyed it.
         Also, be sure to swing by my Facebook page (Facebook.com/Bkstunt)
         and say Hi, or shoot me an email!

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                              DOCUMENTS                               >==O
 Here I'm going to write down all the documents you can find throughout the
game. Just because I can. These are pretty neat to read after the fact as well.

NOTE: These are ordered in the order you find and record them throughout the
      game. If you are missing any of these and are here trying to find them,
      try doing a CTRL + F for the name of the note so you can find it in the
      guide proper.

September 17, 2013
From: 10260110756@mutemail.com
To: milesupshur@gmail.com
Subject: TIP / Illegal Activity at Murkoff Psychiatric Systems

You don't know me. Have to make this quick. They might be monitoring.

I did 2 weeks of software consult at Murkoff Psychiatric Systems' facilities
in Mount Massive. All sorts of NDA's I'm very much breaking right now but
seriously, fuck those guys.

Terrible things happening there. Don't understand it. Don't believe half the
things I saw. Doctors talking about dream therapy going too deep, finding
something that had been waiting for them in the mountain. People are being
hurt and Murkoff is making money.

It needs to be exposed.

Mount Massive CO
Case Number: 174
Patient Initials: WPH, "Billy"
Consultation Dated: 2012.10.14
Initial Date of Patient Consult: 2009.04.12
Patient Age: 19
Gender: Male
Observing Physician: Dr. Carl Houston (DBNR)

Patient claims to have progressed to self-directed lucid dream states.
MORPHOGENIC ENGINE activity observed at unprecedented scale. Continuing
stage 4 hormone schedule.


Spirometry revealed no bronchial accumulation.

Hematocrit centrifuge again failed to separate erythrocytes. Highly worrisome.

MRI revealed arhythmic  REM/NREM cycle. Laughter in NREM state.


Billy asked about the status of his mother's lawsuit against Murkoff and the
asylum. This represents a catastrophic breach of security, despite Billy's
claims that he discovered the truth "in the blood dreams of Doctor Trager."
(Note: the only Trager on company records, one Richard Trager, is an executive
from M.R.D.) All orderlies and security personnel must be questioned and video
security improved to include analytical biometrics.

Mount Massive CO

THE MURKOFF CORP. United States Office

In the Matter of the Seizure of:
Mount Massive Wilderness Area
Country Road 112

Affidavat(s) have been made before the BOARD OF DIRECTORS by MURKOFF HARDLINE

We are satisfied that the affidavat(s) and testimony establish sufficient
evidence to require urgent action on the part of M.H.S. and grounds for the
issuance of this warrant.

You are hereby required to grant M.H.S. full access to all facilities and
complete authority to its agents. By acceptance of this document, you (and all
surviving relatives) surrender all claims of litigation against the Murkoff
Corp. or its subsidiaries for the actions of M.H.S. or the circumstances that
required their actions, regardless of responsibility.

Mount Massive CO
Case Number: 136
Patient Initials: CLW, "Walker"
Consultation Dated: 2013.05.28
Initial Date of Patient Consult: 2011.01.28
Patient Age: 32
Gender: Male
Observing Physician: Dr. Rudolf Wernicke (notation by Dr. Walsh)


Morphogenic Engine activity plateaued at roughly 2000 ppm. Unsafe to progress
beyond stage 3 hormone schedule.


Spirometry revealed light-to-medium bronchial accumulation. MRI scans consistent
with patient's reported dreams.


Walker was interviewed in restraints, following his self-inflicted mutilations.
Restraints have had to be altered to accommodate his enormous size.

Extensive dental eruptions as consistent with failed Morphogenic Engine cellular
activity. He claims that skin ripped from his forehead allows for a truer way of
seeing, seems to have some boyhood experience with Tuatara Lizards and their
partial eyes. He has experienced anxiety about his flesh, specifically around
his lips and nose. Attending orderlies should be advised to watch for further

The mental traumas he sustained while serving in Afghanistan seem to be
retarding progression of the M.E. Process. His predominant fixation, amplified
by therapy, is a manic exaggeration of security protocol. A continuation of both
chemical and physical restraints is highly recommended.

