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Walkthrough by rockman87b

Updated: 07/21/2008
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for the Turbo Grafx CD System

Original MINI-FAQ by Chris MacDonald
Walkthrough completed by Seth Carroll

 Unpublished work Copyright 1997-2008 Chris MacDonald

 This document is protected by US Copyright Law, and the Berne Copyright
 Convention of 1976.  It is for private and personal use only--it cannot
 be reprinted in part or in whole, or reproduced in any way or in any
 form (written or otherwise).  It is a free document that cannot be used
 in any sort of commercial transaction, including selling it or giving
 it away as a gift.  This FAQ cannot be referenced, altered, or used by
 anybody (including webmasters, publishers, and magazine staff) without
 my express written permission.  All copyrights and trademarks are
 acknowledged and respected that are not specifically mentioned herein.

 Cosmic Fantasy 2 is (c) Working Designs.  The TG-16 and related
 equipment is (c) NEC Technologies, Inc.


 - You'll begin in your hometown.  Leave and Van will automatically head
   out to a large tree in the center of the forest.  After the cut scene,
   head west, then a little ways south to arrive at the burning village.

 - Talk with the villagers, and you'll discover that Galam's men attacked
   the town.  The mayor will tell you that they're looking for the royal
   princess of Idea.  Talk to the mayor after the cut scene and he'll
   give you an Herb--in fact, he'll do this every time you talk to him.
   Since nothing's free in the world, you might as well take the time to
   stock up them.

 - Leave the village, and wander around killing monsters in the forest.
   You'll level-up quickly, and after gaining a few levels, head back to
   your hometown.

 - There are monsters running around here.  Save your game at the Inn,
   then talk to the soldier in front of Abel's house.  He'll attack you.
   Keep hacking at him, and when your life begins to get low, use an
   Herb, and keep attacking.

 - Once you've won, talk to Abel.  He'll tell you that Laura's been
   taken to the port.  Once there, you'll be challenged by Galam's mage,
   Wizda, who can fell you in one blow.

 - After coming to your senses in Abel's house, he'll tell you the 
   truth about Laura and the Idea royal family.  Heed his advice, and
   take the Writ of Shura from him.  Then head south to the cave that
   leads beneath the mountains.

 - The cave's a snap, and you should still have plenty of Herbs left 
   over in case something happens to you.  Once on the other side,
   head to the nearby town.

 - Everyone here is too afraid to fight the monsters.  Shop if you 
   want, then keep exploring the continent.  You'll eventually arrive
   at a port town.

 - Talk to the sailors, then check out the lone warehouse.  Annie, the
   junior sorceress, is hanging out in the back of the warehouse.  Let
   her come with you, then head northwest over the mountain range, then
   go west.  You can use the key that Annie has to enter the
   underground passage.

 - It's important that you head to the passage IMMEDIATELY and not raise
   Annie's levels.  This is because as you explore the passage, she'll
   raise levels periodically, completely restoring her HP and MP.  You
   can use this to your advantage since she can cast the healing spell
   Rana on Van whenever he needs it, and yet she will be healed 
   automatically whenever she gains a level.  The passageway is two 
   levels deep, but the last leg of the passage is ridiculously easy
   to get through.

 - Once you've arrived at the new continent, Annie will bid you farewell,
   but not before giving you the Ball of Lito.  Work your way south and
   you'll find a castle and a city.

 - Ignore the castle for now.  In the nearby city, stock up on any
   weaponry and equipment you might need, then look for Jose and talk to
   him.  He'll examine the Writ of Shura and give you permission to enter
   the castle.  Leave the town, and go into the castle, then meet with
   King Remlai.  He'll give you his sword, which you can't equip (aww,
   man!), and tell you to find Darva, who can help you locate Laura.
   He'll ask a popular swordsman, Jan, to come with you.
 - You need to continue traveling west.  Instead of taking the bridge,
   you can walk across the waterfall to shorten your trip.  If you try
   talking to the waterfall, someone from inside will tell you to come
   back in 20 years.  Okay, sure....

