Racing games have been with gamers since (almost) the beginning. There are literary tons out there. And while alot of them are good, it can hard to find a stand out title. That's why I have made this glorious list of the Top 10 racing games ever. These racing games have some things that others don't. And they all look pretty. Very, very pretty.

We begin with a game that was with us since the PS1: Test Drive. Unlimited on the 360 looks outrageous on the 360. Plus, you get the whole island of Honolulu to race on. Xbox Live is completely different from other racing games. Simply pull up to an a parked opponent and set the coarse. Now race!

Super Mario Kart was a great title, hands down. It had a blend between 3-D and 2-D environments to race on, with characters like Mario, Bowser, and Toad. The game also sports items like bananas and green/red shells to make racing interesting. The game gets especially competitive with 2 people playing and is a great SNES title.

It may not be deep, but Exite Truck one fun game! You hold the Wii-Remote in both hands sideways and steer by tilting left and right. The goal is not to win, but to collect stars for boosting, bumping other cars, and getting big air, and, of course, by winning. There are power-ups scattered throughout the maps to give you a speed boost or to drasticly give the course plastic surgery with volcanos, tornados, and 60-foot jumps. The game does lack 4-player and online matches (the game only supports 2-players) but is a great addition to your gaming library.

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! is a very fun game, especially in 4-player matches. All your favorite Mushroom Kingdom characters are here and each have a special item (a first in the series). Mario can throw fire balls and Wario can throw Bob-ombs, Yoshi hurls eggs and Baby Mario has a pet Chain Chomp. What's also new here is the fact that each kart can hold up to 2 racers, which addes strategy to races and makes for an awsome game of co-op. A new battle mode has 3 events to choose from (Shine Thief, Baloon Burst, Bob-omb Battle), and supports system link for up to 16-players. Sadly, the game lacks any online support, which can make any solo player get bored quickly.

A great racing game for the Xbox, Forza has a wealth of licensed cars to unlock that actually take damage when you rub up against opponents or when you ht walls. The game supports Xbox Live (if your into that) and is fun, if a bit challenging.

The sequel to Burnout 3: Takedown, Burnout Revenge takes the same winning formula and tries to improve on it. But it doesn't all work out. In Crash mode, a bar appears in which you have to time your press correctly to get a good start. Time it wrong and your car blows up. EA didn't even fix the load times. But some changes aren't as bad. Crash mode is more destructive and has a target car to blow up. Road Rage has more aggressive opponents that will inflict revenge from your takedowns. There are new modes added called Traffic Attack and Eliminator. Traffic Attack encorages you to destroy the traffic ahead of you to get the maximum cash total. Eliminator was in B3, but now eliminates the last place car every 30 seconds instead of every lap, making it more fun. The crashes are more destructive and the Crashbreaker can now be used to get takedowns in a race. The Xbox 360 version does't have the meter before each Crash mode event, and looks and sounds better, with boost that souds like a jet engine and cars with more realistic damage. The 360's online play is superb, tracking every takedown you EVER had on an online opponent. It's a good game, but not as good as the others.

Your probably thinking, "A NASCAR game? On this list of more fun titles? Why!?" Well, because it's still the best NASCAR sim out there, and it doesn't have to be a sim if you don't want it to be. You can make it as arcady or as real as you want. You can race a full 300 laps but have infinite fuel and tires, or the other way around. The game has a wealth of modes, including Season, Lightning Challenge, Dodge Speed Zone, and the incredibly robust Fight to the Top mode that put you in a story book NASCAR career. You can be a driver and sign deals to drive in the different series' or become an owner and set prices to merchindise and hire drivers (it's more fun than it sounds). The game even supports online play.

A worthy sequel to Super Mario Kart, Mario Kart 64 had new tracks and was presented in colorful 3-D graphics. The multiplayer allows for 4-player split screen madness and is generally very fun.

In the 5th installment of Mario's driving career, he wanted to do something special. So he asked his buddies at Nintendo if he could race with others online. Not wanting a multiplayer experience this big slip out of there fingers like with MK:DD on the GC, they said OK. That's what makes Mario Kart on the DS so special: the online play, alowing you to play with 4 other strangers on the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. The game also supports 8-player matches with ONE card. This game also has tracks from the previous games and new ones alike. It's even has R.O.B., the old NES perhiperal, as an unlockable character.

EA takes Acclaim's very good racing series and makes it, well, better. This game is perfect (if you don't mind the load times), and could keep you busy for months on end. There are so many cars and tracks to unlock, and (especially for those who want to be perfect) tons of gold medals to collect iin the Burnout 3 World Tour. This is where most of your time is going to be spent (I have spent a month on the USA area of the B3WT and haven't touched half the events or the Europe and Far East areas!). This game has a wealth of modes to keep this game fresh. There is, of course, the standard race and time trial mode, but what makes the game stand apart are the desructive Road Rage and Crash modes. Road Rage challenges you to take down as many of your opponents as possible, while Crash mode has you drive into a busy intersection and crash as many cars as possible in oder to earn cash. The multiplayer is great, too. The game supports system link for up to 8-palyers and online for up to 6-players. If you don't have this game, go get it NOW! It's only a $20 Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits game. Oh, and the blur effects: awsome!

Racing games have been with gamers since (almost) the beginning. There are literary tons out there. And while alot of them are good, it can hard to find a stand out title. That's why I have made this glorious list of the Top 10 racing games ever. These racing games have some things that others don't. And they all look pretty. Very, very pretty.

List by W1NN3R1 (02/16/2007)

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