From: Helen Granat
To: group841@murkoffcorp.lu
Subject: Project Walrider On Site Inspection

Dear Sirs,

The full report pending, no immediate action is required on the part of The
Murkoff Corp. The profit potential of PROJECT WALRIDER remains staggeringly

The four facilities contain enough ambiguous data to make any litigation, if
evidence is correctly managed, impossible. PROJECT WALRIDER remains a dangerous
initiative, and there will almost certainly be further casualties. As with the
others, however, family and government interest in the patients is so low as to
make any chances of legal actions vanishingly unlikely. Violence among patients
is increasing as the Morphogenic Engine Therapy gets closer to producing working
models, but a combination of physical and chemical restraints has proven
sufficiently effective to assure continued control and profit.

Helen Granat
Murkoff Legal Mitigation Dept.

MKULTRA Program, CIA document no. 190691, p. 1, excerpt

To: File
Subject: Hypnotic Experimentation and Research, February 10, 1954

On Wednesday, 10 February, 1954, hypnotic experimentation and research was
continued in Building 13 of the Mount Massive Preserve in Colorado using the
following subjects.

<material abridged>

1. A posthypnotic of the night before (pointed finger, you will sleep) was
enacted. Misses Jackson and Pierce immediately progressed to a deep hypnotic
state with no further suggestion. Miss Pierce was then instructed (having
previously expressed a fear of firearms in any fashion) that she would use
every method at her disposal to awaken Miss Jackson (now in a deep hypnotic
sleep), and failing this, she would pick up a nearby pistol and fire it at
Miss Jackson. She was instructed that her rage would be so great that she
would not hesitate to "kill" Jackson for failing to awaken.

2. Miss Pierce carried out these suggestions to the letter, including firing
the (unloaded pneumatic pistol) at Jackson and then proceeding to fall into a
deep sleep. After proper suggestions were made, both were awakened and expressed
complete amnesia for the entire sequence. Miss Pierce was again handed the gun,
which she refused (in an awakened state) to pick up or accept from the operator.
She expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened.

From: n.wolfram@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: h.granat@murkoffcorp.us.com
Subject: Patient Art Program / PATIENT "FATHER"

Helen -

Dr. Zeichner gave me your info to contact regarding the cancellation of the
arts program. My patient, Martin Archibaud, has made enormous strides in his
therapy on account of his finger painting. Just in the week since cancelling
the arts program, his schizoaffective affermations of some "higher calling" have
accelerated enormously. Please, just let the man finger paint. The few dollars
you're saving on temper paint is more than swallowed by the cost of Clozapine.
I can't imagine the logic at play here, unless Murkoff WANTS our patients to
become more disengaged from reality.

Please advise,

Dr. Neal Wolfram


Proper Purge Gate maintenance is crucial to PROJECT WALRIDER security. Please
refer to Murkoff Corp. Maintenance Manual MMPSMM180286 or seek guidance from a
supervisor with the proper security clearance.


Please find attached a copy of the DEATH CERTIFICATE for RUDOLF G. WERNICKE,
Murkoff Psychiatric Systems subcontractor no. 148616. No surviving family.

hold to light to see watermark
File No. 8732
Place: Colorado
Town or City: Mount Massive Preserve
Full Name: Rudulf Gustav Wernicke
Length of residence in city or town where death occurred: 0 Years, 7 months
How long in U.S., if of foreign birth: 55 years.
Sex: Male
Color or Race: White
Single, Married, Widowed or Divorced (write the word): Single.
Date of Birth: October 20, 1918
Birthplace: Germany
Date of Death: February 28, 2009

I hereby certify:
that I attended the deceased from June 4, 2003 to February 28, 2009
that I saw him alive on February 27, 2009, that death occurred on the date
stated above at 4:11 AM.

