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Reviewed: 05/31/19

A Cop Board Game

Police Connection is a game that sounded pretty intriguing but I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The cover has this shadowy person looking over at a map, and this game could be anything. It's a board game. It wasn't what I was expecting, but I swear if this thing was in English, I probably would have a better time. It's a Japanese game, and of course I'm taking a gamble when I get one of these things, but that's why they should port these games over. It saddens me because this is something I probably would get into, but I guess they don't see a market over here for games like these.

You can play up to four players and you can pick whatever you character you want. Every time you start up the game there is a new a story that is told through cut scenes. One cut scene starts with a plant while someone is talking in Japanese, and then you see three girls. Then you see people at a restaurant and some girl screams. One of those girls died, and there's blood coming down her mouth. Then you see a bunch of faces which I'm guessing is a list of suspects (trying the best I can here).

Then there's another cut scene that starts off showing some dead girl. Then we see what I assume are detectives and thankfully this one is short. You are presented with a city, your characters on different parts of the city and set pieces for your board. You roll the dice and you go to different parts of the city which I guess is to get clues. Other characters on the map talk to you as well, guessing to exchange information, and boy I wish I could actually speak or read Japanese. Like I said, the music is really good here. It makes me want to keep playing. Honestly, the only thing I recognized on this board is that there is a police station.

If you don't speak Japanese, then make sure Police Connection is a collection only and you don't mind it collecting dust. I honestly didn't know where to go or how to play it exactly. I guess if I was to play it for an extended period of time, the computer would probably beat it for me. There's a lot of text going on in the game, and things trigger when you get to certain parts of the board like dialogue boxes from characters. If anyone can translate this one, it would be very much appreciated.

Rating: 5

Product Release: Police Connection (JP, 02/26/93)

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