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Ys II Walkthrough by Tarkaan

Updated: 07/05/2000

Ys Book II Walkthrough
Completed July 5, 2000

Corrections and additions, e-mail tarkaan@bigfoot.com.

By Tarkaan (tarkaan@bigfoot.com)

Original Text is (C)2000 by the author.  No part of this document may be
reproduced in whole or in part without the express written consent of the
author, unless: the entire document is reproduced, unadulterated, in text form
(not HTML); credit is given to the author; and this notice remains with the
document.  This document will never appear on a printed page unless a good
sized handful of contributor copies get sent to me.  If you want to repro this
in a magazine, e-mail me and we can talk about it.

I.    Introduction

How disappointed I was to find that emptyeye never attached a Book II to his
Book I walkthrough!  In thanks to him for that walkthrough, I am providing this
walkthrough to Book II in the same spirit - I won't spoil the plot for you if I
can avoid it, but I will tell you what precisely you need to do in order to
finish the game.

II.   Basic Controls

The "Basic Controls" section he has is perfectly good, I won't try to say the
same thing, since you can get his walkthrough at http://www.gamefaqs.com .  The
only major difference is the use of Magic, and as soon as I get far enough in
the game, I will write that in as a separate section.

III.  Magic

Fire:      Shoots fire (duh).  Gets more powerful as you do, and gets a
           trample effect later on in the game.  Can be modified with Idol of
           Falcon and Idol of Hawk, etc.  This is your primary weapon.  Cost:

Light:     Used to reveal things that aren't really there.  At this point I
           only know of one thing it reveals.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem
           to have any further use.  Cost: Decreases MP at a constant rate.

Return:    Warps you to Rance Village, Burn Village, Ramia Village, Runaway
           Hideout, and Goddess' Castle, providing you've been to those places
           before.  Cost: 20 MP per use.

Transform: Changes you into a demon so you can talk to demons and understand
           their language.  Cost: Decreases MP at a constant rate.

Timestop:  Utterly useless.  Cost: Decreases MP at a constant rate.

Shield:    Turns your magic meter into a constantly decreasing life meter, in
           essense.  You don't take damage as long as you have MP to support
           it.  Cost: Decreases MP at a constant rate when activated,
           decreases MP more quickly when you are hit.

IV.   Book II Walkthrough

Please be advised that I will use up, down, left, and right as control pad
directions, just as emptyeye did.  Save Early, Save Often.  Also, I know that
you're probably not a mouth breather and have some common sense, so everything
I say to get is usually in a treasure chest unless I say otherwise (most
notable exceptions are the Roda Tree Seed and the Kerseta Flower).  When I say
"you've got it" or "get it", that means "open the box".  I suggest you keep
the Idol of Hawk equipped until you get the Cleria Ring, then keep that
equipped until you get the Idol of Falcon.  Always keep your fire magic turned
on when you get it.

    Subsection A: Do you believe in Magic?
        Subsection 1: Rance Village
Items to Acquire: Short Sword, Chain Armor, Letter to Dr. Flair

  Evidently, since you've made it this far, you're aware of what's basically
going on here.  When you begin, you're standing at the doorway that runs
between the ruins and Rance Village.  The first thing you'll notice is that
you're naked!  No shield, no sword, no armour!  The next thing you'll notice is
that the next-level-up is not listed with your experience.  The next thing
you'll notice is the reason for this - a magic meter!  Relax, you'll be
spitting fire in no time.  The only thing you have are the six books of Ys.
You're a very naked, very well read adventurer who is unable to use magic of
any kind.  Now you need a quest.

  Talk to the man in the upper right hand corner of Rance Village.  He'll tell
you what to do.  Now talk to Lilia's mother down toward the bottom of the town.
She'll give you a Letter and some money to buy a Short Sword and some Chain
Armour, and remind you that you have someplace to be.

  While you're in town, stop by the village senior's house (he's not home), and
take a look around the other guy's basement.  Then head for the ruins.

        Subsection 2: Ruins
Items to Acquire: Wand of Holy Word, Roda Tree Nuts, Ancient Slate

  After a short walk, you'll show up in the Ruins and hear some fairly cool
guitar music.  And not Darm Tower music either, where it sounds like the dude
is trying to kill a cat with a toothpick.  Head along the bottom all the way to
the right and take the last path that goes up.  Run up through the trees and
through a little doorway and you'll see two goons guarding a treasure chest.
Hit one, then wait.  Repeat.  Yes, I am well aware it takes ages to do this.
Once you've finally nailed both goons, claim your prize.  It does not spit
fire.  Now follow the path up, then left, then up, and talk to the guy.  Now go
up and talk to the statue.

