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Terrifying demons and beasts of unbelievable horror fill the land of Oddesia with nightmares from the world of the non-living. And no one, not even the king's mighty palace guard, can stop these brutal creatures as they drag off the beautiful Princess Miriam and throw her into the deepest, darkest dungeons of the inpenetrable Dark Maze. But the king has one last glimmer of hope. He will rally the noblest warriors of the distant lands and send them on a quest to bring back his beloved daughter. Warriors of honor and courage pitted against the savagery of ultimate evil and destruction. The challenge is there... if you dare.

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#12 highest rated TCD role-playing game (#60 on TCD, #25190 overall)


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#13 easiest TCD role-playing game (#50 on TCD, #30869 overall)


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#5 longest TCD role-playing game (#15 on TCD, #10667 overall)


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