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Guide and Walkthrough by mnb_0000

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 06/22/2004

Wonder Boy in Monster World
By mnb_0000
Version 2.0
DATE: June 21st, 2004

1. Legal Garbage
2. Update history
3. The Controls
4. Walkthrough
   Part 1: Alsedo
   Part 2: Lilipad
   Part 3: Childam
   Part 4: Begonia
   Part 5: Puripil
   Part 6: Some Other Planet
5. Lists
6. Credits


You may read and print this FAQ. You may share this with anyone as long 
as you don't get any money and no one else does either. You may link 
indirectly through GameFaqs to this FAQ but you may NOT link directly. 
You must ask me for permission if you want to use this on your website;
my address if mnb_0000@hotmail.com.

this FAQ is copyright 2002-2003 mnb_0000 

Version 1.0: Complete walkthrough, controls, heart container and magic
Version 1.01: Corrected several mistakes, including numerous spelling
 errors and some faulty magic information.
Version 1.1: Changed around the formating. I added lines between 
paragraphs so people would be able to read my FAQ easier, and also 
changed around the order of sections to one that makes more sense. See 
Version 2.0: I updated the formatting again, this time to make it easier 
to find a specific piece of information. I also made it fit the GameFAQs
specification of 79 characters per line :)


Press up to enter a door from the outside of a building or to talk to 
people or to warp (see walkthrough).
Press down to exit one from the inside of a building.
Press left/right to move left/right.
Press start to pause the game and give you a list of options:
a) WEAPONS: You attack with these (duh). You cannot equip a shield if 
you have the small spear, large spear, or trident equipped. 
b) ARMOR: The stronger your armor, the less damage enemy attacks will do 
to you.
c) SHIELDS: These block certain projectile weapons and can sometimes 
reduce the amount of damage monsters do to you.
d) BOOTS: Better boots make you move faster and jump higher.
e) ITEMS: You can carry 1 potion-type item, 1 elixir, up to 9 crystals, 
and the ocarina at one time, as well as key items listed below the 
“expendable” ones. You can select the potion or the ocarina as “A” 
f) MAGIC: There are 6 types of magic; fire storm, thunder, quake, power, 
shield, and return. The blue symbols show how many times you can use 
that magic.
A button: Uses the item or magic selected if you press left/right at the 
same time.
B button: Attacks with your weapon.
C button: Jumps. 


Part 1: ALSEDO

At the start of the game, go to the right. Enter the tree trunk you see 
there and get an Elixir and Fire Storm magic. Go up the elevator that 
was formed and go right, killing the EASY guys there. Drop down and 
enter the tree trunk, if you wish. If not, continue right. When you see 
the guards, ignore them (they wont let you in the castle). Keep going 
right to reach the Ocean Left of Alsedo. Kill the crabs and monkeys here 
(good source of gold) and keep going right. 

When you reach the jellyfish, jump on the first from the ledge and then 
hold right. It takes practice, but you can make in to the high ledge 
that way. Continue right into Alsedo.

Save your game at the Inn if you wish, but the main objective for now is 
to get at least 130 gold. Once you have that, go into the mart and buy 
the small spear and the wood shield. Ignore the armor for now. Equip 
your small spear (you cant use your shield yet) and press up between the 
two statues in the center of the village. Go right in this new world and 
talk to the lady there. She’ll give you (temporarily) a fairy, which 
will occasionally drop small hearts on you and heal you! Now go back to 

Go into the first house on the right you come to after you reappear. 
Talk to the girl there and go out. Go to the right (out of Alsedo) into 
the cave. Kill the mushrooms and go right into the first cave! 

CAVE 1 (East of Alsedo)

Kill the mushrooms and go right. Fall down the ladder and go right. 
Press up when you are in front of the yellow thing to pick it up. It is 
the ocarina Saria told you about! Now go up to the place where there are 
notes on the floor next to the sealed door. Equip your ocarina from your 
items and press left-Up (or right-Up) to play. Play the following tune 
(with the buttons): B A B A B C B. The door should open. Go right, kill 
the mushrooms, and step on the notes again. Play the following tune on 
your ocarina: A B C B C A B. Go through the door.

Go left, kill the mushrooms and go up to the treasure chest. Press up in 
front of it to open it. Inside is your 4th heart container (yea!). 
Continue left, avoid the spikes, and play the following tune on your 
ocarina: A C C A B A B. Go through the door. Go to the ledge on the left 
and a heart will fall down where you were. Get it, and repeat once more 
for another heart. Now go through the door, and make SURE you have the 
small spear equipped.


He is pretty easy. Go right, let him jump over you, and 
stab him. Afterwards, just follow him around and stab at him. Make sure 
you kill the guys he spits out, though, or your as good as dead.


i. To Puripil!

Collect your firestorm magic from the chest and go through the door. Go 
left into Alsedo. Go up through the statues and go left into that 
opening in the tree trunk (it wasn’t there before). Go onto the left 
ledge and keep jumping to stack up on coins and then go down the ladder 
(note: you should save at the Inn at Alsedo after this). Go into the 
door at the left and then keep going left into a minor monster cave.

