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This vertically scrolling shoot-'em-up is the well-received sequel to Image Fight, originally released on PC Engine.

Three years after the Moon War, an alien force has come out of the Sagittarius sector of space and has turned its gaze on Earth.

It's up to ace pilot Show Sawamura to take control of the OF-1 Daedalus and the OF-3 Garuda and take this new threat head on, training in fierce image fights conducted in the virtual world. Score over 90% in your training missions to progress to real combat.

Make good use of the Pod system, too. Master techniques like the Pod Shot and Rocket Fire to overcome all obstacles in your way!

The day of invasion is predicted to occur in two years. Humankind must use the time it has left to fight for its survival!

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#34 highest rated TCD action game (#88 on TCD, #28117 overall)

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