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Reviewed: 11/30/01 | Updated: 11/30/01

The first console version..and still one of the best

Snatcher...a game that is known for having one of the best storylines in the gaming world. Having been released on 4 different home consoles, this PC-Engine version was the first one released. It improved on the original PC versions in a number of ways and, in many ways, is still superior to the remakes released on the Saturn and PSX 4 years later....

Snatcher takes place in Dec. 2042. Its been over 50 years since ''The Catastrophe'', a deadly biohazard that wiped out over 80% of Europe and Asia's population. You play as Gillian Seed, the newest member to the newly formed Junker agency. It's your job to find and kill Snatchers. Snatchers are a bioroid life form that started showing up a few years prior. They kill innocent people and take their place in society without anyone knowing. You must find out who or what these Snatchers are and what their true motives are......

Graphics - 8/10 - The graphics are very sharp and colorful thanks in part to the PC-Engines on-screen color capabilities. The skin tones on some characters dont look too healthy, but this is a minor complaint. All the locations are sharp and colorful.

Music and Sound FX - 8/10 - The soundtrack to Snatcher has always been a wonderful one. The soundtrack here is identical to the Sega CD version, however, although being on a CD, the music tends to sound a little more ''digitized'' than expected, coming off like a sharper version of music on either the Genesis or SNES. Even with this lower quality, it still is a great sounding soundtrack. The voices, on the other hand, are CD quality and crystal clear. The voice acting is also very well done. All the sound effects are also like the soundtrack, sounding more ''digitized'', but are still good none the less.

Gameplay - 8/10 - Very user-friendly. Easy to navigate menus. Simple and effective.

Story - 9/10 - The backbone of Snatcher. A tremendously well done story and so detailed in that many games never come this close to it. This was also the first time the 3rd ACT was introduced to the story. A great story, even by todays standards.

Control - 8/10 - A very simple control scheme, but very effective. Its mostly limited to choosing up or down and which command you want. In the shooting sequences, the control of the crosshairs is very swift and responsive.

Version Differences - This being the first game home console version, there were some notable differences from this and the PC version. They are listed below:

1) Graphics updated with more colors and a scant few were redrawn.

2) Actual voices for the characters.

3) For like 4 tracks, CD quality sound.

4) The biggest addition was that of the entire 3rd ACT, which did not exist in the PC versions.

Buy or Rent? - If you had to choose from all the versions available, this would be my second choice. A few notches below the Sega CD version, but still light years ahead of the Saturn and PSX version. A great game overall in every department.....A true classic.

Rating: 8

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