The principle cause of death and related causes of importance were as follows:
"Heart failure due to advanced age."


Rudolf G. Wernicke
Dr. Rudolf G. Wernicke, age 90, passed away doing the work he loved on
February 28th, 2009. He was born in 1918 in Munich, Germany, and achieved
fame in the mathematic and scientific communities for a paper written with
early computing pioneer Alan Turning. After a cloudy history with the German
war effort, he emigrated to the United States in 1949 with a visa from the
State Department. Several decades of government research in Los Alamos led
to New Mexico, where Dr. Wernicke retired to pursue landscape photography and
care for his cats. He came to Colorado shortly after the turn of the millennium
to pursue charitable work for the Murkoff Corporation. A statement from the
company calls Dr. Wernicke "a true humanitarian with a generous spirit." He
leaves no survivors.

(found scrawled in pencil on the back of an admittance form. Handwriting
matches samples from patient "FATHER" MARTIN ARCHIMBAUD.)

This God is real. What we've mistaken so long for ghosts, spirits, madness.
We were only willfully ignorant. The scales on Saul's eyes were fear, and
when you see beyond it, you truly see. This is the gift of the Walrider. The
Gospel of Sand. The greatest sin in the world is willful ignorance of God. To
receive a revelation and not spread it to the waiting flock. This place...
To stand in the way of salvation is a sin for which there is no punishment
too great.

Already weak, cold. Its still bleeding but it doesn't hurt anymore and I almost
have quiet. I can't hear the Walrider anymore. Maybe the therapy is waring off,
I can't remember the dreams. Said I could earn my release from this place by
submitting to therapy. Lies. Of course they were lying. It was not therapy. We
were sacrificed to conjure a demon. Please, let there be no dreams. The only

by Rick Trager
This patient also, unfortunately, didn't make it. I tried my best, but I'm
just a doctor, not a miracle-worker. And I'm pretty new to this whole "doctor"
thing, so I'm still working out all the kinks.

Anywhoo- somebody's gotta cut the fat from PROJECT WALRIDER disaster. We've
been bleeding money ever since this thing went tits up on account of that
Billy kid. But I've managed to slim back personnel by more than eighty people.
Which means short term savings in salary and long term savings in pension and
health care costs.

AND I've been figuring out a lot about biology. I was on the fence about it
before, but now I can say with absolute certainty that a person can't live
without his kidneys. You learn something new every day.

From: David Annapurna
To: hresources.us@murkoffcorp.lu
Subject: Request for Reassignment

To Whom it May Concern,

This is my third time time asking for reassignment after two months without
an answer. I don't want to work at Mount Massive anymore. I have been an
orderly my entire adult life, but have never experienced such a consistent
level of secrecy and disrespect. I even have some suspicions that some of the
patients may be being abused. I know personally of two of them who have been
moved to the basement ward and never returned. If I don't get an answer to
this email, I will be forced to resign, and may very well consider contacting
the press. Thanks for your time.

David Annapurna

From: r.trager@murkoffcorp.lu
To: p.walsh@murkoffcorp.us.com
Subject: Annapurna, employee no. 531920

Mr. Walsh,

Please accept the immediate resignation of Orderly 521920, David Annapurna,
and process him as a patient of Mount Massive to treat his persecutorial
delusions. Treatment should continue until the time of his death. Thanks,

Rick Trager
Murkoff R&D.

IF YOU'RE SEEING THINGS, SAY SOMETHING. There's no shame in Psychopathological
Proximity Stress Disorder (PPSD). Talk to your supervisor to get help from a
Murkoff Success Counselor.

MKULTRA program, CIA MORI doc no. 140401 pp 1,5,9 excerpts

To: File
Subject: Special Research, Bluebird

I. General Problem
For the past several months, Bluebird has been endeavoring to ascertain by
research, study, instruction and some practice what value (if any) can be
derived from SI (Sleep Induction) and H (Hypnotic) techniques when applied to
war and specific Agency problems.