Head back down to the very bottom, then left to the next path.  Follow it up
and talk to Astal.  Try the door.  Head back down.

Go left and take the next path up, go right when the path splits, then head up
and pick up the Roda Tree nut off the ground.  You can use these at will and go
back for more.  Now head back down and follow the path down to the left.  The
path splits again up, go up.  When it splits again right, go right.  Grab the
Ancient Slate from the treasure chest, nail enough baddies to get 100 gold for
a Wooden Shield, then leave the way you came in.

        Subsection 3: Rance Village and the Ruins
Items to Acquire: Wooden Shield

  Go buy a Wooden Shield, then talk to the Village Elder.  Go do what he tells
you to do.  If you ate those Roda Tree nuts, pick up some more.  Then head into
the mine.

    Subsection B: The Medicine Man or Close a Window, Open a Door
        Subsection 1: Mine Level 1
Items to Acquire: Pickaxe, Cleria Ring, Magic of Fire

  Astal opens the door for you, then you head into your first Divine Area.
There are six of these down here, you can visit them to replace the books and
fill your HP and MP when necessary (and trust me, you'll use them).  Mine Level
1 is a large maze of doors, etc.  It's not half as bad as those stupid mirror
mazes in Darm Tower because you can always go back the way you came.  I'll give
you a "map" of the maze, then I'll tell you in what order to do things in.  If
you follow the path, you'll eventually come to multiple splits.  I'll map the
splits, as those are the only things that are important.  If there's only one
direction to go, I won't mention it.

  From the initial path: Center Door of 3.
    Right Path: Leads to Center Door of 3.
      Right Path: Leads to Left Door of 3 (water patch here).
        Right Path: Leads to one goon you can wax.
        Center Path: Leads to the *Pickaxe*.
      Left Path: Leads to Center Door of 3.
        Right Path: Leads to a messed up wall (Use the Pickaxe).
        Left Path: Leads to Center Door of 3.
          Right Path: Leads to Center Door of 3.
            Right Path: Leads to Upper Right of 4.
              Lower Left: Leads to *Magic of Fire*.
              Lower Right: Leads to Dead End.
              Upper Left: Leads to Dead End.
            Left Path: Leads to Left of 3 (water patch here).
              Center Path: Leads to Center of 3 (Long path to the right door).
                Left Path: **Divine Area**, Two Statues
                Right Path: Leads to Mine Level 2.
              Right Path: Leads to Right Door of 3.
                Center Path: Dead End.
                Left Path: Dead End.
          Left Path: **Divine Area**, One Statue, *Cleria Ring*
    Left Path: Leads to Center Door of 3, and another **Divine Area**

  First, grab the Pickaxe.  Then head for the messed up wall and talk to Dr.
Flair and try the next passage.  Now that he's free, head for Magic of Fire
(yes, now you can spit fire).  Kill enemies with your fire so you don't run
into them, but here's a tip: If you shoot an enemy that is facing away from
you, he will fly BACKWARDS.  Try to shoot enemies when they're facing you.
Also, there are parts where you can't see enemies until you're right on top of
them.  When in doubt, shoot your fire into the abyss.  You may get lucky.
  Snatch up the Divine Areas as you go.  When you've done all that, head for
Mine Level 2.

        Subsection 2: Mine Level 2
Items to Acquire: Magic of Light, Kerseta Flower, Iron Ore, Evil Bell

  Follow the path as far as it goes and waste this boss.  Once he's dispatched,
carry on along the path.  The next place you come to is a very large room.  All
you need to do here is in this room.
  Bear left, and follow that path all the way to the bottom.  On your way
across the bottom, go through a little flat space in the wall.  Stop in there
for some Iron Ore.  Now skip the first and second inlets and take the third
(the one along the back wall.  Now aim for the middle one and pick up your
Kerseta Flower (see it by the water?).  Now head back down the path you came,
but instead of going left and heading for the door, head straight down to the
very bottom to what looks like a dead end.
  Head right through that door (note the enemies hidden in the passage - wax
them.  These guys are fast, be on your toes.  Follow the path up to the top.
Before you go through the doorway, head down through a little flat area in the
wall.  Grab up the Evil Bell.  Now go through the doorway there.  Note where
you came in so you can find the spot to get out.  Again, there are lots of
passages, but only one way to go.  Go up and bear left, then go right through
the passage and up some more.  Then you've got the Magic of Light.
  As for the mine, that's all she (and I) wrote.  Head back to Rance Village, I
think you have business to attend to there.