 - There's a patch of oddly-colored forest that you'll have to walk 
   through while exploring the woods.  Touch it, and you'll find
   yourselves in Fog.  This hamlet has been sealed away from the normal
   flow of time, and you can't leave it.  Look for Lyle by the thicket,
   and have him join you.  In the midst of the thicket is a set of 
   stairs leading into an underground dungeon.  Step inside, then leave
   and talk to the mayor.  He'll give you the Book of Contract.  Return
   to the dungeon and make your way to the sealed door (again, this is
   a very simple dungeon and it's also two floors deep).  Use the Book
   of Contract to open it, and you'll find Amon-ta inside, who sends 
   two swarms of weak monsters to fight you before dying.
 - Back in Fog, Lyle will leave you.  Exit the hamlet, and continue
   northwest.  Stop at Lyle's hometown for a breather, but don't bother
   crossing the bridge as there's nothing there.  Instead, keep going
   west.  In the middle of a large forest is a temple where Darva lives.
   Jan will leave you here, but you'll find Annie is waiting for you.
   Meet with Darva and he'll tell you more about Galam, then ask you to
   find and revive the Goddess Cerum, who can give you the magic power
   needed to stop Galam.

 - Before leaving, Annie will join you.  However, she starts off at the
   same level and equipment that she did when you met her back in the  
   warehouse!  So, take the time to raise her levels a bit.  If you need
   to heal yourself, go into the basement of Darva's temple and examine
   the river to regain all your HP and MP.

 - Below and to the east of Darva's temple, just past the mountain ridge,
   is a town.  Meet with the scholar here, then keep going south until
   you reach a town by the sea.  Since you met Clasco the scholar, the
   barkeep should let you into Viora's room.  Viora will sing you the
   legend of Cerum and Saylis, then join your party.  She's very weak,
   and in my opinion, don't worry about reviving her should she fall in

 - Now that Viora's with you, go east into the foothills.  You can rest
   at her house, but can't save your game there.  In any case, keep
   going, and you'll arrive at a dungeon.

 - HIDDEN ITEM!  Okay, perhaps I don't know what the hell it is, but 
   in either this dungeon or Cerum's dungeon (it's coming up) you can
   find a chest that when you open it, displays a messed-up symbol.
   I think it's a single kanji (Chinese character) that Working Designs
   forgot to translate.  In any case, I only got this item once when I
   first played the game (and that was years ago), so my memory is a
   bit foggy.  But the chest is in a dungeon with teleporters, and the
   only two levels that have that are this dungeon and Cerum's.

 - Okay, back to the task at hand.  This dungeon is also simple once
   you figure out where you need to go.  There are glowing shapes here,
   and when you touch them, you're teleported to an area with a similar
   shape.  Once you've figured out how to use the teleporters, use them
   and the stairs to get through the dungeon.

 - Beyond it is Harp's Hamlet, a large area where you can't get attacked
   by monsters that's surrounded by mountains.  Go into the Hamlet
   itself, and Viora will leave your party.  Harp will give you a bunch
   of old writings when you meet with her, and Viora will leave your
   party.  Oh, and one of the elves here can save your game.  After
   you got the item from Harp, leave, go back through the dungeon, and
   return to Darva's temple.

 - He'll give you the Teardrops of Saylis.  Now go into the mountains
   to the northeast, and enter the cave you find there.  Another 
   dungeon is here, also with teleporters like you saw in the dungeon
   before Harp's Hamlet.  In here, you'll find the statue of Cerum.
   Make sure Van gets the Venus Staff (it's a useful weapon), then
   leave the dungeon and return to Darva's place.  He'll congratulate
   you on such a good job, and tell you to head north and go to the
   northen part of the continent.  Annie also leaves you, promising to
   become a great sorcerer when you two meet again.

 - Leave Darva's place and go north, through the cavern.  Once on the
   other side, head north and don't miss the town on the other side of
   the mountains.  You'll discover that a townsman named Dirgin sided
   with Galam and recently attacked the town.  Find Joshua's house, and
   kill the soldiers that were trying to murder him.

 - Joshua tells you that he installed a warp device in Dirgin's Fort,
   that could be used to warp right into Galam's palace on the nearby 
   island.  The only problem, of course, is that Dirgin and his army
   is in the fort....