3. Can we create by post-H control an action contrary to an individual's
   basic moral principles?

7. Can we guarantee total amnesia under any and all conditions?

8. Can we "alter" a person's personality? How long will it hold?

17. What are full details on a "sleep-inducing machine"?

I don't even know your name. But I've come to think of you as one of my blood,
my Paul, I hope you don't mind. And I hope you don't indulge the vanity of
self-pity, the fear that your suffering is more than others'. We all must
endure this, and you are nearly done. There's no way to heaven but by the
cross. And every man needs another to help drive the nails in. I am here for
you. I am waiting ahead.

Brief Introduction to WALRIDER mythology for M.R.D. Support Staff
The Murkoff Corp
Note- This is for support/notational purposes only, engage in NO direct
contact with patients during or after therapy.

The WALRIDER, also known as an "Alp", "Mara," or "Schrat," is a demonic
creature of German origin that torments sleepers. They crouch on a sleeper's
chest and crush the breath from him. The sleeper wakes terrified, paralyzed,
and asphyxiating. The name "Mara" gives us the word "nightmare". Sexual
assaults by the demon are rare, but it has been known to drink milk from
the breasts of sleeping women, and blood from the nipples of sleeping men.

PROJECT PAPERCLIP, Joint Intelligence Objective Agency (JIOA), document
number 8 of 186, location 230/86/46/5

REF: Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act.

a. The first, PAPERCLIP, provides a means of obtaining services of foreign
specialists for specific assignments within the technical services of the
Departments of Army, Navy, and Air Force.

b. PROJECT 63 is primarily a denial program with utilization as a desirable
feature. The aim of this program is to secure employment in the United States
of certain preeminent GERMAN and AUSTRIAN SPECIALISTS, thus denying their
services to potential enemies.

(Excerpt from the diary of Shirley Pierce, Mount Massive Mental Hospital
Patient, 1952-1964)

How can I not remember where the cuts are coming from? They hurt so deeply,
even days later. Doctor Newhouse tells me that it's my fault, I'm
subconsciously resisting the hypnotherapy. But I want so much to get better,
I don't know how I could be doing this to myself. Dr. Newhouse says it's
another condition of my bedroom-inspired hysteria. Poor Bruce, I make him
suffer so.

I've tried, subtly, to ask Mrs. Jackson if she's had similar "issues" with
her husband, but she is loathe to talk about it. Her husband, too, has found
comfort in a younger woman.

I know the doctors only mean well, and with the help of the government men
who have joined the staff, I am in the very best hands possible. I should
just take my pills and sleep, and hope for more pleasant dreams tonight.

From: k.vigalondo@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: c.eisner@murkoffcorp.us.com
subject: Patient WILLIAM HOPE

Heya Ciney-

Another "interesting" conversation with Billy this morning. He says he's
been talking with Dr. Wernicke again for his therapy "in the white place."
I'm disturbed by the fact that his delusions have only gotten worse with
medication (which isn't in the literature for benzondiazepine).

In any case, his dead doctor friend is filling his head with more German
folklore. Apparently the only thing that can kill the Walrider are vampiric
butterflies vomited from a demon called "Horerczy." The butterflies suck
the breath from people's lips and drink blood from their nipples. They can
also take the form of emaciated upright pigs, or sick dogs. So Billy's got
that going for him.

You'd mentioned Billy talking about his mother's tattoos before, are any of
them by chance tattoos of butterflies? Next time I get outside of the Murkoff
firewall, I'm going to look online and see if there's any actual basis in
German folklore, or if Billy's making this garbage up from whole cloth.

Would love to compare notes sometime. Wouldn't mind doing it over a glass
of wine. ;). Gets lonely up here on Two.