        Subsection 3: Rance Village
Items to Acquire: Lilia's Medicine, Magic of Return, Small Shield, Long Sword,
    Scroll of Guidance

  Head for the upper right corner and chat to Dr. Flair and his "brother".
Take his contribution to Lilia's mother's house.  She'll be happy to see you,
and give you a nice surprise.  In fact, you'll find that every time you visit
Lilia's mother, she'll be so happy to see you that she'll refill your HP and
MP.  Now hopefully, you didn't just whiz through the game with this walkthrough
and actually stopped to wax some goons along the way.  If you did, then grab
up a Small Shield and a Long Sword.  Oh yeah, sell the shopkeeper your Iron
  Through a field of ice and a lake of lava or whatever the statue said is
Solomon Shrine, but first you have to visit one more divine area.  Now you can
try going back to where you found Dr. Flair and bashing through that wall
(which won't work, ever), or you can take the back way in.  It turns out that
poor Jira picked a really bad patch of real estate.  Ring the Evil Bell in his
basement and then deal with the consequences.  Head up, then up, then through
the boss door, and chat with the Statue.  Listen to what it has to say.  Then
blast your way out.
  And I don't think I have to tell you that Jira's place is a great way to get
cash.  With that cash, buy the best items.  Then head into the door you
couldn't go through before, and into the beautiful landscape of Ice Park East.

    Subsection C: Fire and Ice
        Subsection 1: Ice Park East and West
Items to Acquire: Misty Ice Drops, Magic of Transform, Shoes, Idol of Hawk,
  Illusion Mirror

  Go Up, Up, Up, Up, then Up the closest ladder, then over and down, down,
down, down, down, then left to the ladder and down twice.  Get the Misty Ice
Drops.  Then head back to the beginning.
  Now go Up, Up, Up, Up, head right, go up twice, then go left and into the
door there.  Walk over to the far left door and use your Misty Ice Drops where
where the little tab on the right side of the chasm matches the little tab on
the left side of the chasm.  Go through that door.
  Now go down twice, then all the way to the left and up the ladders.  Up three
times, and there's a door and a ladder going up.  Go through the door, then
down three times, down the nearest ladder, then over and up three times.  Then
head over to the left and down three times, left, and up.  There's a door and
a ladder going up.  Head through the door to Ice Park West.
  Now go through the door to Ice Park West, clearing the ice blockage with fire
magic as you go.  Go through that door and take the Magic of Transform.  If
you're low on life, you can transform yourself into a goon, sometimes the other
goons have information of value to give you.  Not often.
  Now go down, over, and up twice.  There's a ladder going up and a slide
coming down, take the ladder.  Now go Up, Up, Up, to the door, through the
door, and take the shoes.  Head back down and note the slide leading up to the
boss door.
  Go back through the door that brought you here, then up and up the slide, get
the Idol of Hawk, then Up the next slide.  Head all the way back right and
there are again ladders that go up and down.  Go up, then up, then up the
slide, then touch the goddess statue and read the scroll.  Go down the slide,
over, and up to the ladder that leads to the door to Ice Park East.  Go in.
  Go down three ladders, up the right one, up again, then up twice and through
the door.  Head back the way you came, all the way to the right, then down
twice, and left to where there's a ladder that goes up in between two that go
  Head back to where you got the Misty Ice Drops and then head up through the
two slides for the Illusion mirror.  Go back to Rance Village and talk to 
Lilia's mother.  Go back to Ice Park West to the boss door and kill the boss.
Carry on through the door.

        Subsection 2: Burnland

  Follow the path and enter the door on the right.  Follow the path and enter
the door on the right.  Now continue along the path and enter the door on the
right.  Then go up through the upper door, then through the door on the left.
Then across the path, through the door, then follow the path and go through the
door on the right.  Then follow the nice bridge across the lava.  You're in
Burnland Village.

