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FAQ/Walkthrough by ArmamentArmedArm

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/18/03


Taito Action/RPG for the PCEngine Duo 

By Guts (sol@viser.net)

Version 1.0
This version takes you through the first 4 chapters.  I never got any
further due to my save game being erased, but I plan on playing through
this game again and finishing the guide eventually.


*Main Menu (press run)
Status      - Select character
Use Item    - Use
            - Drop- Weapon, Armor, Accessory, Acc, Item
Equip       - Equip
            - Remove
Change      - Select character
Story Items - (can't use these, they are used automatically)
Load        - Load game

*Shop Menu
Buy         - Weapon
            - Armor
Sell        - (pick from all your weapons/items)
Leave       - Exit building

*Inn Menu

Always talk to everyone in each town, everytime you enter.

Whenever you find a spot that yields some decent experience, and the
enemies are easy to kill, milk it for all it's worth.  It only takes
like 15 minutes or so to go up a few levels in a good spot, and it's
totally worth the time.

Each character shares the same experience bar, whether they're alive 
or dead, so just use whichever one works best for that situation.

Magic is infinite, just stand in place for a couple seconds without 
touching any buttons and all your MP will recharge.

Each character has their own health bar so remember to switch between
them if you need to.



1) You start in the burned out village.  Go right until you get to the
first village (I'll call it "First village" from here on), then go in
the first house and talk to the people.

2) Go to the castle and talk to the man up the first staircase.  Then
talk to everyone else.

3) Spend time getting experience, I recommend you get to at least level
8, it's super easy so it shouldn't take you more than 20 minutes or so.

4) Go to the Wolf Cave, and at the end there will be a man.  Talk to

5) Go back to the First Village and go back into the first house.  Talk
to everyone and a guy with a spear will join you.

6) Go to the Port Town, talk to the shop keeper, he'll kick you out.

7) Go back to the castle and talk to the king, the Advisor will join

8) Return to port town and re-enter the weapons shop.  You'll have to
fight a werewolf, he's easy if you've leveled up like I said.

9) Go to the section of road that has the house on it with the locked
door, you'll be able to enter it now.  Touch the werewolf and the house
will start shaking, exit and it will burn down.

10) Return to the Wolf Cave and you'll find that the farthest door now
leads to a whole new section.  Your task is to rescue the shopkeep from
his cell, and beat the werewolf bosses.  Both tasks are easy, also keep
an eye out for two treasure chests that contain healing items.

11) Go to the castle, talk to the king, he'll give you some money.  Now
head back to the port town and talk to the shop keeper, he'll give you
the $300 sword for free.  You should purchase the best weapon and armor
for both characters now if you haven't already done so.

12) Return to the castle. Remember that spot on the wall in the room 
directly under the second staircase, behind the throne room, that looks
like a secret door?  Well it is, and now you can enter it, just press 
up in front of it.

13) You'll enter a dungeon, simply find the boss.  It's easy, you'll
have to jump off a ledge and fall a floor to find her.  She's on the
first or second floor (can't remember which) on the farthest left side.
You can't hurt the boss, so just let her kill you.

14) You'll wake up in her house in the Port Town.  Head back to the 
castle and talk to everyone again, then leave.  You'll see the king and
advisor talk.

15) Remember past the Port Town where there's a gaurd blocking your
way through a big wooden gate?  Return there, and now the advisor will
let you through.


1) When you reach the gate, choose the second option.  Save the girl on
the bridge, then proceed to the town.  Talk to everyone, then go back
and go to the other town (with the big statue).  Talk to everyone.

2) Now head to the castle and talk to the king, be sure to talk to
everyone else before AND after you talk to him.

3) Head back to statue town, then exit to the scene where a soldier 
gaurds a gate.  Talk to him, and also press up in front of the apple
on the tree to get it.

4) Talking to him opens up a third path from the statue town, take the
new path to arrive at a cave.

5) Find the 4 eyes and open them by jumping into them or attacking
them.  Each one opens a new door, when you hit the last one you'll open
up a door to the boss.  He's tough, make sure you've levelled up enough
or else you'll get slaughtered.  You get a pretty good sword for 
defeating him.

6) After smoking the boss, head back to the part where there used to
be tigers, they'll all be gone and the woods will be burned.  You'll
see a monster kill the last tiger, then you have to fight him, he's
super easy.

7) Now head to the cave that the tiger was previously gaurding, enter
and get some experience, you'll need it!  After that, go back to the
statue town and talk to the girl with purple hair.

8) Go to the other village, and talk to everyone.

9) Exit the village and choose the new option, this will take you to a
small cabin.  Enter and talk to the purple haired girl again.

10) Go back to the village and she'll join you.

11) Now head to the castle and talk to the king, a lady will join you.

12) Return to the crab cave you were at earlier, and now if you go down
the first staircase the lady will reveal a hidden door.  Enter it, find
the boss, and then leave the cave.

13) Go back to the village, then exit and go to the beach where the 
green guy is.  He's blocking a big gate.

14) Now you can defeat him, once you do the gate will be open and you
can pass through.


1) Go to the burning mountain, get the flashing item off the ladder.

2) Go to the first town and talk to the man in front of the inn.

3) Now go to the second town and talk to everyone, you will get warped
to a level, save all the people.

4) Go back to fire mountain, go into the castle and kill the green guy.

5) Go to the green swamp and talk to the guy and he'll give you a key
to the locked castle door.

6) Go back to the castle, fight 2 bosses, try to exit, then backtrack.
You'll find a purple guy who will show you a secret door, go through
another dungeon, fight another easy boss, then exit.

7) Go left to a new town, talk to everyone, then go left to the fire
dungeon.  Beat the boss of the dungeon using the spear guy, you'll get
a new sword.

8) Go back to the swamp and fight the green guy's snails.  Follow him
and you'll end up back in Statue village.

9) Go back to the castle, talk to the king.

10) Now head back to where you came from and the gaurd will let you
back through the gate.


1) Go to town, talk to everyone.  Then go to the part where the giant
blocks the road and talk to him.

2) Go to the part with the stone bird, talk to it, then head back to
town and talk to everyone.  Now go back and talk to the bird again, 
you'll get an item.

3) Go to the part with the jumping green guys, there will be a boss to

4) Now go back to town and enter the item shop, you'll get a new item.

5) Head back to the bird and it will fly you to where you can fight the
giant that was blocking the road.

6) After beating him, head right through one town, then you'll pass a
cave you can't enter.  Keep going.  You'll come to an oasis town, talk
to everyone, then exit to the place with the sand storm blocking your

7) Next head to the locked gate, then go back to town and talk to the
new guy.

8) Now you can enter the cave, defeat the boss (don't open any treasure
chests for the correct path) and then return to oasis town.  Talk to
everyone again.

9) Go to the sandstorm, then the locked gate, then back to the sand 
storm.  You'll get swept away to the palace roof, defeat the cat boss
and leave.

10) Go back to oasis town, enter the bar, go back to the sandstorm and
watch the girl die.

***This is where my game got erased.  I will update as soon as I 
decide to replay the game, or someone else finishes it for me.***


If you have any additions, corrections, or questions, email them to me 
and I'll update.

I'd love to be able to update this faq with more info, so if you have 
anything to contribute I'll be happy to give you full credit.

Please feel free to use this guide on any site that may want to use it.

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