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Guide and Walkthrough by MMcClure

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/29/2001

F.A.Q./Walkthrough V1.0
Copyright 2001, Mike McClure

Beyond Shadowgate
Turbo Duo CD

I. Table of Contents
II. Contributors
III. Introduction
IV. General Tips
V. The Walkthrough
    A. The Dungeon
	B. The Caverns
	C. The Cliffs
	D. The Village & Fairy Woods
	E. The City
	F. The Forest
	G. The Frozen Mountain
	H. Gatekeeper Mountain
	I. Castle Shadowgate
VI. Last words.


"Kevin Walsh" <LatchKeyKid@pikeonline.net>

Without whom I would eternally be stuck on the Wraith.


Like many FAQs these days, this one is misnamed. It's actually just a
walkthrough. But that's probably what you came here for anyway.

You can use this document as you wish, and repost or reproduce it, so
long as remains in its complete and unmodified form. If you
believe it needs modification, email me. I'm eager to update and
complete it.

I think it goes without saying that Beyond Shadowgate was a classic
that everyone missed. If you managed to track a copy of it down, you
probably also know how good the graphics were for the time, not to
mention the stereo score and all the voice acting.

If you haven't yet tracked down this game, I can't recommend it highly
enough. You can find copies online from dealers in vintage games, or
if you have an original copy that's damaged, you can go to Tru's Turbo
Duo and PC Engine ISOs site. As a last bet, you can go to
shadowgate.com and demand that they re-release Beyond Shadowgate for
the PC. There's a petition at the Shadowgate Lands, which is hosted by


There are several major differences between this game and the original
Shadowgate. The first is that you don't have to solve every single
puzzle to get to an ending. The second is that there are multiple

Another big difference between this game and the original Shadowgate
is the fighting. The majority of the monsters you encounter will
require a good beating before you can continue. If you're having
trouble with any of the fighting sequences, try turning on the rapid
fire option for your punch button. The rapid punching will allow you
to take out almost all enemies rather easily. 

As for puzzle-solving, you'll discover that it is possible and quite
easy to make a puzzle unsolveable. Be prepared to start over.

Note: When I refer to left or right, I mean your (the player's) left
and right. Cardinal directions seem pretty much useless in this game.


1. The Cell.
Use the match on the hay and beat up the guard when he enters. You'll
have to move fast. Grab his key ring and bucket. Use the key ring on
the door to escape.

2. Hall #1
Talk to your dad after he takes out a couple of guards. You can also
reach into the hole in the wall and get yourself slimed. The door
leads to another cell. After that, head to the left to get to Hall #2.

3. Cell with Dead Prisoner
Nothing to do here as far as I know.

4. Hall #2
Unlock the two doors with the key ring. The right door leads to the
torture chamber, the left leads to the guard station.

5. Torture Chamber
Take out the hyena-man, and then talk to the nearly dead prisoner.
He'll tell you a secret code word that you can use later.

6. Guard Station
You've got a guard to fight before you can pick up the pepper.

7. Hall #3
To the right of Hall#1 is this hall. There are two guards to kill
here, which is actually easier than you'd think. The first door leads
to the Pit room, and the second door appears to be impassable. There
are also stairs here that lead to the lower dungeon level.

8. Pit Room
There is a partially eaten skeleton hanging above a pit in this room.
If you jump down the pit without pulling the lever, you'll be eaten. I
don't recommend going down this pit. It eventually leads down to the
caves, but if you go this way, you won't be able to come back up to
the dungeons.

9. Audrey's Pit
If you do decide to reach the caverns this way, you'll find that a
man-eating plant infests the pit. She should be happily crunching on
the skeleton, allowing you to slip past her into the small tunnel. Use
the hand icon to enter the tunnel. This will take you to the Mulnear's
Den in the Caverns.

10. Lower Dungeon Stairs
Just a couple of torches here. Exit left to reach the lower dungeon

11. Lower Dungeon Hallway #1
Two cell doors to unlock here: one leading to a shackled woman, and
one leading to an old man. Once you've visited them, keep heading

12. Shackled Woman
Remind you of anything? This time it's a good idea to release the
suspicious lady. She'll transform into a vicious creature and leave
the dungeon. You'll meet up with her again later.

13. Ancient Prisoner
This old guy will drop his paddleball on the way out. Be sure to grab
it. You can use it in one of two ways later on.