        Subsection 3: Obnoxious Duck Demons
Items to Acquire: Earrings, Roda Tree Leaf

  Go chat to all the people in Burn Village (not much of a village if you ask
me, but whatever).  Now transform, and go chat to them all again.  Now change
back into Adol and chat to the bridge guard.  By the way, note that you can
pick up a Roda Tree Seed in burn village, which is helpful.  It's right there
at the entrance.  Now that you've got the earrings, go back to the passage to
Ice Park.
  Transform again, and use the Evil Bell.  Hey presto!  It's the obnoxious
duck demons!  Chat to all of them, then grab the Roda Tree Leaf from below the
door to the passage, and head up.  Go up, past the door on the right that leads
to Burn Village, and go through the door on the left that's way up at the top.
  Now follow the path and go through the door.  Go across the path and through
the door.  Follow the path up and through the first door on the left.  I hope
you have the Roda Tree Leaf equipped at this time, or be prepared for a quick
death.  Head through the toxic gas.  Now go through the first door on the left,
cross the path, and grab that Blue Orb.
  Now head back right and through the door, then follow the path up and go
through the door on the right.  Continue following the path up and there is a
door on the right.  Go there and all the way to the end.  Use the Earrings, and
let the cool audio play.  Then use the Blue Orb.  Warp back to Burn Village and
talk to everyone again.
  Go across the bridge, follow the path around and down, and left through the
door.  Go across the path and through the door.  Follow the passage up, go
through the boss door, kill the boss, and go through the small door at the
back.  Now go through the next door and across the path, then through the next
door.  Now you're in Ramia Village!

    Subsection D: Solomon Shrine: Heart of Bureaucracy
        Subsection 1: Ramia Village
Items to Acquire: Hypercutter, Reflex Armor, Voca Shell

  First, talk to the woman by the door.  This doesn't look good for Maria -
hear that bell?  Then talk to the man standing by the Shrine entrance.  Head
for Hadat's house and talk to him.  Equip yourself with the appropriate armor
from the shop, then talk to the guy by the Shrine entrance again.  Transform
yourself and head inside.

        Subsection 2: Solomon Shrine
Items to Acquire: Pass, Peace of Mind Ring

  [Yes, I am aware that Yetai's room is on the third floor all the way to the
right side of the Shrine, but we have some stops to make along the way.  I'm
not going to apologize for being a bit vague here.  Yes, the Shrine is
confusing, but as long as you're a goon, you won't get hurt.  Even if you're
not, chances are your Magic of Fire does that cool stampede thing, so you're
not likely going to have any real problems regardless.]
  Go right from the entrance and up the first stairway.  Go right from there
and up the next stairway.  Head left and follow the path all the way to the top
of the screen (where you can see the water) and follow it right.  Follow the
red brick through the next screen.
  Follow the path and go down the first staircase to the purple brick.  Then go
right and up the next staircase to the red brick. [Note that I'm playing this
via MagicEngine, your colours may vary.]  Follow the path right and up to the
'T'.  Follow the path right and go down when you can.  Go down the staircase to
the purple brick and follow the path to the door.  Follow the indoor path to
its exit and go down the staircase between the two doors, down to the floor.
  Go down and a little to the left under the red brick bridge down to the
bottom of the screen.  Go left and through the door, go up and talk to the
permit officer.  Yetai is [oh my] in a *meeting* in the north conference room.
Go back the way you came, up the ladder between the two doors, and through the
left door.
  Go up, right, and back down, following the purple path to the staircase
leading up to the red brick.  Head left.  There's a door and a red brick path
leading down.  Follow the path down to a staircase leading to the purple brick.
Go left and through the archway, follow the path to the left and talk to the
gate guard.
  Go through the gate, go to the 'T', head right, then take the path up, then
left, then take the staircase down and go left, wax the guards, go in the door,
transform, and use the earrings to hear the conversation.  [One of the beauties
of Ys is its complexity.  Even classic adventure games like Legend of Zelda are
pretty straightforward, kill the bad guys, then the Boss.  In Ys, you start to
care about the characters, and really feel the sense of purpose.  It's less of
an adventure RPG and more of a novel being told in the first person with you as
the main character.  Your failure is Adol's failure.  It's really quite
absorbing.]  You now know what you have to do.
  Head back out the door and back up the stairs.  Go left to the crossroads and
go up, then go left or right and go through the door.  At some stage, there
will be a path leading down and a door up.  Down leads to the Peace of Mind
ring, the door leads to the other side of the building.  Now head all the way
back down to the gate you came through.
  Head down, left, and down through the archway, take the ladder on the left up
to the red brick and head left off the screen.  Follow the path through the
next screen [we've been here before].  Head down the path all the way to the
bottom.  Head right, up, right, and down the ladder.  Follow the purple brick
straight all the way to the left until it dead ends under and archway beside a
ladder, take the ladder up to the red brick.  Go to the right and follow the
path up all the way to the top and around to the left.  Go down the staircase,
and talk to the gate guard.
  Go through the gate, up to the top.  Go to the left and immediately down when
you can.  Head down the stairs.  See the building?  There is a door in the
front of it!  Go in!  Now have a chat with Dalles (Don't worry, he's not much
for having tea.  He's not very friendly at all).  Now you can pretty much put
that transform magic away, you won't need it.  Head through the north door.
Now head up again, and again - like magic, you're in the Canals. (Thanks to JM
for reminding me where I was and what I was doing there).