(Translated from German)


Reichleiter Lohner and
Dr. Med. Rogge

I have pressing news concerning the ongoing work of Dr. Rudolph Wernicke in
his development of the Morphogenic Engine, expanding on theories developed
in his brief but unfortunate relationship with A. Turing.

If I had not witnessed it myself, I would not believe it had happened. But
beyond even the promise in cellular regeneration and guided cancerogeneration,
I believe Wernicke's method has breached the spiritual realm. Something
crossed from the other side. I personally witnessed the appearance of an
apparition. Briefly, but undeniably so.

Please forward my note, and invitation to witness further experiments to
Dietrich Eckart. I do not doubt that the Fuhrer himself may need be made
aware of our discoveries.

It is my opinion that Dr. Wernicke's successes represent an enormous
opportunity for our cause and the German people, and are obviously sufficient
reasons to keep him out of any sort of culling program. Regard to your family.

(signature ineligible)

From: d.brunton@murkoffcorp.us.com
To: g.williard@murkoffcorp.us.com

Wash those hands regularly.  ;)

>>>on September 19, 2013, at 4:19 AM, GRANT
>>><g.williard@murkoffcorp.us.com> wrote:
Necrotizing Fasciitis?  >>>Really? I fucking quit.

I am an unworthy supplicant, who can serve our lord only by feeding our lord.
Please take me, Walrider. Let my shepherd's Apostle see it and spread it with
his lies for a greater truth. Your time upon the world has come. My flesh longs
for your beautiful wraith. My blood is filled with you and waiting to be set
free. This is my prayer. Write your gospel in my flesh.

From the personal records of Dr. Wernicke.

"FRANKENSTEIN, or The Modern Prometheus" by Mary Shelley, published anonymously
in 1818. Chapter 23, excerpt -

"Man," I cried "how ignorant art thou in thy pride of wisdom! Cease; you know
not what it is you say."

I broke from the house angry and disturbed, and retired to meditate on some
other mode of action.

(form note: all material herein to be transcribed and revised to fit legally
binding requirements of Murkoff Corp. records. See form 4083)
AUTHOR: Jennifer Roland
NOTES: My fourteenth autopsy of a Walrider patient, showing no more signs of
accepeting the therapy than any of the others. There have been slight gains
in cell migrations and morphogenisis (including effects similar to Human
Growth Hormone), but nothing to suggest the stable creation of a sentient
independent swarm. So tired. Doubting my judgement. Will submit another
request for leave. The psychological cost of using such far gone and further
provoked patients is more than I feel I can handle.

May suggest hanging less hope on the far-flung theories of a senile Nazi and
move towards using a simpler mechanical engine based on major sperm protein.

Will definitely suggest harsher chemical restraints. Murkoff Security killed
patient 921 after he overcame enough tranquilizers to put down a hockey team.
I'm afraid the Hormone Therapy is interacting with our chemical restraints in
a counterproductive manner.

NOTE to all personnel from consultant MM008, RUDOLF WERNICKE. (DBNR)
Do not worship the swarm, nor allow the delusions of the patients to influence
your beliefs. Any sentient being based in this technology will be so far
superior to us that illusions of godliness will be reasonable.

We have always looked into chaos and called it God. We now are blessed with
sufficient power that such belief could destroy us. Do not be tempted.
Remember that you are scientists.



To avoid patient injury, the Morphogenic Engine Life Pod requires a daily
inspection of all Vital Systems.

VITAL SYSTEM 1: The enriched oxygenated perfluorocarbon from the LIFE SUPPORT
FLUID RESERVOIR must be continually flushed and replaced through the course
of the patient's treatment. (Note that O.P. also supplies anesthetics, any
interruption of supply will cause sufficient pain to the patient to potentially
disrupt the experiment.)

VITAL SYSTEM 2: Electric supply is supplemented and ensured by the SUBLAB
GENERATOR. Proper fueling and maintenance of the Sublab Generator should be
confirmed hourly.