Keep going left, killing bats and balls. You should make it pretty easy 
if you can get the killing the balls part right. When you reach the 
knight, Keep ducking, swinging your blade, and inching toward him before 
he gets to attack. If you kill him, you’ll meet princess Puripil. She’ll 
lead you to her castle.

Follow her through the door and go up the stairs. Go in the door at the 
top. Go right and talk to the first person you see and then go right 
further and talk to the princess. When she’s done, go back through that 
door and down the stairs. Go through the door at the bottom that does 
NOT lead back to the cave. Go through the other one. Go to the left and 
save your game at the inn.

ii. To Lilipad!

Go into the shop to the left of the inn and buy the knight sword. Equip 
it and your shield and then go down the ladder, jump the pit, and 
continue right into that store there. Buy the ladder boots and the 
potion. Equip your ladder boots. Exit the store and go to the bottom of 
Puripil. Go to the left, through the tree, and into the woods.

The woods are pretty long; so I won’t make a detailed walkthrough for 
them. Just a few things. First, don’t get hit by those ghost things 
(they take away a heart each time they hit you!). Second, make sure you 
stay on the platforms when going across the hot water.  Finally, 
remember the cave that wont let you in (it’ll be important soon).

Go left into Lilipad and save your game at the Inn.

iii. Save the dwarf child!

Go left (out of Lilipad). Fight the Indians here (they are hard, but 
give a lot more gold than spiders, ghosts, etc.) and keep going left. Go 
over the hot water and go to the left (kill the Indians of course). Now; 
you will have to fight about six Indians here. Stay near the tree trunk 
and slash your sword at them when they get close. Don’t worry...they 
don’t throw anything at you. When there are only two left, they run away 
and the boy is free! Go back to Lilipad (good luck) and save your game.

Go to the right of the village and talk to the girl next to the stump. 
She will let you carry the boy you saved along with you. Now go back to 
that cave that wouldn’t let you in. Walk past it and the boy will smash 
the wall, revealing the entrance! Walk on in.

MONSTER CAVE 2 (East of Lilipad, West of Puripil)

Go to the left and hit the switch by jumping on it (ignore the enemies 
on the way). Go to the left and fight the bat and TRY not to get hit. He 
takes away a lot of damage if he hits you. If you kill him, you get the 
lamp, which makes the cave not dark anymore.  Go back to the right and 
down the ladder. Race the boulder to the bottom and hide out in the 
tunnel to the right while it rolls past you. Go to the right in that 
tunnel. Kill the ghosts on the way (note: ALWAYS get the gold they drop; 
duh) and go up the ladder. Continue right, kill more ghosts, go up the 
ladder, and go left. Kill MORE ghosts and go left until the screen 
scrolls left. Hit the switch there and go back to the right. Break the 
silverish blocks and inch your way to the right until the dwarf boy 
breaks a hole in the wall. Go in and open the chest. It is another heart 
container! You should now have five.

Get out of that room and go back to the left. Ignore the switch this 
time and go over the block and to the door. Enter and go left into 
Lilipad. Save your game and then go back into the cave. Go left, down 
the ladder, and run from the boulder again. Still hide out in the tunnel 
you were just in, but then go left, hang on to the ladder, go to the 
top, and jump LEFT. Go left. 

Fall down and land on the ground, then go to the ladder lined with the 
shooting head things. This is where it is EXTREMELY helpful to have on 
your ladder boots. Climb up a section, wait for the next one to fire, 
climb,, wait, and repeat until you reach the top. Go in the door there.

Go right, kill the ghosts on the way, and then kill the big ghost to 
your right (after the screen scrolls) twice. Go up to the ghost guarding 
the treasure chest and kill him twice, too, and open the chest. If you 
haven’t used your elixir yet, it will be a big heart. Otherwise, it is 
an elixir. Go back to the left and jump up to the place where the 
mini-ghost is. Kill him and jump left (its pretty hard, but you can do 
it). Jump on the moving platform and then on the bricks that are as far 
right as you can get. They will fall, and you will hit the switch! Go 
back up and kill the mini-ghost, destroy the silver blocks, and continue 
right (jumping on the above ledges) onto the place you couldn’t reach 
from the treasure chest. Go right.

In this room, kill the ghosts but run from the flying ball things. When 
you see the door, you have a choice. IF you are low on energy, go 
through and repeat all of the directions after you saved your game at 
Lilipad (making sure you keep the dwarf boy with you by talking to the 
girl). If you are not low on energy, jump down the pit.

Go left, dodging the arrows being thrown at you by those things you met 
on the ladder. Get in between the next things when they are up, wait 
when they are down, and repeat until you’re through (on the left side).  
Go left, jump over those next things when both are not there, and 
continue left. Jump on the blocks on the left and they will fall. Go 
left and the dwarf boy will break the wall for you. Enter, open the 
chest, and you have the hard shield.