 - So, leave and head northwest until you find the fort.  On the first
   floor, ignore the side passages near the gate and find the stairs to
   the second floor.  In the lower left-hand corner of this floor is
   a chest containing Alan's Bow.  You can equip it for the time being,
   if you'd like.

 - Leave the fort and return to the city, then find Alan in the bar.
   Give him his bow back, and he'll vow to fight with you.  So, return
   to Dirgin's Fort, and following Alan's advice, use the hidden
   stairs at the end of the left-hand side passage to quickly ascend
   the tower.  You'll find Dirgin waiting for you on the final floor,
   so kill him (it's a piece of cake), and take his keycard.  Examine
   the warp device on the rooftop, then go all the way back to the 
   city and meet with Joshua.

 - Once he joins you, stock up on healing items and go to the fort
   _again_.  Climb up to the rooftop using the hidden stairs, and Joshua
   will warp you into Galam's palace...except you end up in the jails.
   Yes, you can be attacked in here, so talk to everyone, examine the
   bars, then talk to Joshua again, and he'll open them for you.  Once
   again, it's just you, so quickly make your way up a floor to Galam's
   throne room.  On the way there, you'll run into Wizda, but you'll
   be able to beat her now without much worry.

 - Galam's waiting for you in his throne room.  He tells you that he's
   already wed Laura and has her power, and that she's forgotten all
   about her sweetheart Van.  Then the battle with Galam begins.  It'll
   only go for a round though, because Galam can whup you in one strike.

 - And that's the end of the game...at least for Van.  Galam decides
   to send him into the future so that he can live in a world which 
   the young magician has already become the ruler of rather than kill


 - In case most RPGs bore you, the creators of CF2 went to the trouble
   of finding a way to keep you interested.  After learning how young,
   blonde cadets keep clean during those long space voyages;, you'll
   end up on the surface of Idea controlling Cadet Babbette, a spunky 
   lady who has landed on Idea in order to see who sent that SOS signal
   from the planet's surface.

 - For now, forget Robear and the spaceship and head south.  You'll end
   up coming across the City of Tryun.  Look around, and talk to the
   lady in the large, two-part house.  She's Ciela, and her sister 
   Jiela is the lord of the city.  However, she's fallen ill, and Jiela
   needs someone to help her out.

 - After agreeing to help Ciela, walk southwest to find a lone house.
   Marla lives here.  Chat with her, and she'll tell you that she can
   make a potion to awaken Jiela if you get her a Trem leaf from the
   forest north of her house.  So, head north, and look for the light-
   colored patch of forest.  Examine it to get a Tremwood leaf, then
   go back to Marla's place.  After she gives you the potion, return
   to Tryun and talk to Ciela.

 - The lord's sister explains that her maid, Flora, went into Jiela's
   mansion to get her sword for her.  But she hasn't come back, and
   so Ciela asks Babbette to find Flora.  To get into the mansion,
   look for a hidden passage in the graveyard (yeah, like the sister
   of the lord of the town can't get into her sister's house....).
   Anyway, after finding the passage in the graveyard (it's one of
   the northern tombstones on the eastern side), make your way 
   through the catacombs into Jiela's home.

 - Here, you don't even have to find Flora--just search the cabinets
   for the Sword of Lettle (which you can equip if you feel like it).
   Go back through the catacombs and return to Ciela's house.  Jiela
   has recovered, and she'll take her sword from you.

 - Just then, a man shows up, telling you that monsters have appeared
   in the town.  Both Ciela and Jiela will join you.  Go to the open
   air square, where someone posing as Jiela is giving a speech.  Upon
   confronting her, she'll attack you.  Beat the monsters she summons,
   and the town will be saved.  Yay!

 - Jiela offers to accompany you for a while, in gratitude.  It's a
   good thing too, since that Sword of Lettle she swings can really
   pack a wallop!  Raise some levels if you want, then head south to
   find a town where a girl, Serena, is missing.