VITAL SYSTEM 3: In the case of catastrophic loss of Vitals Systems 1, and 2,
the Life Pod FAILSAFE will engage, maintaining localized, minimum life support
functions until technicians can arrive. DISABLING FAILSAFE WILL RESULT IN

From the personal records of Dr. Wernicke.

"FRANKENSTEIN, or The Modern Prometheus" by Mary Shelley, published anonymously
in 1818. Chapter 4, excerpt -

"Learn from me, if not by my precepts, at least by my example, how dangerous
is the acquirement of knowledge, and how much happier that modest man that he
who aspires to become greater than his nature allows."

Please find attached the "Permission to Proceed" form from patient William
Hope, of the Murkoff Charitable Psychiatry program at Mount Massive Hospital
in Colorado (USA). The form is standard, and all relevant lines have been
signed. It appears Billy is unaware of his mother's recent guided cardiac
arrest. He is submitting to the experiment with the understanding (unfounded)
of financial renumeration to his mother and a charitable contribution to her

Wernicke, having read the boy's dream reports, believes he has enormous
therapeutic potential.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                                NOTES                                 >==O

 Here I'm going to write down all the notes you can find throughout the game.
Just because I can. These are pretty neat to read after the fact as well.

NOTE: These are ordered in the order you find and record them throughout the
      game. If you are missing any of these and are here trying to find them,
      try doing a CTRL + F for the name of the note so you can find it in the
      guide proper.
 I start feeling sick just looking at this place. Mount Massive Asylum, shut
down amid scandal and government secrecy in 1971, reopened by Murkoff
Psychiatric Systems in 2009 under the guise of a charitable organization.
Cell phone reception cut off abruptly about a mile out, more like a jammer
than lost signal. The Murkoff Corporation has a long track record of disguising
profit as charity. But never on American soil. Whatever they thought they could
get out of this place has to be big. Might finally be the story that breaks the

 I'm inside. Bodies everywhere. Blood. Burn marks. Heads lined up like bottles
behind a bar, dead Murkoff scientists hung from the ceiling; their badges say
"Murkoff Advanced Research Systems." Murkoff's longtime M.O. Has been to profit
off the exploitation of supposed charity. Fuck the third world and bankroll
another billion.

How did Murkoff think they'd make money off of a building full of crazy people?

There's some kind of tactical cop pinned like a pig on a spit. Tells me to get
the fuck out and then dies. Would have been a good thing to hear when I could
still leave the way I came.

 A crowd of broken men watching a dead channel. They look like patients. They
survived whatever happened here but nobody's home.

I'm already beat all to hell, picking broken glass out of my scalp, couple
cracked ribs. Nearly killed by a deformed giant, looks like somebody tried to
fuck-start his head with a cheese grater. He throws me through a wall, knocks
me unconscious.

I wake up and some dough old man with a face like an alcoholic kiddy fiddler
in a homemade priest outfit calls me his Apostle. Not a job I asked for.

There are words scrawled in blood everywhere. I'm getting an ugly feeling in
my gut that the "Priest" is writing them, and for my benefit. 

The big fucker is stalking me. Found a patient file for a CHRIS WALKER,
ex-military police, several tours in Afghanistan. A lot of the blood in this
place is on his hands. But not all of it.

The priest, FATHER MARTIN, brought me here to show me something. Thinks I'm
going to be a witness for whatever batshit crazy he's trying to sell me. This
DR. WERNICKE is at the center of whatever went wrong here. But he died more
than ten years ago. "Rest in Peace" says the blood on the wall.

Fuck this place. Seriously, just fuck this place. Dying keeps moving lower
on the list of the worst things that could happen to me here.

I can't shake Chris Walker, the big ugly fucker who likes ripping off peoples'
heads. I hear him muttering about security protocols, containment. What if he's
not the problem? What if he's trying to fix it?

