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- Super CD-Rom Video Entertainment System.
- Incredible CD quality graphics with full motion video and stereo sound.
- Plays all TurboGrafx-16 TurboChips and TurboGrafx-CD's.
- Plays music CD's as well as the new CD+G's.
- Up to 5 player capability

The Turbo Duo
The new Turbo Duo is the most sophisticated multimedia video entertainment system ever developed. With greater memory capacity and faster loading times, you'll experience incredible sound fidelity and larger on-screen graphic characters. The Duo plays the revolutionary new Super CD's as well as TurboGrafx-16 TurboChips and TurboGrafx-CD's. Hook the Duo up to your stereo system to play music CD's and the new CD+G's. The Turbo Duo is also compatible with TurboGrafx-16's TurboTap and TurboStick.

Super CD
The Turbo Duo transforms Super CD's into the most advanced game playing experience ever. With the Duo's increased memory capability, you'll have superior sound, highly detailed graphics and more complex in-depth game play. With Super CD's you can also enjoy incredible animations and full motion video.

TurboChip and TurboGrafx CD's
For the ultimate in compatibility, the Turbo Duo plays TurboGrafx-16 TurboChips and TurboGrafx CD's. The TurboGrafx's extensive library of arcade, action, sports and adventure games makes the Duo the ultimate gaming experience.

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