 - IMPORTANT!  Before leaving the town, be sure to talk to Serena's
   father by standing at the foot of the bed and examining him.  If
   you don't accept his request to find his daughter, you can't get
   beyond the first level of the cave that's coming up.  This one 
   messed me up pretty badly the first time I played, so I thought 
   I'd warn ya now.

 - Leave the town and head south.  There's a cave here, so enter it
   and look around.  Eventually, you'll find an old hag near a set
   of stairs.  She'll let you pass if you talked to Serena's father,
   but if you didn't, she won't let you use the stairs.  Anyway, go
   down the stairs and keep exploring.  One part of the dungeon is
   cut off by a river, and it's here where you'll find Serena, who
   was being protected by a monster.  The old hag shows up and attacks
   you, so fight her off.  When she dies, the spell on the monster
   wears off, and he turns out to be Toby, a member of a resistance
   force that wants to overthrow the tyrannical Galam.

 - Now that you've saved Serena, Jiela will leave you, since she,
   like Toby, wants to start a resistance movement against Galam.
   Return to the town and talk to Serena's father to get some free
   gold from him, then head south, then west past the cave.  
 - Surrounded by a river here is a town where girls have been
   disappearing.  Talk to everyone, then find the three guards in
   the middle of town and talk to them.  They'll try to capture you,
   but a young boy will help you escape.  Leave the warehouse he took
   you to, then find those guards and beat them up.  Once you kill 
   the leader of the guards, you'll get a 'Letter to Nova', which 
   you'll need.

 - Leave the town and head off into the forest to the north.  While
   walking, you'll come across a crashed spaceship.  Well, now you
   know where that SOS came from, but the driver is missing.  Up 
   ahead is Nova's mansion, and you can get inside by showing the
   guards the Letter you took from those guards back in the town.
 - IMPORTANT!  While you can charge into Nova's mansion right now,
   I can guarantee that you'll lose to him.  So, raise some levels,
   and bring _lots_ of healing supplies with you when you're ready
   to kill the flesh-trader.

 - After saving Emily, make your way east and find the stairs leading
   to the second floor.  While looking around, you'll come across the
   Siam-Eze alien, Pico.  He's the talking kitty who sent you the SOS.
   Just before Babbette can free him, Nova shows up.  He's the one
   who's been kidnapping women and sending them to Galam as 'gifts',
   and he intends to do the same with Babbette.  I'm telling you now,
   Nova will kick your butt soundly unless you're prepared.  Attack
   him with your 'Burn' psychic power, and heal yourself when your
   life falls below fifty points.  Once you run out of MP, keep
   attacking and using healing items, and Nova will eventually kick
   the bucket.

 - At this point, Pico will join you.  What a cute li'l sucker!  He's
   a little weak when it comes to fighting, but as long as he wants to
   come with you, you might as well let him.

 - Now that you have the prison key, make your way down to the basement
   of the mansion.  There's a staircase in the north west corner of the
   first floor of the mansion.  Unlock the prison door to free the 
   rest of the kidnapped girls.

 - Once you're back in town, talk to Emily and her brother at their 
   house (south east corner).  Her brother will give you 1000 experience
   points for your trouble.  Note that you MUST talk to Emily and her
   brother to advance the story. Exit the town and watch the cut scene.


 - Now the game switches back to Van's story.  Remember that Galam beat
   Van and sent him 20 years into the future, a future that Galam

 - Talk to Morla and she will tell you how her son Milan left the town
   two years ago.  She will give you a Hand Axe, Leather Armor, and a
   Round Shield.  Don't forget to equip your new equipment.  Save you
   game at the Inn and leave town.  Head northwest to Master Galam's
   town of Bara.

 - Upon entering the town, you'll notice Pico on the left being detained
   by two guards.  Talk to Pico, defeat the guards, and watch a rather
   interesting cut scene.  Pico will now join your party in a quest to
   rescue Babbette from Fort Dalas.

 - Fort Dalas is north, but you can't reach it just yet as the snow is
   too deep to go without skis.  Luckily, there's a man in town by the
   name of Valas who will make some skis for you.  In exchange you must
   deliver a leter to a man named Peter.