14. Lower Dungeon Hallway #2
One cell door here, that's already unlocked. Keep going to the left.

15. Empty Cell
Nothing here, and nothing to do.

16. Minotaur's Area
A Minotaur is chained to the wall here. Get close and take him out
with a few good punches. You can take a surprising number of claws
before dying yourself. Once the minotaur is gone, use the trap door
that was under his feet. You'll pull on it, and then give up. Don't
stand on it at this point, or it'll open under your feet. Wait for a
little while until it swings open on its own. Then use the ladder to
climb down. This is the second (and better) entrance to the Caverns.


17. Ladder Entrance to the Caverns
The trap door ladder will lead down to this area. You'll find a sign
left by workers, as well as a leather bag. You'll need the leather bag
shortly. Head left.

18. Lower Cavern Passage #1
You'll find a chunk of Quartz here. It's critical to reaching the end
of the game.

19. Lower Cavern Passage #2
As you walk by the ledge at the far right, a cave dweller will crawl
up and try to rip your leg off. Crouch down and punch the little beast
before it has a chance to do so. Then proceed left.

20. Lower Elevator Stop
If this is your first time here, the elevator will be in the upper
position, and there will be steam coming out of the pipe. Use the bag
on the steam pipe to float up to the upper level. 

21. Upper Elevator Stop
Simply use the hand icon on the elevator to use it. Head to the right
to get to the Mulnear's Den.

22. Mulnear's Den
Wait for the Mulnear to stop spinning around the room, and use the
pepper on it. You might have to leave and re-enter to get him to stop
spinning. Once it's gone, grab the sapphire. The hole at the back of
the room connects to Audrey's Pit, though you can't go through it from
this side. Continue right to the upper cavern passageway.

23. Upper Cavern Passageway #1
When you come to the giant blue mushroom, use the leaking steam pipe
above it to keep it from eating you. Then proceed to the right.

24. Upper Cavern Passageway #2

25. Lava River Passageway
Stick the bucket in the hole that the lava is coming out of. This
might take a few tries, as it has to register on the hole rather than
the lava itself.

26. Waterfall and Bridge
The troll is (naturally) guarding the bridge. So you need to bribe him
with one of two objects. The sapphire seems like a natural choice, but
it will mean two less gold coins later on. You can also give the troll
the paddleball, but that will mean you won't be able to get one of the
endings. Its possible to keep the paddle ball and get all three
endings, but you have to be very careful with your purchases later on.


27. Cave Exit Cliff
Head to the right and cross the bridge.

28. Wyvern Playground
As you walk across this ledge, two baby wyverns will swoop down on
you. You might be tempted to kill them, but don't do it. Mama wyvern
will be quite angry with you later on. They won't hurt you anyway, and
you'll be left with the choice of going up or down. Go down for a
quick detour.

29. Wyvern Nest
If you killed the baby wyverns, you won't be able to get the serpent
idol here, as their mother will lop your head off as soon as you get
close to it. Otherwise you can grab it as you please. 

30. Foot of the Hills
Up from the Wyvern Playground is the exit from the cliffs. You can
either go right, which will eventually take you to the city, or you
can go left to finish exploring the cliffs (and eventually go to the

31. Stacked Rocks, Bridge in the Distance
In the distance you'll see the stone bridge. You can either go up to
get to the stone bridge, or go down to reach the mechanical bridge. Go
up first.

32. On the right side of the stone bridge, you'll see a metal crank
lying in the dust. Grab it and head back the same way you came.
Crossing the bridge will take you to the village.

33. Path to the Mechanical Bridge
Down two screens from the stone bridge is the path that leads to the
mechanical bridge.

34. Mechanical Bridge
Use the metal crank on the hole in the side of the cliff wall. This
will extend the metal bridge. Cross it to gain access to the hermit's

35. Hermit's Cave
Talk to the hermit, and give him the metal crank. In exchange, he'll
give you the Foreign Language Phrase Book.


36. Entrance to the Village
After getting the phrase book, cross the giant stone bridge to get to
the village entrance. From the distance, you can see that it's on

37. Village Edge
Enter the village, and be prepared to fight. A demon comes at you with
an arrow-launching set of bagpipes. Duck his arrows, and then run
forward to punch him. Try and get him to back up to the right edge of
the screen. He'll have a tougher time retreating from your attacks.
After you get rid of him, go into the burning house.

38. Burning House
To save the boy here, use the rug to put out some of the fire. Follow
the boy out of the house, and head further into the village.

39. Village Path
Follow the second demon further into the village.

40. Flame-thrower Demon.
You see a knight here whose arm has been cut off. Try and use the arm.
Further in the second demon will come after you with a flamer-thrower.
Duck the flames, the move forward and punch. This one is easier to
beat than his quick-footed brother.  