Go back out of the room and to the right. Go back through those things 
to the right, and then continue right with your hard shield equipped. 
Block the arrows with your shield when you can and keep going right 
until you reach a switch. Hit it and go to the right. Now for the most 
annoying room in the game. First hit the second switch, then the third, 
then the first, and finally the fourth. Don’t go between the platforms, 
or you’ll fall and have to go through the arrows again. Once all four 
are down, the floor on the far right will fall. Enter to face the second 


This guy is a pain. With your best equipment on, go to the right and  
keep slashing the monster there with your sword (not as easy as it may 
seem...) while dodging those damn boulders and the things they shoot at 
you. Once the one on the right is gone, work on the left one. When both 
are dead, get your coins, your trident, and your exit to this annoying 


i. Experimenting with the trident...

Go through the door that appeared on the stump. Go right and go through 
the next door to end up back in Puripil. Go up to the top and go to the 
inn. Save your game and go to the right of the town. Go through the door 
and you should be at the tower thing. Go back through the lowest door 
there. You should be at the place where there are bats and balls 
everywhere. Keep going right until you get back to Alsedo. Go through 
the statues to get to the village itself, and then go left (where the 
jellyfish are). Equip your trident and jump in the water.

While underwater, find the heart container chest (it is easy), get the 
chest that is above water (you can’t get to it by land) and ignore the 
other chests on the bottom of the ocean. The chest above the water is 
the pygmy armor! When you have the heart container and the pygmy armor, 
go back to Alsedo.

Go back through the statues, through the tree trunk, down the ladder, 
and into the cave. Go to the left all of the way, and then, with your 
trident equipped, go back to the right and go down the first water you 
see. You will end up going to Poinsedion’s World.

ii. Poinsedion’s world

Go right, avoiding those ball things, and then go up to the surface when 
you get the chance. Keep going to the right until you reach land, and 
then re-equip your knight sword. Jump across the platforms to your left 
to get on the high ledge and then go left. Kill the enemies on the way 
if you want (they are hard!) but make sure you get to the far left. Open 
the chest and claim your pygmy sword! Go back to the right and go as far 
right as you can. Ignore the house on the way. If you are low on energy, 
use your potion. When you get to the far right (there will be a wall and 
a treasure chest blocked by blocks), go back to the left. Kill the 
monsters there and then stand in between the four trees and press up. If 
it works, you’ll end up going next to the treasure chest. If it doesn’t 
work, try a different spot between the four trees and repeat the 
procedure. Open up the chest once you get to it and it is the amulet, 
which lets you enter Poinsedion’s cave.

Go back to Puripil and save your game, buy another potion, and go back 
to Poinsedion’s world (the door to the cave is right below the exit to 
the town itself in the tower). Go back to the far right, equip your 
trident, and then jump in the first water you see and hold right. You’ll 
land right next to the entrance to a cave. This is Poinsedion’s cave. 
Walk on in!

iii. Poinsedion’s cave

Go to the right as far as you can, killing the enemies on the way with 
your trident. When you see a three-way split in the path, go in the 
upper one (note: DO NOT go above ground!) and hit the glowing red thing 
with your trident when the fan things are off. Go down to the second 
path and open the chest for another heart container. Go back to the 
split and hit the red thing with your trident when you can. Go back to 
the left, to the left from the split, and down in the place where you 
couldn’t before.

Go left and then, avoiding the red spike ball things, hit the glowing 

red thing when you can. go to the left at the intersection where you 
were and go up because the fan that does not let you go down is still 
on! Edge your way through this room to that treasure chest in the corner 
and open it up. Inside is your one and only return spell! Go back to the 
intersection (with the 2 spiked balls) and go down. Go right and hit the 
glowing red thing when you can. Go back to where the fan was blocking 
you from going down. It is “off” now, so go down.

The rest of this LONG cave is pretty much self-explanatory. When you 
reach the point where you MUST go above ground, do not attempt to kill 
the enemies there. They are TOUGH. Go up to them, hit them once, and 
then, when  they jump, run under them. When you get to the treasure 
chest that is being blocked by a fan, note where it is and continue. 
When you reach the big fish, hit it a few times and it will die, 
revealing either a large bag of gold or a large heart (which you WILL 
need by now). Afterwards, go down the place that opened and go right to 
(finally...) meet Poinsedion. After he finishes talking, go back to that 
treasure chest that I told you to remember. You can get it now that you 
met Poinsedion. Inside are the Oasis Boots. Now, use your return magic 
to return to Puripil (if you saved it there) and save your game! _Buy 
the excaliber_ from the store than was closed before and then prepare to 
go into the desert! If you can’t afford it, then go get some gold...you 
NEED the excaliber.

iv. The desert and the pyramid

Equip your oasis boots and excaliber and go to the right of the town. DO 
NOT go back through the door (again). Instead, go to the right. Once you 
pass the broken bridge, go to the right again. Now, if you didn’t have 
the oasis boots here, you would have died very quickly (you get 1/4 
heart taken away each second). Since you do, you can move around here 
safely. Kill the enemies on the way as you keep going right until you 
reach the pyramid. If you fall down the quick-sand pit, you must kill 
the bats there in order to turn “on” the elevators that take you back to 
the surface. There is quake magic here if you want to get it.