        Subsection 3: Here Today, Goon Tomorrow (Canals, Part 1)
Items to Acquire: Sacred Cup, Master Key

  Head down through the door, walk across the grate all the way to the right,
and touch the door directly up.  Note it.  Now head through the canal maze - 
this is full of what are essentially dead ends at this point, but don't worry,
that's why you have a walkthrough.  See that you keep your MP above 40.
  Head down the right hand side of the pipe at the bottom of the screen (you
will see many of these, you'll see what I'm talking about).  Head right and
down, following the path.  There is a door on the left and a channel on the
right.  Go through the channel side.  Follow the path to the right and around,
there are doors leading up and down.  Head down.
  Follow the path all the way down and to the left, then back up again.  There
are two more doors, up and down.  Go down.  Follow the path around and up,
across the grate, to the left, and up through the canal.  There are two paths,
up through the canal, and left and down.  Take the path left.  Follow the long
path up, legt, and through the door.  Talk to the resistance members.  Head all
the way back the way you came, to Solomon Mid-West.
  Go out the door and back up the stairs.  Move left and up the stairs to the
red brick, follow it left off the screen.  Follow the path, and go up when you
can.  Go up, left, and down the stairs.  Go under the red brick bridge to the
right (not up through the archway) and go up the stairs to the red brick.
Follow the long, wide path left and go through the door.  Use the Magic of
Light and get the treasure chest that appears.  Warp back to Ramia Village
(ahhhh, civilization).
  You can only go into one house here, go in.  That's Evan's house.  When you
leave, drink from the cup.  Now would be a good time to get full magic and
life.  Now warp back to the runaway hideout.  Go in.  Lilia is waiting for you
in the back room, go see her.  You can't stop what happens next, so don't try,
just take your key and head back to the shrine.

        Subsection 4: Solomon Shrine, Treasure Hunting
Items to Acquire: Magic of Timestop, Iron Shield

  Head immediately back the way you went to get the cup - up the stairs, left
off the screen.  Then up, left, and down the stairs, but instead of going right
under the red brick bridge, head up through the archway.  Either door is fine,
they both lead to the same place.  Just head left once you get to the hallway,
all the way to the T, then up through the locked door.  Get the Magic of
  Head out to the staircase to the red brick again, and head down to the
crossroads (back the way you came).  Instead of heading right off the screen,
head left and down and through the door.  Follow the path left and up through
the door/stairway.  Then follow the path right and up to the Iron Shield.
  [Please note - From here on out, I'm going to refer to places in Solomon
Shrine in terms of places you've been before.  Just go back a little ways in
the guide to find where you need to go.  Relax.]
  * For a Roda Tree Nut - head down out the door.  There is a door leading out,
but follow the path left and up through the door/stairway.  Head down and along
the long path right, up, left, and down through the door.  You're outside
again, on the ground.  Head all the way left and through the door in the next
building over.  Follow the path left (skip the door up) and go through the
door down.  On the ground on the left is a Roda Tree Nut.  Retrace your steps
to continue the walkthrough. *
  Go out the down door, down again, down again, and outside.  Go right and up
the stairs to the red brick, then follow the path up and right off the screen.
Go down the stairs and in through the door on the left, then up through the
locked door (transform first).  Talk to the guard there.  Now make your way
back to the gate where the guard let you in to the area where you first found
  Go up the stairs to the red brick and then right off the screen.  Follow the
path right, down, left, and go down the stairs.  A little bit left is a door to
go in.
  * There is a good spot to get experience and gold close by.  From here, go
down the stairs under the door and just to the left.  A little red guy appears.
You can set yourself up with your back against the wall and shoot him
repeatedly as he regenerates. *
  Through the locked door you saw earlier is a boss.  If you want a quick
death, then by all means, go in.  Otherwise, head back up to the red brick and
right off the screen, because the only thing of value here is the boss, which
isn't important right now.