41. Prisoners
This is where the demon stored his prisoners. Untie them, and then
head up to find the final portion of the village.

42. Mayor's Courtyard
Here the mayor will thank you for saving the village, and give you the
Pipes that he says will help you in the fairy woods. Head back to the
village entrance and go into the fairy woods. On your way out of town,
your dad will stop and have a chat with you.

43. Fairy Woods Entrance
If you saved the shape-changing lady in the dungeon, she'll return the
favor by explaining to the forest guardians that you're a good guy.
Otherwise the little guys are eager to kill you. Keep going into the

44. Fairy Woods
There are several screens of pastoral beauty before you get to
anything useful.

45. Stonehenge.
Use the pipes here to summon the king of the fairies. He'll explain
that he can help you, but first you must save his daughter. Now go all
the way back to the path that takes you to the city.

E. The City.

46. Path to the City.
After leaving the hills and cliffs, the path continues on to the city,
with a side path leading to an evil temple.

47. Demonic Shrine
If you've been given the quest by the faerie king, you'll find the
Goblin Shaman here with the Fairy Princess Allesandra. To beat the
shaman, stick to the bottom of the screen. He'll hop up and down in
the clearing, and if you face up, you can punch him when he hops
toward you. Once he's dead, you'll automatically untie Allesandra.
She'll take both of you back to Stonehenge. At this point the fairy
king will reward you by sending you further on your quest. If you
haven't been to the city before, he'll set you down in front of the
curio shop. Otherwise he'll send you to the woods by the base of
Gatekeeper Mountain.

The city is a fairly large place, so I'll just go over the useful

48. Tavern
Talk to the bartender. If you have the secret word from the dungeon,
she'll tell you a bit about what Belzar has been up to.

49. Curio Shop
One of the most important destinations. First the owner will ask you
to take the magic box to the sage in the woods. Then you can purchase
anything he has on the table with a gold piece. If you're short on
gold, don't buy the yarn of Aryadnee. The comb is necessary if you
want to get the magic sword. You must have the mouse squeak toy if you
want to finish the game. If you do have the extra cash, you can use
the yarn to protect yourself from a mountain lion that appears if you
try and return to the cliffs or village.

50. Alley
The alley is easy to miss. While walking through the city, you'll find
a screen with a long building in the back, and nothing else. Go to the
edge of the building and walk behind it. When you're in the alley,
you'll hear a cry for help. Jump through the window by using it, and
inside you'll find an old woman who's fallen out of bed. Help her up
and she'll reward you with a gold piece. Give her the photo album to
see something amusing. 

51. Gem Trader Bob
Bob will give you two gold coins for every sapphire you bring him.
This will likely be your main source of cash.

52. The Mystic's Shop
You can pay the mystic for clues, but it's a better idea to save your
money for curios and pets.

53. Gate to Castle Gwynenthell
A demon guards the gate to the castle. There is no apparent way to get

54. Temple of the Dawn
The priestess Margaretta will give you the elemental amulet if you
talk to her. 

55. Pet Shop
There are three pets to buy here: the Retriever, the Fish, and the
Parakeet. If you want to get the sword, you'll need to buy the
Retriever. You must buy the parakeet to get to the ending. Don't
bother with the fish. You can get another item that duplicates its
function later on (the seashell).

56. Baker Street & the Smithy
On one section of Baker Street, you'll find the Black Smith's shop.
The shop next door is the Apothecary. He'll explain that the Smith ran
out to save the village when he heard the news that it was being
attacked, and that anyone could take his tools. Go to the outside and
do so. The chancellor's office is also here. He'll tell you about
Belzar's actions.

57. The Well
You'll find a public well further down Baker Street. Throw money in to
talk to your father.


58. Forest Trail
Once you're satisfied with exploring the city, head through the top
city gate and onto the forest trails. The trails will keep heading
"up" with numerous side branches to the right. In order they are:

59. The Swamp
As you go deeper into the swamp, you'll notice a dinosaur eating swamp
grass in the distance. That's to distract you as your sucked into a
spot of quicksand. If you've purchased the retriever, he'll save you.
The next screen over you'll find the magic sword stuck in the snout of
another dinosaur. Put on the gauntlet before you take it out.
Otherwise you'll come to an amusing end. You can find the gauntlet in
the temple of Astrid, further into the forest.

60. The Forest Sage
On your way to the forest sage's house, you'll encounter a
rhino-bandit. Simply walk below him, point up, and smack him a couple
times. At the sage's house, he'll tell you how his friend in the city
is sending him a magic boss. Go ahead and give it to him, but be
prepared to act as soon as Erik becomes unfrozen. Point down and punch
the clown before he can kill the sage. The sage will then give you a
note to take back to the curio shop. If you talk to him now, he'll
give you some clues.

