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Reviewed: 01/09/03 | Updated: 01/09/03

There is more than just leg in the fantasy!

Games Express/Hackers International created an RPG in 1994 that became extremely rare and ranks up there with some of the best console RPG's of today. Using the engine from Final Fantasy V, Games Express delivers an adult themed game that has some of the best 2D graphics to date. Again this is an adult themed game that contains Nudity (a lot of it), so make sure the kids are asleep before you play. And now on to the review.

Graphics 10/10

First off I love and appreciate 2D Games, that is why I scored the graphics so high. For a CD of its time the graphics are simply amazing. Compare it to games like Beyond The Beyond on the PS, Albert Odyssey on the SS and you have game that can give these 2 titles a run for their money. There is some pixelization but it is not really noticeable, plus with the nudity who would care. The characters are animated well and the enemies strip real nicely. Backgrounds in the fighting scenes look real good. The enemies are on a black background while the main characters are on a background that reflects the area you are walking around in. The graphics are really bright, colorful, and the characters sprites are simply great. All in all 2D perfection for its time.

Music 10/10

The music for this game is simply wonderful. No shortcuts were taken with the music. Games Express created a soundtrack that is very enjoyable to listen to. You can play the CD in a CD player to listen to all the tracks. The music for the battle scenes are all the same with exception of the bosses and it is short. When the music in the battle scenes stops you know you have defeated an enemy or boss. Simply put the soundtrack is amazing.

Sound (Effects) 10/10

No complaints here. The sound effects are incredible. Every hit on the enemy sounds right and every magic spell sounds real. All the sound effects are really clear.

Story 10/10

1 Female lead character who is out of place meets 2 other female characters to fight an evil female queen to save the fantasy world and return to her own world. While there are no dragons in this game, it retains a fantasy image. All the female enemies are dressed as some kind of mythical creature. You have fairies, devils, cat beasts, witches, and the last boss is really impressive. Also the crystal storyline is in effect here and uses the class system for Final Fantasy V. There are 4 crystals shaped like.... (Again it is an adult game use your imagination)that give you all together about 10 classes and a revealing picture of the crystal guardian. The 4th crystal allows you to fight the last boss (it is a very tough fight). This game has all the elements that make a fantasy RPG outstanding!

Game play/Control 10/10

You couldn’t have asked for better controls. After all it is only a Directional pad and 3 buttons (I, II and Run). Control is very responsive, no delays whatsoever. For an import it is very easy to pickup and play. You will have no problems navigating the menus or battle sequences. The only real complaint is that you can’t equip weapons or armors in a town or dungeon; you have to go out into the field and do it.

Challenge 10/10

It is not easy! You will get killed quite a bit in the beginning. The enemies may attack twice before you get one hit in. After you build some levels the game starts to balance out a bit. You will fight a lot of battles, as the encounter rate is very high. This is good though. You will need to build your levels very high (at least 50 to 60 to beat the last boss) and you will need to build class levels too. Expect at least 40 to 50 hours or more trying to complete this game.

Ending 10/10

Games Express out did themselves on the ending for this one. The last battle is tough and very graphic. The ending credits are simply amazing and the final pictures are definitely worth playing for. Play to the end and enjoy it!

Personal 10/10

This game is extremely rare and some believe it not to exist as with some of the other Games Express/Hackers International titles for the PC Engine/ PC Engine CD Duo systems. Again this is adult themed RPG. Games Express built a reputation for taking a popular game, hacking the rom, adding an adult theme, and then releasing the game in Japan at a high price with a limited quantity. This makes all their games extremely rare and highly sought after. Finding a complete copy (CD + the CD Card) is almost impossible. The game is so amazing and you will not regret tracking it down. Just remember it won't be cheap. Good luck searching!

Overall 10/10

Hi-Leg Fantasy will not disappoint and will not be cheap. This game is so amazing. Graphic wise I think this game could hold it’s on against the RPG's on the SS AND PS. While the game will never see a re-release it should not be missed by true 2D gamers who enjoy an adult-themed RPG done well.

+Outstanding Graphics for its time.
+Great Music and Sound Effects.
+Traditional Turn Based RPG.
+Adult theme done well.

-Extremely rare and Costly ($150-$300).
-Needs Games Express CD Card to play.
-Needs Turbo Duo or any of the systems with the 3.0 card built in. Sorry TG16 CD owners

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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