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Reviewed: 11/29/01 | Updated: 11/29/01

An interesting teaser to the full game...

The Snatcher Pilot Disc for the Pc-Engine CD is relatively unknown. It is an interesting disc for Snatcher fans, but not totally necessary.

If you think of this disc in terms of history, it is an important disc. Up until its release, Snatcher was only available for the Japanese PC market. Now it was about to be released for the home market on the PC-Engine CD with extras in tow. This disc gave a glimpse as to what would be different and added to from the original. The most prominent features included would be the inclusion of real voices for the characters, newly redrawn graphics taking advantage of the vast superiority in display colors for the PC-Engine, and, most notably, a full 3rd act, which the original versions did not include.

When you boot up the disc, you get the title screen (duh!) then are presented with 5 options. These five options are as follows:

1) The first section is to actually play the beginning of the game itself. This was the firs time you would hear voices in the game and some revised graphics and effects.

2) On the second option, you were treated to a long form trailer for the full game, sometimes unwillingly giving away a little too much info. from the game.

3) On this option, you could learn about the characters, the voice actors, terms from the game, etc.

4) On the 4th option, you can view a still image interview with 2 of the people from the design team.

5) On this option you get to listen to 3 tracks from the game, including the beautiful opening track and equally beautiful ending theme.

Now for the review:

Gameplay - 8/10 - The only thing I rate this on is when you play the demo for the game. Easy controls and easy menu navigation. During shooting sequences, the controls are equally responsive.

Graphics - 8/10 - These graphics were updated from the computer versions. Very nicely done with the PC-Engines' color capabilities put to the fullest.

Music - 9/10 - Same great Snatcher soundtrack from the full version. Its nice to be able to listen to both the opening and closing tracks in their entirety on the disc.

Control - 8/10 - None too much to speak of really. You just pick an option and, voila!, choice made. In the area it counts, the shooting sequences, its very precise and easy to maneuver.

Buy or Rent? - Check it out first. Not necessary for casual fans, but definitely worth a look for diehard Snatcher fans and collectors

Rating: 7

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