        Subsection 5: Draining the Canals
Items to Acquire: Goddess' Silver Pendant, Key of the Water Canal

  Of course, at this point you're wondering how to get to the canals and get
the pendant.  Let's go:  First, head to the room where you got the password
(remember, you had to use the earrings there).  Instead of going in there, head
back up the stairs to the purple brick, and head all the way to the right and
up.  Follow the only path there is to a locked door and go inside.
  This is a big maze.  Imagine my irritation when, after I had spent hours
mapping the entire thing, I realized that the only things you need in here
right now take about two seconds to get.  Oh well, you live and learn.  At any
rate, you live.  When you walk in, there are three paths; left, right, and
  First objective: The pendant.  There are three paths.  Take the rightmost
path.  Head right across the grating and go up when the path splits up and down
(at the T).  Follow the path down the left side of the pipe there.  Continue on
and go down the first path leading down.  Go across the grating and up the
right side of the path you came down.  Follow the path to the silver path.  Go
back to the origin (the place you started).  By the way, get friendly with the
guy here at the origin, because if you get lost, you will meet him every two
minutes or so.
  Second objective: The statue.  Go down the leftmost door and across the
narrow bridge,  Go down through the door on the left side of the screen.
Follow the path down two screens and it angles right along the water.  Follow
it across another narrow bridge and through a door on the right side of the
screen.  Go straight the path the splits the water and go left at the T.  That
statue is important (important enough for me to drag you down there), note it.
  Now that you have the pendant, go back to the boss.  Use fire on turbo and
dodge his energy balls.  It might take you a few tries.  Kill him and move
along through to the goddess room.  Touch the statue on the left, read the
scroll, then touch the statue again.  Go through the door to the left of the
statue.  This is Solomon Main.
  Head out the door.  Head left, up, left, up when you can, and up through the
door/stairway.  Head left and through the door going up.  Follow the path and
go out the door.  You're outside on the purple brick.  Follow the brick path
right, up, right, down, right all the way, go up when you can, and go right to
a door.  Transform, then follow the indoor path.  When you come out the other
end, chat to both of the guards.  Follow the purple brick all the way to the
left, and through the door when it dead ends.  You're back in the canals again.
  When you come out, head down to the water with the door at your back.  Turn
right and keep that wall on your right and you will get to Keith - up through
the tunnel, past the door, down through another tunnel, down across the bridge,
left across the grate, up through the tunnel, up across the bridge, up through
the tunnel, right across the grate, down through the tunnel to the door.  Go
through the door, up through the next door, across the grate, down through the
tunnel, down across the bridge, over to the far right wall, and up.  Take the
shellphone call, then talk to Kieth.  Get the Key of the Water Canal.  Warp
back to Ramia Village and talk to Tarf.
  Remember the door I told you to remember when you first got into the canals
as a goon?  That's the water control room.  Drain the canals.

        Addition: Get the Battle Shield, Battle Armor, Idol of Falcon, Battle
  Go out the Goddess door.  Go out to the main hallway.  Go Left, Up, Left, Up
when you can, and through the door/stairs.  Go across the room and up through
the other door.  Go Up, Right, Down, and go outside.  Follow the purple path
right and up, all the way to the door.  Go around to where the two guards are
outside.  Dispatch them.  Head left and down the stairs, and through a door on
the left.  Go up through the door and get the Battle Shield.  Now I'll
continue from the above point, after you've drained the canals.
  Go down the left side of the first tunnel and follow the path until you can
get down to the brick.  Go right and up through the tunnel and follow the
path until you get back to the main gates.  Go over to the rightmost tunnel and
follow the path, get the treasure chest you see there.  Go back down those
stairs and follow the brick through the tunnel on the right.  Go up a few
screens and go up the stairs, then head right and down through the tunnel you
came in, on the right side.  Follow the path down a few screens and follow the
path right and up.  When you can, go back down to the brick and up through the
tunnel exit.  Now you're facing the other direction, head down.
  Head down to where the path splits off to the right.  Follow the path through
a couple of tunnels, follow it around to the left (your objective is that
treasure chest you see up there).  Follow the path left, then down when the
path splits up, and down when the path splits left.  When it dead ends at the
gate, go up the stairs.
  Follow the path right, ignore the door, and get the treasure chest.  Now go
down through the door and through the next door/stairs, and talk to Kieth.  You
have to save Maria!  But first, the Battle Sword.
  First, make your way all the way back to the entrance you went in to go find
Kieth.  Head down through the tunnel.  Follow that short path up through the
next tunnel.  There's a stairway down and a door up, take the stairs.  Head
down through the tunnel.  The path splits left, right, and down, go Down.  Then
it angles Left and Up.  Go up through the tunnel and up the stairs, then around
and down and out the tunnel.  You can see a doorway on the left side of the
screen, go in for the sword (look out for the goon in there).