When you reach the pyramid, go back to the left and jump down that red 
hole. On the way down, there is shield magic in a treasure chest to the 
left. When you hit bottom, go on the land but ignore the door. Instead 
of going in the door, equip your trident and go down in the water. Dodge 
the seeds the tomatoes throw at you and avoid the spikes on the bottom 
while you go under the wall, to the left, and get the treasure chest. 
Inside is the sun (?) key. Now go back to the pyramid. 

You will notice that the middle door has been opened, so walk on in 
again.  Equip your ladder boots and go up the rope, all the way to the 
top, while dodging those sphinx head things lining the rope (sound 
familiar? If not, go back to the second monster cave...). When you get 
to the top, jump to the left and open the chest. Inside is the moon (?) 
key. It will let you into the right entrance to the pyramid. Since we 
don’t want to go backwards now, get back on the rope and jump to the 
right. The path through this place is pretty simple; just kill the 
mummies and ghosts, dodge the spikes, and DO NOT go back on the ladder 
after you hit the switches (it’ll lead you nowhere). In a treasure chest 
is an elixir/big heart. When you reach the room with the spiked ceiling, 
wait for the mummies to explode, wait for the ceiling to let you 
through, and race to the other side. Repeat until you get out.

In the next room, kill those knight things with your excaliber (there 
are two) and jump down. Dodge a couple more mummies and go into the 
door. Inside is the sphinx. Don’t worry, it won’t attack you, just ask 
you questions. They are pretty easy. Once you get 4+ of them right (out 
of five), it will let you out. Go through the door and open the chest. 
Inside is the star (?) key, which will open the left door of the 
pyramid. Equip your oasis boots and go through the door to your right 
and then enter the right door of the pyramid. Claim the pygmy shield 
there (I think) and then exit and go into the left door. Equip your 
ladder boots again and go up those ladders. When you reach the top, 
stand on the block with the strange design on it and press up. You will 
end up at the cliffs.

v. The path to childam

Go right, kill the guys, and try to jump over the huge boulders that 
come at you. As always, use your potion if your life goes low. 
Eventually, you will reach Begonia (no, the 3rd monster cave isn’t here 
yet...). Go to the bottom of the town and check all the doors. 
Eventually, you’ll find the one that will open (it’ll be on the right). 
In this room, go right and talk to the dragon. He’ll give you a 
bracelet, which will let you enter the ice world. Exit the room and 
enter the new door at the top. Go left and enter the door there to lead 
you... to Puripil! Save your game at the inn. Go back to the cave with 
the bats and balls. Don’t enter Poinsedion’s world, though. Instead, 
keep going to the right until you can go down without using the trident. 

Go down that passageway (if you tried it before, you would have ended up 
at a dead end after a long haul) and follow the path. Kill the big 
skeleton things on the way and, when there is a path going up, break the 
blocks with your sword until you can get up to the ledges there. Do so, 
open the first chest if you need an elixir, and keep going up until you 
can’t anymore. Go to the right (the background of the cave changes 
color) and enter the ice world.

Watch the bracelet take the seal off of the ice world (which is why you 
would have faced a dead end if you had tried this earlier) and continue 
to the right. Kill the penguins and “frosters” with your excaliber as 
you progress to the right. Eventually, you will reach Childam. Save your 
game here, if you wish, and buy the knight armor and holywater from the 
marts. If you want, also buy ceramic boots. Enter the fortune teller’s 
place to get her bird. Equip your knight armor (and your ceramic boots 
if you have them) and go to the right of the city. Kill more penguins 
and frosters here and go right until you reach the end of the screen (it 
will scroll). In this place, jump on the platform when you can (be 
careful; it is made of ice), try to control yourself, and jump off to 
the above ledge if you think you can make it without slipping and 
landing among the spikes. After you beat that section, continue to the 
right and enter (finally...) the third monster cave.

MONSTER CAVE 3 (East of Childam)

Get on the elevator and let it take you down. Go right and jump down the 
hole. Go to the left and hit the brown thing there that is near the left 
wall. Another platform should appear near you. Get on it, and then jump 
on the rest of them until you reach the top with a short rope. Jump on 
the rope, climb it, and get off. Enter the passageway you just opened, 
go to the right, and hit that brown thing to make the ice cubes below 
you fall. Fall with them and go to the right, killing the dude there 
(you’ll learn to hate these...). Climb the vine, get on the moving ice 
platform above you, and get onto the upper ledge. Go right.

Jump down the cliff, holding right to avoid the spikes down there. Kill 
the guys in the way (easier said than done) and go right until you see a 
couple ice platforms above you. Kill the guy in your way and jump across 
the platforms, to the left, until you reach another short rope. Activate 
this one like the one you saw earlier and go back down and all the way 
to the left. Climb the vines and enter the passageway to the right when 
you get to the top (it wasn’t open before).

