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Reviewed: 02/05/03 | Updated: 02/09/03

A twist on the most over-used storyline of all time.

Everyone has a played a game or two million where you are the hero out to rescue some dumbass princess who can't seem to do anything but get herself caught. Well some creative-minded young chap at Gainax must have thought to himself, ''why not come up with a sweet 3/4 view Prince of Persia style action game, but instead of controlling the hero, we let the player control the princess?'' And thus Gotzendiener was born.

The story starts out as you watch a helpless girl hang from a rope on a balcony, about to get her ass eaten by a monster. A hero type comes in, fights the monster, and saves her, but in the process is mortally wounded. The princess then decides to take up his sword and fight her way out of the castle instead of just getting caught again. This is where you, the player takes control!

As I said earlier, the game is VERY similar to Prince of Persia. You have a button that makes you draw your sword, and you'll be doing a lot of climbing, pushing things, and solving puzzles. The presentation is very different though, you'll play the entire game from a 3/4 overhead view as in game like Landstalker, Solstice, and Diablo. This works really well in that you can see a huge part of the level, but it also has it's drawbacks since pushing diagonals is never easy on the Duo controller.

The flow of the game consists of you exploring each section of the castle, underground, etc, solving puzzles and fighting enemies. Puzzles mainly consist of finding switches and pushing stuff around. There are a few pretty tricky ones though that don't follow that formula, and you'll no doubt get stumped once or twice, but not for too long. There are no levels, but the castle is devided up into distinct sections so you'll know when you've entered a new area. Each new area is really cool looking and makes you want to explore it just to see what everything looks like. My personal favorite part was where you spend a whole level scaling a giant statue, seeing it from different floors is pretty impressive, it really gives you a sense of being in a HUGE freakin castle.

One thing of interest to all nerds is that with each new area you get to, the Princess loses a little more of her clothing. By the time you get to the last place she doesn't really have a whole lot on. I mean it's not hentai or anything, and it's not really that revealing, but it's kind of odd. I guess it makes sense in that if you were fighting your way out of a huge enemy infested castle you'd probably be pretty raggedy by the time you escaped.

Insanely awesome 2D. The environments are HUGE, and the game must use every color in the Duo's pallete. The character and enemy sprites are also very large and well animated. This game looks more like a later SNES or Genesis game in that instead of just using the classic ''tiles'' to build levels, there are some really big background objects (like the giant statue I mentioned above). This gives the game a more realistic look, it works really well.

There are also some really good letterboxed cutscenes throughout the game. They are impressive and fun to watch, each one visually furthers the story since there's really a minimal amount of text and talking in the game.

I'd rank this up there with the top Duo games, graphically.

You're probably thinking, DAMN this game sounds sweet! Well it is, trust me, but it does have some problems.

First, there are some glitches here and there that will make you think the game wasn't fully play tested before being released. It locked up on me at least a couple times, which isn't that big of deal since save points are everywhere, but it was still annoying.

Second, the game suffers from some slowdown pretty frequently. Since the environments are so big, and enemy sprites are pretty big also, you'll notice the control lags whenever there's some action. At first it's annoying, but after a little while you get used to it and it doesn't bother you at all. It never gets choppy, so don't worry about that, just slow.

Third, the game is too short, and the last boss is pretty lame. I beat it in one day, and I had no idea I'd even beaten it until the ending cinema came up. I was like, THAT was the last boss?? I fought harder freakin slimes! But some of the other bosses were sweet, so it's not really a big deal. I was just expecting some huge ass monster to fight to cap everything off, but oh well.

The language barrier is non-existant, there's barely any text whatsoever in the game, so anyone can play and enjoy it. The negatives amount to minor annoyances, nothing that would keep you from enjoying the game. Overall I'd say that for a cheap title this is one of the best Duo games out there.

Rating: 8

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