 - Peter lives on the east side of town.  Give him the letter and then
   follow him back to Valas' house.  You'll overhear them talking about
   you and find out that they are part of a rebel force.  Peter will
   tell you that you'll need to use the secret entrance to the fort
   which is by a tree.  Valas will now give you the skis.

 - Now is a great time to level up outside of town and upgrade your
   equipment and items.

 - Head north to Fort Dalas.  The front gate is locked, but there is a
   hidden entrance in front of the snow covered tree on the left. Peter
   is on the inside waiting for you.  He'll give you a prison key and
   ask you to unlock the prison while he heads for the main gate. There
   are no monsters in this area, so take your time exploring around.

 - Once you find the prison, unlock the door and talk to the prisoners.
   They'll tell you that a girl was taken away to the torture chamber.

 - Go to the main gate where Peter is waiting and continue up to the
   next floor. This area contains random encounters with monsters,
   as usual. There is a staircase in the center of the room. Go up to
   the next floor.

 - Go north (there's nothing south but monsters).  Go up to the top
   floor.  Make your way around and eventually you'll see Babbette
   chained to the wall.  Be sure to heal Van and Pico before you get
   too close.  Watch the cut scene and prepare to fight Major Payne.

 - Major Payne isn't that hard.  Just keep attacking and heal if your
   HP gets too low.  Afterwards, Babbette joins your party. There's a
   Great Sword in the chest.  I recommend giving it to Babbette if Van
   already has one.

 - Make your way back down the tower and head back to Bara. Talk to
   Valas. He'll tell you that Galam's base is on an island and that
   you'll need to steal a ship to get there.  You can now go through
   the snow cave in the west to access Guruba.

 - Head west to the snow cave.  Make your way through the cave. Be weary
   of the Agile Thugs... they have around 125 HP and deal 25-50 HP on
   each attack.  Once you get to the shimmering room with the ice blue
   floor, head south and look for a staircase behind a wall.  Fall
   through the hole in the floor just north of the staircase. Head up
   the staircase and your out!

 - Go west and eventually you come upon the town of Ein. The weapons
   shop has a Battle Axe and Breast Plate armor, which I believe is
   better than the Great Sword and Chain Mail.  The town has a shrine
   devoted to the goddess Ein.  The priest will ask that you take the
   goddess's test.

 - Go down the stairs in the shrine.  Once inside, go north and you'll
   see a passage way with a grid-like pattern.  There is only one path
   through this section, and it is:

     middle, right, middle, middle, left, right

 - Open the chest and take the map.  You'll hear a voice telling you to
   go north to a valley.  There is a hidden entrance in the mountain
   behind the waterfall.  Go back through the shrine and exit the town.
   Go north past the waterfall and walk into the mountain.

 - You have to find the 4 goddess statues in the cave and talk to each
   of them.  The upside is that each one gives you 1000 EXP. You'll find
   a room with several staircases in it.  Go down the staircases in the
   corners and leave the middle one for last. The final statue will give
   you 2500 EXP.

 - You can now head west to the Mountain Pass.  This part is very
   confusing.  Basically, you can go into any of the caves and you'll
   randomly come out of a different cave.  If you go back in, you'll end
   up somewhere else.  This is also a decent area to level up your
   characters as the enemies are not that hard and they give a good
   amount of EXP.  Eventually, you'll see a path off to the right that
   leads to a cave, but instead of coming out on the mountain, you'll be
   under ground.

 - Inside the cave you'll find Milan (son of Morla) who is badly
   injured.  Van tells him of how his mom and friends helped him on his
   journey.  Milan offers to show you the correct path through the
   mountains and joins your party.

 - Go to the very top of the mountain path.  There's a cave at the top,
   but don't go in it.  Instead, go into the cave to the right of it.
   You'll enter another underground tunnel, and on the other end lies
   a rebel base camp.


 - Go around and talk to everyone in the camp. The northern-most tent
   contains the rebel leaders.  Talk to Lud twice (the guy in the back).
   You'll rest up in Milan's tent, until you hear someone approaching...
   Two assassins enter and try to kill Van.
 - Go to Jiela's tent (southeast corner) and talk to her.  Then, go to
   Lud's tent and talk to him.  They think that the former Galam soldier
   is the betrayer, but he claims he's innocent. Talk to Milan again to
   explain that if they execute the soldier, you'll never know if he
   was the real spy.