Get on the elevator and let it take you up. When you exit to the left, 
beware of big blue things. Kill them, and then jump up and kill the 
dudes up there so you won’t have to kill them later. Keep doing both 
those things until you reach the ladder on the far left. Climb it and 
kill the beasts above you again. Don’t worry about the gold; this 
process could save you your life (and all this work...). When you are on 
this second row, after you kill the beasts above you, go all the way to 
the left in the row, run to the right, and jump at the edge (don’t 
fall!). When you make it to the other side, kill the guys above you and 
go up the ladder. Go up the ice things there and go right.

Kill the big blue guy and open the chest for the pygmy boots! Then, 
exit, kill the guys below you (let the bird do it, if you must) and go 
down. Go to the left, jump, and try to make it to the other side without 
being hit by that blue thing. When you make it to the platform, Go up 
the ladder and in the door. Follow the path (its easy) and kill the guy 
at the bottom. He will leave you money. Go up and claim your gem in the 
chest there. Keep following the path until you reach the door you came 
in by. Exit via the same door.

Go left (good luck), jump the pit, and climb that ladder. Enter the 
door, follow that path, and kill that guy to get an elixir or big heart. 
Continue on the path, open the chest to get the other gem, and exit 
through the door you’ll find.

Go left again and jump up the ice platforms. go left, kill the dude, and 
claim the heart container in the chest. Go back to the right, and I 
suggest you go to the bottom level and kill the guys as explained when I 
first told you about the room. When all the guys are dead, go to (NOT 
in) the door which you entered to get the first gem. Go right to see 
more ice platforms above you. Get on them, and keep jumping up until you 
reach a door that is not complete.

Jump on the platforms to the left, take care not to slip, and press up 
in front of the empty hole in the wall to put one of the gems in it. 
Repeat on the platforms to the right of the door. When both gems are 
place, the door will be complete. Enter, go down the ladder to fight 
your third boss.


Jump onto the platforms above him, dodge the ice he throws at you, duck, 
and nail him in the head! Repeat until he is dead. If you get trapped 
below while he is firing ice at you, you are going to have to do some 
very fancy footwork to get yourself up alive! Good luck.


Save your game back at Puripil and then return to Begonia. Talk to the 
Elder Dragon (she gave you the bracelet) and she will let her son come 
with you for a while! It is a dragon and, as you may know, it breathes 
fire at enemies (it can’t hurt you). Exit the dragon’s lair and climb up 
the ladder. Go left until you reach a door. Go in and enter the potion 
shop. If you have the money, buy the hi-potion (heals you all the way) 
and elixir (you probably know what that does by know...). Return here 
whenever you find yourself in need of potions.

Go to the right of Begonia and enter the only house there. If you have 
all the pygmy gear (you should if you listened to my instructions), 
enter the door to the right. You will become small. Exit through the 
door below you and exit the house. 

If you want to go to the next cave, skip down to the part labeled  
“monster cave 4”. If you want to go exploring other caves as a pygmy 
(and get some VERY important heart containers, gold, etc.), then read on 

Go back into Begonia and go into the Cliffs. Keep going left past those 
annoying guys until you reach the two statues. Press up between them to 
get back to the pyramid. Fall down the ladders until you can’t anymore, 
and then go right through the small opening. Hit the switch and fall 
down the floor that collapses (you should recognize this place a 
little). Go LEFT through the small opening and fall down the ladder. You 
should be in a room with four doors. Go left through the wall and open 
the chest to get another heart container. Go back to the right and go 
through all of the doors. Collect all 6 treasure chests here. One has a 
charmstone, while the other five have money galore! After you reap the 
benefits of this room, use your Return magic to go back to Puripil. Save 
your game and become a pygmy as described above.

Go back to Puripil and, from there, go to Lilipad. Go right and into the 
cave. Go left, down the stairs, and through the small passageway. You 
should see a small door. Enter and open the chest to get another heart 
container! Use your Return magic to return to Puripil and save your game 
again. Go to Begonia, become a pygmy, and enter the small door on a 
cliff to the right of the house.

MONSTER CAVE 4 (Pygmy door east of Begonia)

First of all, if you don’t have the little dragon, an elixir, AND a 
hi-potion with you, go get them and then return here (they will prove 
very useful).  If you have all of them, fall down the hole to your left. 
When you hit bottom, go left. Inside the chest is quake magic. Let the 
dragon kill the birds while you kill the flame-guys on the ground (they 
give a lot of gold!). If you get hit a lot, use your return magic to 
save your elixir (you should NOT use it this early in the cave!). If 
not, hit the switch on the far left and return to the right where the 
wall was blocking the path. It will be gone, so enter on in! Kill the 
snake and continue right. Go as far right as you can, hit the switch, 
and retrace your steps to where the snake was. Fall down the newly 
formed hole.