The word "Walrider" is all over this place. Murkoff was running an experiment
here called PROJECT WALRIDER, but the patients talk about the Walrider like
it's a physical presence. A spirit, or demon. Something they found in the
mountain. I'd chalk it up to schizophrenic delusions, but I just saw something.
Maybe. Maybe it was a glitch in the camera. Or maybe this place getting to me.

The Patients know Dr. Wernicke is dead. One asks me, "what kind of experiments
does a dead doctor perform on living patients?" What is PROJECT WALRIDER?

I thought this sewer couldn't smell any worse. Hundreds of bodies crammed into
a room, thousands of flies. Is this the Priest's "way out?"

The harder I try to escape, the further I get into this god awful place. Like
fighting a tar pit. They've been torturing people in the basement, and by
method. Written on the wall - "FINGERS FIRST. THEN BALLS. THEN TONGUE."
Somebody's managing the torture, instructing them.

TRAGER. Sick fucker cut my fingers off. Has tortured and mangled dozens of
patients, I watch him murder another one, nothing I can do about it. Talks
like a white collar business school douchebag, probably has a set of golf
clubs in the trunk of his Audi. I'd bet the rest of my fingers he was
Murkoff brass before whatever's infected this place changed him.

I want out of this place. I want my fucking fingers back. I want to see
Trager die.

How to make Trager Juice:

Step 1: squeeze.

I'm not the only victim here, not by a long shot. I watch a man wait to burn
to death, the most painful death imaginable, rather than stay in this place.

I've said it before, but fuck this place. I've still got those fingers left.

God help me, I think I've seen the Walrider.

So much blood in the water I can smell it. Like putting a penny in your mouth
when you were a kid. The whispers are making more sense, I'm looking for
static. It's like an itch.

The sound in the machine, like the sound in my head when the Walrider appeared.
I blink and I see static, something else. Something oily and dark descending
behind my eyelids. Watching me with organs I can't imagine. But the sound is
coming from the machine, too. From inside the walls. I know that sound...

A dead body at the bottom of the elevator shaft, surrounded by food. He
barricaded himself in someplace safe, someplace nobody could reach him. It
didn't work.

I recognize the handwriting. Father Martin killed a man here. Are the "LIES"
he's talking about all the files missing from these boxes? The facts? The
records? They look like government agency material, at least thirty years
old, probably older. I start thinking MKULTRA, CIA. Mind Control. The buzzing
won't stop.

The man sounds like Dr. Strangelove's anemic brother. It's a twenty-five year
old audio recording, an interview with this Dr. Wernicke. Los Alamos means
government work. Wernicke talks about spontaneous bleeding, tumors,
psychosomatic reactions in sufficiently disturbed people. Seems to walk a
line between science and Nazi mysticism.

"Only a test subject who had witnessed enough horror was capable of activating
the engine." The Morphogenic Engine.

The engine. The movie they're projecting. It gets in my head like a song you
can't stop humming.

I blink and see Rorschach tests that look like swarming insects and infected
surgery wounds.

The patients talk about using the engine to conjure the Walraider. It's the
buzzing I hear in my bones.

The static again. A patient knelt in prayer. Maybe he bought Father Martin's
line of bullshit. Maybe he hears what I hear but more clearly. Maybe it's his
way out of this place. The Priest called it the Gospel of Sand.

I can't believe Father Martin one-upped Jesus Christ himself in shitty ways
to die. And I don't believe I'm going to miss him. A way out. If he's telling
the truth, now I've got a way out. And a story to tell. He wants me to spread
his gospel. I'll tell the whole fucking world.

Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.

Whoever finds my corpse - trust no one and tell everyone. I am not crazy.
I know, I know, only crazy people say that. But I am as sane as this world
allows, with a camera full of evidence. Don't call it a gospel. Call it a
mockery of reason, let the world know it is Murkoff's fault. Bury these
bastards with my mutilated dead body.