 - Talk to everyone in town again, and then talk to the guy guarding the
   tent with the prisoner.  The soldier has requested to speak with you.
   He'll give you a letter that he grabbed from one of the ambushers.
   In the letter, you find out that Lud is the betrayer!  Go and
   confront Lud.  Just before the fight, Jiela will join your party.

 - Lud's attack's are powerful (around 150 HP each), so be sure to heal
   often.  Keep attacking and Lud will be dead soon enough. You'll get
   2000 EXP.  Now that the rebel leadership is dead, the camp wants
   Milan to be the new leader.  Go talk to Milan.  You'll receive 
   3000 EXP.

 - Now you're off to Amor to fight Galam.  But first, you'll need a ship
   from Borla to get there.  Exit the camp and head south and then west.
   Eventually, you'll get to the town of Reza.

 - The people in town will tell you that they keep getting attacked by
   a group of bandits dressed up as knights.  Once you visit the shops
   and save, leave town and head south for the castle.

 - The castle can be fairly tough only because there are invisible holes
   in the floor that drop you down to the lower level.  There are also
   a lot of monsters, so random battles happen every 5 to 10 steps. This
   is a good place to level up, since each battle can give you 1000 EXP.

 - Once inside the castle, go north as far as you can and go up the
   stairs.  On the next floor, go down and right.  You'll see some
   stairs going up.  On the next floor, follow the path and then talk
   to the ghost in front of the throne.  After an easy battle, the
   ghosts will disappear.

 - You'll appear outside the eastern side of the castle.  Now it's time
   to go to the port town of Borla.

 - In Borla, you'll learn that Admiral Ibad is throwing a big party,
   but you need a ticket to enter.  Upgrade your equipment and then go
   talk to the lady next to the western entrance (standing by the sign).
   She has to work, so she'll give you her ticket.  Present your ticket 
   to the guards, and go into Ibad's house.

 - Admiral Ibad is waiting in the western room.  Talk to him and you'll
   find out he's been waiting for you.  After an easy fight, he'll run
   off.  Exit the house and head for the dock. Defeat the guards and
   then go down the bottom pier.  Ibad is waiting for you.

 - This battle really isn't that hard.  Just keep attacking and healing.
   Babbette's Raty magic comes in handy to heal all party members.  

 - In the cut scene you find out that other C.S.C. members have received
   an emergency transmission asking for their help on planet Idea to
   rescue Babbette and Pico.


 - Once on Elba, you need to meet up with the rebel forces; however, a
   group of local Galam supports will try to stop you. Keep attacking
   Barlock and heal often, since his attacks do quite a bit of damage.

 - The town is pretty much empty except for the shops, inn, and a single
   house.  Upgrade your equipment for Van, Pico, and Babs (Jiela will
   leave your party soon) and save. Then enter the house near the
   southern entrance to town.  After fighting the guards, talk to the
   old man.  He'll tell you that the other residents were taken and 
   killed by Galam's men.

 - As you try to leave town, a rebel member named Dorva will stop you.
   He says that the rebel leader wants to talk to you.  The hideout is
   south of town.  Once you arrive at the hideout,  Jiela will leave
   your party.  Be sure to talk to Jiela again in the tent.  She will
   let you rest and give you the Wing Edge sword. Go into the hut and
   talk to the rebel leader... Jan from 20 years ago!  Jan's daughter
   Clea will join your party.

 - Enter the tunnel on the south side of the camp and take the Eastern
   route.  Once out, go south to Darva's palace and talk to Annie
   (I love this cut-scene).  After listening to Darva's message, you
   can save by checking on the crystal ball again.

 - You learn that Laura's pendant is the key to Galam's immortality, but
   of course she's locked up in Galam's castle. Clea will leave your 
   party to report this new information to her father, Jan.  Annie will 
   join your party.

