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Reviewed: 12/10/19

Considered The Best Baseball Game On The System

I love baseball. It's sad to see my favorite baseball team (Tigers) be so pathetic. Then again, all my sports teams are pathetic. When I was collecting baseball games on the PC-Engine, I almost thought there were no baseball games. Then I came to find out that there was a slew of games on that system. This particular one, Pro Yakyuu Super '84 is considered to be the best one. Is it? Well, let's find out.

The game starts off with a nice intro showing animation of baseball players. That looked pretty good. When you start the game up, you can choose from a wide selection of players like Lions, Tigers, and Swallows? I don't know if I want to be in a team called Swallows, but that's the team I picked anyway. For a team named Swallows, this HAS to be a good team to live up to their reputation, right?

Well... it's baseball. I'm not too crazy about the graphics. It almost has a PC look to it and doesn't feel authentic. I like the digitized faces that pops up for each batter. I'm not sure if these are based on real baseball players or not, but I assume so. Also, I like that the voices in this game are crystal clear. When they say "OUT!" You can actually hear the word OUT. Some games are muffled and sounds like a computer trying to say the word. The music is straight from the chip tunes, and that sucks because I really like Redbook Audio.

At least the homeruns aren't annoying and don't last long. It shows some big headed guy on a screen hitting the ball with a bat. That's about it.

At least in this game, it's easy to hit the ball. Other baseball games you will spend most of it swinging at nothing and lucky to get on the scoreboard. It's very balanced and you can actually have some decent games. I played with my friend and he actually won. If he can win, anyone can win because he's horrible at video games.

Also this game actually has an ending. Not a very good one but it does have an ending. When you win on two player, it has some announcer woman showing the scoreboard. I don't know what she says. It's in Japanese. The actual ending shows a digitized crowd of people with some photos of some baseball moments before going into the credits.

So is it the best baseball for the system? I guess. You can actually play it. As far as I'm concerned, Bad News Baseball for NES is the best.

Rating: 7

Product Release: The Pro Yakyuu Super '94 (JP, 06/17/94)

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