This is the Morphogenic Engine. A few lines of mathematics, an algorithm.
Reprogram us, turn us into nightmare factories. A few numbers on a dry
erase board. Give me a hacksaw and a few hours alone with Dr. Wernicke's
corpse. I feel I owe him a debt.

This is the way you die. Ripped to pieces from the inside, watching your
marrow scatter on a concrete wall. You've escaped one Hell, Chris Walker.
God help me but I somehow hope you didn't find another.

The assembler, the feed chambers, the precursor molecules. Vague memories
of nanotechnology articles I've read online, probably drunk, probably
distracted. Not nearly enough to know how to destroy it.

But Billy is the center of it. Find him. Kill him. End this.

From Billy's patient reports, he ought to be twenty-three years old. He looks
like at least fifty years of rough road, pain scratched deep into what I can

Killing you would be an act of kindness.

This is Billy Hope's lungs. His liver. His life support. A machine the size
of a football stadium to keep one lunatic alive. Fuck it all. Break it all.
He has to die.

Billy is dead, the Walrider, the Swarm, whatever it is, unmade with him.
Whether I escape or die here, I am free.

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                              Trophies                                >==O

 In this section I'll list all the trophies in the game. These trophies are
from the PS4 version of the game, and apply to the Xbox version and PC version
of the game as well.
(-NOTE-) Trophies are here in the order they appear in the PS trophy list.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Illuminated   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Restore power to the Administrative Block
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Flushed   |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Drain the Sewers
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Soaked    |____________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Activate the sprinklers in the Male Ward
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————————.                                        .————————————.
 __|   Emancipated   |________________________________________|   Bronze   |__
    Description | Collect the key in the Female Ward
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .—————————————.                                            .————————————.
 __|   Educated  |____________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Collect 15 documents and complete 15 recordings
  How to Obtain | If you are focusing on collecting notes and documents, this
                | is essentially the "half-way" mark, as there are 31 of each.
                | So you SHOULD get this roughly half-way through the game.
                | Assuming you are a collector of course.

   .——————————————.                                           .————————————.
 __|   Punished   |___________________________________________|   Silver   |__
    Description | Finish the game
  How to Obtain | This is a story-related trophy, so you can't really miss it.

   .——————————————.                                             .——————————.
 __|   Pulitzer   |_____________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Collect all documents and complete all recordings
  How to Obtain | Collect and note everything. Thank goodness this guide
                | covers all of the collectabes, right!? Well, it is one of
                | the reasons I wrote it, after all...

   .—————————————.                                              .——————————.
 __|   Lunatic   |______________________________________________|   Gold   |__
    Description | Finish the game in Insane mode
  How to Obtain | Pretty self-explanatory. Best to go through on normal and
                | collect everything, then do this Insane run next (since
                | you'll know what to do and where to go, with no worries of
                | collecting anything).

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                           Version History                            >==O

 Version 1.00: August 1st, 2014 - January 3rd, 2015

 A very rough "Version History" for sure. Can't QUITE remember the start
date of this guide, but when I played the game in February 2014 and then saw
there were no good text guides out there for it (read: none that had all the
notes and documents... documented), I decided to do this. It was very much a
"back-burner" guide while I hammered out other things, but now that I'm finally
submitting it I think it looks great. Enjoy the guide everyone!

                         ___       _   _         _   
                        / _ \ _  _| |_| |__ _ __| |_ 
                       | (_) | || |  _| / _` (_-<  _|
        ________________\___/ \_,_|\__|_\__,_/__/\__|_________________
O==<                               Credits                                >==O
 o My awesome family for all the love and support. Love you Sadie!
 o All my peeps over at the FAQ Contributor board. Bunch of good people there
   who make some of the best guides this site has. You guys and gals know who
   you are!

HOW MUCH                                             Document © Bkstunt_31 2014
HAPPIER THAT                                         Outlast © 2013 Red Barrels
MODEST MAN...                                     E N D   O F   D O C U M E N T

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