Continue on like this (going through passageways, hitting switches, and 
retracing your steps to find new passageways) until you finally reach a 
door. You will probably be low on energy, so if you get this far, drink 
your hi-potion (assuming you still have your elixir). On the other end 
of the door, go right, down, and kill the snakes. IF you want to go back 
to the beginning, go through the door on the right. If not, go down 
again and jump on the platforms to your left. Let your little dude kill 
the fire snake for you and stand on the second platform from the left. A 
hidden switch is here! Go back to the right and up to where the snakes 
have reappeared. Deal with them again and go left through the now 

destructible bricks. Get the elixir/heart refill in the chest and cut 
through the rest of the bricks. Fall down the pit and go in the door. Go 
right, kill the guy there, and enter the boss door!


Use your shield to block his fire attacks while you hit him, like most 
other bosses, in the head with your sword. Stay on the platforms above 
him and, if he jumps up, get below him. Repeat hitting him until he 

Part 5: PURIPIL (quest for the legendary items)

Get your Fire Urn and return to Begonia. Go into the door above the 
Elder Dragon’s and talk to the Blacksmith. He’ll take your Fire Urn and 
Old Axe...and make the Legendary Sword with them! It was worth it, trust 
me! Before you get it, though, you must go talk to the Elder Dragon 
again. She doesn’t say anything interesting,  but you have to talk. 
Afterwards, return to the Blacksmith and get the Legendary Sword! Equip 
it and return to Puripil.

Remember when you had to go talk to a girl at the top of a long set of 
stairs, way back towards the beginning? Well, go back up those stairs 
and take a left now. Don’t bother talking to anyone here...they all have 
old news. Keep going left until you reach a thing shaped kind of like a 
bell with a star on top. Stand under the star and press up. (NOTE: If 
you don’t have the legendary sword equipped, this will NOT work!)

Now, go to the right. Jump along the clouds to the right. You must stop 
and wait for the one that moves up and down or you’ll fall. Then, jump 
on the clouds to your left until you reach the chest that was above you 
when you first entered. Open it and claim your heart container. Jump 
down and, this time, go all the way to the right and into the next 

With the next guys, either kill them quickly or run like mad...they do a 
TON of damage to anyone (like you) who is wearing armor that is not 
legendary. After you get past them, you will be able to enter one of the 
more annoying (but not as annoying as the second one, or Poinsedion’s 
cave) caves.

MONSTER CAVE 5 (right side of the clouds)

This is the last final cave, so it takes some getting used to...you’ll 
see what I mean, especially if you try to go a different way than the 
path I describe!!!

At the entrance, go right and fall down the first hole. Go right, kill 
the bats, and go up the chain. Go right, kill the bat, and go up the 
chain. Go left, kill all the green things for a lot of gold, and go up 
the chain at the end. Go right, kill more green things, and go up the 

You are now on the Trolley Track. Jump on the trolley (the thing below 
you and slightly to your left), and then jump off and let it go. Walk to 
the left, kill the ghosts in your way, and drop down at the end. Go 
right from there until you get bounced onto a platform with a chest on 
it. Claim the legendary boots, equip them (ahh, the need for speed!), 
and go back to the left. Fall down the hole to your left, go right, and 
fall down the hole at the end. Go right and go back up the chain.

This time, you must stay on the trolley until it allows you to reach a 
high platform on the left. Remember to duck at the spikes! The platform 
you want is right below the chain, and you must jump off the trolley; 
you can’t reach it from the track. If you mess up, go back down the 
pits, climb up the chain again, and try again!

After you get on the platform, go up the chain. Jump onto the rope thing 
on the ceiling, catch a ride, and jump onto the other one to avoid the 
spikes. Fall down the pit you were in the middle of going over. Inside, 
open the chest. Claim the legendary armor, equip it, and leave. Go back 
over the pit, over the high ledge, and into the door at the far right. 
Leave _the way you came in_ in this room. You’ll end up right under the 
chain you couldn’t reach before. Go up!

At the top, jump to the right and equip thunder magic. This is the only 
time you actually need magic. Go on to the next screen and kill the 
tomato things with your sword. Then, go to the right, onto the rope 
thing, and when you get to the middle, deploy your thunder magic. If you 
get knocked off, you must leave and return, and try again until you can 
nail all of the tomatoes on the higher ledges. When you succeed on not 
getting knocked off and in killing all of the tomatoes, let the rope 
take you down to the bottom and get off. Go to the left one and get on. 
The enemies around the chest should be gone, if you deployed your magic 
correctly, so you can go get its contents: the legend shield! Equip it 
and drop down. Get back on the rope on the right, ride it to the top, 
and jump off to the right. Enter the door, go left to the other door, 
and kill the tomatoes there. Go up the chain. 

For these next two guys, just keep ducking, inching closer, and firing 
with your sword.  You duck to avoid their shields, and if you do it 
right, they’ll never be able to swing their swords. When you kill them 
both, the chain on your right will be extended go you can go up. Do so.

For this next guy, keep hitting him, inching closer, until he is 
cornered against the wall. Then, slice him until he dies. If you have a 
hard time with him, you better either get used to fighting him or have 
really good luck or you’ll have a really hard time with the last part of 
the cave.