61. The Trail to the Mountains
On the final trail through the forest, you'll find a Viking picking
burrs out of his beard. Give him the comb, and in return he'll give
you his magic hammer. Continue on, and take the lower path to get to
the temple of Astrid. The upper path leads to the frozen mountain.

62. Temple of Astrid.
Inside the temple, you'll find a Stone Gargoyle blocking the path. Use
the magic hammer to smash the sucker, and then proceed upstairs. Here
you'll find a pool of cold water. Throw the serpent statue in, and a
giant hand will give you the gauntlet in return. 


63. Dwarven Mining Camp
The first area out of the forest is the dwarven mining camp. Most
obvious is the winch house/drilling station, which appears to be
inaccessible. Pick up the sapphire in the ground, and go into the
power station. Inside you'll find the power plant. Use the tools on it
to get the Orb. Further back you'll find a pile of coal.

Back outside the power station, you can either head up the mountain,
or head right to reach Gatekeeper Mountain.

64. The Frozen Mountain
Like the forest, the mountain has one main path with several side
branches. In order, they are:

65. The Slug Caves
Two vicious giant slugs will attack you here. Get very close to them
and punch as fast as you can. Once they're gone you can pick up the
steel blade.

66. The Crypt of Ages
When you enter, a skeletal machine will shoot skull bullets at you.
Walk in while dodging the bullets as best you can, then punch the
machine in the face. It'll go down in one shot. Behind it is the
entrance to the king's tomb. Inside two skeletal warriors guard a
metal sarcophagus. Use the steel blade on the staff held by the left
warrior. Then use the orb on it. You'll get the staff of ages for all
your work.

67. At the summit of the mountain is Lankmir's hut. If you go inside,
you'll be immediately frozen by the wraith. So before you enter, put
on the elemental amulet. BEFORE you enter. Grab the parchment while
you're out there. Once inside, you can pick up the magnifying glass at
your leisure. Use the parchment on the beam of sunshine, and then use
the magnifying glass on it. You'll start a small fire, which will
banish the wraith and revive poor Lankmir. The old wizard will give
you some clues. On your way out, grab the seashell. It will come in
handy solving the puzzle Lankmir just mentioned.


68. Mountain Steps
As you climb the mountain, falling boulders will periodically crush
you into bloody goo. Once you find out where they fall, you can side
step them by carefully walking around their point of impact. Halfway
up the mountain, you'll be confronted by the Guardian. Auto-fire punch
him and he'll go down rather easily.

The next screen over you'll face an undead harpy. Duck whenever she's
directly overtop you, and then keep moving. Further up the mountain
you'll face more boulders. Finally, you will reach the top... and see
Castle Shadowgate.


69. Entryway
At the entry to the castle, you'll find a giant owl statue and a giant
angel statue. You can talk to them both. The angel tells you that
you'll need either the magic sword or the staff of ages to defeat the
warlock lord. The owl seems to lie, telling you that the fairy's pipes
will save you. As far as I can tell, the pipes don't do a thing
outside of Stonehenge.

70. Hall of Monsters
Here an undead beast and his legs will attack you. You'll have to kill
its legs before you can kill the rest of him. Auto-fire punching is
the key.

71. Chamber of Elements
You'll need four objects to proceed here. Use them on their
corresponding sections of the floor.

Water--Piranha or Seashell

Once you finish the puzzle, you'll be sucked up into the organ room.

72. The Organ Room
You'll find four scrolls here, though only the blue one is useful.
Head all the way back to the room to get a closer look at the organ.
Use the blue scroll on the organ to escape the castle (back to the
entrance with the owl and the angel). Head right to the side door, but
not too close. Otherwise the elephant man will smash you good. Use the
squeaky toy on yourself to scare him away.

73. The Clock Tower
Climb to the top of the tower. Use the chain above the hole to safely
drop down to the next level.

74. The Final Choice
At the shores of the Abyss, you'll find a gong. Punch it and death
will appear. He'll tell you that you have to select one item to bring
with you on the trip. Depending on what you pick, you'll get one of
three slightly different endings:

*The Staff of Ages
*The Magic Sword
*The Paddle Ball

Taking anything else will show you a partial ending.

And that is your final choice to make in the game.


If I missed/misspelled/misrepresented anything, feel free to email me.
I'll update the FAQ with anything people send in. However, since only
about 8 people will ever read this, I doubt I'll update it on my own. 

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