 - Leave Darva's palace and go east / southeast through the mountains
   to "Setore Town: Capital of Galam's vast Empire". In town, there's a
   Thunder Sword hidden in one of the cabinets in the south west house.
   Upgrade your equipment and then go into the north-most house.  Talk 
   to the man and then leave.  There will be some soldiers waiting for
   you. The hooded character from the bar will come up and beat the
   soldiers for you.  Go back into the house and talk to the man.
   He'll sneak you into Galam's castle.

 - After one of the funnier cut scenes, you'll end up in the basement
   of the castle.  Go up the stairs and talk to the girls you see
   walking around.  They will reveal that Laura is ill and was taken
   back to Clan Island.  Go upstairs.

 - Go up the western staircase, then up the northern stairs. You'll
   overhear Hergan and Cosmic Pirate Vega discussing an underground
   fortress on Clan Island.  Walk up to them and you'll fight Hergan.
   Just keep attacking and healing and he'll go down eventually.

 - Vega will retreat and return with a large battle suit. The cloaked
   character from before will return and reveal himself as Cosmic Hunter
   Cobra.  You'll automatically go into battle with Vegabot, and Pico
   will be replaced by Cobra in your party.  Use Cobra's PsychoB magic,
   which will paralyze Vegabot and allow you to attack without healing.

       After defeating Vega, my game froze, but I was able to
       get it going again by slightly opening and closing the
       CD cover on my Duo.  Not sure if this is a common game
       bug or not, but I figured I'd mention it.


 - Cobra will take you on-board his ship.  Pico will get reunited with
   his father, and Annie will leave your party to help the rebel forces
   in the fortress.  Cobra and Sayo (another cosmic hunter) will join
   your party and Pico will stay behind in Cobra's ship.

 - Cobra's ship will land on the south side of Clan Island. You can rest
   and save at the top of the ship by talking to the computer. Exit the
   ship and head east, then north and look for a cave entrance in the 

 - You are in the underground fortress, which is guarded by robots and
   other new enemies.  Make your way north until you reach a transport
   pod.  Enter it.

 - This room is filled with pods that take you to various locations in
   the fortress.  Enter the pod that's second from the left on the 
   bottom row.  Go north and enter the next pod.  You'll appear in front
   of a B3 building.  Go north across the V's (V for Vega) and you'll
   see Vega up ahead.  Heal before getting too close.

 - When fighting Vega, just keep attacking and healing.Note that Cobra's
   PsychoB magic has no effect.  Once Vega is defeated, you'll receive 
   10000 EXP.  Be sure to get the Saber from the chest, and then head 
   north. Enter the pod. Go north and stay to the right. Go up the 

 - Once outside again, go north until you reach a house, which is the 
   house where Laura is staying. Laura will give you her pendant, which
   is the key to stopping Galam.  Go to the northern room and talk to
   Mary to rest and save.  Go north to Galam's castle.


 - Once inside, go all the way north and go up the stairs at the end. 
   Go south and then up the stairs. This next floor has invisible holes 
   in the floor that drop you down to the lower level, so be sure to 
   take this path:

     far left, far right, and DON'T try to get the second treasure 
     chest! (You'll fall through the floor if you do)

       If you happen to fall through the floor, go west,
       down the stairs, east, down the stairs, south, and
       then up the stairs.  You'll end up near the entrance
       to the castle.

 - Once through the maze, go north.  You'll see Galam standing there.  
   DO NOT try to get the treasure chests on the sides of the room.  
   You will fall through to the lower floor if you do.

 - Go up and talk to Galam and prepare for the final battle.  Van will
   use Laura's pendant to remove Galam's immortality.  If you are 
   adequately leveled up, the battle is not that difficult.

 - Now you didn't think it would be that easy, did you? Galam will 
   transform into his true form, Galamzilla.

 - If you have any, C Bombs will paralyze Galam (as will Marna3 magic).
   Keep attacking and healing with Babs' raty magic when several party 
   members get low on HP. Icewave3 and Boldain3 do a decent amount of 
   damage, so use them as long as you have enough MP.

 - Once Galamzilla is defeated, Van will go back to visit Laura.  
   Sit back and enjoy the ending.

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