If you are badly hurt, now would be a good time to leave with return 
magic, heal, and come back. Every time you go through the cave, you’ll 
get hurt less, and you’ll want to save your potions for the boss.

Once you are comfortable with the amount of energy you have and the 
things you are carrying (I recommend a hi-potion, all your legendary 
stuff, and an elixir. The potion and the elixir are on sale at the 
Begonia potion shop), go into the door. Now, you have to do some FAST 
jumping from left to right to left to right until you get to the top of 
the pillar, and then stay on the platform on the right and let it fall. 
Now, you have to time your jump off to land on the platform under the 
large pillar, and, if you fall, you have to go kill that dragon again 
and start all over. When you get onto the platform, get over the green 
one on the left. The platform you are on will disappear. Now, make sure 
your jumps here are short, for the platforms will often move into your 
path and mess you up. At the end of the platform ride, you will be on 
top of that same large pillar that was your enemy before. Jump onto the 
green thing on the left, and take the rope there all the way to the 
right. Enter the door to fight (finally...the platforms take a lot of 
practice) the fifth boss.

THE ALMIGHTY DEMON KING (not the last boss, sorry)

The first part of this is pretty easy...just keep jumping up and hitting 
him in the HEAD (that is the only place you can hurt him). When you 
“”kill” it, it will fall off. Another one will grow on! Even worse, the 
other head will become a rabbit thing and shoot fire at you! Thunder 
magic, if you have any left, will be useful against him. You still have 
to hit the boss in the head several times before he “dies” again. After 
you kill the second head, it falls off and a THIRD one grows on. The 
second one because a rock thing that rolls around and tries to kill you. 
You have to kill this third head while dodging and/or killing the other 
two. This is what your potions are for! 

If you beat him, this other dude in green, who you just saved, will 
thank you and tell you the journey isn’t over yet. Then he’ll leave. Do 
the same, go back to the inn, save it, and rest for a while. When you 
return, make sure to buy another elixir and hi-potion.

Part 6: SOME OTHER PLANET (left side of the clouds)

Go back to the dark place with the clouds. Now that you beat the 5th 
monster cave, you can go to the left without getting electrocuted! Yay! 
Do so, go up the loooong elevator, and go left. Step into the spaceship 
and watch the cheesy space graphics. When you get to the “other planet”, 
go right.

Now, go up and down all of the ladders except the middle one, fighting 
all the bosses except the Demon King again. The dudes you fight on the 
way to the boss rematches only give you hearts...sorry, 
treasure-hunters! The myconid takes 1 hit with the legend sword...no 
prob. Gragg and Glagg take 2 hits each. The ice bomber takes like 5, and 
the tyrant dragon takes about 6. They are much easier than when you 
first fought them, right?

The last boss will be much easier if you have a full supply of Thunder 
magic. Here is how to get it:
1) There is a chest with thunder magic in Poinsedion’s world. You have 
to look around for a while. It is toward the middle.
2) There is a chest containing thunder magic in the Pyramid. It is in 
the room before the spiked ceiling. The door to the chest is invisible 
(you can see the other end, though...it is inside the wall and looks 
impossible to reach). That means you should walk around, pressing up 
until you find the door. Good luck.
3) Go to the monster cave above Puripil and fight the dudes there (the 
blue ones) until you have 500000 gold or more.
4) Go to Puripil and buy a charmstone in the store on the middle level.
5) Repeat 3 and 4 3 times. Save each time.
6)Now, go to the bottom level of Puripil. In the bushes (in the 
background) on the left side is a secret door.  Find it and talk to the 
man. Agree to give away two charmstones for magic. Exit, reenter, and 
7) Look at your magic, and enjoy!

Also, you can trade in 1 charmstone for a heart if you don’t have all 14 
with this same man. You should make sure you have all of them before you 
battle the boss. Here are their locations:
a) In the very first monster cave (to the right of Alsedo)
*-b) In the second monster cave: It is in a side passage, requires 
flipping a switch, and also requires you to have the little boy Hotta 
with you. This is one of the more likely ones to miss.
c) In the ocean left of Alsedo; you need the trident. It is toward the 
right side.
*-d) In the cave between Alsedo and Puripil. A secret door is in the 
second puddle of water from the right. Requires the Trident. Note that 
the door doesn’t lead to the chest directly: you have to follow a path 
to get to it.
e) In Poinsedion’s cave. Look around under water toward the beginning.
f) In the ice cave. Toward the end, on the left side.
*-g) In the small path to the left of the falling boulder in the cave to 
the right of Lilipad. Requires being a Pygmy.
*-h) In the pyramid, there is a small opening to the left of the spiked 
ceiling room. Go through it as a pygmy, go down the ladder, and then 
walk left through the wall.
*-i) In the volcano, it is under the lava at the very left of a path. It 
is the first one with one of those snake things coming out of it.
j) In the clouds above Puripil (before the 5th monster cave).
*-k) In the 5th monster cave, there is a secret door on the bottom path 
of the trolley track which will transform you into a pygmy. There is a 
path to the left of the legendary armor which you must go through once 
you are a pygmy. The heart is in there.