    Subsection E: The Endgame
        Subsection 1: Goddess' Castle
Items to Acquire: Dreaming Stone Idol, Blue Orb

  Anyway, you need to go back to the Goddess' castle, which is pretty
straightforward.  This is a fantastic place to get levels since the Goddesses
fill up your HP and MP when you talk to them.  I suggest you listen well to
when they have to say.  When you're ready, head back to the main path and go up
instead of back the way you came.  Follow the path and go in the door to the
  Don't mess yourself when you see the boss door.  With your fire on Turbo, you
should beat this guy handily.  Go in the belfry and follow the path.  Don't do
what Maria says, she's dumb.  Note the treasure chest through the door and keep
going along the path.  Who's ringing that bell?  Here's a hint, it's not a
Hunchback.  On your way out, grab the Dreaming Stone Idol.  Take it to the
  Unfortunately, if it's not one thing, it's another, and the Goddesses want
you to go back for that Blue Orb you gave Kieth so long ago in Burnland.  Warp
back to Ramia and talk to people, find out who has it.  You won't be happy when
you do.  Build your HP/MP up to 255/255.  Breathe easy.
  Head back into the shrine from Ramia.  Now you need to head for the meeting
room again.  Grab what you see there and warp back to the goddesses.  Is it
really this easy?  Actually, yes.  Head for the Belfry.  Stand aloft and use
the Idol.

        Subsection 2: Cleria
Items to Acquire: Cleria Armor, Cleria Sword, Goddess' Golden Pendant, Shield
    Magic, Goddess's Ring, Silver Harmonica, Cleria Shield

  Remember the stone statue standing alone in the Canals that I made you go
look at earlier?  Go talk to him, he's not stoned anymore.  He'll give you a
nice sword (the nicest sword in the game, in fact).  Now warp back to Ramia and
see his father.  He'll give you some armor.
  Go to the Runaway Hideout.  Talk to the person at the door.  Receive the
Golden Pendant.  If you're like me, you've been warping pretty much everywhere,
so warp back to the Goddesses and fill your HP/MP.  Now that you have the other
pendant, you can get into the shrine core through the other statue.  Touch the
right statue and follow the path to your goal.  Admire the unusually pretty
boss door, and go inside.
  Unfortunately, Dallas is a big pussy.  Show no mercy when you defeat him.
Then go through the back wall and get Shield Magic.  Talk to each person along
the way.
  Take the ring when it is given to you.  Use it to bring down the barricade.
Talk to Luta Gemma before you play the harmonica, get the Cleria Shield from
him.  Take the harmonica when it is given to you.  Talk to the goddesses (I
love this part) before you walk in the door. If you bought a life drop, you
can forget about using it now, the ring is your best defense as it makes you
more powerful and slows down Darm's primary attack.  Magic of shield can give
you a brief initial advantage.
  The ending is decent.  Enjoy it as I have.

The first completion of this walkthrough came on July 5, 2000.  Some sections
have yet to be written, including items and magic, bosses, etc.  At this point,
I have no plans to write a boss guide.  Items and magic will be written into
the FAQ.  Updates and corrections will be sent to GameFaqs as I get more
information.  Please e-mail clarifications and revisions to tarkaan@bigfoot.com

Greets to /efnet's #pce especially Newo, Odie, fxmas, Gato, rancid64 etc; also
to /efnet's #turbolist especially Skywarp.

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