Now, go back and save it and then return to the other planet. Go up the 
central ladder, which was blocked off before you fought all the bosses 
again. Make sure you have all and only legendary stuff equipped. Go into 
the door to face...

At the start, don’t bother trying to hit the boss...he has armor on. If 
you have all of your legendary stuff on, the dude in green will show up 
before you die (or use your elixir), tease you, destroy the armor and 
the gun, heal you, and die.

This is another 2-stage  boss. The first stage is easy; kill the thing 
above you and shooting at you, and then hit the thing on the right in 
the eye a few times. Repeat until it transforms.

At first, don’t waste your firepower; its eye is closed. Now, you will 
have to face two things firing at you as well as a conveyor belt that 
moves you away from the target (the eye) and a saw that is riding it! 
That damn conveyor belt is what WILL hinder you the most. If you have 
thunder magic, use it to kill the things firing at you momentarily. More 
is better. Good Luck!

1. Heart containers. There are 14 total. You start with 3. Here are the 
   locations for the rest of them:
a) In the very first monster cave (to the right of Alsedo)
b)*In the second monster cave: It is in a side passage, requires 
   flipping a switch, and also requires you to have the little boy Hotta 
   with you. This is one of the more likely ones to miss.
c) In the ocean left of Alsedo; you need the trident. It is toward the 
   right side.
d) *In the cave between Alsedo and Puripil. A secret door is in the 
   second puddle of water from the right. Requires the Trident. Note 
   that the door doesn’t lead to the chest directly: you have to follow 
   a path to get to it.
e) In Poinsedion’s cave. Look around under water toward the beginning.
f) In the ice cave. Toward the end, on the left side.
g)*In the small path to the left of the falling boulder in the cave to 
   the right of Lilipad. Requires being a Pygmy.
h)*In the pyramid, there is a small opening to the left of the spiked 
   ceiling room. Go through it as a pygmy, go down the ladder, and then 
   walk left through the wall.
i)*In the volcano, it is under the lava at the very left of a path. It 
   is the first one with one of those snake things coming out of it.
j) In the clouds above Puripil (before the 5th monster cave).
k)*In the 5th monster cave, there is a secret door on the bottom path 
   of the trolley track which will transform you into a pygmy. There is   
   a path to the left of the legendary armor which you must go through 
   once you are a pygmy. The heart is in there.

2. Magic List:
Besides the magic that a hidden dude gives you in exchange for two 
charmstones, you can get a total of 9 Fire Storms, 6 Thunders, 9 Quakes, 
8 Shields, 6 Powers, and 1 return. If these totals are wrong, I’d be 
glad to correct them, but I haven’t played in a while and probably 
forgot something.

a) At the beginning, talk to the guy in the tree house and he gives you 
three, along with an elixir.
b) Defeat the Myconid for this.
c) See “The big catch”

a) There is a thunder that is pretty well-hidden in Poinsedion’s World. 
Look around under water and you’ll find it eventually.
b) See “The Big Catch”

a) In the quicksand pit in the desert, look toward the right side.
b) In the cave connecting Alsedo and Puripil, go to the path that leads 
to Childam. There is a chest there that you can’t reach unless you are a 
pygmy or have legendary boots. It has a quake in it.
c) See “The Big Catch”

a) You can buy one for 500 Gold Pieces in Lilipad.
b) From Begonia, go left until you reach a cliff with a sign post on it. 
Fall off the cliff and hug it by holding right. You’ll find two secret 
passages there. One of them has a shield in it. The other has a power in 
c) In the desert, there is a path that leads down on a ladder. It leads 
to your first of three keys. To the left of the ladder is a chest with a 
shield in it.
d) See “The Big Catch”

a) From Begonia, go left until you reach a cliff with a sign post on it. 
Fall off the cliff and hug it by holding right. You’ll find two secret 
passages there. One of them has a power in it. The other has a shield in 
b) The first chest in the 4th monster cave (the one near Begonia) is a power.
c) See “The Big Catch”

a) Theres only one of these. It is found in Poinsedion’s cave. In the 
place where there are two fans, one on top and one on the bottom, and 
each is guarding a passage, you must turn off the top one and go through 
there. The chest is in the room at the end.

In the Pyramid, after you complete it, go back in through the middle 
door and go left. Fall down the path to your left. Now, there is a 
secret door on the floor here. It is roughly located 2/3 of the way to 
the right of the screen. The other end of the door is next to that 
treasure chest to your left which seems impossible to reach since it is 
surrounded by walls. Inside it is 3 fire storms, 3 thunders, 3 quakes, 2 
shields, and 2 powers. I’ll be writing more explicit instructions 
sometime in the future.


Thanks to:
CJayC for posting this guide,
mnb_0000 for writing this guide,
Sega for making the game,
ZoopSoul for telling me about some major problems with my formating,
and anyone who reads this guide for making my work worthwhile.
Anyone else who contributes will be credited!

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